First Bumble Date: 7 Date Ideas & 8 Tips to have a great time

You got a few good matches. Perhaps even planned a Bumble meet up.

But what do you do on the date? Find out by reading today’s first date Bumble tips & date ideas.

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7 Original Bumble date ideas

Let’s start with one of the most asked questions: What to do on a Bumble date?

Great news, here’s 7 original date ideas. And you get a date strategy that’ll impress any girl.

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1. Howl in a karaoke bar

Singing in public is incredibly scary, but also amazingly liberating.

If you can take the lead, you’ll yank her out of her comfort zone and back into her childhood.

Is singing by your lonesome too scary? Pick a song for a duet.

Don’t forget that karaoke is about fun, not beauty.

Sounding like a gutted pig is part of the appeal.

2. Mash buttons in a video arcade

Do you want to blow her away with your originality? Take her to an arcade.

What can you expect? Video games, pinball machines, Dance Dance Revolution, and air hockey to name a few.

Some arcades, like London’s Namco Funscape even have bowling, laser tag, and bumper cars.

Do you think a video arcade is less suited for a date than a classy wine bar? Guess again.

A trip to the arcade gives you a better idea of who she is than any drink or dinner date.

Is she competitive? Dexterous? A sore loser? If you take her to the arcade, you’ll know in less than half an hour.

3. Sip wine in the park

Whether it’s the city or the countryside, there are parks everywhere.

If the weather’s good, take your date to the outdoors.

Throw open a blanket onto the grass. Break open a bottle of wine (unless it’s illegal to drink in public). And play some sweet tunes while you get plastered.

4. Go ice skating

Physical activities are a great asset to any first date.

Firstly, exercise lowers the nerves. All your nervous energy simply gets used up.

Secondly, a body-intensive activity pulls away attention from the conversation.

Let’s use ice skating as an example. Because you’re so focused on keeping your balance, it doesn’t matter if the conversation naturally dies out.

Nobody will notice. Plus, sports activities often give you an excuse to touch and help out your date.

5. Rock out at a festival

While I don’t recommend you buy tickets for a concert, many festivals are free. And more importantly, super fun!

Just like with ice skating, talking at a festival is secondary.

You and your date aren’t the sole sources of entertainment. Which means you can relax and close your yapper.

The reason a dinner date makes for a bad first date is because it’s boring without good conversation. A festival doesn’t share those limitations.

6. Study art in a museum

Not everyone is into sports and loud music. If that’s you or your date, take her to a museum.

Looking at paintings is not just for old people. Heck, I’ve taken several dates of mine to museums and art exhibitions, AND got lucky afterward.

Not every date has to be super intense. Relaxed is fine too.

7. Drink flaming cocktails in a bar

Drinks are still a great addition to any first date. It’s freeing. Alcohol takes the edge off.

It’s fast. If you have chemistry, things can get hot very quickly.

It’s flexible. If you want to stay longer you order more drinks.

The reason I saved drinks for last, is because it’s not exciting. A drink date hardly makes a girl jump for joy.

Which is why you usually don’t want to stick around for too long. I normally do one round of drinks and move on to the next venue.

The trick behind any successful date is not the venue, it’s the experience. And no experience is better than an adventure.

To build an adventure, you want to take her to multiple venues. For instance:

  • Meet up at a train station or town square.
  • Do mimosas at a cocktail bar.
  • Briefly hang on the monkey bars at the playground.
  • And drink hot cocoa at an outdoor coffee stand.
  • Part ways or take her home.

Holy Tip:

The date venue only makes up half of a good date.

If you screw over the second half, the odds of seeing her again are slim.

What’s the other 50% that makes your date a success?

  • A warm greeting.
  • Sit next to her, not across from her.
  • Kiss her BEFORE the end of the date. (Although an end-of-the-date kiss is better than nothing.)
  • And the right attitude.

1. Preparation: Get into a playful mood

The next tip prevents you from being stiff and awkward on the Bumble date.

Almost every man can smash a date out of the park, as long as he has one thing.

A playful mood.

Which is the opposite of our default work mode.

We spend 8 hours every day solving problems and finishing deadlines. So work tends to turn us into humorless drones.

