She Didn’t Text Back… How Long Should I Wait? – 12 Tips

You’re texting back and forth. You feel like it’s going well.

But then… NO REPLY…

And now you’re stuck wondering, “She didn’t text back, how long should I wait?”

In this article, I’ll tell you why your last texts have gone unanswered and the best ways to reclaim her attention.

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Why didn’t she text back?

  • She’s distracted and focused on other things.
  • She was never interested.
  • She lost interest after you said or did something wrong.
  • She’s playing hard to get.
  • Your last text made it difficult for her to reply.

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What should you do if she doesn’t text back?

1. Stop your fears from ruining the conversation

Your fear of losing her is what’s most likely to ruin your chances of ever talking to her again.


Your negative, unpleasant emotions will almost certainly color your texts. Making you seem butt hurt, needy, or angry.

Did you notice she didn’t text you back? Put your phone away and distract yourself.

Hit the gym, call a friend, rewatch The Wire, listen to your favorite album… whatever your situation allows to relax.

2. Be strategically narcissistic

Unless you clearly said something wrong in your last few texts, you can’t know why she didn’t text back.

So rather than assuming the worst, trust that she likes you and got caught up in something important. Perhaps a school or work project, a family visit, or a bad case of the gloomies.

By staying positive you don’t have to question and analyze everything you know about your blooming relationship.

Don’t let her non-response derail your day.

3. Give them space

How long should you wait before you text back? It all depends on context.

Did you meet her in person? Did you match on Tinder? Is she someone you’re dating?

The less you know her, the more time you want to give her.

Did you just meet IRL or on a dating app? Wait 24 to 72 hours. Longer is possible too, but you risk losing her interest entirely since she barely knows you.

By giving her space, you’re showing that you have more important things to do than invest all your time in a stranger.

That’s healthy and makes you more trustworthy.

If you have a shared history and know each other well, it’s better to reach out faster than 72 hours. After all, by reaching out earlier you’re showing concern.

And that’s a sweet gesture.

Find out if she didn’t text back because of you

1. Look at your last texts

Even your favorite person in the world will leave you on read if you make this classic mistake.

Your last text didn’t properly lead the conversation forward.

If you ended the conversation with a joke, it at best prompted a ‘haha’ or a series of laughing emojis 🤣🤣🤣. But if she wasn’t in a laughing mood, or didn’t find it funny, it makes sense that she didn’t reply at all.

Texts that commonly don’t get a response are:

  • “OK”
  • “Thanks!”
  • “You too :).”

2. Identify her texting habits

This tip will give you clarity if you’re unsure why they aren’t responding.

Analyze her texting patterns.

Does she like to text daily or every other day? At specific times? Does she typically initiate conversation or reply?

If her recent behavior is atypical, it could mean that something came up or that they’re not into you.

3. Check the quality of her messages

Effort is the biggest indicator of interest. So browse through your chat and gauge her level of investment.

Does she ask you questions? Does she send big balloons of text? Does she usually reply fast?

These are all great signs that she likes you and that her lapse of interest is just a fluke.

Can you sense that her attention was getting less as time went on? Then you probably made some mistakes along the way.

How to recover if you’re the reason she didn’t text back

Can you look over your chat and recognize that you’re the one to blame for being left on read?

Then you need to fix the problem that you created. (But not before you give her a chance to get back to you first.)

The two most common text mistakes that motivate a girl to ignore you are:

  • Boring conversation.
  • A tease that misfired and hurt her feelings.

Each scenario demands a different solution.

If you bored her with platonic, everyday conversation, it’s time to be more seductive. In this case, send her something like this.

“It’s cute how much you’re overthinking your reply. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you too much ;).”

If your tease felt more like an insult, it’s important to own your mistake. Like so.

“Oops, that text sounded better in my head. My bad. Anyway, I just made myself a bomb-ass stir fry. What’s the last meal you cooked for yourself?”

You can obviously change the anecdote to fit your situation. Whatever you do, be sure to change the topic after your apology.

Best lines that start a new conversation

  • “I can’t believe I left you speechless already. Easier than I thought ;).”
  • “I didn’t think you were the type to be so easily intimidated by charming men ;).”
  • “Are you OK? Let me know if I need to put on my cape and fly to your rescue.”
  • “I will not be ignored! 😾”

And if you can send her images, this next meme works like a charm.

