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10 Ways to Make A Girl Like You Over Text (Examples!)

You there behind your screen… you like someone, don’t you?

Why else would you be wondering how to make a girl like you over text…

Whether you have a crush or just want to up your texting skills…

…you came to the right place.

You get:

  • 10 Practical texting tips
  • 2 Ways to make her like you without texting her
  • One piece of advice that’ll make you throw up (but you need to hear)
  • 2 Videos with screenshot examples of my own convos (+Instagram stories)
  • The type of text that always makes girl text back in awe
  • How you can seduce your crush with Togetherness (+2 techniques)
  • Much more…

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

#1: The worst advice ever (and why it’s true)

How to make a girl like you over text?

Ask your best friend, your mom, and your favorite gossip magazine…

…all will give you the same nonsense reply that doesn’t help you AT ALL.

Just be yourself.
—Person that doesn’t know how to actually help you.


I love it.

Yo bro… just be yourself bro…
You’re a cool dude bro…

And don’t get me wrong, I believe you are an interesting guy. But it’s not like you’re roleplaying Napoleon Bonaparte while you’re talking to girls (I hope.) You already ARE yourself in the sense that you’re trying to be as attractive as possible with the tools you have right now.


Do you agree with me?


Then it is now time for MY advice.

If you want to make a girl like you via text, then you have to…

…be yourself.

Now before you get all confused and potentially feel like throwing stuff at me, allow me to explain.

When your friend, mom, or horoscope tells you to be yourself, what they mean is this:

You are likeable. I like you. So other people will like you too, I guess? Just give it your best shot, that’s all you can do *gives you the thumbs up*.

When you ask Jose for dating advice.

What I mean, when I tell you to be yourself, is this:

Stop NOT saying particular things because you fear she might not receive them well.

Stop talking about topics you think SHE will like, even though you aren’t that interested in them.

Stop saying other things than the original idea that came to mind, because you think she might like the altered version more than your original idea.

Now before this gets too vague or spiritual, let me speak very clearly:

Imagine speaking to someone that likes you anyway…

Whatever you’d say to your best bro, who will not judge you anyway…

…say that.

That’s how you should be yourself.

It’s slightly more risky than polishing the edges off of all your texts, I know.

But it’s the way to go.

It’s infinitely better than filtering yourself and brushing up every text message.

And even though it’s risky…

…it’s not risky enough.

We’re on the right path, but we can do even better.

Let’s talk about it in the next tip.

#2: Don’t show her the real you (Game changer!)

In the last tip you learned why “just be yourself” is the best and worst advice.

But in this tip, I am going to make a slight change to that advice…

…that will make some girls not just like you over text…

…they’ll absolutely LOVE you.

Sounds good?

Alright, here’s the battle plan:

Step 1: Instead of filtering, you want to keep the unpolished message.

Step 2: Instead of texting her the unpolished message, you want to make it even EDGIER.

You may not like it, but this is what you look like with good textgame

Step 3: Send your text and kick back knowing you just made her love (or hate) you another 5% more.

Time for an example!

Let’s say a girl asks you a good ol’ classic:

Cats or dogs?

Your initial thought:

Dogs for sure! Cats are stupid and selfish.

But you feel like you can’t say that to someone you’re just getting to know…

So what do you do?

You filter.


Is this a good text?

If she likes dogs more than cats, then it’s sort of a good text.

But its goodness depends on her preference and is limited by it.

This random bear has an opinion about your text:

Tell ‘m, bro.

Not exactly how you make a girl like you over text.

So, let’s stick to our battle plan:

Step 1: We keep the unpolished message:

Dogs for sure! Cats are stupid and selfish.

Step 2: We make it even edgier:

Are you kidding me? Are we comparing selfish, lazy, manipulative monsters to man’s best friend AKA the creature with the purest heart on planet Earth AKA dogs?

You may not like it but this guy might show up in your room when you’ve got first-class edgy textgame.

The result?

If she likes dogs more than cats, you already have the same result you had with the filtered text. On top of that you had her bursting with laughter.

(And she was probably in class or at the office where she shouldn’t be giggling like that.)

And that’s not all.

You’re now a guy who isn’t afraid to say what he thinks.

Which ties in to how confident you are. And confidence is always attractive.

But Louis, what if she likes cats more? Didn’t you insult what she likes then?

Good question, kind sir.

If she prefers cats, then everything still stands.

You’re still the confident guy who speaks his mind.

And you probably still made her laugh!

It’s all in good spirits and just a matter of opinion. No one is trying to bash anyone.