Great for productivity, not so much for making friends.

The problem? Clocking out doesn’t automatically turn us into happy-go-lucky potheads. The transition from work to play takes a while.

And if you have your date set close after office hours, you don’t have the time to unwind naturally.

So how do you shift gears quickly?


Once you step out of the office and into your car (or whatever means of transport you use), turn on your favorite tunes.

Music makes you feel more energized, enhances physical performance, and lifts you out of a rut. Don’t take my word for it. It’s science.

Holy Tip:

In case you’re fed up with your old playlists, and don’t know what else to listen to… Check out stand-up comedy.

Feel your mood get lighter with every punchline. Laughter is the best medicine.

Don’t know any comedians? Check out Dave Chappelle, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies, Conan O’Brien, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, and Don Rickles. To name a few.

So once work is over, shove your earbuds into your ears and fire up your favorite jam or comedy show.

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2. Preparation: Reduce conversation stress

Hands-down, the biggest fear all my clients share is:

“I’m afraid of running out of things to say on the date.”

Which actually makes little sense. Because you probably have AT LEAST 18 years of life experience.

And only 1 year of experience should be enough to fill a 2-hour conversation.

The real issue is not a lack of memories. It’s a lack of importance.

You most likely feel that most of your adventures are too boring to share. Perhaps you think you don’t even have ANY cool adventures to talk about.

I won’t try to convince you your stories are cool. Instead, I invite you to do something EPIC before you meet up with your Bumble date.

Not on the same day of course. But the weekend before. Not only will you have something amazing to tell her. But she’ll also think you’re a dude who does cool stuff. A person that she wants to hang out with.

So what crazy adventure do you go on?

  • See a comedy show.
  • Go to a concert.
  • Spend a weekend in another city.
  • Go to an amusement park.
  • Hike in your local nature reserve.

You may be surprised by the simplicity of most of these ideas.

Perhaps you expected trips to Hawaii, eating Wagyu beef covered in caviar, and flying a helicopter.

But you don’t need to be James Bond to impress her. She simply wants to hear stories from a man who gets out of the house.

3. Preparation: Get your social muscles loose

If you want to be smooth on your Bumble date, you want to do one thing…

First, a brief trip down memory lane. Have you ever had to speak up in class or a meeting and cough up a frog?

For my non-natives, don’t worry. I don’t mean an actual frog, but any throat issues that make your voice scratchy or sound like a balloon asking a question.

Coughing up a frog doesn’t sound sexy. And while it has several causes, it’s always solved by clearing out the windpipe. Put simply, talking.

Not only does a lot of talking help you sound like yourself. It also warms up your social muscles. And keeps you from sounding like a doofus.

Like me after a long day at the TextGod office. Long story short, I bumped into an old friend after work and said: “Heeey, dude. What’s up?”

With my mind still juggling pickup lines, meetings, and emails, the back and forth with my buddy was clunky.

And when the conversation died out, I stupidly asked: “So, what’s up?”

Actually, my years of social training kicked in. And I made fun of myself and got the conversation back on track.

Still… my embarrassment could have been prevented if my social muscles were warmed up.

Which is why I never start a date without my warm-up ritual:

Shooting the shit with friends. My bros and I regularly hang out on Discord to chat and shoot a bad guy or two.

So if I don’t run into any friends on my way home, I fire up Discord, and have 30 minutes of playful banter before I head off to my date.

You may not have a Discord with buddies. So what can you do instead? You call a friend.

Get your social muscles loose and your date will go 10x better.

4. Preparation: Put on perfume

If this is the only tip you read and apply, you’ll already attract more women.

To attract more women you usually need to put in lots of work. You need to:

  • Improve your flirting.
  • Fly up the corporate ladder.
  • Build a fit body.
  • Do projects that get you recognition from the public.
  • Own a massive collection of trading card games #Kappa.

If you check every box, you can get any woman you want.

The trouble? It costs tremendous amounts of time and energy.

So is that it? Is there no other way to make the ladies wet? Well, my friend… According to every girl I’ve ever dated, there is a shortcut to the magical land of coochie.

And it costs you almost no effort. Smell.

The turns ons of a 10/10 Russian model.

