Overtexting: When Do You Text A Girl Too Much (+How to recover)

When are you overdoing it when it comes to texting? How can you make her invested and text back equally? And if the flow is gone, how do you recover?

In this article I’ll tell you exactly when you’re overtexting and how to get her to invest more in the conversation.

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To start, check out this video with 4 signs you’re overtexting.

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What is overtexting

To really understand overtexting, you need to know this:

There isn’t an exact number of texts that classify as overtexting. Texting too much (or too little) is dependent on the context.

The same amount of texts can be great in one situation and disastrous in another.

If you’re acquainted with our TextGod Formula, you know there are 3 key-ingredients that determine whether she likes you and wants to meet up or not:

  • Attraction
  • Trust
  • Investment Balance

And texting too much is a key element of the investment balance.

There has to be a balance in how much each invests. The length of your texts, amount of texts, emotional investment IN your texts, and so on.

If one invests way more (overtexting), one seems more needy. More bought in. And that makes you less attractive.

However, the more attraction she feels towards you, the more she is willing to invest herself. And the more attracted she is, the more credits you have to overtext a bit without consequences.

To be safe, you always want to stay around the same levels of investment as her.

If you invest way more all the time, you will look too needy. If you invest too little, she’ll think you’re a douche, insensitive or not interested.

So what is too much and too little? It all depends on how much she invests and how attracted she is.

Did I overtext, or is she just not interested?

Now this is a great and complex question.

As you learned from the model above, you need Attraction, Trust and an Investment Balance.

If she’s super into you, overtexting is almost impossible.

There are a lot of factors that determine whether someone feels attracted.

How much you invest is one of them. And especially in the beginning of your interaction, it’s an easy sign for her to figure out what your dating market value is.

Someone who overtexts like crazy straight off the bat is likely not a ‘great catch’. Since they’re already so bought in without the other investing and demonstrating value.

So, early in the conversation it’s very likely that overtexting has bad consequences. She loses her interest because of it.

However, if you already chatting for days (and all seems to go well) and she starts responding weirdly after you invest a bit more, chances are it’s just the final straw.

It’s not the overtexting that is the real problem. You simply failed to create more attraction earlier on.

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5 signs you are overtexting

If she is less eager to text than you she could just as well simply be busy right?

Or not in the mood because something unpleasant is taking place in her life.

So let’s define what overtexting looks like.Guidelines to know if you’re being too direct, too clingy or too attention seeking.

The rule of thumb is: the more signals you recognize, the bigger the odds you’re overtexting.

1. She gives you short and boring answers

Perhaps you wrote her 5 texts about your trip through Asia and wrapped up your life story with the next question:

What’s your most exciting holiday experience?

And she replies:

I don’t know. I’m boring

Why doesn’t she make an effort? Or we could say, even an anti-effort?

Now if she was very seriously into you, she would invest more. She would naturally most likely mirror your level of investment.

The fact that she doesn’t means you’ve invested too much. You overtexted.

2. She sends a sequence of one-word answers

If she typically replies with a sentence or even several texts, her one-word answer is a red flag.

For example:




And it says, “You text too much.”

3. She doesn’t ask questions back or crack jokes

The ebb and flow of a stimulating texting conversation dictates that both of you ask questions. That both of you are interested in the other and put an effort to keep the conversation going..

If you’re into somebody you want to know more about that person right? And you want to put your best foot forward to charm them. Show that you’re witty.

4. She makes you wait for days

Waiting a couple of hours for a response is pretty normal.

Especially for women who are ambitious and focused on school or work.

But if she doesn’t text back for one or more days, she’s clearly showing you bu her actions she isn’t that into it.

4. She stops responding

Unless she’s traveling or working on a big project, she has a moment to reply.

And if she doesn’t, it means you need to slow down. Because she probably thinks you’re too needy.

Although it could also mean you made a joke that rubbed her the wrong way.

5. She stops using emojis

Girls love to use emojis.


This is because generally speaking women like to express their feelings and enthusiasm.

Anyway, if she usually ends every sentence with an emoji and now doesn’t, she’s getting less interested in the conversation.

Stop. Give her space. And regroup for another day.

What to do when she stopped replying

Did you overtext so much that the conversation went completely silent? She didn’t reply for over 2-3 days?

I made a quick guide on what to do when a girl stops replying.

Watch it now:

How to recover from texting a girl too much

Right now you could be in two situations.

Either she replies with short uninterested texts, or she doesn’t reply at all anymore.

Check out the following articles where I tell you exactly what to do in these situations:

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