10 Bumble Profile Tips to 5x Your Matches in 2023

You’re single and ready to mingle.

But you want more matches.

So you googled “Bumble profile tips” and came here.

Well, you’re in the right place. Because you’re about to get all the profile tips you need to get all the matches you want.

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Easiest Bumble profile tip that will get you more matches

If there’s only one profile tip you should follow, it’s this one.

It’s incredibly easy to do and always leads to more matches.

Yes, that sounds incredibly clickbaity. But it’s also true.

Check out my next video and you can see for yourself (ignore that it’s a video about Tinder, because it’s pretty much the same as Bumble):

1. Be wary of your favorites

When I ask clients how they selected their Bumble photo album, the answer is almost always the same.

And I hate hearing it:

“I browsed through my tagged photos on Facebook and picked my favorites.”

Why is that so bad?

We’re notoriously bad at judging our own photos.

For whatever reason, we don’t see pictures of ourselves the same way strangers do. So we tend to pick sub-optimal or even unattractive photos of ourselves.

This isn’t just something I’ve noticed when reviewing my clients’ photos.

A group of people in lab coats confirmed the same thing in a study.

That’s why I always recommend you ask a woman’s feedback on your photos before you update your Bumble profile.

And in case you don’t have any women to ask besides your mom, get them rated on www.photofeeler.com. I don’t earn a cent plugging that website, it’s just that good.

2. Mix up professional and casual

Men increasingly understand the importance of high-quality photos.

Gone are the days when dudes just upload random pics from their 5-megapixel smartphones.

But now they make another mistake.

They only use professional photos.

Why is that so wrong?

It usually gives off incredibly artificial vibes. Hardly any girl will mistake a professional photo shoot for a reliable snapshot of your everyday life.

Plus, it looks a little try-hard.

In non-geek lingo: you look like you’re really putting a lot of effort into making your Bumble profile work.

And that tells her that you’re probably not getting much action through your social connections. Now she has to wonder why and none of her reasons will make you seem like a catch.

So what’s the remedy to all this?

Have a healthy balance of professional and casual photos.

That way you’ll seem more authentic. And you’re caring just the right amount about Bumble.

3. Keep the alcohol away

Here’s what almost everyone doesn’t seem to get:

Your photo album is an extension of your personality.

Does every photo of yours show that you’re in a bar holding a Bud Light?

Then she won’t just think you’ve got awful taste in beer, but that you don’t have any interests besides getting fugged up.

Even if you’re drinking in 1 out of 5 photos, women will still think you spend 20% of your time drunk as a skunk.

Because that’s all the information they have of you!

The only things she knows about you are what you show her.

So be sure to show off the good parts of your personality.

4. Have a good first photo

Group photos have a place on Bumble, but not first place.

Your first photo is reserved for a photo where you can be INSTANTLY identified. And where you look your best.

In the above photo, a client of mine is slouching in a chair in the far right of the frame.

Rookie mistake.

So I told him what women want to see and then he shot this pantie-dropping photo:

Doesn’t even look like the same guy. I’d almost reconsider my sexuality for this version of him.

4. Make yourself stand out

Here’s one of the easiest ways to get more matches.

Use the power of contrast.

The logic is simple:

Most guys on Bumble use photos with muffled colors and often get ignored by girls who would actually find them attractive if…

…they made themselves pop out of the background

Girls make the same mistake too by the way.

But they can make the muffled color thing work by showing off their curves and breasticles.

But you, my friend, can’t do that.

That’s why you need to use the power of contrast.

Here’s another example to drive my point home.

Meet Tom and Jane:

Both Tom and Jane have good first photos. (There are a few flaws to point out, but that’s for another time.)

But there’s one glaring difference:

Jane’s photo is much more eye-catching and pleasant to look at than Tom’s.

If Tom didn’t have dark hair and glasses, he’d disappear into the background.

Tom could attract more likes by switching up the background to something colorful.

And my gut tells me you could too.

5. Keep your holiday pics in your photo album

Travel photos get more likes than normal, unless you do this…

If short-sleeved shirt wearing grandpas are doing it, it’s not cool.

