13 Worst Texting Mistakes Guys Make (Turns Girls Off)

Aren’t getting as many dates as you’d like?

That’s because you’re making some hidden texting mistakes.

These small but deadly errors are messing up your dating life.

Time to find out what they are, so you can stop cockblocking yourself!

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#1: Not using punctuation

Puncutation: small effort, big reward.

This guy had to watch his sick grandpa and posted a Facebook status about it.

What are you going to watch, Robby?

Of course he meant to say:

At the hospital and my grandpa is still sick. I have to watch him. Fuckin’ A! Man, tonight is gonna suck.

As Mason points out, a comma would help.

Make sure you use ‘em.

#2: Not checking your Tone Of Voice

If you’re not aware of your tone of voice…

…then you are messing up a lot of conversations.

Ever texted something as a joke, but the joke didn’t come across the right way?

And then the other person became angry?

Maybe they even unmatched or blocked you.

Yup, that was a tone of voice issue.

Or maybe you’re one of the guys that adds a smiley after most of their texts. Just to make sure they don’t get read in a negative way.

If either of these two has happened to you, then you are not aware of your TOV.

Just like Robyn from How I Met Your Mother.

So, what can you do to prevent this texting mistake?


Read your text out loud to yourself.

Is there only one way to interpret the text?

Great! Send it!

Is there a chance that your girl will interpret it any other way?

Delete that filthy text and burn it with fire!

Rewrite it in a way that it only has one clear way to be understood.

Doing this right will not only avoid miscommunication.

It’s also terribly tiring and unattractive when you repeatedly get texts that require you to think.

If I have to wonder for more than 3 seconds what a girl actually means when she’s texting me…

…she’s out.

It’s mentally draining to have a bad communicator in your life, hitting you up with linguistic puzzles every day.

Onto the next thing that guys keep screwing up:

The mechanics of “hard to get”.

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#3: Playing hard to get

Let me tell you the truth about playing hard to get in this tip.

Bro, you’re texting back too fast. You need to be hard to get!
—Peasant Paul

Let me be clear:

There’s some truth to this.

Being hard to get is incredibly sexy.

But most men aren’t hard to get.

They PLAY hard to get.

A texting mistake that got popularized by Hollywood.

In viral TV series like How I Met Your Mother, things like the 3-day texting rule came into existence.

Great comparison to Jesus by Barney.

Jesus was a true master influencer.

His words and actions persuaded legions.

But please remind me, how many women did Jesus go down on?

He wasn’t even created by steamy bedroom acrobatics!

Rumor has it he didn’t even have Tinder installed!

Now THAT’s a sin!


Don’t keep a lady waiting three days before you text her after you get her number.

It will get rid of all emotional momentum you built, and therefore decrease your chances of a fun date.

Waiting any fixed amount of time before replying to texts, is a texting mistake.

But if you sometimes text back at the speed of light, while other times you take several hours…

…then you’ll be all sorts of sexy things to her.

Mysterious, unpredictable, and even more REAL.

Got your phone in hand and feel like texting that one girl? Go ahead, do it!

Meeting someone for coffee or a meeting? Throw your phone away and focus on the person in front of you. Text back later…

#4: Selling yourself

If we’re talking about a sneaky texting mistake that’s at the foundation of most dating fuckups…

…then it’s probably this one.

A mistake that separates novice daters from popular men.

Selling yourself.

Let’s start off with a Bumble screenshot example:

All it takes is one simple text from this girl:

Tell me only your good qualities

And the guy goes off selling himself.

Fair enough, she asked ONLY for his good qualities. But let’s be real, if she had instead said:

Tell me about yourself

Odds are the guy would have still only listed positive traits, selling himself.

Sub communicating to the girl:

Hey, I really want you to like me, and I’ll try everything to convince you that I’m a cool guy, because the outcome of this chat means a lot to me.

And it makes sense.

If you want a girl to like you, of course you’ll do whatever it takes to make her like you over text.

So you start selling yourself.

But what if we just change your mindset a little bit?

What if we replace “I want her to like me” with “I expect she will like me”?

Wouldn’t this change your way of texting her?

Aren’t you more free to express yourself genuinely now? She’ll probably like you anyway!

Try meeting girls with this mindset.

It won’t come naturally to you from the start, but practice makes perfect.

And once you stop behaving like a seller, you can gradually learn to behave like a buyer.

Now you’re the guy that doesn’t have to play hard to get, but actually IS hard to get.

#5: Using abbreviations

If you could eavesdrop on girls gossiping about men, you’d hear this:

He is such a loafer, that guy isn’t going to achieve anything!
—The girl he likes

Funnily enough, I was talking to a popular female friend yesterday.

