10 Flirty Things To Say To A Girl That Make Her Fall For You

So you’re in touch with a cute girl and you want to make her yours.

But you’re struggling to keep her interest.

Maybe you feel her slipping away.

No worries!

Because you’re about to get 10 flirty things to say to a girl that make her fall for you.

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This article will tell you exactly how to flirt with a girl over text and get her excited to see you.

Why is it so difficult to say flirty things to a girl?

This is the reason why it’s hard to flirt with your crush: your biology. If you REALLY like someone, your body stops being your friend.

Just the thought of this special person is enough for your brain to start pumping out a cocktail of crippling hormones.

Hormones that tell you, “She’s special! You must have her!”

Suddenly you’re no longer your carefree, charming self.  Instead, you become a nervous wreck who can’t flirt to save his life.

Your biology turned you into an awkward duckling.

Luckily, with the right guidance, you can switch back to your breezy and attractive self..

Read on to find out how.

#1: Leave the door open for her

I’m sorry. But Hollywood has lied to you.

Making over-the-top romantic gestures to win over your crush. Confessing your love to someone who is about to get married. Or stalking someone and calling it ‘being persistent’.

None of this really works.

Especially not on women who you barely know. It’s SO over the top that it borders on creepy.

So what do you do instead?

You flirt.

And what does that look like in the early stages?

You show a little interest and effectively open a door for her into your life. It’s almost like you’re saying: “You can come in if you like, just behave yourself. ;)”

That’s why flirting can be STUPIDLY simple and innocent at the start. You don’t have to make any big gestures.

Suppose you talked to a cute girl at the gym and you exchanged numbers. Here’s what a simple, safe flirt could look like.

Hey, it was nice hearing your thoughts and getting to know you a little bit better, (name)

Enjoy your evening 🙂

You’re just opening the door.

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#2: Introduce the idea of we and us

This is why it takes you forever to get her out on a date.

You’re not focusing enough on connection.

Guys typically do one of two things: they hold boring interviews that go nowhere, or they have no patience for small talk and bury her under a pile of sexual and flirty comments.

One bores her to death and the other freaks her out more than stepping on a sneaky Lego.

The key to flirting is to get both your intentions aligned. To feel connected.

How do you make that happen?

Introduce the idea of we.

Let’s imagine you’re talking to a nurse and you just asked her if she likes her job.

[w]Yeah I do, but I sometimes wish somebody could take care of me you know lol[/w]

Joe Schmo would probably say something like, “Yeh, I can imagine haha”. And Mega Chad would go, “Well, I could swing by and give you a back rub ;)”.

The smart person (like the people on our Mentoring Program), would focus on connection.

You and me both. Let’s leave the country and get pampered at a wellness spa in some place exotic

Haha let’s do it!

Suddenly you’re a team. And more importantly, you’re now the guy that couldn’t be more different from the rest of the dudes in her inbox.

#3: Sprinkle in genuine compliments

Most dudes are split into two camps:

“I shower her with compliments until she unmatches me” or “I will never reveal what I think about her because I don’t want her to think I’m needy.”

One dude scares her off, the other one gets left on read.

Why do so many guys get this wrong?

Because they don’t have a good understanding of what flirting is. So let me tell you.

At its most basic, flirting is saying: “I’m interested in you” without giving her the feeling that you’re already sold on her.

How the heck do you do that without coming off like a weirdo?

You point out what you like about her.

If you like that she listens to hip hop, or that she’s spent years swimming as a hobby, tell her!

That’s dope

I like girls who XYZ

I’ve always wanted to do something in XYZ, when did you get into it?

Just don’t get stuck in compliment mode.

#4: Bond over shared interests


If used poorly this will undoubtedly put you in the friendzone. But if done right, this tip will REALLY make her want to see you.

Let’s cut to the chase.

Flirting is all about creating attraction. And there are many forms of attraction. The one that most guys gravitate towards is physical attraction.

Women are thankfully a little more evolved than us. Besides looks, they really care about how you make them feel.

That’s where this tip shines. Because I’m about to teach you how to create deep attraction. A level of attraction where she feels attracted to who you are.

How do you do that?

By going deep. (Not balls deep, save that for the bedroom, naughty boy.)

More specifically, by being interested in her in a way that no other guy is. Let me just show you some examples and stop blue balling you.

What made you want to study that?

What gets you excited about the future?

Hey, kooky question. If your best friend opens up to you about killing someone, would you rat them out?

