How To Get Girls on Instagram: The Step-by-Step Guide

You might have met her before in real life… Or you’ve never met her, and want to flirt with an unknown girl via Instagram.

Today I will give you a complete guide to getting girls on Instagram

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How does Instagram work? For the newbies

Already know how Instagram works? Then you can skip this part.

Instagram is a social media app like Facebook. The thing is that you can only post pictures and show off your daily activities via photos and videos.

Other than that, you can comment on people’s posts, or send them a message. Right into her DMs.

Lastly you can create “stories.” These are pictures or videos that only last for 24 hours for everyone to see.

After that, they seem like they’re gone forever. Although Instagram saves them for you in private to enjoy them again, and you can feature your flirty stories on your profile.

These stories are essential for getting girls on Instagram.

We’ll talk about this later.

Here you see an example of my previous Instagram profile.

On top you see a thumbnail with his followers and the people he follows next to it.

You can follow me on my current TextGod Instagram, where I’ll be posting juicy stories that hook girls regularly.

How to get a girl on Instagram

What if you have a crush on someone you DON’T know yet? Instagram is the answer.

And today I got super juicy extra spicy deluxe screenshots for you.

A student of mine is starting to do pretty well for himself in the dating scene.

He found a girl on Instagram that he totally crushed on. However, when you compare their Instagrams it becomes painfully obvious:

Him: a regular dude. No supermodel looks. No millions. No fame.

Her: an angel on earth. Supernatural looks. Earns a ton of money doing modeling. Legions of followers.

It’s the kind of girl you think you’ll never get. And still, it’s possible.

First of all, you go to her Instagram. Next, you have to make the first move.

What you definitely SHOULDN’T do is go straight to her DMs and compliment her or ask her out on a date.

“Marry me”

This tempting offer is something she gets in her DMs a few times a week. As you can see, these 2 examples have been sent within 1 day.

You want to be a bit more subtle.

Here are two more very bad examples:

These are only two out of tons of weekly messages my girlfriend gets. 99% of those messages are just like these.

You want to play it a bit more tactical.

Let’s go on to some practical steps to get girls to respond to you on Instagram!

Step 1: Find something interesting in her pictures or stories

Take your time. Wait until you see something that’s relevant to you.

This was a post in her story at that moment. (Blurred out of respect for her privacy of course.)

This is something that people do on Instagram. When they post a new picture, they take a screenshot of their profile and show that they have added something new. You can see she has drawn a green circle around the new post, on the top left. She adds:


(Slytherin is one of the four houses in the Harry Potter books)

Is this relevant to me? Hell yes! And a lot more to my student. He’s an ENORMOUS Harry Potter nerd.

Perfect to comment on.

Step 2: Comment with a challenge

You always want to write a comment that stands out. If you’re the 8th person to comment with “nice pic” or “cool outfit,” then you’re better off not commenting at all.

Preferably you want to challenge her a bit.

If you don’t see any picture or story on which you can comment something interesting, just wait it out. If you try to force something there’s a big chance you’ll screw up.

Anyway, everything related to Harry Potter is relevant to us so we took a look at her new picture.

When you upload a picture, you can caption it. A short text that says something about your pic.

She uploaded a picture of herself in a dark outfit that reminded her of Slytherin. She captioned it: “on the ability to be whoever I desire”

To which my student commented:

“Except a wizard”

And then you wait and hope she responds.

“watch me”

Great news. An answer. And it’s a pretty playful one at that.

You don’t want to keep a conversation in the comments. So don’t respond there.

Step 3: Slide into her DMs

It’s time for step 3, in which we move the conversation to her inbox.

Can you ask her out on a date now? Or tell her she’s breathtakingly beautiful?

No, you can not. You keep it original and playful. And preferably teasing. Challenge her, bro.

How did my nerdy student handle this?

He beats her with a REAL “Slytherin starter pack.”

A picture of his Slytherin scarf with a text saying “real Slytherin starter pack.”

And so the conversation has started.

To understand how to keep the conversation going and ask for the date, check out:

How to make her feel attracted through Instagram

If you’re a TextGod fan, you know a successful dating profile or Instagram profile follows the FAT-Method.

You need to communicate:

  • Fun: You have an awesome life that she would love to be a part of.
  • Attractive: You have to show you’re good looking and groom yourself well.
  • Trustworthy: You have to show that you’re a normal guy who isn’t going to be creepy, weird or dangerous when you meet up.

So let’s look at the first two: Fun and Attractive.

When you post interesting stories on Instagram you’ll notice a lot of people start to watch them (you can see who watched your story).

It’s as if they’re following a TV show that they don’t want to miss a single episode of. But your story has no fixed air time. It could be uploaded at any moment. Extra exciting.

Each time you add something to your story, she experiences an emotional high because you trigger her curiosity.

If you also manage to make her laugh, feel sad, or experience any other emotion, you doubled the effect.

Warning: it’s better to post fewer and better stories than more but lower-quality stuff. Once they label your stories as boring she won’t watch them anymore.

The best thing about this is that you don’t actively invest in her. Whereas each text you send her on iMessage or WhatsApp is a bit of your attention that is meant solely for her…

She does all the work here. She clicks your story and watches it. You might not even be thinking about her.

Of course, you’ll need stories that are interesting. Stories that trigger her emotions.

Stories that stand out. Which is good news again, because all other people have sucky stories:

  • The 82th selfie in front of that same IKEA mirror to show off their outfit.
  • A picture of a table with a few beers on it.
  • One of many pictures in the gym that no one cares about.

