69 Dirty Texts To Make Her Horny (Without Being Creepy)

If you found your way here, you want to turn on your special lady.

Maybe it’s your Tinder match. Someone you’re dating. Or even your girlfriend. All good.

Because whatever your situation, I’m going to give you 69 dirty texts to get a woman in the mood for you.

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How do you get a girl in the mood over text?

One message isn’t enough for women to develop erotic feelings. It takes a bunch of messages just to create a little attraction. Ravenous lust is on a totally different level.

A dirty text simply increases the attraction she already feels for you.

So what’s the best way to turn her on with a text?

  • Be someone she already likes.
  • Show that she turns you on.
  • Stick to spicy activities that she can imagine the two of you doing together.

How to make her fall in love with you by sending sex messages

If you’re already dating and the two of you clearly like each other,  dirty texts can be an incredibly powerful way to make her fall deeply in love with you.

And that’s because dirty texts can be incredibly romantic.

They remind her you can’t resist her. They show her what you love about her. And, if you do it right, they express that she’s the only one that makes you feel this way.

If she’s already developing feelings for you, the right dirty text can make her pussy wet and her heart melt.

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Safest ways to arouse any woman over text

Dirty texts have different degrees of eroticism. Messages can range from suggestive to obscene. And whether she’ll enjoy your dirty text all depends on how close you are to her.

The closer you are, the dirtier your texts can be. The less you know her, the safer your texts have to be.

Because it can be difficult to navigate these nuanced waters, I want to give you the 3 safest ways to arouse any woman over text.

Check out my video where I’ll explain everything:

10 Hot & Dirty Texts For Your Tinder Match

The relationship you have with a stranger you just met on the internet is incredibly fragile.

That makes sense, right? She doesn’t know you. At this moment, all you are to her is a friendly face with some cool photos.

Send her something she isn’t ready for and she’ll likely unmatch you.

That’s why the next 10 texts for your Tinder match will be reasonably light on the ‘dirty’. And heavy on the flirty.

That way you can send these irresistible texts without being seen as desperate or a creep. Enough explaining, let’s start with the texts!

  • You’re so annoying 😘 [After she asks why] Because you’re slowly becoming another reason why I want the weekend to start.
  • [After she compliments you] Be careful, Louisa. I’m starting to like you a little bit more but I have a feeling that you and I would be trouble.
  • I saved this seat for you, where are you? [Photo of an empty chair / seat next to you]
  • [After you watched a sad movie] Just watched Woody say goodbye to Buzz. I need a hug
  • [When she sends you something funny] I just laughed so hard my roommate came into my room and asked me what video I was watching.
  • So far texting you has been fun. Let’s see if you keep up the banter over the phone 😉 000-000-000
  • [When she says something you disagree with] That’s it we’re breaking up.
  • Let’s play doctor. I’ll start. You owe me $3200.
  • [After she compliments you] Not so quick with the compliments, Louisa. Not until after we’re married.
  • [When she breaks your heart] That’s it… we’re getting a divorce. You take the kids and the house, I’ll take the dog and the porsche.

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20 Sexy Messages For Your Crush

The upcoming texts are not for a girl you just met, but for someone you’re really vibing and clicking with.

And they’re especially good to send right before the date.

Then she’ll be filled with dirty thoughts right before she sees you.

Let’s get right into it! And remember: you can break up these texts into smaller parts to make it look a little more chill.

  • I can still taste you on my lips.
  • All day long I’ve been thinking of this super sexy babe… what should I do?
  • Guess what’s on my mind and win a prize. Here’s a hint: it involves my mouth and your lips.
  • What’s something you’ve always wanted to try in bed that you’ve never done?
  • Lying in bed, wishing you were here to play Simon Says with me.
  • [When she says something bad] Okay, you’re under arrest. Next time I see you I’m going to put you in handcuffs.
  • Eating an ice cream sundae right now and wishing it was you…
  • Imagine you walk into your bedroom and see me on your bed… What would you do?
  • Had Spotify on random and it’s only playing naughty songs. I don’t think it’s a coincidence. 😉
  • I’m too shy to say it, but I wish you knew what I was thinking about right now.
  • Sometimes when I think about you I feel so out of control.
  • [When she’s coming over to your house] Before you come over tonight, it’s REALLY important you bring these 3 items. 200 grams of blueberries, an uncooked egg, and the sexiest lingerie you have. It’s all part of the recipe.
  • I’m just lying in bed wearing nothing but my boxers. What are you up to?
  • I’ve just had the most amazing shower. I had to tell you even though I’m still dripping wet.
  • Tell me in 5 emojis what you want me to do to you tonight.
  • I love it when you do [describe the sexy thing she does] to me.
  • Don’t wear anything fancy tonight. Because I don’t think I can help myself from tearing your clothes off of you.
  • Oops, I just spilled my breakfast all over me. Now my stomach and boxers are covered in cornflakes🎉
  • What do you prefer ‘down below’. Shaved? Trimmed? Au natural?
  • Brrr… it’s cold. Would love to have something warm wrapped around my face and neck.