Notice how I ask her for the most attractive qualities of a man.

And she doesn’t go for the obvious answers every man wishes for: Jawline, 12-pack, and 10-foot donger.

Is my Russian lady friend crazy? Or do all women get wet from a good fragrance? Science says perfume works as an aphrodisiac.

The article even says that smell is the MOST important factor for determining whether a woman is attracted to a man.

In short, smell is the easiest way to seduce a woman.

Before you empty your Axe body spray under your armpits, a warning. Almost all men wear deodorant to hide their stink. But nobody wears perfume to smell good. And that’s where the real power of scent lies.

As long as I have dated girls, women have commented on my perfume. And TextGod coach Jay shares a similar experience.

“In high school, girls would always come up to me and ask to smell my perfume. Then they’d press their nose against my neck,” he says laughing.

With the proof in the pudding, here are three perfumes you can try out:

  • Blue de Chanel.
  • Yves Saint Laurent’s La Nuit de L’Homme.
  • Giorgio Armani’s Acqua Di Gio Profumo.

Holy Tip:

Typically, you want woody, spicy, and herbal scents for winter.

And lighter, citrus-based smells for the summer.

Want something more unique? Walk into a perfume store and ask the clerk if they can help you find similar scents.

5. Preparation: Groom yourself

If you apply the next 5 steps, you’ll get MUCH more attention from women.

Grooming yourself is not girly. As a matter of fact, grooming is a sign of self-respect. And it shows her that you have your life in order.

It’s not about spending your life savings on hair products and facial scrubs. Neither should you spend hours in the bathroom looking at your reflection, you sexy beast.

You want your routine to be quick and simple. The key is to maintain a clean and no-frills look. So where do you start?

1. Cut your hair

Become a regular at your barber.

Is your hair hanging over your ears? You need a trim.

If you want to look clean and better than most men, go once a month.

And if you’re ⅓ yeti and ⅓ wolfman, you may want to go every two to three weeks.

2. Trim your face

Beards. The overall look is up to you.

Although, if you have the stone jawline of Michelangelo’s David, shaven is encouraged.

Bushy or trimmed is fine too. As long as you keep your lines tight. And your neck shaved.

3. Fix your fuzz

We all grow hair in places where it doesn’t belong. Nobody wants to see a vine hanging out of your nose. So keep it trimmed.

Take your razor or tweezers and visit:

  • Your nostrils.
  • Ears (check both outside and inside).
  • The space between your eyebrows.
  • Your neck.
  • It doesn’t have to be hairless. But you don’t want to wear a T-shirt and have a shrub growing out of your sleeve.

4. Take care of your hands

Our hands see a lot of action. And easily get damaged, dirty, and dry.

So be sure to cut your nails and clean any dirt away from underneath your nails. And moisturize your hands.

5. Dress to impress

Clothes make the man.
—Mark Twain

It’s more than just a famous phrase.

Psychologists say clothes show signs of status, group membership, and personal taste.

Our clothes silently tell others how we want to be treated.

A man in a suit wants to be taken seriously. A clown wants to be laughed at. And my dress style tells the ladies to send me nudes.

If you want to impress the ladies with your style, here’s what you do:

  • Don’t buy brands to show off the size of your wallet.
  • Dress mature. No logos and prints. Plain.
  • Wear essentials. For example, a white tee, dark denim jeans and a pair of rugged boots.
  • Go fitted. No baggy jeans, or pants that drape over your ankles. Slim and fit is the way to go.
  • Bling bling. Wear simple and masculine jewelry. Perhaps a watch and/or a ring. But don’t over do it. Less is more.

6. On the date: How to have a great Bumble date

So what about on the date? How to make it a success?

I made a video on what to do and what not to do on a date.

Yes, the video is for a Tinder meet up. But the same tips apply to Bumble.

Check it out here:

7. On the date: What to say?

What you say and ask is the most CRUCIAL factor in whether you’ll get a second date.

And thanks to nerves, we shift into one of two painfully embarrassing modes.

  • The shy, nervous guy.
  • The blabbermouth.

One doesn’t talk enough. The other talks too much. And both almost always make the same texting mistake: Asking too many BAD questions.

