47 Best Ghosting Responses to Rekindle Their Interest

You thought you had something special going on. But then your crush or match ghosted you. Ouch.

Luckily for you, I’ve got the 47 best ghosting responses that will rekindle their interest.

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What exactly is ghosting?

Ghosting is when the person you’re in contact with no longer responds to your texts or phonecalls. An important distinction: someone not replying to your last text isn’t ghosting. After all, they may have just forgotten to text back. You’re being ghosted when someone consistently ignores all forms of contact you send their way. In other words: you don’t know if you’re being ghosted until you’ve tried to get in touch with them on multiple occasions.

Why do people ghost?

If you’ve ever been ghosted, it’s usually for one of these reasons:

  • You went too fast.
  • They’re not emotionally mature enough to say they want to end things.
  • They’re just not interested.
  • They’ve met someone else and they don’t want to reject and hurt you.
  • They’re going through some troubling or intense times that demand their full attention.

For more reasons and details on why people ghost, read this article:

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Funny ghosting responses

Even though she didn’t respond to your last message, it’s important to keep it fun and lighthearted. Especially when you’ve never met.

Why? Positive emotions are what ultimately get someone to want to text you back or meet up. By staying playful, she recognizes you’re happy without her validation. That’s sexy.

So send your ghost one of these if you want them to text you back with a huge smile on their face.

  • Uh oh, radio silence. I’m guessing you’ve been kidnapped. Need me to throw on my cape and tights to come rescue you?
  • I get the feeling you’re not a huge texter. If you decide you want to hang out, give me a call from the nearest payphone or something 😉
  • I see you’re taking dating advice from Barney Stinson’s Playbook. I’d like to remind you that Robin left him and the show got canceled in 2013 annnnd hasn’t aged well (Only if you know she’s seen HIMYM before)
  • Sarah, you need to calm down. You’re bombarding me with all these texts! I’m not used to having so much attention
  • Sarah! Are you going to message me back or are you gonna keep being a dink? *cries himself to sleep* (Dink is such a funny word hehe)
  • It seems like your phone’s been dead for two weeks. Let me know if you need to borrow my charger, I got like 5 #swag
  • I bought you a dictionary because I know you struggle with writing texts #sugardaddy
  • This conversation is beginning to feel like a case for the Ghostbusters. I love that song btw
  • Dear Diary: Today, the cute girl I was talking with vanished. Do you think it’d be romantic if I sent a search party?
  • Hey, it’s totally cool if you’d rather ghost instead of text. Communication through Ouji board good with you?😎
  • If you thought you could ghost without me noticing, you’re DEAD wrong hehehe
  • Based on your lack of texting, I’m going to assume you’ve just been taking a shower this whole time
  • OMG ghosting is SUCH a [insert astrology sign] thing to do. I knew we weren’t compatible 😉
  • UGHHH, I knew it. Another 45 year old balding fat man catfishing me, playing with my heart, and then not responding💔
  • Sarah you don’t need to play this hard to get with the ghosting
  • Yo, tiny human, you forgot to write something flirtatious back
  • I see I’ve made you speechless with my epic flirting skills. The price you pay for having world class texting skills :’’(
  • Blink twice to let me know you’re still alive
  • If going silent on me is your idea of flirting iiiiit’s working, I’m so turned on now
  • Oops, you forgot to respond. Now you have to compliment me 3 times. And nothing about the butt
  • Sarah you need to respond or we’ll never fly in hot air balloons for our date
  • You can’t seduce me over a glass of wine or seven if you don’t respond, Sarah
  • The suspense is KILLING me while I wait for you to respond
  • I saw this and thought of your sweet smile

Funny ghosting response

If she didn’t laugh at that last one she may have the personality of a wet mop. In which case move on to a lucky lady who knows how to giggle.

But if being funny isn’t your thing (or hers), you can send something more sincere and high-value.

High-Value ghosting responses

Use these next set of responses if you want her to respect you. A great option for when you’ve been too playful and clowny.

But a less-than-perfect option when she already sees you as the intense and serious type.

  • Hey Sarah, I get the feeling you’re not big on dating apps. Understandable. Drop me your number so I can bless you with some voice notes over Whatsapp
  • Haven’t heard from you in a while. Hope you’re doing OK
  • I’m not a big texter either. Give me your digits so we can talk over the phone. Unless of course, you’re chicken 😉
  • Don’t get all shy on me now, Sarah
  • I could be wrong but I’m getting the feeling that you’re not that interested. No worries of course. Let me know when things change. Maybe I’ll still be about. Maybe 😉
  • Breakin’ my heart Sarah 💔

Depending on how gravely you messed up, she’ll appreciate these warmer responses. And will then be more likely to reply or dish out her number.

