Bumble Prompts & Answers: 51 Winning Combos for More Matches

Bumble prompts and answers give you another way to express your personality.

In this article, you’ll discover what prompts and answers are the best, so you can get higher quality matches.

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How to write the perfect Bumble prompt answers – 4 tips

Follow these 4 basic rules when answering a Bumble prompt to get the highest quality matches possible.

  • Describe your experience. Don’t give an answer that describes 8 billion people. Go deep and be specific.
  • Radiate positivity. Bitterness, cynicism, and sarcasm are anti-seductive. Positive vibes, though, are sexy.
  • Be honest yet playful. Sincerity doesn’t mean boring.
  • Show your humanity. We connect the fastest through sharing failures and embarrassing moments.

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Bumble prompt answers

Most people make a terrible mistake on dating apps that hurts their love lives.

They start up their dating app and realize, “Uh-oh, I don’t have any clever answers to these prompts. Guess I’ll copy-paste something from the internet.”

Don’t be a copycat. While copy-pasting CAN work, it’s always better to think of a genuine answer of your own. It’s best if your answers represent who you are.

That way you’ll never run into trouble when texting, calling, or meeting up because your internet crush will recognize you’re the person you claimed to be.

So when you scroll down and find some amazing Bumble prompt answers, don’t blindly copy paste them into your profile. Give them your own authentic twist. That way you’ll attract people that you’ll have the most powerful chemistry with.

After work you can find me…

  • Immediately changing into house clothes and binging Love Island.
  • Playing tennis! Looking for Love in all the wrong places.
  • I’m not telling you where I am, stalker.

Favorite quality in a person

  • Kindness and owning too many Lululemon pants.
  • A huge, bright, cheeky smile.
  • When they can pretend to be stupid in front of other people with me.

If I could only have 3 things on a deserted island, they’d be…

  • A huge beach blanket, sun tanning lotion, and the current book I’m reading.
  • My dog Lucy (so we can play in the water), coconut water, and a fishing rod.
  • A huge bucket, a shovel, and a tiny little red flag. So I can build my dream sand castle.

If I were famous, it’d be for

  • Saying I’m sooooo full but then always ordering dessert. Especially pecan pie.
  • Always belting out “Ain’t no mountain high enough” on a road trip even though I’m a horrendous singer.
  • Making slightly obscure anime references that few people know about. Power level over 9000.

My third grade teacher described me as…

  • I can see why he was held back a few years.
  • Attached at the hip to his best friend Steve. Nothing has changed. We come as a package deal.
  • The kid who always asks how much longer until recess.

I get way too excited about

  • 😮‍💨
  • When a dog gets really hyped up and their little tail wags 500 km/h.
  • Surfing trips with best friends in Maui.

My most useless skill is…

  • Blowing a single spit bubble out of my mouth. Attractive I know.
  • Being an excellent +1 on trivia night.
  • The “shuffling” dance move. It was really cool back in 2005.

I’m still not over…

  • My last float chamber experience.
  • My first cup of ‘special’ coffee in the morning. It’s not just a drink!
  • Taylor Swift’s love life. I don’t even care that I’m a gossipy bitch about this.

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Something I learned way later than I should have…

  • Pineapples grow from the ground and not from a tree.
  • That the saying is ‘for all intents and purposes’ and not ‘for all intensive purposes.’
  • That birds don’t actually live in nests. They only build them for rearing their young.

It’s meant to be if…

  • You know all the words to the Pokemon theme song.
  • ‘Girl dinner’ is a staple weekday meal.
  • You can correctly guess my zodiac sign based on my profile.

My personal hell is…

  • Cooking in someone else’s kitchen.
  • When you’re my gf and you come up and ask “Notice anything new about me?”
  • Accidentally sneezing on someone. Just kill me now, I’ve lived a good life.

If I could have a superpower it’d be…

  • Never having to sleep. So much more time for activities!
  • Knowing which Halloween costume is going to be the most popular so I can wear it.
  • Being able to give people the perfect gift on their birthday.

We’ll get along if…

  • You know the girl math / boy math trends on TikTok.
  • You choose stairs over escalators and think caramel is the best sundae topping.
  • You also went through a slight Emo/punk phase. Bring back MCR pleaseeeeeee.

My perfect Sunday

  • Calling my friends. I always call them Sunday morning for a 10-minute phone call. It’s our little ritual.
  • Waking up naturally with no alarm, cuddling my cat Meatball, journaling, and enjoying hella expensive sushi from my favorite place down the street.
  • Early morning runs on the seawall, hazelnut green tea latte, and running errands while listening to music.

Three things that make a relationship great

  • Always having a full fridge, constant compliments, and (controversial) separate beds.
  • Communication, great sex, and using each other as an excuse to leave the party early.
  • Blanket fort building, window shopping at bookstores, and me doing the cooking.

If I could solve one world problem, it’d be…

  • World hunger! We have enough food, it’s just really poorly distributed. 🙁
  • Making mandatory IQ/EQ tests for people who want to start a podcast.
  • Keeping my houseplants alive. No matter what I do they keep dying. Please donate to save Louis’ rainforest plants. 🥲

I get way too excited about…

  • Japan during cherry blossom season. Took a gap year there and love going back every season.
  • My new obsession – bouldering. Damn my hands hurt the first time though!
  • When my Amazon order comes in the mail because sometimes I forget and it’s like a little surprise gift.
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Bumble prompts & answers – Summary

By now you should have an idea of what makes a great Bumble prompt answer.

If not, here’s the idea.

Make sure your answers have some mix of relatable, lighthearted, confident, flirty, niche/personal.

Follow these rules and you’ll be swarming with matches.

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