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69 Dirty Texts To Make Her Horny (Without Being Creepy)

If you found your way here, you want to turn on your special lady.

Maybe it’s your Tinder match. Someone you’re dating. Or even your girlfriend.

All good.

Because whatever your situation, I’m going to give you 69 dirty texts to get a woman hooked on you.

You get:

  • 10 Best flirty lines to get her ready for more naughty texts
  • 20 Sexy messages to send to your crush and get her excited about the date
  • 20 Naughty texts for your girlfriend to make you even more attractive
  • 19 Hot texts for the person you love to create an even deeper connection
  • And more…

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

What you must know about dirty texts (important)

While a minority, I do always get emails from people who ask me something like this:

“Hey, Louis. I have a date in a few days, what can I text her to make her absolutely crazy for me?”


“Hey, Louis! I’ve got a number of this really hot Tinder match. Is there something I can send to make her send me some extra spicy pics?”

I bet you’re smart enough to have some idea of what’s wrong here:

These people are wanting a miracle text.

A magical incantation that will turn anyone who reads it weak in the knees for you.

The one line to nude them all.

If you came here looking for something like that, I have to give you some bad news…

…that magic text doesn’t exist.

People don’t fall head over heels after reading one message.

It takes a bunch of messages just to become a little attracted to you.

Love and ravenous lust is on a totally different level.

So what can you expect from today’s article?

69 texts that will make her more attracted to you than she was a moment ago.

That could mean going from ‘just’ a match to her favorite Tinder match. Or from ‘interesting guy’ to the guy who gets to see her in special underwear.

A few steamy texts can even breathe new life into a dying relationship.

In short, these dirty texts will make you more attractive to her.

They’re not miracles, but they do get you closer to where you want to be.

Before we get into it, know that I’ve divided the texts up into different categories:

  • For your Tinder match (or any other dating app match)
  • For your real life crush
  • For your girlfriend
  • For when you’re in love

Why all these categories?

Because you always send naughty texts in accordance with how close you are to her.

The closer you are, the dirtier your texts can be. And vice versa.

10 Hot & Dirty Texts For Your Tinder Match

Before you send anything to someone you met on Tinder (or another dating app), you must know this:

The relationship you have with a stranger you just met on the internet is… fragile.

Which makes sense.

Right after matching, she has little reason to be interested in you. All she has is your photos, bio and maybe some prompts.

So at this moment, all you are to her is some hair, a smile, and a t-shirt that makes your eyes pop.

Send her the wrong text now and she isn’t likely to be forgiving.

A bad text may mean she never answers you again.

That’s why the next 10 texts for your Tinder match will be reasonably light on the ‘dirty’.

And heavy on the flirty.

That way you can send these irresistible texts without being seen as desperate or a creep.

Enough explaining, let’s start with the texts!

#1: Tease her a little

If you’re already had a few back and forths with your Tinder match and she’s clearly interested…

…it’s time to flirt a little.

If you can’t tell if she’s interested, check out these 19 signs that tell if a girl likes you over text.

Anyway, if you know she likes you this is a great flirty text to send:

You’re so annoying 😘


Because you’re slowly becoming another reason why I want this lockdown to end

It’s sweet and playful. Plus, it shows that you’re mature because the lockdown isn’t just a joke to you.

Reading this post lockdown? Say: “ […] another reason why I want the weekend to start.”

#2: When she compliments you

A great time to flirt is when a woman compliments you.

Which sounds pretty DUH. But I don’t mean to just send her a compliment right back.

That’s just sticking feathers up each other’s butts.

A far better response to her compliment would be:

Be careful, (NAME)

I’m starting to like you a little bit more, but I have a feeling that you and I would be trouble

Nobody really knows what trouble means.

But because it’s so ambiguous it has a sexy element to it.

#3: Send her a flirty photo

The next text is super flirty and playful.

The next time you’re outside having a coffee with friends, or when you’re at home watching a movie, take a photo of the empty seat next to you.

And send it to her together with the text:

I saved this seat for you, where are you?

Which is an especially funny text if it’s out of the blue.

The best thing?

If she’s available and likes you, she may pop on over.

Holy Tip:

Want to use this text on your Tinder match?

That’s possible too, if…

…you know the next trick.

You can find it in the article here:

Now for the next dirty text.

#4: Send her a flirty photo

If you’re a movie buff, you’ll love the next text.

Don’t worry, it works well if you like series too.

Imagine you’re watching a very sad film or one of Pixar’s many tearjerkers.

And you’re feeling a bit bummed.

Which is a great excuse to send her this:

Just watched Woody say goodbye to Buzz. I need a hug

It’s flirty but not over the top.

#5-6: Give her a compliment

Girls love to get texts like the one I’m about to give you.

Suppose she just said something really funny.

Send her this:

My roommate just asked me what meme me laugh so hard and I said it was (name) from Tinder

Maybe she didn’t send you a knee-slapper, but she’s just fun to chat with.

In that case, send her this:

My roommate just asked me why I’m grinning so hard

#7-8: Show you’re confident

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that women love confident men.