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Still waiting for her to text back?

It’s possible to send her the perfect message and still not get a reply. Here’s what I recommend you to do in this scenario.

1. Evaluate how much you like them

You undoubtedly find her attractive, but there are countless beautiful women in the world.

So what else does she have that deserves your attention?

Is she fun, smart, and kind? Do you have similar values and hobbies?

If you’re struggling to find a good reason to stay attached to her, there probably isn’t one. And that’ll make it easier for you to let her go.

2. Place her lower on your priority list

It doesn’t make sense to give someone a lot of attention and thought when they don’t do the same for you.

So if you’re not getting what you want, put them on the backburner until they show you otherwise.

This doesn’t mean to completely forget about them. It can never hurt to reach out to them at a later stage. Perhaps in a few weeks or months from now.

But you defintely don’t want to keep them in the forefront of your mind.

3. Move on

If you reached out a third time and still got nothing back, then it’s probably best to pack your bags and move on.

Unless you have a shared history with beautiful moments, I’d recommend to never text them again. After all, life is too short to spend it on people who aren’t excited to be with you.

How to hold her attention after she leaves  you on read

Unless you know what women want over text, you’ll find yourself being left on read all the time.

So let me help you.

The #1 thing that women are looking for over text is emotional stimulation. If you’re no more fun than a cute cat video or her latest Netflix addiction, then she’ll probably lose interest.

Luckily, cute guys who say the right things are a bajillion times more interesting to women than any TV show.

So what are the ‘right’ things to say?

1. Keep it flirty

Flirting comes in many different flavors, so let me give you some examples.

  • [If she compliments you] “You’re such a player. I bet you say that to all the, guys ;)”
  • [If she says something you dislike] “Wow and you were doing so good up until now!
  • [If she uses a swear] “Hey, be careful! My mom reads all my texts.”

Can you sense how fun and playful these texts are? Women can’t get enough of this stuff.

For more lines, check out my next article:

2. Remind her of your special connection

Another good trick to keep a girl responding is by emphasizing how unique your bond is.

If you’ve chatted for a bit, I’m positive you’ve made her laugh. And I’m confident there were times she sent more messages at once than usual.

Figure out what tickled her funny bone, or tugged on her heartstrings, and do more of it. Better yet, make it an inside joke.

Does she love Pocahontas, Breaking Bad, or Love Island? Then make it a running gag that you always use reaction GIFs from that movie or series.

3. Act like the prize

A huge pitfall most guys fall into is trying to be her entertainer. They’re completely obsessed about saying the right things and winning her over.

And that rarely works. It just makes them seem desperate for her attention.

While it’s important that she likes you, it’s equally important that you like her.

That’s why I recommend all my clients to start strong and playful, and then match her level of investment.

Now she can see that your good vibes are conditional on her effort, she’ll be more motivated to keep you engaged.

She didn’t text back – Summary

When a girl doesn’t text back, it’s important to realize that her silence may have nothing to do with you.

That’s why it’s crucial to manage your fears by staying optimistic and assuming the best. Trusting she likes you gives you peace of mind and also the ability to give her space.

How long should you wait for a text back?

I recommend waiting 24 to 72 hours for someone you just met. Less for a person that you know better.

Doesn’t she reach out in the allotted time? Then you need to evaluate the situation and figure out what kind of message will most likely grab her attention again.

Once she gets back to you, it’s crucial to maintain her interest by keeping it flirty and acting with confidence.

Not sure how to do that? Let me help you.

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  • Jason Brown says:

    I meant it’s really beautiful girl online and everything’s been going good in texting. Everything I say she thinks is LOL or LMAO or lots of emojis. But when I seem to tell her that I think she’s special or that I like her she never responds back to that response, says something else. How do I tell her that I’m falling in love with her in a funny way. Or is that it’s not being pushy when it’s only been a month. Thanks anybody that could respond

  • Max Moreno says:

    So I’m interested in this girl and we stopped talking after she ghosted me. I’m pretty sure I was boring. Didn’t feel like myself. So she ghosted me and I ghosted her. It’s been since February 12,2021 since I haven’t texted her. She views my stories on Instagram still. Every one of them. I’m confused. I feel loke muse again where I can bring some game and not be boring. I want to win her back. I want to beat the impossible.

  • simba says:

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