Let’s call her Sarah.

I told Sarah a story about a popular bad boy from the city I’m currently staying in.

The guy was hitting on my girlfriend in a club.

As soon as he noticed my girlfriend wasn’t very interested, he got salty and his tone became insulting.

When Sarah asked me which guy I was talking about, she said this:

“Omg he is such a loser, did you know he has literally NOTHING going on?”

Behind his tough exterior and bad boy vibe, the guy hasn’t got much going for him.

He hasn’t been working on his future, and he hasn’t been educating himself.

He’s the type of guy that hits girls up with a cheap:


What you doing?

Minimal effort.

And not in a good way.

Go ahead and ask 5 girls what they feel when a guy texts them “wyd”.

Five out of five will tell you that this text doesn’t get them excited to text back whatsoever.

Here’s a WhatsApp screenshot example of what these texting mistakes do to your attractiveness:

From super sexual to turnt off in no time.

If a man can’t even type out his sentences, then what does this tell this about him?

How will this type of man handle more serious situations?

Put in a little effort, it will pay off.

#6: Sending greetings as a first text

Sorry, I’m about to bully you.

But if you open some of your matches with “hey, hi, hello”, or anything alike…

…then you’re what we at TextGod call a ‘Peasant Paul’.

An opener like this is often a predictor of your seduction skills.

And it predicts nothing good.

When I get screenshots that start like that, I know there will be work to do.

But even worse…

…when a girl gets texts like that, she knows you’ll bore her to death.

And she probably instantly loses a big deal of the initial attraction generated by your profile.

Anyway, I’m not going to keep whining about these bad texts.

Instead, I’m giving you a hidden video of one of the best openers ever. It shows you an opener that actually impresses her.

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Go grab them and enjoy the results.

Bonus: This mistake loses you 14% dates

A lot of guys come across as pathetic losers over text…

…while in real life they might actually be genuine, cool, interesting men.

The reasons they suck over text?

They make the same texting mistakes over and over.

In this video you get:

  • A texting mistake that reduces your chance of getting a date by 14%
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Now the next one is important if you know her for a longer period of time:

#7: Discussing serious topics

If you’re the type of guy that likes to discuss the deeper things…

…then read what I have to tell you

Texting is a tool.

A tool to meet women.

Whether you first see them in real life or online doesn’t matter.

You text them in order to be able to see them.

And sure, SOMETIMES it can be used to:

  • Deepen your connection
  • Sharing a feelsy song that will make their day
  • Sharing some goofs, gafs, and laughs…

But USUALLY, it’s a means to an end.

Getting a girl from A to B.

Texting is NOT a good medium to replace face-to-face conversations.

It’s not the place to tell your match/friend/girlfriend about your deepest worries and wildest goals.

It’s not the place to tell your date that someone in your family is ill, or your best friend betrayed you in a business deal and now you’ve been weeping for six days straight.

Those are topics to discuss in real life.

With only some air and maybe a drink in between the two of you.

And there are plenty of reasons for this, like the fact that these topics are the cornerstones of building a deep and true connection.

Anyway, I’m not going to write half a book about this subject here.

What matters is that you keep your texts light and fun.

Focus on a playful, flirty vibe. And work towards meeting up.

Discussing heavy stuff over text is one of the texting mistakes guys make.

#8: Using bad grammar

Some girls will read over them. They won’t even see.

Some girls will notice them, and won’t care too much. They’ll let you get off the hook…

But some girls… some girls will see them, and FEEL them burning.

Their eyes will roll backward and their inner thighs will flex.

Obama is one of those girls.

And in my experience, the girls that get annoyed by spelling and grammar, are often the higher value ones.

The ones with solid diplomas and nice jobs. The ones that have ambitious goals and next-level deepthroat skills.

(That last point is made up, but I feel like it makes my point more convincing.)

Grammar and spelling are those little things that count.

A guy that takes care of small things like spelling and grammar probably takes care of more serious things too.

The point is this:

It doesn’t take much effort to write correct texts.

But studies have shown that the negative consequences are huge.

Even when they aren’t always directly visible.

#9: Being needy

Probably the most abhorrent characteristic a man can have.


It’s a broad subject with multiple layers to it.

Usually, needy texts arise from guys who behave needy in real life.

If you’re not needy in your face-to-face interactions, you’ll probably be ok in your texts as well.

Unfortunately, most men ARE needy face to face.

So what I’m going to do here, is address one needy texting mistake that turns girls off.

So you can get that one out of your system already.

It’s really simple:

Minimize the number of questions you ask.