If that’s news to you, well… surprise!

Anyway, if women find confidence sexy, that’s definitely something you want to show her you have.


Suppose she gives you a compliment, like so:

You have a great smile

Answer this:

I know right?

WARNING: Don’t send this hours after she sends you the compliment. The cocky answer works best when you’re in a quick back and forth.

Do you want to send her a sexy text that she’ll love to get at all times?

Go with this:

So far texting you has been fun. Let’s see if you keep up the banter over the phone 😉

(YOUR NUMBER) Send me a text when you’re ready, unless of course you’re chicken


Now you also know how to get her number.

For more smooth ways to get her number, check out my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Which also has copy-pastable lines for when you don’t know what to say.

Grab the 10 Texts That Always Work here.

#9: Be a little hard to get

It wouldn’t surprise me that if you send her one of these texts that she’ll start flirting back.

Similar to what happened to a client of mine who’s part of the TextGod Mentoring Program.

If you ever find yourself in a similar convo as the one above and get a compliment…

Play a bit hard to get.

And send her something like this:

Not so quick with the compliments, (name)

Not until we’re married

It’s playful. It’s flirty. It’s fun.

#10: When she says something you didn’t like

Up next is a great flirt for Tinder.

Suppose she says something you don’t like.

How do you respond?

Like a master flirt would, of course:

That’s it… we’re getting a divorce

Want another text to make her reply as easy and fun as possible?

Only because you asked so nice:

You take the kids and the house, I’ll take the dog and the porsche

It’s possible you don’t have a lot of Tinder matches who you can send these types of messages to.

Let’s fix that.

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Not only is the wisdom invaluable and the entertainment levels over 5,000.

You’ll be getting the ultimate advice on how to build your Tinder profile from 3 gorgeous women…

…who will tell you:

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You can find that amazing video here:

20 Sexy Messages For Your Crush

The upcoming texts are not for a girl you just met, but for someone you’re really vibing and clicking with.

And they’re especially good to send right before the date.

Then she’ll be filled with dirty thoughts right before she sees you.

Let’s get right into it!

#11: When she says something bad

Okay, you’re under arrest

Next time I see you I’m going to put you in handcuffs

#12: When you’re already planning to see her

If you have a date planned for this evening, send her this in the morning:

Before you come over tonight, it’s REALLY important you bring these 3 items

200 grams of blueberries, an uncooked egg, and the sexiest lingerie you have

It’s all part of the recipe

#13: When the date’s set

Don’t wear anything fancy tonight

Because I don’t think I can help myself from tearing your clothes off of you

Her outfit.

#14: After you had a wild night

I can still taste you on my lips

#15: Invite her to play along

All day long I’ve been thinking of this super sexy babe… what should I do?

#16: Give her a riddle

Guess what’s on my mind and win a prize

Here’s a hint: it involves my mouth and your lips

#17: Be curious

What’s something you’ve always wanted to try in bed that you’ve never done?

#18: Be playful

Lying in bed, wishing you were here to play Simon Says with me

#19: Be suggestive

Eating an ice cream sundae right now and wishing it was you…


#20: Let her imagination run wild

Imagine you walk into your bedroom and see me on your bed…

What would you do?

#21: Let music inspire you

Had spotify on random and it’s only playing naughty songs

I don’t think it’s a coincidence 😉

#22: The shy guy text

I’m too shy to say it, but I wish you knew what I was thinking about right now

#23: She makes you lose it

Sometimes when I think about you I feel so out of control

Telling a woman she’s so hot that you lose control is one of THE biggest turn ons for her, because it means she has a power that you can’t resist.

A major ego booster.

#24: Peak her curiosity

I’m just lying in bed wearing nothing but my boxers. What are you up to?

#25: Give her the chance to get dirty with you

I’ve just had the most amazing shower

I had to tell you even though I’m still dripping wet

#26: Emojis are your friend

Tell me in 5 emojis what you want me to do to you tonight

#27: Ask and you shall receive

I love it when you do (THIS) to me

#28: The brain is the strongest erogenous zone of the body

Oops, I just spilled my breakfast all over me. Now my stomach and boxers are covered in cornflakes🎉

#29: Get her opinion

What do you prefer ‘down below’.Shaved? Trimmed? Au natural?

#30: See if she gets the hint

Brrr… it’s cold

Would love to have something warm wrapped around my face and neck

20 Naughty Texts For Your Girlfriend

If you already loved the previous sexy texts, you’ll love these naughty messages.

Because these are for your girlfriend, a person you trust like no other, we can really amp up the dirty levels.

Ready for some extra hot texts for her?

Here they come.

#31: Ask her a naughty question

What’s the naughtiest thought you’ve ever had about me?

if you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine

#32: Paint her a picture

Just came out of the shower and suddenly had to text this really sexy lady

I didn’t even have time to put on my clothes

#33: Give her a challenge

Dang, I just had a dream about you and you ROCKED my world

I bet you couldn’t do it again 😉

#34: The ego boost

Okay, be honest…

Have I ever given you a wet dream?

