38 Instagram Pick Up Lines That Actually Work in 2023

There’s someone you’re interested in on Instagram.

But there’s a problem.

You have no idea how to make the first move without seeming desperate or awkward.

No fuggin’ sweat.


Because I’m going to give you 38 Instagram pick up lines that actually work. Plus, some tips on how to look laid back while sending her the first text.

Article contents:

Important: Quickly letting you know I found the best opener EVER. Its psychologically irresistible to ignore. I made a video explaining how to use it and it's 'clickbait-principle' with screenshot examples. Check it out here.

Funny Instagram pick up lines



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Een bericht gedeeld door Wild Optimists (@thewildoptimists)

Obviously only send the last part.


Hey excuse me, you dropped this


Your standards, hi I’m (your name)

Only use these lines if you have a strong Instagram profile.

If you don’t seem confident, the self deprecation will make you look insecure.

On the topic of funny, ever find yourself looking for a funny reply but don’t know what to say? Check out this article:


If she’s into yoga and cats:

Good moves at yoga class this week

I actually recorded your moves



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If she likes the sitcom Friends:

I think you’re the Rachel to my Ross

I want to start a passionate relationship with you, grow jealous of your co-worker, start a huge fight, and go too far with another girl, just so I can say




haha ooh shit! Not sure if you remember..

Remember what?

The Cookie Monster’s real name is Sid. #neverforget


If her latest story or upload tells you she’s nearby.

Holy F, you’re close

I’m going to hang out the window and mimic the mating call of a pregnant golden eagle

Did you hear me?


Send her an appropriate GIF.


Don’t mind me. Just sliding into your DMs


My dog started humping my phone after I checked out your Insta

Bad dog! Stop it! My phone is not consenting to this!



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Een bericht gedeeld door LollyGagging (@__lollygagging__)


Let’s skip the small talk and fast forward to a never-ending series of awkward moments


Oops. I seem to have crashed into your dms 🌚

How to make sure she replies to your Instagram pick up line

Most dudes use Instagram to get girls in the worst way possible.

They see a cute girl and instantly slide into her DMs.

What’s wrong with that?

If she’s attractive, she probably has hundreds of random guys fighting for attention in her inbox.

Guess who you are when you send her a DM as a stranger?

One of those random and creepy duderinos.

And they get no love.

So how do you get her to reply to your Instagram messages?

By following these 5 steps:

  1. Have a decent profile
  2. Follow her
  3. Engage her profile via likes and/or comments
  4. Wait for the perfect moment
  5. Slide into her DMs using one of these pick up lines

This article only talks about step 5.

Want help with the other 4 steps? Check out this article of mine:

Chill and cocky Instagram pick up lines


No clue if we’d get along, but I just had to slide because (something that you loved about her profile)

What are things that you can love about her profile?

Think: band, a book, a videogame or a hobby.


Random dude #3009 sliding into your DMs today. How’s your week going on a scale from sipping cold coffee while staring out the window to cocaine fueled orgy?


You liked and commented on my pics

I guess what I’m trying to say is, let’s get married


If she left you a comment.

You commented on my pic a week ago

Slide into my DMs already, (name!)


If she lives a few miles away from you.

It’s good that we live so far apart

You and I would be trouble


If she’s liked your Insta photos.

So Mrs. Hard-to-get, are you actually going to say hi or can I just expect you to like my Insta pics for the rest of my life? 😉


I bet you can’t find another guy in your inbox as charming and awkward as me

That’s right. I’m like Michael Cera when he was still on TV


You seem like the type of person who’s the right combination of cocky and humble

I like that

Clever Instagram pick up lines

Want a break from reading?

Check out my clever pick up line YouTube video (yeh, it’s about Tinder but it’s not too different):


When her name is Sarah:


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Een bericht gedeeld door Unspirational (@tindernightmares)


I was so stoked to slide into your DMs, but then my horoscope said that a girl (dressed like her) would get me into trouble


Thanks (name)

So sweet that you got me flowers. You can bring them by later ❤️

You can replace the ‘flowers’ with anything gift-like that she’s holding on her Instagram photo.

Concert tickets. Champagne bottle. A cute pup.

Take your pick.


All your pics look like you’re the female James Bond

You still looking for a Bond girl?


I usually don’t give compliments that easily

But you have excellent taste in Instagram profiles

By the way, after the opener you still have the difficult task of keeping the convo alive. Check out my next article for more:

  • 5 Simple ways to keep a conversation going over text


If she’s been liking your photos.

This is so us

You snooping through my Insta and waiting for me to reach out. Me figuring out what to DM you. And my dumb ass brain going

Just say hi


When she has a cat.

You. Me. Some catnip. And all the toys and scritches you want

Just make sure to tell your cat momma you’re going to be away for a few hours


If she seems a little nerdy

Are you https?

Because without you I’m just ://


I first wanted to go for something cheesy

But then I realized you probably have dozens of dudes from India sending you poems and love letters

So lemme keep it chill: what’s up?

Risky and outrageous Instagram pick up lines


I’d fuck you… up in mariokart



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Een bericht gedeeld door Unspirational (@tindernightmares)


Why show so much skin in all your photos? I don’t care about your tits thot

Show me your mind 🧠



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Een bericht gedeeld door Jonny McCahon (@giftsandcurses88)


So (name). When you’re going to get my name tattooed on your body, will you get it on your left or right butt cheek?


What do first base and your Insta have in common?

I’m terrible at sliding into both of them, but I’m still going to give it a try



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Een bericht gedeeld door Daniel Hayden Smith (@leicesterdan91)


I bet you won’t look at a man the same way after meeting me

These were the 38 Instagram pick up lines that actually work.

But the mating dance doesn’t end there.

Once she replies to your ice breaker, you have to hold her attention and make her excited to meet you.

To help you get that date, I want to give you my 10 Texts That Always Work.

So if you ever feel like:

  • You don’t know what to say
  • You need something funny
  • You want to tease her
  • Asking her out in a non-needy way…

…my 10 Texts have got what you need. A copy pastable line for the most common scenarios.

Grab the 10 Texts here for free.


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