Because guess what a question needs in order to be completed?

✨ An answer ✨

And who has the answer to the question you ask?

That’s right… your girl does.

So who NEEDS something from the other in order to be completed?

Exactly… you do.


From now on you can NEVER ask a question again.

From now on, try replacing some questions with statements.

This is especially strong when asking someone out.

Here’s an example from a TextGod follower that emailed me:

I am thinking we should go to the zoo after public law class?

Oh Lord, please don’t do this to yourself.

Why not change it to a leading statement?

Hey I’m going to the zoo after public law class, you should join!

The first comes across as insecure.

The second is decisive and manly.

#10 Texting in a bad mood

This tip will prevent you from having those “Shit, I wish I hadn’t sent that” moments.

Time to fix one of the biggest mindset texting mistakes.

I want you to think of a time you were in a really bad mood.

Then, while you were angry or annoyed, a loved one ran into you.

Even if you tried your best to seem careless and happy, they noticed that something was off.

And let’s be honest, you probably weren’t capable of elevating the other person’s mood.

That being said, think of what I wrote earlier:

Keep your texts light and fun.

And yes, I realize that when you’re texting people can’t see your posture…

They can’t hear a grumpy intonation in your voice or see a frustrated expression on your face.

But believe me when I tell you:

You can’t hide your bad mood over text.

9 times out of 10, you’re going to get phucked.

And I don’t mean that in a good way.

It’s not like you ran into a good friend that asked what’s up.

It’s just a girl you’re texting that you have yet to seduce, who’s now turned off by your downer texts.

Because here’s the thing: when you’re in a bad mood, your brain functions differently. Your thought process is different.

So here’s what you do when in a bad mood:

  • Don’t text the girl you like
  • Play sports
  • Read a book
  • Meet up with a friend
  • Cook and eat a good meal
  • Binge TextGod videos (and like them all for good karma which accelerates mood recovery)

You’re allowed to do any of these until your bad mood fades, which it will eventually.

#11 Sexualizing the creepy way

If you don’t know how to sexualize a conversation…

…then you’re royally screwed. In a non-sexual way.

Turning conversations spicy is one of the most important skills to get hookups.

(or even make relationship-oriented girls excited to put a ring on you.)

Sadly, most guys’ sexting skills consist of sending a premature dickpic.

And not a Pullitzer-award-for-photography-worthy dickpic.

A poorly cropped, overly zoomed, grainy dickpic with bad lighting.

Anyway, to learn about the right way to sexualize, check this quick video:

4 Steps to Get Laid on Tinder Tonight:


#12 Copy-pasting lines

I get it, you liked the openers from my 20 Tinder Icebreakers.

Sure, go ahead and use them at heart’s desire.

But if you decide to test your ability to copy-paste the same line to 20 matches in 30 seconds…

…make sure you don’t forget to edit any personal info.

If not, you’ll make the same texting mistakes as this guy:

Good luck recovering from that one.

#13: Talking down on yourself

This next texting mistake is so serious that it can single-handedly deprive you of ALL your dating success.

To make my point, I’ll tell you a brief story about a friend of mine.

I was out to grab a bite with my girlfriend and one of my best bros.

He’s never been much of a dater.

While we’re enjoying our food, I get tapped on the back…

…a guy I know says hi. He and some girls are grabbing food at the same place.

About an hour later this same guy texts me.

Hey booboo

One of my girlfriends wants to know who your friend is

What’s his name again? 😏

(Yes, you got that right. The guy texting me is gay.)

So, what happened next?

My friend and the girl met up and shared a bed the same day, of course.

What else could have happened when a girl is so interested that she swipes you right without even using Tinder?

Alas, it went down quite differently.

They texted for a bit.

First quite fast-paced, then a bit slower, aaaaand then she stopped responding.

A couple of days later I ran into my fabulous gay friend again.

When I asked him what went wrong, he shared some valuable info.

(Gay guys know more about their female friends dating life than anyone else on the planet.)

After they had shot some funny texts back and forth, the girl asked my buddy what he does for a living.

To which he responded something along the lines of:

Oh I’m just an entry-level salesperson at H&M.

And when she asked his opinion on something, he said:

I don’t know, I’m just a big nerd.

Not long after, she never sent him a text again.

My friend had been bullied. By himself.

While mocking yourself in a playful way can be one of the most attractive moves ever…

…talking bad about yourself in a serious tone can absolutely ruin attraction…

How can anyone love you if you don’t love yourself?
One billion annoying Instagram influencers

Definitely take the piss out of yourself. Have a laugh!

But don’t talk yourself down.

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Louis Farfields

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