19 Texting Rules for Guys to Make Her Interested in You

So you want to get better at texting. You want to have more success with the opposite sex.

Follow the texting tips in this article and I guarantee that you’ll get more matches, dates, and bedroom adventures.

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1. Give her space to reply

Here’s how to overcome one of the biggest texting mistakes.

Stressing when she doesn’t reply to your last messages.

Most guys who get left on read, go completely bananas. They’ll typically re-read the entire conversation and scour every text bubble for a reason she might have gone silent.

Whether they find an explanation or not, they’ll finally reach out again with the world’s most overworked and needy/butthurt message.

And ruin the vibe in the process. Potentially for good.

To keep the attraction she feels for you alive, there is a far better alternative: give her space to reply. I recommend a minimum of 24 hours.

By giving her the freedom to return your message on her terms, you show that you’re not obsessed with her. And that’s a good thing. No girl wants to get the feeling that she’s the center of your universe when she barely knows you.

Didn’t she reply to your last texts?

No problem! Put away your phone and focus on creating a good day for yourself. Hit the gym, read a book with a glass of wine, or beat some nerds in Hearthstone.

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2. Offer value

This one tip will make you more attractive to women in an instant.

Always offer some value with your texts. 

A lot of guys make the mistake of taking value. And they’re not even aware of it. They’ll ask questions like ‘How are you?’, ‘What are you doing today?’ or ‘How was work?’

Blegh. These are terrible texts to send to someone you want to seduce.


They’re predictable questions that she’s seen 1,000 times before. Plus, these are things her grandma might ask. Talk about anti-seductive.

Your goal is to stand out in an attractive way.

And there’s no better approach than to send her emotionally stimulating texts. Here are some examples of common questions with an emotional twist:

  • “What kind of mischief did you get yourself into today? 🚔”
  • “Where are you and that cute doggo of yours hanging out on this fine Sunday?”
  • “Did you manage to finish work without throwing a molotov into your boss’s office?”

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3. Give her a peek into your life

Here’s how to get a girl interested in what you have to say…

…share your point of view.

As always, the goal is to set yourself apart from any other guy that’s sliding into her inbox. And what does the average dude do?

He has predictable conversations with familiar questions. In other words, he brings nothing new to the table, let alone anything fun.

You want to be different. You want to offer her a small window into your world.

Now you’re giving her new sensations that also make you more relatable and interesting. Plus, since you’re already busy giving value, she’s more likely to genuinely answer any questions you might ask her.


Here are some examples of what I mean:

  • “Just started rewatching Entourage. Best show evahhhhhh”
  • “On a 5-day streak of training jiu jitsu. Boy, am I getting good at hugs.”
  • “Bruh, working out at 2 AM to look extra sexy for our date. Gotta be early, so I have all the gains for myself.”

It’s also a good idea to send her cool photos of your point of view. Literally.


4. Use what’s proven to work

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5. Clarify your tone of voice

Ever sent a text you found funny, only to find out that she didn’t find it funny at all?

Maye she even got mad at you?

I sure have. And it was almost always preventable!

You see, it’s usually not the content of your message that upsets her. It’s the way she reads your message.

Even if you send her a hilarious joke, she might not understand it’s supposed to be funny if there are no emojis.

With only words to guide her, she has to decipher the tone of your message using your personality. And if she doesn’t know you very well, she’ll just rely on her current mood.

Is she having a tough day at work? Then your attempt at a joke or tease will read more like an insult.

So here’s the rule: if someone can read your text in more than one way, use emojis to clarify the tone of voice.

6. Use proper grammar

I cannot overstate how important this texting rule for guys is:

Always use proper grammar and spelling. 

As shallow as it might seem, I’ve known lots of girls who refused to date a guy because he didn’t know the difference between they’re and their.

And I can’t blame them. It suggests you’re a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

So make sure your online dating profile is free of any mistakes. And try your hardest to write texts without any grammatical errors.

7. Ask her out with confidence

Here’s the best way to ask a girl out over text.

Delete your question marks and be excited about the activity you’re suggesting. 

Most guys will set up a date by asking:

Hey, want to go out on a date this week?

While not complete trash, it’s far from great. It makes you seem unsure of yourself.

But whenever you’re seducing a girl, you always want to express that you know your worth. And that every girl should be honored that you’re inviting them to hang out with you.

It might sound a little narcissistic. But if you don’t see yourself as a prize, why should she?

So whenever you propose a date, assume that she’ll say yes. Here’s an example of a playful and confident way to ask someone out:

Hey, I briefly experienced heaven yesterday when I tried the strawberry pie at Coffee Bar X. I feel it’s my duty to accompany you there sometime so you too, can briefly peak through the pearly gates.

8. Turn questions into statements

Here’s a trick to keep your conversations fun and going on forever.

Turn your questions into statements.

It’s not without reason that the majority of guys suck at seduction. Almost everyone’s brain just wants to ask predictable, cliché questions. Even my own noggin can be a little uncreative.

But that doesn’t have to be a problem!

Because whatever dumb question your brain might come up with, you can always turn it into something better.

Curious what she does for work? Don’t ask the question, tell it like it is.

I’m curious about what you do for a living

If I had to guess, I’d say you’re a nerdy history teacher who likes to boss around her students 😉

What does this do?

  1. It’s new (not the predictable work question she’s used to).
  2. She’s wondering why you think this of her.
  3. She’s likely going to follow your playful vibes.

9. Match her level of investment

Here’s how to make girls interested in you.

Mirror her texts.