Besides…you think she’d rather have received this text?


Exactly my point.

#3: Create PASSIVE attraction

If you want to make a girl like you without even texting her…

…then I have good news.

Because there are a couple ways.

One of them is covered in the first tip of this video:

In the video I talk about sending these videos directly to her. But obviously the way to passively create attraction, is by uploading them as stories.

Stories aren’t made for anyone specifically. They are just uploaded and whoever wants to watch them, watches them.

A gift from the gods, if you’d ask me.

#4: Use this 1 word and she’ll fantasize about you

Use the knowledge I shalleth bestow upon you in this tip, and your crush will imagine all sorts of cute scenarios with you.

And you need this technique.

Because if you’re going to apply what I told you in the previous tip…

…then it’ll be easier than ever to push people away.

That’s the whole point of the last tip.

People will either hate you or love you. Fast.

There won’t be much inbetweens.

And it’s ok to push away people you don’t connect well with.

But when it comes to people you actually see yourself with…

Well, you want to keep them around. And you probably want them to like you as much as you like them.

In comes a new technique.

It’s one word and 12 letters.


Yes, I made that word up. Sue me.

(Don’t actually sue me, Harvey Specter is my lawyer.)

So, how do you make sure you don’t push away too many people with your eDgY texts from earlier?

By applying some sweet sweet Togetherness.

Togetherness encompasses everything that makes you and the person you’re talking to feel as one.

Togetherness makes you a team of two, instead of two individuals.

Think of the last time you and a good friend were reminiscing past adventures.

Think of the feelings you experience when you imagine those scenarios.

All those adventures the two of you have been through together.

*tears up a little*

Back to the girl you like!

The two of you don’t have those memories, so reminiscing isn’t an option.

But why not refer to the future, rather than the past?

Practice your creativity, come up with all sorts of scenarios that include the two of you.

Both men and women fantasize about what their future would be like with the one they like.

Why not see if you can paint the picture together.

TextGod coach Jay has mastered Togetherness, but not so much the art of being married.

Check out this example from WhatsApp, where the girl reacts to his previous message:

At least it looks like he gets to keep the hamster.

Thank God.

Btw, Togetherness, just like most concepts I preach on this site, work in real life just as well as over text. So go ahead and try to enhance your face to face interactions too.

A fun way to really create a feeling of belonging, will be revealed in the next tip!

#5: Two techniques to create Togetherness

You just saw a screenshot example of Jay and his marriage.

Now I know you like your examples clear and detailed, so that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.

An easy way to imagine both of you in the same scene, is by using the following words:

We, our, us, together.

  • We should go throw peanuts at monkeys in the zoo.
  • Did you hear the news about that 8 year old that beat up his entire class? Our child would never do such a thing. He’d be too smart and too perfectly raised.
  • They owe us money!
  • I’ll keep you accountable and you keep me accountable. First one to eat cake loses. Together we can become Victoria’s Secret models.


But there’s more.

There’s one thing that will always be funny to you and her

…and to no one else.

I bet you don’t know what that is, do you?

Me right now, knowing you can’t solve my little riddle

The thing that will always be funny to the both of you, and no one else…

…is your inside joke. Or inside jokes, if you guys create multiple.

They’re the reason your best friend and you ended up giggling like little girls in class and no one else understood what was going on.

They’re a bond-creating magic potion.

Now I’m not going to spell out how to give life to an inside joke. Those things are best when organically happening. But I will help you on your way.

A TextGod student went on a date with a girl who had referred to herself as a princess.

My student found that a little cocky so he regularly teased her with her self given nickname.

This by itself is already an inside joke…

…but we can milk it.


Let’s say you run past a costume store, a kid dressed up as a princess for a party, a poster depicting a princess, whatever…

Snap a quick photo and then text her.

Wow I think I just walked passed you on the street…

She’ll say something along the lines of

Really? Where?!


That’s impossible, I’m home!

And then you hit her with this:

Nevermind, I thought this was you.

The best part?

It’s not a one time joke.

You can keep using anything princess-related in your conversations because this is now your inside joke.

Bang bang!

Now before I show you how to make her want to hang out with you face to face, let’s look at one of the fundamental requirements to make a girl like you through text.

#6: Make her like you over text using POLARITY

Text like a man. So she sees she is talking to a grown up, not a child.

I’m going to show you how to do that right now, with one clear example.

Heyyyy sarah wyd :3

Did you see the last episode of peaky blinders omg its soooo good 🙈

anyway tim is having a party 🎉🎉 are you going too?😂

Let’s compare that to this example:

Hey, Sarah! What are you doing?