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Responses if they ghost when you ask for their number

Use these next texts if she’s disappeared when you’ve asked for her digits.

You’ve made her laugh, cry (from laughter), and she’s become addicted to your conversation, so now it’s time to move off the app and onto text.

So you ask for her number. And suddenly she’s been in the shower for 4 days, ignoring you. But there are a few lines to get this back on track.

  • Or we can communicate via carrier pigeons, that’s cool too
  • Or we can communicate using smoke signals, that’s fine too
  • If you’re not quite comfortable giving out your number yet, no worries, just let me know 🙂
  • Orrrrr if you’d prefer chatting here a while longer that’s fine too. Get back to me either way 🙂
  • Oh no…I get the feeling you’ve experienced one-too-many tinder stalkers after giving out your number haha

Responses if they ghost on a date request

If she went silent when you asked her out, send these texts to get her back on track. The conversation had sparks flying and she agreed to a date. Awesome!

But when you ask her out, there’s no response. Here’s how to handle that.

  • Morning, Sarah! Following up with you here as I need to plan a bit in advance
  • Unless you’re allergic to [type of food you suggested]. Honestly, I think hives would look good on you
  • Let me know as I’d like to make reservations
  • I sense a bit of hesitation….what’s up? 🙂
  • Also, wear a cute dress with some heels. We can go dancing after
  • I thought you were down to meet. Guess I misread some signals. Anyway, I (short anecdote about something you did or saw)

Boom. If she got back to you, you probably have a date set up.

For tips on how to have an awesome first date, check out the article below.

Responses to someone you’ve dated

This is something you MUST understand if you want her to get back in touch with you: You always have to handle things with a certain degree of maturity.

But before you reach out, ask yourself whether or not you even like this person. Because ghosting someone after you’ve spent quality time together is extremely impolite. Unless they have a very valid excuse.

So you have to communicate that they’ve crossed a line while still being warm and without sounding like you’re butthurt.

  • Hey Sarah, I haven’t heard back from you and it’s been a while. If you’re not interested please let me know, I’m a big fan of feedback haha
  • Hey I get the feeling you’ve lost interest. All good, it happens. If I misunderstood the radio silence, let me know. Otherwise I wish you all the best 🙂
  • I sense that you’re pulling away. And that’s fine. Attraction is a fickle thing. But since we’ve gone out a bunch of times already, I at least expected a proper goodbye. Thanks for the good times
  • I understand if you’re not feeling the same way but I can’t read your mind. If you want to explain or clarify things, I’m listening. But do realize that I can’t wait for someone who doesn’t show up for me
  • Despite all the fun times we’ve shared, I now sense confusion from your side. And after having spent so much time with someone, I just expect better. You know? Of course I hope you’re doing well. But I’m not going to wait around for someone who doesn’t know what they want after 2 months of dating

What to do if you don’t get a response

If someone’s made the choice to ghost you, a text is rarely enough to grab their attention again.

That’s why the best things to do when you get ghosted are:

  • Being thankful they left. Now you know they’re not right for you
  • Moving on

You deserve someone who treats you like a king (or queen). So think of it as a bullet dodged. And move on to the next girl.

So check out our articles below on how to have epic dates with your new crush.

Responses to someone you’ve never met

This is the best mindset to have when someone from a dating app ghosts you. Treat it like no big deal.

And it shouldn’t be a big deal. You don’t know enough about this person and they don’t know enough about you. After all, you’ve only exchanged a few, if any, messages.

At this point, they’re not really morally obligated to say why they aren’t responding. So respond to the whole situation by being fun and playful.

Here’s a video of mine where I cover exactly that so you can be fun and playful too.

And if you have no time to watch a short clip, just steal one of my next responses. Served to you fresh in the next tip!

What you shouldn’t text

If you ever want a second chance with someone, avoid sending texts that make them feel like they dodged a bullet.

Look, nobody likes being rejected. It sucks when someone cool doesn’t like you back. That can make you question your whole identity.

But the WORST thing you can do when you’re getting ghosted is to act needy, upset, or passive-aggressive over text.

This justifies the person ghosting you.

Here are some clear examples of what not to text or say when she ghosts you:

I’m guessing we’re over? Thanks for letting me know….NOT. Loser

I’m so glad I got to date a ghost. My friends are never going to believe this

Why aren’t you texting me back?

Talk to you never, Casper

This chat is beginning to look like a graveyard

LOL so happy you’ve shown me your true colors here. You missed out on something amazing with me. Good luck on the next person who’ll be a downgrade lol

Or anything like this.

bad ghosting example 2

Or this.

Ghosting bad example


Here’s a quote from the biggest pimp of all time, Ghandi, dropping some mad-value bombs:

What you say to someone who ghosts you ALL depends on how well you know each other, and the tone-of-voice in your text.


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