11 Tips and Examples: How to flirt with a girl over text

You’ve got a great match or phone number.

But you’ve got no clue how to flirt with her over text.

No worries, that’s precisely what I’m going to show you right now.

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You’re about to get 10 Tips & Screenshot examples to become a better flirt.

Some will be very practical (feel free to just steal my formats).

Some will be a little more conceptual, focusing on your mindset.

If you can improve on both levels, you’re set up for success.

Buckle up, cowboy!

1. Stop sending cliche texts

Here’s an insight that any texting newbie misses:

Whoever you are texting, is completely fed up with mediocre guys.

Clueless boys trying to sleep with her…

…but making her fall asleep instead.

Did you send any of the following texts lately?


How are you? 🙂

I hope you’re having a good weekend!

Classic mistakes.


They don’t make her feel anything.

They aren’t stimulating.

All they do, is tell her that you are more of the same.

She gets these messages all the time.

Devoid of personality.

Just a man… asking for her attention.

From now on, you’re not one of them anymore.

You’ll get plenty of attractive alternatives to text her. Right on this page.

2. Showcase your personality

We just agreed to stop sending generic messages.

What can you do instead that makes her like you more?

Send texts that showcase your personality.

I know, this may sound obvious to you…

…but after about 1337 coaching calls, it became clear that it’s one of the main pitfalls for guys.

As soon as a man wants a woman, he starts filtering his speech.

It makes sense right?

You’re afraid of saying something stupid.

Last thing you want is to scare her off.

So (often without realizing) guys polish their texts before sending them.

You read her text and might initially think

Hah stupid!

But you end up texting

Damn, unfortunate :/

Instead of saying

You liked it? It’s the worst movie ever made!

You carefully text:

It’s not my #1 choice but I can see why you like it so much

And I know the difference seems insignificant.

But these bleached-out texts RUIN the flirty vibes with your girl.

Man up, son.

Speak your mind and leave the polishing to metalworkers.

3. Send GIFS

One of the easiest ways to be more attractive over text.

Sending GIFS.

Texting has tons of advantages.

But its weakness is that texting lacks liveliness.

Texts are just… Well, text!

There’s nothing visual, no smell, eye contact, or touch.

The more senses you can activate, the easier to seduce someone.

There are multiple EASY ways to do this.

The first one is by using GIFs.

I’ll give you more further in the article!

Even though a gif is pretty much just a few seconds of soundless video on repeat…

…it has a couple of priceless elements:

  • Facial expressions
  • Body language
  • Cute animals

To just name a few.

A well-timed GIF specific to your situation is often the difference between being left on read and getting an excited reply.

To save you some time you can just see my favorite GIFs here.

4. Use this exact clickbait line

No more stiff conversation starts!

My team and I ran an experiment to find the best opener ever.

After trying 30+ lines on hundreds of women, we found the undisputed king.

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I’ll send it your way along with some tips on what to do after she texts back.

All you need to do is clear some time in your schedule…

…because dates are coming your way.

5. Impress her with positivity

Here’s a quick way to set yourself apart.

People like to complain more than ever.

I’m sure you know a complainer.

Whatever is going on, they yammer about it.

To the complainer himself, it might feel relieving …

…but it sure as hell isn’t music to the ears of the person listening.

And that’s also true over text.

Make it a rule for yourself that your texts reek of positivity.

If a ‘man’ with a man-bun can get laid, then you can too.

So whenever she gets a text from you, it’s a spike of positive emotions.

And not another reason to get a headache.

Keeping that positivity in mind…

…this doesn’t mean you need to be a good little boy all the time.

Because there is no such thing as flirting without teasing.

So let’s have a look at teasing next!

6. Playfully tease her

You’ll never seduce her if you don’t tease her.

There simply isn’t any flirting without teasing.

It’s your core skill when it comes to seducing people.

So when you are flirting with a girl over text…

…you HAVE to tease.

Unfortunately for you, over text your teasing arsenal is limited.

You’ve got no eye-rolls, playful pushes, or mimicking her silly expressions.

What you CAN do, however, is playfully mock her.

Here’s a text example from a guy who’s in the Mentoring Program.

In her Bumble profile, the girl was drinking this specific drink

When she texts the classic female Bumble opener ‘Hey’, my student fires at her:


Teasing straight from the get-go.

Infinitely better than the usual start of a convo.

And the perfect setup for a playful conversation.