Did you see the last episode of Peaky Blinders? Omg it’s so good.

Anyway, Tim is having a party. Are you going too?

I know, these are random texts.

I want you to see past the content of the text. Just focus on the way they look.

The vibe they convey.

At first glance you can instantly tell the first person is more immature.

Here’s three rules I swear by when texting:

  • Capitalize letters that need to be capitalized
  • Use punctuation marks***
  • Don’t use emojis if your message comes across without emojis

***You don’t ALWAYS need to use a full stop at the end of every sentence. You’re not texting your boss or a potential business partner. You’re texting someone you like. And texting should be light and fun.

Please do use commas wherever necessary.

And next time you’re texting a girl, pay attention to how many emojis she uses and which ones. If you want your texts to look like they come from one of her girlfriends, then by all means, use the same emojis. If you want your texts to look like they come from a guy she could potentially date, then refrain from using them.

Or… text in a way that doesn’t require emojis, capitalized letters, or punctuation marks. More on that in the next tip.

#7: My best texting tip to make a girl like you

My best texting tip isn’t even really a texting tip.

But it’s potentially your most powerful weapon to make a girl like you over chat.

Time for a quick riddle:

It has timbre, tone of voice, expression, volume, intonation, and it can make a lasting impression over text.

What is it?

Damn right, it’s your voice.

All those those characteristics I just listed… your voice has them all, while your texts can only hope to imitate them.

If you don’t yet call or voice message girls, then try it.

If you’re not sure you’re the most seductive man out there over the phone, then start with voice messages.

They are the perfect stepping stone between texts and calls.

You send them just like texts, but they are like a phone call. The only difference is that there’s as much time as you want in between speeches. A phone call happens in real time and requires you to deliver on the spot.

The best part?

You’re recording one and you suddenly stutter, say something moronic, or last night’s burrito roared from in between your butt-cheeks?

No problem!

Any texting platform that supports voice messages also has a function to cancel the recording.

So even if you pooped your pants, you can just restart and your crush won’t ever know.

See that gif? That should be your reaction right now, but it’s also your crush’s reaction when you bless her with your sweet sweet angel voice.

Oh and btw, I get reactions like this aaaaaaaaaaaalllll the time:

While in real life no one has ever complimented my voice.

Go ahead, try it for yourself and thank me later.

#8: Example video of how I do it.

How do you make a girl like you over text messaging?

Let’s look at an example conversation of mine.

No cheap tricks, manipulation, or other horse shit.

Just showing your personality and cranking it up.

Look at this video with juicy tips and a breakdown of my very own texts:

#9: Learn from her gay best friend

In this tip you’ll learn how to be more like that one guy she wants SO BAD…

…but forever makes her doubt if he’s interested in her.

Here’s a little fact:

Almost EVERY guy that your crush has crushed on during her life…

…she crushed on because there was SPACE for it.

…because that guy left her ROOM to crush on him.

Or more simply put:

He wasn’t. Always. Available.

He didn’t stand at her door every day.

He didn’t text her back within a split second whenever she hit him up.

He didn’t skip on his pals or hobbies to be free for her date proposal.

A woman can never chase you, if there is no room to chase.

You can’t play ‘tag’ with someone in a room the size of a festival toilet.

So don’t be like her gay best friend whom she controls with the snap of her finger

Leave room for her to doubt, to miss you, and to chase you.

And here’s WHY:

This makes getting to know someone so much more exciting!

You don’t do this as part of a wicked game or punishment. Hell no!

You do this because it’s healthy for the flirty vibe between the two of you.

And if you’re sending her fun texts, while not becoming a slave who worships her at her pedestal…

…then you’ll be surprised at how often SHE proposes to meet up.

And that’s when you’ll need the texts from the next tip.

#10: Text after your first date

I’m assuming you’re reading this article because you like someone, but you haven’t been on a date yet.

But I’d rather eat 69 ghost peppers than forget about the guys that have the first date set up already.

Or the bros that have already been on the first date and want to make sure they don’t screw up over text afterwards.

To all you beautiful souls, check out my article full of text examples for after the first date.

Are you still reading?

Geez bro, don’t you have weights to lift or a girl to court?
Amazing, I wish I had your discipline.

Either way, now you know how to make a girl like you over text.

As a little reward you’ll find a link to my Clickbait Opener right below the article. Check it out and find yourself getting more texts back than ever before. My pleasure!

Louis Farfields

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