Which kills attraction and ruins the chances of a second date.

Now, not all questions are equal. The issue all bad questions share is that they’re asked for the wrong reason.

While I could give you a list of good and bad questions ranging from A to Z, I have something far more useful for you.

A principle that keeps your conversations fun.

To show you what I mean, think back to your last first date, or open up one of your Tinder conversations. I’m willing to bet that you asked her the next question: “What do you do for work?”

And I bet you asked her that question NOT because you wanted to know her answer… but because you were hoping to buy some time.

You wanted to get her talking, so you didn’t have to carry the conversation.

There’s one MAJOR flaw with this type of question. Although words are spoken, it doesn’t enrich the conversation.

She doesn’t enjoy regurgitating an answer she’s told a zillion times. And you don’t enjoy hearing her answer. Nobody wins.

So questions that you ask out of fear don’t lead the conversation to fun.

And the point of a first date is exactly that: FUN.

So what do you do the next time you run out of things to say?

Instead of asking a question, you take a guess.

Why make a guess? Because instead of taking away value, it ADDS value to the conversation.

So how do you do it? Even when you draw a blank during the date, your brain is never without thought.

You may think, “Oh-oh… She’s almost done talking and I don’t know what to say next! Uh… Let’s ask her about her work!”

Great, let’s use that to make a guess about her profession.

“You know, when I hear the commanding way you talk, I get the impression you’re either a teacher or drill sergeant.”

The beauty of that assumption?

  • It’s relevant to her.
  • It’s something she may not know about herself, which makes it fun.
  • She’s almost guaranteed to tell you what actually is her job.

So whenever you run out of things to say, turn your question into an assumption.

If you’re interested in how to hook up on your Bumble date, check out this article:

8. After the date: What to text after the date

After this tip, you won’t ever accidentally send a post-date text that will scare her away again.

Suppose you just had a great first Bumble date. And you want to send her a text. What’s the worst message you can possibly send?

Here’s a couple:

I had such a good time!! 😁😁😁

Too interested and girly.

Sorry I didn’t kiss you goodbye, I was too nervous 🙈

Too much of a virgin.

And the one that takes the cake:

I’m so horny right now, LOL

An awful attempt to get nudes. After all, you don’t even know if she liked the date!

So what does make for a good text after the first date?

A message by TextGod coach Dan.

That two-sentence text got Dan 4 replies and 6 emojis.


  • It’s not overly interested. Which means Dan is not easily impressed. And in turn means she doesn’t yet ‘have.’ Put simply, the fun game of seduction isn’t over yet.
  • It hints to the date. “Cold dutch hugs” refers back to their conversation.

If you want to see how Dan asks her out for the second date, check out the article on what to text after the first Bumble date (with examples).

If we turn Dan’s text into a template and add a little twist, we get this:

  • Hey [name]
  • I enjoyed [event from the date]
  • [Joke.] Here’s a pre-made joke: “And your company wasn’t bad either ;)”

Hey Jean, I enjoyed teaching you how to play pool. And your company wasn’t bad either 😉

Don’t feel the need to follow the template too closely. If I change it up a little, I get something like this:

Hey Miri, I enjoyed our evening together. But I must disappoint you, I won’t send you any dick pics

Miri told me how she HATES guys who send her dick pics after the first date.

If you’re not sure what to reference from the date, keep this in mind:

Women ultimately want to be appreciated for their personality and actions. She was given her looks, but she chooses her actions.

So make her feel like she said and did the right things.


Make sure you’re prepared when you have a Bumble date. Groom yourself and warm up socially so you feel great.

During the date, have fun. Don’t focus too much on exchanging info, but focus on creating a vibe. Have an adventure.

That almost marks the end of First Bumble Date Tips.

Before we call it quits, one more gift.

Do you ever catch yourself blankly staring at your Bumble conversation?


  • “How the heck do I reply to this?”
  • “Man, this convo is a downer. I wish I knew how to make it more fun.”
  • “I really want to ask her out, but I don’t know how…”
  • “What’s a good opener after I get a match?”

I’ve got just the thing: The 10 Texts That Always Work.

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Enjoy, buddy.

Louis Farfields

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