Playfully mocking something she says or does, is an easy way to flirt with a girl over text.

But there’s more techniques to ramp up the chemistry.

Let’s look at another one in the next tip.

7. Misinterpret what she says

If you apply this tip you hit two birds with one stone.

You can tease her and sexualize the conversation at once.


Well, by purposely misinterpreting some of her texts.

Here’s a text example from my own phone:

She’s just complimenting my energy in the video message I sent her.

And we crank up the heat by interpreting her text in a sexual way.

“Agh fuck that did make me smile”

Easy work!

Now I know some readers might be thinking

“Sure, but how often do you really get these opportunities?”

And once you start paying attention, you’ll be surprised!

One of our coaches wanted to develop this skill. So he started conditioning his brain to become a little bit more creative.

Now he can turn ANY sentence into something sexual.

To great annoyance of his coworkers trying to have a normal conversation sometimes.

8. Send voice notes

When done right, voice notes are a SUPERPOWER.

Seduction becomes 69% easier if you follow my voice note tips.

Here’s a screenshot from another guy in the TextGod Mentoring Program:

Jesus, that escalated quickly.

Or did it?

Maybe it’s just an inevitable consequence of sending proper vocienotes.

One more?!

Voicenotes can fix situations that no regular text can.

Alright, you get it…

…Your voice is powerful when it comes to flirting with a girl over text.

And I’ve got a 30 min guide on how precisely to do this inside my course.

But I’ll give you 5 quick voice note tips that you can instantly use:

  1. Make sure you’re in a good mood and feeling chill.
  2. Do something else at the same time. Like the dishes, walking, or petting your dog.
  3. Mind your body language. It affects your vibe and voice.
  4. Keep it light and smile often. Your smile is audible and makes the other person smile back.
  5. Use voice notes to tease. Intonation makes it clear you’re flirting.

9. Explore commonalities

Mastering this tip makes you better at dating than 90% of men.

It seems incredibly obvious, yet everyone skips this step.


That magical thing that makes us feel connected.

The things that make us really understand each other!

This is how to tap into commonalities over text:

Does she say something that you can relate to?

Let her know!

Explore the subject together.

Both love Marvel movies?

Feel free to yap about it 20 texts straight!

I actually grew up in a small, remote village 🧑‍🌾

Sounds familiar?

Let her know!

How did growing up in a small-town feel to you?

Can she relate to having to bike 15 minutes to get to a grocery shop?

Did she also hate getting waken up by clucking hens?

I still choose violence every time I see a hen because their family robbed me of 500 hours of sleep

Next time you discover a commonality… explore it together!

Speaking of together… let’s check out the next tip.

10. Roleplay (the non-nerdy way)

Roleplay the right way and seduction become easy.

Unfortunately, most men either do it wrong or don’t do it at all.

“Dear Lord, please let him be a roleplayer”

To the point: how do you flirt with a girl over text using RP?


  1. Use nicknames
  2. Create inside jokes
  3. Project yourself in future situations together

1 and 2 should be fairly easy.

Although I’d like to point out to be careful with nicknames.

Giving one for no reason, especially an endearing nickname, is often a turnoff.

Sleezeballs do that stuff, and that ain’t you.

Let’s focus on roleplaying now.

No better way than to show a good texting example…
…of a girl using roleplay on me!

We should both not be up at this time.”

That’s how she starts talking about us as one.

And then we start roleplaying as mother and son. As wrong as that sounds hehe.

Anyway, well played by her, and easy for me to follow up on.

This conversation turned really spicy really quick.

Thanks to some roleplay done right.

11. Use Instagram (stories)

If you’re on IG, then flirting over text just became easier.

There are about 69 reasons why you should use the app.

I’ll give you 5 right now.

(You can check all others in my Instagram article)

  1. It does everything your favorite texting app does, and more.
  2. Dating apps can only tell so much about your personality. Your Instagram feed has no limits.
  3. Tell a girl 1 on 1 what cool things you’re doing and you’re a tryhard. Make her see them through Instagram stories that aren’t specifically directed at her… that’s a different story. Pun unintended 🌚
  4. Create ‘Highlights’ to quickly set a certain vibe.
  5. Seeing her new photos and stories makes it easier to keep the conversation going.

As a bonus, here’s a girl charming me with the classic ‘cute animal + you’ combo.

I love you too.

Bang bang.

Those were 11 tips for flirting with a girl over text.

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Louis Farfields.

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