When we like someone, we tend to lose all self control and become overly available. We reply fast to her texts. We give her elaborate answers to questions. And we can’t contain our ‘hahahahas’.

What does this do?

It makes us look like we’re already sold on her. And that’s a turn off.

To hold her interest, we want to invest about as much into the conversation as her.

IMPORTANT: Do note this is more of a guideline than a hard rule that can never be broken.

10. Stay respectful

I’m going to keep this short, just like my attention span at a kale eating contest.

Because it shouldn’t need much explanation.

Never be overly sexual with someone you barely know. 

No dickpics. No X-rated pick-up lines or jokes. No suggestions that you’d like to lick her fartbox.

Yes, if we want to seduce her, it’s important if she associates us with sexual feelings. But that’s something we want to build up slowly and subtly.

11. Keep the emotional momentum going

Do not make the mistake of playing hard to get.

By feigning indifference, she may actually think you’re not interested.

And if she does start chasing for your validation when you’re acting cool, she’ll probably lose interest once you finally give it to her.

So playing hard to get is just not a reliable dating strategy.

The best way to seduce a woman is to express your intentions while giving enough attention to the rest of your life. 

The idea of getting it on with a new woman is, of course, incredibly exciting. But it should never come at the cost of ignoring your friends, hobbies, fitness, and work.

So try to keep the emotional momentum with a girl going, while also focusing on everything else you care about.

12. Remember that she owes you nothing

The sooner you accept this as one of the texting rules, the less frustrated you’ll get on your journey to finding your perfect wifey.

She doesn’t owe you anything.

For some reason, the internet is filled with dudes who blow a fuse when girls don’t give them what they want. In their minds, investing time and attention means they’re entitled to something.

A reply. An explanation for her silence. Or even a date.

But women can message you for any reason they want. Including for harmless fun or a little validation. That’s their right.

If you don’t like it, stop chatting with them and find someone who can give you what you’re after.

13. Avoid texting in a bad mood

Ever feel annoyed, sad, down, angry, or any other negative feeling? Damn, you must be human just like everyone else.

Here’s the best way to text someone when you’re not feeling your best:

Don’t text.

People in a bad mood don’t text for the right reasons.

When you’re feeling lonely, your texts will be needy. When you’re feeling stressed or angry, your texts will feel aggressive.

But when you’re in a good mood, your texts will be better than ever.

So, m’reader, next time you’re cranky, do whatever you need to pull yourself out of that dark hole. Talk with a friend, take a nap, meet up with a buddy, or hit the gym.

14. Use sarcasm wisely

There are only two things I’ll say in regards to this subject:

  1. Sarcasm is tough to understand over text. I recommend not using it in the digital realm.
  2. Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit. If you want to be funny, learn how to tell a real joke.

15. Reduce emojis to a minimum

Let me share the dirt on emojis.

Emojis radiate childish and feminine vibes. And although it’s fine for a guy to be in touch with his younger, ladylike side, you don’t want these feelings to dominate your personality.

Girls will feel that you’re too much like them and get turned off.

To turn them on, you want to exude more masculine vibes.

That’s why you never want to use the next emoji, unless it’s clearly done in play. (And even then you want to use it sparingly.)

Also, don’t use these emojis:

Holy Tip:

Only use emojis when they are absolutely crucial to understand your text.

16. Share other people’s content

Did you know that a recent study showed that 33% of communication happens through memes?

And did you also know that I’m pulling your leg?

But I do believe that memes are a great tool in your seduction kit. They make flirting so much easier. After all, girls like to laugh as much as you do.

So next time something makes you laugh like a hyena at a comedy club, consider sending the same meme or video to her too.

Holy Tip:

I highly recommend following a funny meme page on Instagram, or any other social media platform you like to browse.

17. Save difficult conversations for in-person

If you ever think about sending your girlfriend the following message…

Baby, we gotta talk…

Then hold your horses, my emotional brother. You’re about to break one of the texting rules for guys.

Any guy texting this or something similar is planning on dumping half a novel on his girl. He’s ready to air his heart and to tell her what’s been bothering him.

And that, my dear reader, is a problem.

Holy Tip:

Texting is for short, fun, flirty things.

Anything serious or very personal is better over the phone. And should probably be held face-to-face.

Don’t forget about the little sack of skin dangling in between your hairy legs. There should be two nuts in there. Your balls.

Grab them for courage, and meet up to discuss serious topics.

18. Make your texts easy to reply to

Here’s how to solve one of the biggest problems in texting.

Whenever we like someone, we crave their attention and we definitely don’t want to lose them.

So what happens when that special person doesn’t reply to our last message? We freak out and have to fight all our urges not to double text. And then double text anyway.


If the person we like is showing us she’s not that bought in, giving her more attention will just push her away even more. It makes us seem desperate and needy.

So what do you do in this situation?

Make all your texts stupidly simple to answer. Usually, women don’t reply to texts because they don’t know what to reply. It sometimes just costs them too much brainpower.

That’s why it’s your job to make it easy for them to come up with a text back.

Do they still not get back to you?

Give them 1 – 3 days to reply before you reach out to them first.

19. Use voice notes

Here’s one of the last rules to make girls weak in the knees for you.

Use your voice.

Just like you, women find the sounds of a male voice sexy. Even when you might sound surprisingly average, like me.

I really don’t have a particularly seductive speaking voice. No one in real life has ever complimented me on it. But as soon as I send girls voice notes… ow lawd. It’s like I won the compliment lottery.

This is just one out of 69 voice compliments I have received.

Anyway! Those were 19 Texting rules for guys to follow if you want to be more attractive to girls over text.

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