How to Ask for Her Number on Tinder: The Right Way

You’ve been texting with a girl and things are going well. But now you want to ask her out and you’re not sure how.

In this article, I’ll give you the best ways to ask for her number on Tinder without being pushy or needy.

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When is the right time to ask for a girl’s number on Tinder?

Keep this one idea in mind when you’re thinking about asking her out.

It doesn’t matter if you have the perfect line to ask her out. Because if she’s not interested in seeing you, your date proposal will be rejected.

Conversely, if she’s excited to hang out with you, your invitation to swap numbers can be bland and she’ll still say yes.

So don’t overthink how to exchange numbers. Instead, ask for her number when the emotions are high and she’s given you multiple signs of interest.

An example of how to ask for her number on Tinder

The next example shows that it’s not about timing, but about your Tinder match’s level of interest.

Examples of how to get a woman’s digits on any dating app

Use these 15 examples to easily grab a girl’s number on dating apps.

Just remember to tailor them to the girl you’re talking to and the conversation you’re having.

  • How do you feel about planning the date details over text?
  • Alrighhhttttttt I guess I’ll give you my number. Just keep the nudes to a minimum please and thanks, my mom checks my phone. [Your number].
  • Hahaha, I need to send you this funny picture of [thing you’re talking about]! What’s your number?
  • A phone call sounds cool. 🙂 Send me your number and we’ll set it up.
  • Sorry about the late response, I’m not on Tinder often. Would you be cool with moving to text instead?
  • We should totally move off of Tinder and keep chatting. How’s writing letters via carrier pigeon sound? Or you could just send me your digits, might be easier.
  • This is the best convo I’ve ever had on Tinder. What’s your number? Let’s get together. 🙂
  • I’m about to crash for the evening, so talk to you tomorrow! And here’s my number if you’re up for moving off Tinder.
  • [Her Name] we can’t keep being Tinder people forever, because then we might get lupus. #sciencefacts. What’s your number?
  • Ok ok, here’s a tough question for you now…what’s 1239877984 +1978308804? (The numbers you send her add to what your phone number is).
  • I’ve already thought of the perfect nickname for you in my phone but i’ll need your number to finalise it.
  • Here’s my number, let’s get off Tinder. And you can save me as “Handsome Louis xoxo.”
  • What’s your opinion on voice notes? I’d love to swap some back and forth…what’s your number?
  • Ew, stop flirting with me so hard. Jk, spam me more flirtatious messages here please so I get immediate access. [Your number].
  • If you send me your number I promise to never call you at 2 a.m. with “wyd” text. ❤️
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The best way to get a girl’s number on Tinder – 3 Tips

1. Sooner rather than later

As fun as the conversation might be, being penpals is meaningless. You want to take the conversation off the app and start getting closer to meeting up.

That said, you don’t want to seem overeager either.

So the best time to go for the number is when she’s clearly showing interest.

That means she’s investing lots into the conversation and is clearly enjoying herself.

And you can check out my article below for even more signs.

2. Treat it like a reward

People don’t value what comes too easy, even if it’s amazing.

That’s because we tend to appreciate what we’ve put time and effort into (smart people call this ‘effort justification’). The more time, effort, or money we put into something, the more we want it.

So if you’re ever unsure if asking for her number is too early, ask yourself if she’s put effort into the conversation.

If the answer is a big fat NO, then it probably means you’re being a bad seducer. Check out my next article for some tips:

3. Assume she likes you

You don’t want to be hesitant in your invitation to exchange numbers.

It makes you seem unsure of  yourself and insecurity is a turn off.

Instead, assume that she’d love to chat more with you. That’ll imbue your message with confidence.

And that’s sexy.

What if she says no?

Use these 3 tips to keep the spark alive if she says no to exchanging numbers.

1. Play it cool

If she says “No” when you ask for her number, follow this one piece of advice.

Play it cool.

It’s not a big deal unless YOU make it a big deal. So don’t.

Keep in mind that it may have nothing to do with you. Perhaps she’s just not the type who gives her number so easily to strangers. Even if she happens to be interested in them.

Some women need a higher level of trust with a guy before exchanging digits.

So don’t take it personally. Instead, brush it off and continue on with the convo with whatever stage you’re at.

2. Continue the conversation as usual

There is nothing worse than getting a ‘no’ and letting the conversation steep in rejection and awkwardness.

Just like you, she’s on Tinder for light-hearted fun. So once your attempt to get her number fails, lead the conversation on to lighter topics.

Treat like the rejection never even happened and go on as normal.

No worries

I’m having the most epic freshly baked macadamia cookie right now, and I’m kinda happy I don’t need to share it 😉

3. Try again on the next emotional high

If you notice she’s still engaged and texting you back, you can ask for her number on the next conversational peak.

Shooters shoot, ami’right?

If she turns down your request again, it’s probably best to move on. Or at the very least, put her way down your priority list.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind that she might not be the person who gives out her number before meeting. If that’s the case, focus on getting together. Plan the date details over Tinder.

How to ask for her number on Tinder – Summary

The best way to get your Tinder match’s number is to ask for it when they’re having a good time with you. And rather than ask, it’s best to treat this next step in your blooming romance as a reward for being fun.

You might say, “Your last text slayed me. You earned yourself a place in my contact list. What’s your number?”

Not only is it playful, it shows that you’re looking for something specific. And that not every Tinder match gets the same treatment. Now she feels special. And isn’t that how we all want to feel in the eyes of our potential lover?

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