Bumble Compliments: 3 Tips for an Irresistible Message

How to use Bumble Compliments is like a hack for the dating app.

Bumble Compliments is a feature that allows you to message people before matching them. If you use them well, you can get significantly more matches and better conversations!

In this article you’ll discover exactly how to do that. Plus I’ll answer all the most important questions.

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What is Bumble Compliments?

A Bumble Compliment allows you to text someone before matching them. Something that was previously impossible on the dating app.

If you’re a man, this will allow you to stand out from the competition.
If you’re a woman, this will help you find the right guy for you.

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How does the Compliments feature work?

Bumble Compliments work differently for men and women. Here’s how:

For men, using the compliment feature counts as a right swipe. Only once she responds to your Compliment, can you text more.

For women, Compliments act as a right swipe and also initiate the conversation. The man can now text you back.

How to send a Compliment

Step 1: Find a photo to Compliment.

Let’s use this photo where she’s eating some bread.

Step 2: Click the yellow circle on the bottom left to open up a new window. Here’s where you can write a Compliment of maximum 150 characters.

Do note that you can Compliment more than someone’s photos. You can also compliment their bio, or profile prompts.

Holy Tip:

Would you like to get more compliments on your bio? Then make sure it’s good. Check out my next article to get the best about me texts available:

When you receive a Compliment, you won’t get a notification. Instead, you’ll find it on their profile while you’re swiping…

…Or you can see them in your dating app’s Beeline, the place where all your likes are collected.

As you can see, most men on dating apps send shallow, boring Compliments. That’s why I’ll show you exactly how to send Compliments the right way. So that you spark attraction straight from the start.

But first, let’s look at how to respond to Bumble Compliments when you get them.

How to respond to Bumble compliments

If you’ve done a good job setting up your Bumble profile, you might receive Compliments yourself! This is generally the best way to respond to them:

  1. Match the person. But only if you like them back, of course!
  2. Express your gratitude. “Thanks, that’s sweet of you.”
  3. Lead the convo forward. Make sure it’s an emotionally stimulating text so that she’s excited to reply.

How to send Bumble Compliments that get you matches – 3 Tips

1. Avoid the everyday

Here’s how you’ll do better than 90% of men.

Send a Compliment that’s not a compliment.

Just look at what type of texts most girls on Bumble are receiving. On my last date, I asked the girl I was with to show me her Bumble. Just take a look.

She got  8650+ likes in only a few days. And almost all of them were accompanied by a Bumble Compliment.

You know what 90% of these had in common? They were all compliments or date proposals.

Both incredibly ineffective.

What these texts really say is:

Hey, I am just another shallow guy who isn’t very creative or good with women.

That’s why I recommend that you send her a unique Compliment. That way she’ll be excited to text you back.

2. Keep it emotional

If you want to win her over from the start with your Compliment, you want to do this:

Write an emotional text.

Why? Well, emotions can turn into feelings. And if she develops feelings for you, she’s definitely going to want to meet up with you.

So if you’re looking to turn your Bumble crush into your Bumble date, write messages that excite her.

How? By creating the perfect Bumble Compliment that exists out of 3 elements:

  1. Funny.
  2. Teasing.
  3. Challenging.

You won’t always be able to put all the elements into one text. But that is ideal. So be sure to try your best.

Looking for inspiration? Check out my next article. But before you copy-paste my lines, know that personal is better. When she sees that your texts are specifically about her and could be sent to no one else, she feels special.

3. Act like the prize

Adopt this mindset to send Compliments she loves.

Be the prize.

Most men see a Bumble match as a trophy they need to have. So they start texting with the idea to win her over. Without considering she’s even worth it.

That sets them up for needy behavior. And 9/10 times will scare her off.

Believe you’re the prize, however, and you’lll show her a bunch of characteristics that women find wildly attractive.

You’ll signal self-respect, confidence, and having boundaries. Hallelujah! Who can resist that combo?

Let’s say you spot a profile that says they’re a foodie, and they love early nights in.

I see we both understand that the real party happens in the morning. The moment it’s time for breakfast. Please tell me you are on team savoury!

For more examples on confident texting, check this video:

How To Show CONFIDENCE Over Text (Screenshot Examples)

Frequently Asked Questions

Should you give Bumble compliments to girls?

Yes, you should.

Bumble Compliments are probably the best thing that ever happened to the app.

Adding a text to your like allows you to show your personality straight away. You’re no longer a collection of photos and prompts, but you speak too!

This feature will reward those who put in the effort to send personalized texts. If she was still on the fence about you, a good Compliment can convince her you’re worth swiping.

Compliments are great for transforming potential matches into actual matches.

Pricing: are Bumble compliments free?

You get one free per day. If you want more, you need to pay.

Prices vary from $/€ 3 to 1.5, depending on the amount you buy. Prices also vary depending on where you live and how old you are.

When you click on the Compliment symbol, you can see how many you have left on the top right of your screen.

Are Bumble Compliments worth it? An honest review

Short answer: Yes.

I advise to use the daily free Compliment.

Whether or not it’s worth to spend money on extra Compliment ammo, depends on your situation. How healthy is you wallet and how good is your game? Both our clients and I have had tremendous success on Bumble without using Compliments.

But… Compliments can get you even more success. If your profile doesn’t convince her to like you back, your Compliment might. Especially if you use my texting tips.

Don’t take my word for it, think back to your experience on Tinder or Hinge. Tinder’s Superlikes and Hinge’s default like work the exact same way. And those features have existed far longer.

Another reason I’m a big fan of Compliments, is that it solves one of Bumble’s fundamental problems. Waiting for the ladies to text first. Although Bumble set out to empower women with the power of breaking the ice, it soon proved to be a flawed concept. Women didn’t like initiating the convo, resulting in bland or, sometimes, no messages.

With Bumble Compliments, Bumble completely pivots away from their original philosophy. This does make the app better, albeit at the cost of the app becoming more and more of a Hinge copy.

Bumble Compliments – Summary

These are the advantages of Bumble Compliments in a nutshell.

  • It makes you stand out.
  • It makes her feel more special.
  • It frees her of the responsibility of creating something witty to send you first.
  • It gives you the opportunity to write an epic ice breaker so you have a better shot at matching.

Now that you’ve got all your questions about Compliments handled, there’s only one thing left to do…

And that’s to go out there and seduce the girl(s) you like.

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