Or the classic:


#5: Stay a little mysterious

Here’s how to get her to text you more.

Be more mysterious.

We all hopefully understand that being super sexual from the word go is not a good strat. That usually freaks out the ladies.

But many of us aren’t aware of the other equally bad strat: answering her every question to the smallest detail and sharing our life story.

Why is that bad?

Because now she has no reason to stay interested. She knows everything.

But seduction is all about the maybe.

IMPORTANT: If she ever wants to know the real answer to a question, or if she feels unsure about your intentions, tell her the truth! Being mysterious is not about being an a-hole.

Anyway, here’s some dope lines for you to steal:

You’re funny. Shame I’m out of your league hihi <3

Sure, we can do that. Maybe 😉

Yeah, you can come over to my house. But only if you promise to behave 😘

Next Thursday it is! Just remember: no touching. Not until we’re married

#6: Be a little challenging

Have you ever thought you can’t be nice if you’re talking to women? This is for you.

It’s true, women don’t like ‘nice guys’. They don’t like guys who will say anything to be liked by her.

But women DO like men who are nice. As long as they have…


She basically wants to feel that you’re looking for something special. If you send off vibes that you’ll go after any girl, she’ll probably lose interest unless you happen to be her type.

So let her know that you want to be with someone unique.

How do you do that?

There are several ways. Here come the most important, including a stealable example.

Showing standards:

Something silly/he disagrees with

Okay, where’s the unmatch button on this thing?

Not being too available:

You have a cute smile

You’re such a player. I bet you say that to all the guys 😉

By sticking to your own opinions:

(She disagrees with you)

Sucks to be you 🌚

By teasing her:

Okay, you can stop stalking me now

#7: Flirty ways to tease her

Here are some flirty and teasy lines that you can send her right now.

But before I give them to you, you must know one thing: when to send them. Because if sent at the wrong time, the lines obviously make no sense.

That’s why you want to fire away one of these messages when…

…she says something you (mildly) disagree with.

Like how she likes smooth peanut butter over crunchy. Everybody knows crunchy is the goat.

Anyway, when she says something silly, you can hit her with one of these:

That’s it. We’re breaking up

Then you can roleplay the entire break up. Like how she can find the clothes she left at your place hanging in the tree in front of your living room.

Or, instead of the break up line, you go with this:

You’re gorgeous. But I’m going to leave you for a fat girl with good taste in food

Replace the underlined part with anything that feels relevant to the context.

#8: Misinterpret her texts

One of my favorite ways to make a boring conversation fun.

Misinterpreting her texts.

This gives you the opportunity to flip things around and accuse her of hitting on you. Which is something most girls love.


Because they’re so used to being chased, they like it when they get the chance to chase you.

(Something totally unrelated)

Are you flirting with me? 😉

(something about size)

I KNEW size mattered! I thought better of you (name)

(A compliment about your appearance)

You women are always thinking of one thing, aren’t you?

#9: Casually bring up sex

Here’s how you avoid ending up in the friendzone.

Let her subtly know you find her attractive! Otherwise she’ll think you just want to be friends or that you don’t have the stones to speak your mind.

A great way to make your intentions clear is to subtly and casually bring up sex.

Here are a few examples:

I had a dream about you last night

What happened?

Let’s just say I’ve never seen that side of you before


Hey, something super important


What are you getting for me on Valentine’s Day? 😎

And lastly, when you’re in the middle of a quick back and forth:

One sex

One sec

Darn auto correct is reading my mind

#10: Flirty things to say when she already likes you

Flirting with a stranger versus someone you know is COMPLETELY different.


You can get with murder. Well, perhaps not murder. But you can definitely take things up a notch.

Put simply, you can take bigger risks and be more direct.

Here are some lines that will get your crush excited.

When she says something cute or uploads a new photo to her socials:

C’moooooon (name)!

Can you stop being so darn cute?

Or when she’s being incredibly dull and you’re gasping for some fun:

(Boring stuff)

You’re so bad! Talk more (boring stuff) to me, babe

The quickest way to become a good flirt

Don’t worry if your flirting skills are a little poopy right now.

Flirting isn’t something you’re born with. It’s something you learn.

Not only have I seen that thousands of times with my clients from the Mentoring Program, I’ve also seen myself go from complete noob to TextGod.

Ya, really. I was notoriously cringe with women in my younger years and only lost my virginity in my early 20s.

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