Look, I get it.

You travel the world and you want to show off where you’ve been.

But stay away from the cliché holiday rituals already!

Like pinching the Statue of Liberty between your fingertips, meditating in front of the Taj Mahal, or rubbing my donger for good luck.

Nobody on Bumble wants to see that.

Kicking over the Tower of Pisa just how unoriginal and plebeian you are.

If you are going to make a photo of a tourist attraction, do it right.

Like m’lady:

Don’t stop, I’m bricking!

So either be hilarious or replace your clichéd holiday shots with photos that show off your personality.

For me that would mean standing in line at Starbucks wearing my ugg boots and going, “Ermahgerd. I’m literally dying.”

6. Have at least one close-up

You don’t need half a dozen photos showing off your face.

1 – 2 MAX.

The rest of your photos should show off what it’s like to hang with you.

But because you’ll have so few close-ups, you need to make them count.

So how do you make yourself identifiable and sexy?

Make a shot from the waist-up.

The fact that the most desirable men on Bumble do the same is reason enough for you to follow suit.

Before you ring up your friend to do a photo shoot, try cropping an old pic.

Like my buddy, Popeye.

The only thing he’s cropped out of his life is the squat rack.

As the photo is now, it makes for a bad first picture.

But if we let Photoshop run its magic, or any other photo editing program, we get this:

Much better. Now nobody can see his chicken legs.

Popeye’s picture still leaves room for improvement. The biggest no-no are his sunglasses.

A study by Tinder shows that wearing shades can reduce your odds of being liked by 12%.

That rejection rate would probably be way higher if men didn’t participate.

Women are much pickier.

Holy Tip:

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Stop your worrying.

I’ve got just what you need: the Dating Profile Checklist.

My checklist will show you all the profile pitfalls in a row and how to avoid them.

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7. Exploit your pets

An incredibly easy way to get more matches.

Pose with a pet.

A pooch instantly gives you +2 attraction points.

Why do the ladies melt for a photo of you with Old Yeller?

  1. Cats and dogs make you seem friendlier and chill.
  2. Having an animal in your photos screams RELATIONSHIP MATERIAL, because you’re responsible and caring.
  3. A cute fluffy friend is a GREAT icebreaker for your Bumble match.

The best pet photo ever, if he didn’t wear sunglasses!

Don’t own a pet?

No problem!

Go to your neighborhood park with your photographer friend and ask to pose with someone else’s doggo.

Lots of people would love to assist you because the request makes them feel flattered.

“Awww… my little Bark Twain is the cutest isn’t he? <333”

8. Mix up your facial expressions

The definitive answer on what makes for the best headshot.

Read any articles on dating photography and 9 out of 10 times you’ll find the next ‘nugget’:

Looking away from the camera while smiling is bad. Only smile if you look into the lens.

That piece of wisdom was the result of a 2010 study by OKCupid and is now accepted as part of the Ten Dating Commandments.

Almost nobody dares disagree with it.

But I do.

And not just because I’m a wisecracking smartass, but because the logic is simple:

The last roundup of the top 100 male Tinder profiles (I know this is a Bumble article, but the same principles apply) shows half the guys smiling in their first photo.

Then I scoured the internet for evidence and found a study by PhotoFeeler who used the EXACT same parameters as OKCupid.

The results were as expected:

Every researcher said Louis Farfields is a perfect male specimen.

There was no difference between smiling into the camera, or looking away from the camera.

Note: Looking into the camera like a sourpuss never works. Either smile toward the camera, or look away and do as you please.

What does this mean for you?

There is no magic photo that works for everyone.

What does work, is knowing your strengths and weaknesses.

I, for example, suck at smiling on command.

So whenever I get a bad Christmas gift, everyone can tell I’m faking.

Here’s what I mean:

That’s why I prefer to look away from the camera during shoots. But also why I’m always on the hunt for casual shots that caught me smiling on accident.

Because the one Bumble profile tip that rules them all is… 

…variety is key.

Holy Tip:

Just because you have the forced smile of a psychopath, doesn’t mean you can never show off your pearly whites.

