50+ Fun Bumble Conversation Starters For After Her “Hey”

You see a new notification from Bumble.

You excitedly open the chat and are horrified…

It’s another “Hey”.

Read on and get the best Bumble conversation starters for after she said “Hi” that make her excited to talk with you.

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10 Conversation starts you can steal right now

  • Haha oh shit! Not sure if you remember [answer with a random but fun trivia fact].
  • If I were a T-rex I’d try to hold you in my little arms and cry because I couldn’t resist the tasty smell of human and ate you.
  • Your photo where [describe it] is the exact same look when I see the pizza delivery guy outside my door.
  • Before we start, know that I have the best cozy hoody and sweater collection. And if any of them go missing, I’m calling the police, [name].
  • We can make up any story about how we met. I like the idea of a meeting at a farmers market and we both reached for the last avocado.
  • Congratulations! You have manifested a guy you can take home for Thanksgiving.
  • Apart from great taste in men, what other qualities do you have?
  • You struck gold. I can flirt with you in three languages: American, British, and Pervy.
  • Matches made in heaven are too boring. Let’s be a duo made in hell 😈.
  • I don’t mean to show off, but my shoulder’s just the right size for your head.

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1. Share a highlight of your day

The WORST thing you can do after she sends the most lazy text on Earth is to answer “Hey”. Or let het stew in her own unoriginality and watch your Bumble match expire.

IMPORTANT: “Hey” is not always a sign of disinterest, she may simply not know what else to say. Plus, she may feel pressured by the 24-hour text window to fire off something simple to keep the connection alive.

RIP spelling.

So don’t be too quick to think she’s a low-effort type of gal. Instead, draw her out of her shell by sharing something fun you just did.

  • Just came back from a scary film at the movies. Think I’ll let my teddy be the big spoon tonight. 🙁 How do you handle scary movies?
  • Hey-hey-hey. Just fired up the new Marvel movie. ✨✨
  • Cuddling my friend’s doggo. His name is Hotwings. Wanna join?
  • Doing a sudoku and destroying every last brain cell in my skull.
  • Sipping on a glass of vino. You more into red or white?
  • What’s up? I’m cooking up some yummy burrrrrrrritos.
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2. Tease her a little

Unlike what most people think, online dating apps aren’t so much about getting to know the other person. Of course you want to exchange a few fun factoids.

But really, you’re both trying to figure out if it’ll be fun hang out.

So send her something that’ll make you look like a good time and tease her.

  • Your icebreaker makes me feel so special <3.
  • OMG! I can’t believe it. I feel the same way. We must be soulmates.
  • Wow! That’s the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me.
  • I hope I’m not moving too fast, but your word stirred my heart like no other. I want you to meet my parents.

3. Playfully misinterpret her greeting

A great way to start the conversation after she says Hey is to make yourself stand out.

So let’s have a little fun and show her just how creative and playful you are!

The next lines all include role reversal. 

  • Slow down m’lady. I like to be wooed first before we have such lewd conversations.
  • I bet you say that to all the guys, playa. 😉
  • 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️. Stop objectifying me, miss. I have feelings too.
  • Another ‘Hey’? You women really are all the same. smh

It shows humor and that you don’t take yourself too seriously. Plus, if she goes along with your game, the conversation can quickly turn muy caliente.

4. Pretend like she didn’t text you anything

My favorite response to “Hey” is dead simple:

Then I report her for abuse.

Would not recommend if you’re low on matches. Dumb jokes aside, one of my favorite ways to respond is simply to…

…ignore her “Hey”.

Aaand send her a first text like you would on any other dating app.

  • Howdy. Your photos make you seem really open and outgoing. But I bet that you also have moments where you’re a shy little nerd. 😉
  • Hey [her name]. Wanna know what I like about your profile?
  • I was so stoked to talk with you but then my horoscope said that a girl dressed in [use her profile] would get me in trouble.
  • [If she has a dog] Dang, you’re mega cute. And your 2-legged owner isn’t bad either I guess. 😉
  • [If she’s very adventurous] Wowza, [her name]. You’re like the female James Bond. Can’t wait to live out my dream of being a Bond Girl hihi.

5. Look for commonalities

One of the best way to start a conversation on Bumble is to bring up something you have in common.

Check out her profile and see what you both share. Then bring it up in a fun and emotionally stimulating way.

  • I see you’re a fries aficionado. Important question: do you eat them with ketchup or mayo?
  • A fellow horror movie fan? Let me test you. What are your top 3 favorite horrors?
  • Book nerrrrrd! I like. 🙂 What book is currently on your nightstand? Or are you one of those ebookers?
  • Hey there athlete friendo. I’m curious. How do you balance your competitive training with your personal life?
  • A history buffff. Dope. If you could go back and visit any time, when would you go?
  • You think you’re a good cook? Don’t let me get out my iron skillet!

Spark a connection by pointing out what interests you about her. Preferably, frame your curiosity in a way that she’s stimulated to answer.

Here are a few lines to inspire you.

  • [When she’s a horse girl] OK, bit of a zany question. And I apologize if it’s too much. But I need to know… when women ride horses, do their lady parts get stimulated?
  • You’ve never seen Star Wars? Then we’re obviously going to have to change that if you pass the first date.
  • You claim you’re friendly. But… how many fries can a friend of yours take before you tell them to get their own?
  • I see you like to cook. Now I’m curious. What dish would you cook for a guy if you were really into him? That way I know what to expect 😎😎

6. Play would you rather

This is an especially good option to start the conversation if she has a bland profile.

You know, the ones I’m talking about. The profiles filled with bedroom selfies and a bio that says she likes to travel.

Anyway, invite her to a game of Would You Rather.

