How To Tease a Girl Over Text: Steal These 10 Examples!

Whether it’s a new match, your crush, or your girlfriend…

…if you don’t know how to tease her then she’ll get bored of you sooner rather than later.

That’s why this article will give you examples of how to tease a girl over text.

This is what you get:

  • Scientifically proven teases that make her interested
  • 2 Reaction pictures to tease her without having to think
  • The 3 ingredients of a good tease
  • WHY, HOW, and WHEN you should tease
  • 5 Copy-paste teases for your crush
  • 10 Texts that always work (a little gift)
  • A bunch of screenshot examples from guys I am coaching

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If you don’t tease her you’ll get friendzoned. If you tease her the wrong way she’ll think you’re an asshole. Harsh, but true. Scientific research shows  us WHY we have to tease and HOW we have to tease. In this extensive guide you’ll learn the psychology behind teases and get practical examples.

#1: A description of you. Am I right?

I’m going to make an assumption about you and describe what you’ve been through.

Even though I’ve never met you…

…I can describe who you are to a tee

Let me show you my eerie, psychic powers.

This happened to you once or maybe even more than once:

A girl pops up in your life.

Perhaps at school, work, through friends, online, a party or an event…

You like her and you want her to like you too.

The two of you end up talking and texting and it seems to be going well.

But soon you feel the conversation crumbling apart.

Sometimes her interest and replies slow down until she finally ignores you.

And other times her interest seems to vanish all of a sudden…

Boom. Ghosted. Silence.


Maybe you insulted her. Perhaps you hit on her best friend.

But that ain’t you. You’re not the kind of guy that would start flirting with her friends.

You did the opposite.

You didn’t hit on her best friend.

Heck, you didn’t even hit on her!

Because to hit on a girl over text, you need to tease her.

I‘ll get to the deeper layers of WHY you aren’t teasing. So that you’ll understand why she isn’t as responsive and how to grab her attention.

But first, let me make you 69% smarter with some female psychology.

The next tip will give you the knowledge you need to become a good teaser.

And become the attractive man she wants.

#2: This is why you need to tease a girl over text

Wait, why are you even reading a guide on teasing online?

Let me guess.

Because you’re a…




Just kidding, bro, I’m just teasing you in the name of science.

If my tease experiment worked, you felt a brief spike in your emotions.

Maybe you had to laugh a little.

Maybe you felt the need to defend yourself, thinking “I’m not a virgin!”

Or maybe you just felt bad for a second.

That’s how a simple tease can affect emotions.

A superpower when it comes to getting girls.

Teasing is something you were once good at. But as the years passed you’ve forgotten how to do it.

Because both you and I were teasing in primary school!

I’d be surprised if you’ve never thrown a piece of crumpled paper at a girl.

Or stuck out your tongue. Or tapped someone on the shoulder and then ran away.

But as you got older and got more aware of your behavior and how people look at you… you started playing it safe.

So you stopped teasing.

Until eventually you unlearned teasing.

It’s been so long that you completely lost touch with the most essential part of seduction.

You forgot how to effectively tease!

Maybe you even believe that teasing is something only kids do.

So let me remind you: it’s ESSENTIAL to tease women even when you are a grown-ass man.

I’ll tell you why ladies fall for guys who are good at teasing, in the next tip.

If you could care less about evolutionary psychology and female psychology, then feel free to skip the next tip and hop on over to tip #4.

#3: The psychology behind teasing

Girls get attracted to you when you tease them

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. Teasing requires confidence. It shows that you don’t put your crush on a pedestal like most men do. You DARE pushing her away. If you feel like a girl is out of your league, then you’ll feel weird teasing her. Why would you mock someone who is better than you? By teasing her you signal that the two of you are equal.
  2. From an evolutionary psychological perspective, teasing requires social competence. teasing a woman without insulting her takes skill to read facial expressions and reactions. And if you can do that as a guy, then your social skills will come in handy in many other scenarios. Making you a more attractive potential mate.
  3. When teasing is done well it elicits intense emotions. Telling the girl that you are different from (boring) others. And as you’ll learn in the next tip, a good tease will make her laugh. That laughter will cause all sorts of positive chemical reactions in her body and brain, telling her that being around you is a good time.

#4: Don’t tease her before you know this

In this tip I will give you examples of good and bad teases.