#35: Be direct

I want to get naked with you right now

#36: Demand some nudes

Spare me checking you out on Instagram

I want an original

With a bit of luck, she’ll give you one of these.

Or perhaps something even better.

#37: Remind her how sexy she is

Nothing turns me on more than thinking about you

#38: Tag in your girl when you’re horny

I’m texting you with one hand… wish you were here

#39: She just makes you lose control

You have no idea how crazy you make me when you get turned on

#40: Tell her what you love

I love the way you put your nails in my back when I’m on top of you

#41: Tell her what you’d like to happen

There’s something missing in my life… You want to know what?

Wait for her response and then hit her with this one:

You riding me

Her getting ready to come over to your place.

#42: A crazy hot compliment

You’re so fucking hot

#43: Use descriptive language

I want to be inside of you and hear you moan like nobody’s listening

#44: Pretend like you’re in trouble

Huh, it’s the weirdest thing

I can’t take off my boxers. Can you come over and do it for me?

#45: Remind her that she’s good at sex

I loved the way you did (BLANK) last night. It was soooo hot

#46: The message Tinder matches hate, but girlfriends love

You make me so, SO hard

#47: You’re having dirty thoughts

Just thinking what you’d look like on top of me. I really like what I see

#48: You can’t focus

Babe, I can’t concentrate at work because all I can think about is last night

I’m going to spank you for that

#49: The “I can’t stop myself”

I have my hand on my junk right now, just the thought of you has me so hard

Hope you get a chance to reply before I finish

#50: The simple sexy text

I want to see your orgasm face

19 Naughty Texts For When You’re Both Crazy In Love

If you’re in love, you can add another twist to your dirty texts.

You can still fill them with all kinds of dirty talk, naughty images and all things erotic.

But it’s also a good idea to sprinkle your sexy texts with a little love.

That way your hot text will be even more powerful and arousing to her.

#51: Your body is screaming for her

O. My. God. I want you so badly!

Every fiber of my body is telling me that it wants to be pressed against you

#52: It’s just too much

I love you so much. Your skin, your smell, the way you wiggle your butt when I’m lying against you…

You turn me on so much, babe

#53: You can’t get any sleep

I can’t fall asleep

I can’t stop thinking about what we’d be doing if you were here with me

#54: Her lips are electric

The way I feel when you kiss me is so intense. It’s like electricity running through my body

#55: She takes you to another planet

Making love to you makes me so wild. It’s like we’re in our own world, away from the rest of humanity

#56: She is the one and only for you

I’ve never felt this way about anymore before. I just want to give everything of myself to you… my body, my spirit, my soul… everything

I feel like I’ve said this plenty of times during this article, but I’ll say it once more:

Make sure these texts are in line with your connection to the girl.

Send the above text to someone that isn’t 200% in love with you, and she’ll run for the hills REAL QUICK.

#57: Your favorite sound

Your moans are the sexiest sound in the world

#58: No other woman like her

Everywhere we go, you’re the sexiest woman in the room

#59: The loving warning

Babe, you make me so wild

Next time I see you, I’m going to show you what real love is

#60: The x-rated

I just want to feel you pressed up against me while I thrust deep inside of you

Pulling on your hair to make you moan and staring deeply into your eyes until we both cum

#61: The funny and complimentary

My dick is actually sore after last night

Now every step reminds me how awesome you are

#62: The raunchy

Tonight I’m going to bite you, slap you, and choke you until you’re shaking with pleasure

#63: The classic

I’m going to fuck you so hard you’re going to need a wheelchair

#64: The descriptive

I’m going to slowly caress your lips with my own. Then nibble on your neck. Making my way down to your firm juicy breasts… your stomach… all the way down to your pussy

But I’m not going to take you into my mouth. I’m going to keep licking and kissing all around until you beg me for more

#65: Can’t you be my job?

Call in sick tomorrow so we can spend all day fucking each other’s brains out

#66: We going old school

Did you know that 50 Cent’s famous line ‘I love you like a fat kid loves cake’ was actually based on us?

#67: The challenge

I have a mission for you. Imagine a hot scenario with me in it

Next time I see you, I’m going to try and surpass it

#68: You like to keep it physical

Next time I see you I’m going to show you how much I love you

In a very physical way.

#69: She’s the best fantasy

I love how aroused I get from thinking of you.

That was number 69 and the last of our dirty texts for her, but…

…that doesn’t mean the article is finished.

Before we wrap up 69 dirty texts for her, two presents.

Firstly, the 10 Texts That Always Work.

Many of you reading this are probably still dating. Which means that you still have to watch your step.

One wrong text could mean the end.

That’s where the 10 Texts come in.

Do you ever catch yourself:

  • Wishing you had a funny reply?
  • Not knowing what to say?
  • Unsure how to go for the date?


The 10 Texts give you several ways how to deal with those situations. Grab ‘em by clicking here.

And that’s not all, I still want to give you one last thing.

The best opener of the galaxy.

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In fact, it gets the highest response rate out of all the generic openers I’ve ever made.

You can find it here or by hitting the big gold button down below.


Louis Farfields

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