It simply means you have to capture an authentic smile.

And here’s the trick:

– Take a shot of fire water before the shoot to relax.
– Crack jokes and have light conversation with your photographer friend while he snaps a constant stream of photos.

Eventually, you’ll laugh.

And if you camera(wo)man did a good job, you’ve got your Bumble photo.

9. Write (or copy) a good Bumble bio

Don’t fall for the mumbo jumbo advice of other online dating gurus and coaches.

The right Bumble bio won’t magically get you 69 times more matches.

It’s just a bit of text, not a miracle.

Here’s the truth behind what a bio does:

A good Bumble bio can convince girls who are out of your league to swipe you right.

So if your photos can’t convince her, a bio often can.

So what makes for a strong bio?

It’s triggers her emotions so hard that she can’t help herself but swipe right and want to talk to you

So how do you do that?

There are COUNTLESS ways, but here’s ONE principle so you can make it easy on yourself:

Show your attractive qualities, don’t talk about them.

Are you a funny perv? Try out this bio.

Pineapple goes on pizza like tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everybody but whose who enjoy it are a little more sophisticated.

Are you a funny nerd? Give this bio a go.

The great white shark has a mating call that can be heard 40 km away. I have a Bumble profile with a range of 100km. Suck on that you stupid shark and your million years of evolution.

And here’s just an awesome template that’s been putting in work for years.

“ABC in the streets, XYC in the sheets.”

Here’s an example of how I might use it:

Scientifically proven paper in the streets, unmoderated comment section in the sheets.

For more, check out my next article:

Holy Tip:

If you want her to send something else than “Hey”, help her out.

Give her an idea.

Add, “Ask me about my hidden talent” to your bio and see what happens

10. Use prompts

Make it easier to be found by your dream girl with the next tip.

Bumble Move Makers.

The idea is simple.

To reveal more about yourself, Bumble created about 40 prompts for you to answer.

“We’ll get along if…”

“Must-see movie…”

“My perfect Sunday…”

You get to answer a maximum of three.

And you only have 120 characters per answer.

Here’s the most important part:

You can’t just pick three prompts at random, because not all Move Makers attract women.

Some repel them.

Many men, for example, like to pick the easiest Move Makers.

“Beach or mountains.”

And then give the shortest possible answer, “Beach.”

Not only does a single word barely give her any insight into your personality.

She’s read that same answer a million times.

So you want to be strategic about your questions and give an unpredictable answer.

Even if we use the relatively dull question of “beach or mountains”, we can come up with something fun:

“Beach. Because people look at me funny when I rock speedos in the mountains.”

That quip alone will get you sexy points from the ladies.

But you don’t want to attract any lady. You want to attract your dream girl.

So you want to step into her mind, John Malkovich-style, and figure out what she finds important.

Fitness, diet, humor, career, travel, music, video games, family. You name it.

Once you got it, you pick the prompt that lets you show off that quality.

The Move Makers that most easily showcase your qualities and interests are:

“Two truths and a lie.”

  • I swam with venomous octopi.
  • I broke my foot dancing.
  • Half the girls I crush on are lesbians.

“My dream dinner guest is…”

  • Gordon Ramsey. A free 5-star meal AND entertainment? Sold. “My gran could do a better job chopping onions than you, Louis. And she’s dead!”

“If I were famous, it’d be for…”

  • The world record for most repeated views of Lion King in one sitting.

Feel free to pick other prompts, if you see others you like better.

Just avoid the negative ones like, “My pet peeve…”

Unless you want to bond with your match over your shared hatred.

That almost marks the end of the Best 10 Bumble Profile Tips.

Before I sign off, I have something for you.

Now that almost every aspect of your Bumble dating profile is on point…

…you’ll get lots of matches.

To guarantee your matches won’t go to waste, you want to send the right texts.

  • Interesting openers.
  • Funny answers to boring questions.
  • Asking her out without sounding desperate.
  • Lines to playfully tease her.
  • And so on.

That’s why I give you the The 10 Texts that always work.

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Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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