Plus the 3 ingredients that make a tease great.

Here’s what a leading researcher on the topic says about the definition of a tease:

A tease is an intentional provocation accompanied by playful off-record markers that together comment on something relevant to the target
-Dacher Keltner, psychologist at UC Berkeley

Now let me make that fancy sentence understandable and usable for your texting.

A tease is a playful statement that’s designed to provoke the target and elicit an emotional reaction.
-Louis Farfields, TextGod and PhD in teasing

That being said…

Holy Tip:

A tease should be:

If a tease isn’t lighthearted, it becomes hurtful. And she’ll think you’re arrogant or even rude.

If a tease isn’t challenging, it won’t compel her to prove herself to you.

If a tease doesn’t evoke emotion, she won’t feel anything and you’ll seem like a joker rather than an attractive mate.

Let’s say a girl texts you this:

Omg I just walked out of uni and fell flat on my face. For everyone to see.

A very clear bad tease example would be:


It breaks rule number one: it’s not lighthearted but hurtful.

A better attempt would be:

Hahaha you are such a klutz

This is lighthearted and challenging.

But it doesn’t quite trigger enough emotions.

How about this one:

I knew you were falling for me but I thought that was just a saying.

Lighthearted? ✅

Challenging? ✅

Triggering emotions? ✅

Boom! You now have the best version of the tease.

How about we look at some screenshots from a student of mine?

Coming right at you in the next tip

#4: Teasing screenshot example from my student

A few weeks back I met a guy like you.

He had little to no success on dating apps and was frustrated.

All he wanted was a girlfriend.

His biggest weak point was that he had no idea how to tease a woman over text.

So he knocked at my door.

And enrolled in my mentoring program.

After a few weeks of being my padawan, something clicked.

His text convos were completely different from before.

This is one of his recent convos we went over during the calls:

First of all, this lady had no original opener and just said ‘hi’.

Quite annoying but it happens all the time.

After some time in the course, my student knew exactly what to do.

He didn’t get frustrated or annoyed and simply took matters into his own hands.

He replied using the method I give all my mentees.

Which led him to this awesome text:

Seagram’s grape fizz huh,
everyone knows Orange Sassy
Swirl is the best!! Smh

This girl was drinking a specific drink in one of her photos.

My guy noticed, ignored her ‘hi’ and involved the drink in his icebreaker.

An icebreaker where he makes fun of her taste in beverages.

Is his tease lighthearted? Hell yes, he isn’t attacking her personally. It’s about something as little as her taste in beverages.

Is it challenging her? Hell yes. He’s mocking her choice of drink. So she’ll likely stand up for herself.

Is it triggering emotions? Most challenges are, and so is this one. Especially with his ‘smh’ at the end.

Shaking My Head

Let’s look at her response:

Hahahahaha it was sangria and it is the best flavor, NOT ORANGE 😂

Unff, lovely start of the conversation.

She accepts the challenge and returns fire.

My student teases back with an ancient method we haven’t yet discussed.

He gives her a nickname.

Because she prefers another flavor than him, he calls her a dork.

He keeps the challenges up by saying Wild Berries and Bahama Mama are also better than the flavor she chose.

But at the same time he asks her what other flavors she has tried.

Holy Tip:

An easy way to tease is by giving someone a nickname.

The best nicknames are an inside joke.

If she told you she tried to throw a basketball into a hoop and yeeted the ball against someone’s head, call her Michael.

If she uses an uncommon word you find funny, call her that word.

If she sounds like a piglet when she laughs, then call her babe.

An important note about teasing:

As much as teasing is a MUST. If you’re teasing, you also need to be able to take a tease on the chin

Put simply, don’t take yourself too seriously

Just like my student did:


Did you remember the 3 ingredients of a good tease?

Let’s build your teasing skills together in the next tip!

#5:  Exercise: tease this girl

Get ready for examples of how to tease a girl over text!

Imagine this: you’re on a coaching call with my team and I.

One of the guys asks for feedback on a convo.

Here, have a look:

His match went to a pasta place and is telling my guy about it.
His situation looks pretty solid, doesn’t it?

She’s texting a bunch and her texts are fun too!

But danger lurks around the corner.

People, especially hot women, get bored quickly with online conversations.

Her investment will soon dwindle if our guy thinks everything is ‘fire’. If he agrees with everything she says and never goes against the flow.