*slow clap*

  • Would you rather date a guy with a huge dong, but no arms and legs, or a guy with arms and legs but a small sling schlong?
  • Would you rather be married to a 10 with a bad personality or a 6 with an amazing personality?
  • Would you rather have your dream job or find your true love?
  • Would you rather never be able to do a good smokey eye or never be able to do a good contour?
  • Would you rather find a book that predicts the future, or have a book that explains everything from the past we don’t already know?

The above questions all have different flavors. But the sex WYD is obviously the most polarizing. If you want to filter out prude girls, that’s your go-to.

7. Challenge her to finish your sentence

Here’s another fun game that sets the right mood from the start.

Challenge her to finish your sentence.

It should look something like this:

Hi, Clara. Finish my next sentence

It’ll be fun

If I won the lottery, the first thing I’d do is…

You can obviously turn your sentence into anything you like.

Here are some ideas:

  • If I had the next day off work, I would…
  • If there’s one thing I’d like to be good at in life, it’d be…
  • If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d pick…

8. Reply with some clickbait

With the right reply to her “Hey”, every fiber in her body will hunger for more of your texts.

Here’s how you do it.

One word…


I know, clickbait has a bit of a scummy reputation nowadays. But this is all in good fun.

So how do you get her obsessed with your texts?

With the next shamefully simply message

Hey [name], do you know what’s interesting about your photos?

Not entirely sure this is pure magic?

Firstly, good on you for being skeptical, bro. I applaud your scientific mind. But your distrust is misplaced.

It’s ridonkulous how often this simple line works.

My clickbait opener doesn’t just end there.

I also have two follow-up lines that continue the conversation and reel her in further.

When you open 6 matches at the same time.

But those are too valuable to reveal in this article.

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Use the power of clickbait wisely, buddy.

10. Use the power of GIFs

“Hey” is obviously a very low effort opener. And I don’t want you to feel pressured into coming up with a super amazeballs answer.

So here’s a quick and effective reply that’ll get her smiling.

Send her a fitting GIF.

Consider a waving Forrest Gump. Or if you want to be a bit more playful, a flirtatious Austin Powers.

And if you want to seem like you put in effort, even though you totally stole this clever line from me, go with this:

Is that the best you could come up with? Are you kitten me?

It’s stupidly simple. But so very good.

Of course, you still need to lead the conversation into something with a bit more substance. But at least now she’s looking forward to chatting with you.

11. Come up with something personal

Apply the wisdom of this tip, and you’ll instantly become one of her favorite Bumble matches.

Most men on Bumble are incredibly boring: they drive the conversation to Snoozeville.

You already know this. But what you don’t yet know is how to leverage the boring to your advantage.

Let’s introduce Normal Ned.

Ned is a normal dude. He never does anything weird or rude. And when he doesn’t know what to say, he asks for her favorite food.

How does information help you?


Think what the average guy would do, then do the opposite. That’s your roadmap to success.

Let’s practice.

Imagine you’re swiping and find the next profile:

Based off of this image alone, how do you break the ice (after ignoring her “Hey”)?

You first figure out what Normal Ned would say. Ned would comment on her beauty. Now you know what activates her gag reflex, you say the opposite.

Do you have any ideas?

I have two.

Here’s the first:

Oh my god. Absolutely gorgeous

I love paintings of the sea. Although I can instantly tell it isn’t an Ivan Aivazovsky. Probably my favorite painter of all time.

This example is what I’d like to send, but the odds of her replying to this are rather small. So I’ll send my next idea instead.

Storm Over The Black Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky. Absolutely gorgeous.

I’ve never seen something so beautiful

That cabinet is gorgeous. I must know the name of your interior designer

See what I did?

I started with the obvious, then gave it a spin.

Plus, I ended with “I must know the name of your interior designer” because it’s most likely her or her mom.

Which she’ll probably happy to point out.

Let’s look at another profile.

Guess what one idea is on Normal Ned’s mind. Scratch that, Ned would have two voluptuous ideas bouncing in his skull.

So how would you break the ice when matched with this cutie?

Here’s my icebreaker:

Ja ckiedding me?

Did you not see the signs? No glassware allowed in the pool area! -5 points

To summarize my opener:

  1. A horrible play on words with her name.
  2. I put my focus on something that probably no other guy has talked about.
  3. And I tease her for her bad behaviour by taking away points.

I still don’t know where these points are coming from. But girls seem to hate it when you take them.

Girls on Bumble.

Make it easy for her to say something else than “Hi”

Do this and her first text will be way more interesting than “Hey”.

The majority of guys have bios that knock you out faster than chugging a bottle of NyQuil.

Guys aren’t boring because they can’t be fun, but because they don’t understand the power of the bio.

Before we get into the magic of a good bio, let me tell you a secret:

Just like men, women have trouble writing a good first text.

And like you, most girls turn to photos and bios for inspiration.

Imagine she sees this:

Can you blame her for being stumped?

Probably everyone on the planet shares the same two opinions.

Is there anyone who thinks the opposite: “I love the old, mundane and boring. All I want is misery and sadness?”

Alex has a more personal opinion in the third line and fourth line, but that doesn’t help her come up with an opener.

Imagine if YOUR bio DID assist her!

Instead of brooding on an icebreaker like it’s a game of Sudoku, she takes one glance at your about me description and voilà.

She strikes gold.

And sends you the exact text that you were hoping for.

Like this guy:

His profile read: “Ask me about my hidden talent.”

How do you get your ideal text? Come up with a good call to action!

For lots of inspiration, check out my next article:

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That covers what to do after she said “Hey”. Starting a fun conversation should no longer be a problem for you.

But now you’re going to have to get her excited to meet you.

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Enjoy, amigo.

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