5 Ways to Reject a Girl over Text (Without Breaking Her Heart)

You thought you met a fun girl.

But after getting to know her a bit better, you found out she’s not your type.


You want to let her off nicely but you don’t know how.

That’s okay.

Because in today’s article I’ll tell you exactly how to reject a girl / date over text.

You get:

  • How to turn a girl down in a classy way
  • 7 Effective and copy-pastable texts to break up with a girl like a gentleman
  • How to reject a girlfriend over text without breaking her heart
  • 3 Powerful texts that will make any ex stop blowing up your phone with messages
  • The trick to writing an irresistible Tinder bio that gets girls to text you first

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Be careful with the way you reject people

Before you even think about rejecting someone, you CAN’T afford to make the next mistake.

Rejecting her in a cold and ugly way.

Sure, it’ll work.

Yes, she’ll be out of your life.

But you may have hurt someone in a way that they can’t easily shake. And nobody deserves that if it can be avoided.

Plus, people have a strange way of coming back in our lives.

So don’t unnecessarily burn any bridges by traumatizing her.

How should you definitely NOT reject a girl?

  • Ghosting
  • Going into great detail about what’s “wrong” with her
  • Turning a rejection into a 10-page monologue
  • Trying really hard not to be the bad guy

How should you reject her?

Check it out in the next tip

#1: How to reject her with class after the first date

Far out the biggest problem people make when breaking up is this…

…trying to be the good guy.

Our male egos usually find it incredibly difficult to be an asshole.

(Unless that’s something you already identify with, lol.)

Because most of us don’t want to be bad guys, we try to reject girls like we’re saints.

Sorry, it’s not going to work out between us

But we can still be friends! How about we go to the roller rink next week?

What’s the problem with this method?

It gives her hope!

By staying connected to her, she’ll think she still has a shot with you.

And since she doesn’t, you’ll just make her feel worse in the long run.

So you must create a disconnect.

You can’t reject them AND have them like you.

Holy Tip:

If you want to keep her in your life as a friend, you have two options depending on your situation.

  • If the passion has seeped out of the relationship a long time ago and you’re basically friends (rather than partners) already, you can transition into friendship almost right away
  • If one of you is still invested in the relationship, it’s best to give each other space.

Say, 1 – 6 months. (It really depends on how well you know her.)

And give her the opportunity to get over you.

Once enough time passes, then you can reach back out to her and try and be friends.

So how do you reject her with class?

By being firm in your choice to reject her, but soft in the way you execute the rejection.

What does that look like?

Find out in the next tip.

#3: Examples of how to reject a girl like a gentleman

Before we get to the good examples, I want you to put your thinking cap on because…

…we’re starting with a bad example and it’s your job to figure out what’s wrong.

Here comes the screenshot:

Tell me, what’s wrong with the reply in grey?

And be quick about it.

Because if you don’t answer within 10 seconds you’ll be doomed to have an itch on your balls that’ll never go away.

Hint: The answer is mentioned in tip #2, I hope you paid attention.





I pray you got the answer in time.

So what was wrong with the text?

You hopefully guessed it: she tried to be the hero and stay friends!

That’s a big no no.

You want to rip that rejection-bandaid straight off.

What would that look like?

Like so.

Short and sweet.

And he expertly used 3 building blocks that any rejection text should be made of:

  • Leading with a compliment
  • Being direct and honest
  • Keeping it short

Using these 3 building blocks we can build a bunch of rejection texts.

Here’s 6 more examples that follow that structure.


Hey, I had a great time and you’re a wonderful person. But I didn’t feel a spark between us. I know you’ll find someone amazing. All the best!


Hey, I had a good time last night. But I don’t think we’re a match. Good luck dating!


Hey, last night was fun. But I didn’t feel confident in our chemistry and that’s important to me. Hope you find what you’re looking for soon!


Hey, you seem wonderful but I don’t see a future together. Thanks for the good time


Hey, you’re a laugh a minute. But I don’t think we’re looking for the same thing. Thanks for making me smile. Ciau


Hey, you seem great. But I think we’re in different places in our lives. Please don’t let this stop you from meeting someone amazing

By the way, if you want to get way better at texting I recommend my article on How to keep a conversation going over text.

#4: How to reject a girlfriend over text

The short answer to rejecting a girlfriend over text is stupidly simple…

You don’t!

I know that may be what you came here for.

But dumping someone over text is NOT DONE.

Seriously, don’t dump her over text.

It’s not only extremely disrespectful, but you’re not giving her a chance to understand why you’re breaking up with her.

Which is especially painful if she didn’t see it coming.

So your duty as her soon-to-be ex is to give her a chance to talk it over with you.

Which means… breaking up face to face.

Not only is it nice for her. But ending the relationship in person will also give you closure and speed up the healing process.

But like everything, breaking up in person has an exception.

In this case, there are two:

  • You’re in a long distance relationship and you can’t realistically make the trip
  • Your girlfriend is very unstable and you have reason to believe that breaking up in person could be dangerous

In these two situations it’s fine to end the relationship via video call.

Calling is also an option, but it’s still pretty rude and I strongly advise against it.

#5: What to do when she can’t take a hint

An ex who keeps chasing you long after you broke up is flattering, but…

…it’s also pretty lame.

Especially if she claims she ‘just wants to be friends’.

After all, an ex who continually tries to force a friendship wants something more.

But maybe I’m being harsh.

So let’s suppose your ex does just want to be friends.

Could you imagine seeing her and talking with her about the latest girl you went on a date with?

If so, cool. You can hang out and get closer to each other. Perhaps actually become friends.

But seeing as she was attracted to you once before, the odds of her liking you again are pretty high.

Are you ready to break up with her again if she falls for you?

In my experience, breaking up with someone hurts. Not just the person I’m breaking up with, but it hurts me too.

Ending a relationship takes a toll.

Why put yourself into that shitty position when you don’t need to?

There are plenty of other people you can be friends with. Why choose your ex?

It doesn’t make sense.

So how do I recommend you respond to an ex who can’t take a hint?

Send her this:

Hey, I don’t think I can be friends with you because I know it’ll make us revisit feelings of the past.

As much as I love spending time with you, and as much as you make me smile and laugh, I don’t think it’s good for us to be in that position.

I need that space. And I’m only being so direct because I respect you.

If she keeps reaching out to you after that, block her.

And move on.

That was most of what you need to know on how to reject a girl / date over text.

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