So I told him, and everyone else on the call, that this point in the conversation is the PERFECT time for some teasing.

I gave everyone a minute or two to activate their brain and make up a text.

And if you know what’s good for you, then you snap out of reading mode right now.

And think of a tease as well.

Here’s a quick recap:

You’re talking to an accountant.

She’s a regular at a pasta place.

She used to get extra veggies. But now they’re charging more, she skips the veggies.

Think of at least one good tease.

I’ll give you two lines that we gave our mentoring program student on the call.

Here’s a babe to keep my text suggestions off your screen until you come up with one yourself.

Came up with anything?

Is it lighthearted? Teasing? Does it make her feel anything?

If so, good job!

Here’s what we came up with:

Obviously I got gnocchi and I always add spinach and I used to add other veggies but they started charging extra for them

so it’s like do you pay for more veggies or do you get the cheaper version it’s a tough call

I would have expected nothing else form an accountant


Oh no, poor baby. I’ll start a fundraiser to collect an
extra $2 so you can afford your extra broccoli


Now that he’s actually teasing her the convo turned flirty.

With boredom out of sight, she still sees himas a fun potential date.

Want some more lines?

On to the next tip!

#6: Steal these copy paste teasing lines

No deep thoughts or psychological knowledge in this tip.

Just some lines to inspire you.

That you’ll most likely just copy paste, you bad bitch.

Here’s the first one:

I think you have a really good face

For radio

Number 2?

Whenever she says something you don’t fully agree with, copy it back to her with random capitalized letters:

Friends is the best TV show ever!

FrIeNds iS tHe bEsT tV shOw eVeR 🥴🥴🥴

Third one?

When she texts you first, just hit her up with this reaction pic:

Completely over the top, just how I like it.

Want more copy pastable texts that are good in all sorts of situations?

I’m handing out my 10 Texts That Always Work for free. Click the link and get them. Or just keep reading and don’t get them. Whatever floats your boat.

I’ll serve them to you again later anyway 😏

#7: Call her out on her bullshit

This next tip is going to be a tough one for you nice guys out there.

But if you can stomach the confrontation…

…You’ll command respect from everyone you talk to.

Let’s get started.

When someone is bullshitting, they’re being insincere, untruthful, false, misleading, or plain ol’ ignorant.

Sometimes, women will try bullshitting you.

Just the same way that us men try bullshitting people.

Rather than owning up to our mistakes, we’ll sometimes make up excuses.

Other times we’ll throw out a thought without thinking. And before you know it, you’ve hurt someone’s feelings.

That’s just part of being human #deep

Now, next time someone you are talking to starts bullshitting… call her out!

Don’t be rude about it, of course. Just politely let your crush know she crossed a line.

If you do, she’ll get extra attracted to you.

Here are 3 reasons why:

  1. You actually have a spine. No one respects someone that lets people repeatedly walk over themselves. You stay true to yourself
  2. If you call someone out on their BS, then that person won’t have to try to read your mind. You’re not the type of guy who says everything is fine, when it really isn’t.
  3.  You deflect negativity and make room for happiness.

If you’re like most people, then you could say:

I call BS

If you feel like cranking stuff up a notch, then feel free to steal this reaction pic:

Whichever floats your boat.

Next up are 2 vital questions: WHEN and HOW MUCH should you tease?

#8:  This is when and how much you should tease

Earlier we agreed that guys who don’t tease get friendzoned.

But the opposite is also true…

Tease too much and you’ll come across as

  • Insincere
  • Rude
  • An asshole

That’s right. An insincere and rude asshole.

You need balance!

Just like Nicolas Cage, you need to have both.

Just teased her on her last text?

Follow it up with some real talk.

Just bonded over childhood memories?

Then throw a playful tease her way.

The guy who throws tease after tease becomes predictable.

The guy who only teases when an opportunity presents itself, will be a joy to talk to.

Building a great connection while giving her those flirty vibes she craves so much.

#9: Combine teasing with these tips

Take a breath, kick back, and just watch this video.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced dater, this video will take your texting game to the next level.

And last but not least…

…In this article’s last tip I have a little gift for you.

#10: Try my texts


You’ve made it to the end of this article.

You’ve just seen a bunch of examples of how to tease a girl over text…

…but more is always better, amirite?

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Louis Farfields

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