20 Naughty Texts For Your Girlfriend

If you already loved the previous sexy texts, you’ll love these naughty messages.

Because these are for your girlfriend, a person you trust like no other, we can really amp up the dirty levels.

Ready for some extra hot texts for her? Here they come.

  • What’s the naughtiest thought you’ve ever had about me? If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine.
  • Just came out of the shower and suddenly had to text this really sexy lady. I didn’t even have time to put on my clothes.
  • Dang, I just had a dream about you and you ROCKED my world. I bet you couldn’t do it again 😉
  • Okay, be honest… Have I ever given you a wet dream?
  • I want to get naked with you right now.
  • Spare me checking you out on Instagram. I want an original.
  • Nothing turns me on more than thinking about you.
  • [When she’s out of town] I’m texting you with one hand… wish you were here.
  • You have no idea how crazy you make me when you get turned on.
  • I love the way you put your nails in my back when I’m on top of you.
  • You’re so fucking hot.
  • I want to be inside of you and hear you moan like nobody’s listening.
  • Huh, it’s the weirdest thing. I can’t take off my boxers. Can you come over and do it for me?
  • I loved the way you did [BLANK] last night. It was soooo hot.
  • I can’t stop looking at the pictures you sent me. You make me so so hard, babe.
  • Just thinking what you’d look like on top of me. I really like what I see.
  • Babe, I can’t concentrate at work because all I can think about is last night. I’m going to spank you for that.
  • I miss the feeling of your curves pushed into my body.
  • There’s something missing in my life… You want to know what? [Wait for her response] You riding me.
  • I want to grab your hair and push your face into the floor while I fuck you from behind.

19 Naughty Texts For When You’re Both Crazy In Love

If you’re in love, you can add another twist to your dirty texts.

You can still fill them with all kinds of dirty talk, naughty images and all things erotic.

But it’s also a good idea to sprinkle your sexy texts with a little love.

That way your hot text will be even more powerful and arousing to her.

  • O. My. God. I want you so badly right now. Every fiber of my body is telling me that it wants to be pressed against you.
  • I love you so much. Your skin, your smell, the way you wiggle your butt when I’m lying against you… You turn me on so much, babe.
  • I can’t fall asleep. I can’t stop thinking about what we’d be doing if you were here with me.
  • The way I feel when you kiss me is so intense. It’s like electricity running through my body.
  • Making love to you makes me so wild. It’s like we’re in our own world, away from the rest of humanity.
  • I’ve never felt this way about anymore before. I just want to give everything of myself to you… my body, my spirit, my soul… everything.
  • Your moans are the sexiest sound in the world.
  • Everywhere we go, you’re the sexiest woman in the room.
  • Babe, you make me so wild. Next time I see you, I’m going to show you what real love is.
  • I just want to feel you pressed up against me while I thrust deep inside of you. Pulling on your hair to make you moan and staring deeply into your eyes until we both cum.
  • My dick is actually sore after last night. Now every step reminds me how awesome you are.
  • Tonight I’m going to bite you, slap you, and choke you until you’re shaking with pleasure.
  • I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’re going to need a wheelchair tomorrow.
  • I’m going to slowly caress your lips with my own. Then nibble on your neck. Making my way down to your firm juicy breasts… your stomach… all the way down to your pussy. But I’m not going to take you into my mouth. I’m going to keep licking and kissing all around until you beg me for more.
  • Call in sick tomorrow so we can spend all day fucking each other’s brains out.
  • Did you know that 50 Cent’s famous line ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’ was actually based on us?
  • I have a mission for you. Imagine a hot scenario with me in it. Next time I see you, I’m going to try and surpass it.
  • Next time I see you I’m going to show you how much I love you. In a very physical way.
  • I love how aroused I get from thinking of you.

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