A good way to stand out is to find your personal theme.

Personally, I always make my stories a bit more edgy and polarizing. Humor will almost always be included. Back in the day I went completely over the top and posted the most f**ked up stories.

Stories that would make you think that no one would ever want to date me after seeing those. But the opposite was true.

Stories of friends and I climbing the fire escape on a building, completely naked. Dancing on that fire escape with our dongs out and swinging. I put it all in my story.

A good friend of mine, and fellow dating coach, makes sure that every post contains one or more of the following ingredients:

  • Humor.
  • His cat.
  • Memes.

One of my assistants mainly posts stories about how he is working hard. Some sort of combination of motivational speech, work tips, and random daily life updates.

Whatever you do, make it your own.

If you want more on how to attract her through DM’s on Instagram, check this article:

How to build trust on Instagram

The 3rd ingredient of the FAT-method is Trust.

If you’re trying to get a girl on a date but she rejects you every time… Chances are that she doesn’t feel comfortable enough around you, yet.

No woman wants to go on a date with a guy who she doesn’t know, because he might take her to a nice coffee bar or stab her in a dark alley.

Now you can chat all day long with her until she has built up enough comfort… or you can let Instagram do the work for you.

Because she has access to your profile, she can dig through your pictures as if it’s Christmas. Now I know she won’t check your profile everyday if you guys aren’t speaking.

And this, my dear, is where stories come into play again.

One of my stories I have at the moment of writing is this:

By watching someone’s story you know what that person is up to at that moment.

Imagine being a woman after texting back and forth for a bit, and a guy asks you out. But you’re not entirely convinced. And the last thing you want is an awkward date where you have to make excuses to get away.

Now, what if you already had the chance to watch his IG and stories? Now you have a completely different picture of who he is and how he acts. And if he played it smart, you’d be addicted to his Instagram stories by now…

The importance of adding captions to your pictures

You can’t do a whole lot on Instagram. And this is exactly what makes this app so powerful. You post pictures and videos and that’s it.

But, there’s one very important detail to get girls on Instagram. And that’s the captions you put underneath.

It’s not that easy to make someone feel all kinds of emotions with just a picture. Especially when you also want to look good to them.

That’s why I obligate you to always put a caption underneath your pictures. Use your brain and be a bit more creative than everyone else. You’ll notice that most people use lyrics from some kind of song. Or they put an emoji of a cocktail or beer glass when they are drinking something in the photo. If it’s a picture of them traveling, you can be sure it will be some kind of wanderlust quote.

And as always you want to be different from the masses, bro.

A caption of mine that got great reactions is this one:

A personal rework of the classic quote by Audrey Hepburn.

Another example? Well ok, one more.

Meet my German bro Julius, whom you might know if you read my Tinder Tips article.

In this picture, Julius is acting out a typical Mary Poppins scene. In the caption he gives it a funny twist.

In the hashtag, he turns it up a notch by changing Mary’s famous “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” into “supercalifragisendnudes.”

You may notice that both Julius’ and my caption are fairly sexual. That isn’t necessary, as long as you entice her. And you can do that in many more ways other than making a perverted joke.

Do things your way brother!

The benefits of getting her Instagram instead of her phone number

When you meet a girl in real life and you ask for her number, always ask for her Instagram as well.

“Put your number in my phone. And also put in your Instagram so I can stalk your pictures.”

(You only say this when the vibe is right of course. If there’s even the slightest chance that you’d come across as creepy, don’t!)

Now you not only have her number but also her Instagram. And this makes a big difference.

Just think with me for a second. Over text you actively have to remind her of the connection you had.

You have probably encountered it yourself. You thought everything was perfect and yet there was no date.

If she follows your Instagram, she passively gets reminded of your connection every time you upload something new.

You can do two things now: You immediately like one of her pictures so she sees your Instagram straight away. Or you wait a day and then like one.

Holy Tip:

Whenever you’re DMing a girl, you sometimes get stuck.

You KNOW you need to send her something, but your mind goes blank.

This is where some copypasta lines come in handy.

I have tons of ’em. But luckily for you I created a free download containing The 10 Texts That Always Work.

That picture you’re going to like, that’s your new secret weapon. You can do this while you’re still standing next to her.

The upside is that she immediately sees your profile with you next to her. That way she instantly gets a better idea of who you are and what you do.

And the bigger the first impression, the easier the rest will be.

Of course, she can’t just go full stalker mode on your Instagram with you still next to her.

That’s why sometimes you wait until the next day to like a picture. That way you’re sure that she’s sober and her brain is fully functional again. Only when you like a picture of her, she will know your Instagram name.

This is what her notifications will look like. Now she can easily click your name and go onto your profile.

From now on she knows your Instagram, and thus comes the first enormous advantage.

Girls LOVE trying to get to know everything about someone. I can’t even keep count of how many girls know everything about another girl that they never even met. Or about some dude they never talked to.

Once they have your IG (Instagram) they become a female Sherlock.

Not only do my girls do this, all girls do this. How do I know?

I was on a date with a girl when I told her a story from a few years ago. I noticed from her body language and facial expressions that she already knew parts of it. Things she couldn’t possible know… unless she dug very deep into my IG feed.

So, hopefully, you learned something and chuckled a couple times in the process.

Use your newfound knowledge well, and I’ll see you soon in a new article or YouTube video!

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Good luck!

Louis Farfields

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