7 Tinder Profile Tips for Men to Triple Your Matches

You don’t know what it’s like to get Superlikes on Tinder?

You’re not swimming in an ocean of likes, matches, messages, and dates?

Do you ever think any of these things:

  • Is this picture good enough?
  • Do I need a second picture? Or as many as possible?
  • How do I get an honest idea of what photo to use on my profile?
  • Should I use a picture with girls?
  • Should I use a picture with my friends?
  • Isn’t it a bad thing that Dave is also in the picture, because he’s dressed better…
  • Should my profile text be badass, or rather funny?

Have no fear, the #1 Tinder nerd is here. And I’m bringing my Tinder Profile Tips to personally fine-tune your profile as if my life depended on it.

And I’m not talking about the kind of nerd that hides in a basement.

(those times have passed)

I’m talking about the kind of nerd that knows EVERYTHING there is to know about his favorite subject.

Mother. F#cking. TINDER.

After giving lectures on Tinder and other dating platforms for millennia, there isn’t much I don’t know when it comes to getting matches.

And today, my loyal padawan, I’m giving you 5 tips that that will change your rusty Tinder account into a well-oiled machine.

A machine that, when correctly configured, scores approximately 69 matches per second.

In this article you get:

  • EXACTLY how to make your very best picture
  • Score more matches than your best-looking bro
  • The mistake almost every man makes on Tinder (yep, you probably too)
  • My secret to getting Superlikes
  • The one picture on your profile that ruins EVERYTHING
  • 3 Hacks to get more matches
  • A complete guide for males to the ultimate Tinder profile
  • Best ideas of what to put in your Tinder bio
  • Much more…

Important: Just letting you know I am currently letting guys use my Profile Checklist for free. It's a simple fill-in-the-blanks code that shows you what to change about your profile. It's the first step to getting all the matches you want. Get it here for free.

#1, 2, and 3: The profile picture that can only be swiped right

Once you apply these 3 tips, your profile will start to collect way more matches.

Now you may have 17 awesome hobbies.

Or a story that makes every woman emotional.

You can even have the sweetest of all sweet puppies in the world.

You don’t get the chance to show any of the above if your first picture doesn’t do its job.

It’s the picture she suddenly gets to see and judges within mere milliseconds.

Pretty scary isn’t it?

But don’t panic. I’ll show you how to get that killer picture on your profile RIGHT NOW.

Have a good look at this graph and draw your conclusions.

Or don’t look at it for too long and just read on, then I’ll tell you the Tinder tips we learn from it.

  • If you make no eye contact with the camera, then it’s better not to smile
  • If you do make eye contact with the camera, then it’s better to smile

For all my homies that don’t have a Colgate smile, I have good news:

You don’t need an ear to ear smile.

Research from dating monster OKCupid tells us it’s best NOT to look at the lens and thereby NOT smiling.

But… this is only true if you can convincingly pull this look.

Research by Tinder itself recommends us to smile at the camera in a friendly way.

Here’s what your favorite player has to say about it:

Option 1 is more manly. If you can pull this one off, then go for it. Can’t manage to get a decent semi-pissed-looking-away picture? No problem. Go for the smiley looking into the lens photo.

Alright, got it?

Good. On to the second tip, which is to only get your face and torso in the picture.

Yup, legday can be skipped from now on. Everyday is chestday bruh.

Bernard is already skipping legday. Sweet. Now he just needs to crop the bottom half of the picture.

Thirdly, you’ll want a picture of HIGH quality.

If your photos are shot using a 2001 flip phone with a VGA camera, then I’m advising you to throw that thing against a wall.

You want a picture shot with a SLR camera.

If you don’t have one of those fancy things, then there must be someone you know who has one. Besides, you can shoot great shots with the latest iPhone, OnePlus, or whatever other fancy phone. They’re using technology to create pictures that will look like they’re shot with a professional camera.

These two dudes are approximately equally attractive. The guy in the right however, will score 10x more matches because of his picture quality.


If you can pull off this style, then do it:

Don’t come across very well doing this or your smile is your best asset?

Then go for this style:

Holy Tip:

You can get some juicy bonus points if you include your pet in the picture.

Like this player:

If you have a dog, definitely make a picture together. Chicks will love almost every dog. But they won’t like every guy.

Fun fact: Research shows that most men hate it when a woman uses a picture with a dog.

Holy Tip:

If you’re using a first picture with a dog, write something like this in your profile text:

“My dog’s name is Louis — he’d appreciate it if you say hi to him”

Dogs (especially puppies) and other cute animals are a great addition to your profile.

What ISN’T always a great addition to your profile, is a group picture.


Women on Tinder need to INSTANTLY be able to tell which one is you. If she’s unsure whether you’re the dude on the left, right, or in the middle… she’ll gladly swipe you left…

…and look at the next guy instead.

Remember: it’s always less effort to get rid of you than to figure out the situation. She doesn’t have to waste time analyzing your profile because there’s about 500 billion guys queued up after you.

After you’ve selected your first photo, there’s still your other pictures.

For these shots, you’ll want to do interesting stuff.

  • Climb a mountain
  • Travel
  • Jump off a cliff
  • Do a flip
  • Win a chess tournament
  • Read your all-time favorite book
  • Whatever crazy stuff you do sometimes

Talking about good pictures…

Here’s a pretty interesting selection of photos a recent TextGod follower uses.

As you can see, this guy’s Tinder profile is pretty diverse.

  • Does she want a musician? This boy guy rocks the guitar.
  • Does she want an adventurer? This guy travels to the other side of the world to crawl through ice caves.
  • She wants a merry-maker? This dude never comes to your dress up party half-assed.
  • And most importantly: the clear shot of torso + face. My only remark here is that he is laughing while looking away from the camera. When looking away from the camera you’ll want to have the semi-pissed look (that I drew on professionally).

Now, once you have upgraded the photo section of your profile…

…we’ll handle your Tinder bio.

She’ll be looking at that if your main picture didn’t instantly sweep her off her feet. And it’s a good opportunity to make her more attracted, or even make her open the conversation once you match each other.

#4: The Tinder profile mistake most men make

There, your first picture will be an absolute legend. You’re looking exactly how I told you to look and now you (or your dog) are easily the center of attention.

“Hm, this dude looks pretty interesting”
—Every girl on Tinder

And then she looks at your bio.



One of the questions I get most after lectures is “Hey Louis, can you have a quick look at my bio? Is it any good?”

And every now and then there’s a guy who does a pretty good job.

But around 90% does something that makes the average pussy as dry as my mouth after a night of heavy drinking (and I’m talking binge drinking).

They’re sharing…

Factual information.



It only took 5 swipes to make these screenshots. This kind of behaviour is the reason why most people’s Tinder experiences are so tedious.

Women are just as clueless as men when it comes to writing a good bio for their profile.

  • Gaelle loves food and traveling? Oh really? Just like everyone else on the planet.
  • Azzurra is Italian, studies economics, loves philosophy and WOW she even likes MUSIC.
  • Sophie, well let’s not kid ourselves. No one is going to read such a thick block of text. Let’s hope so for Sophie’s sake because if anyone would read it, they would be flooded with the most ordinary facts ever. She likes watching TV, going for a drink, going to an exciting place, …

Wooh, sorry… dozed off for a second.

Not only do these women write terribly boring bios. Most guys make a similar profile mistake.

Some even write down a deep quote like “without a goal, you can’t score”.

But usually they’ll just talk about themselves. As factually as possible.

Does your profile text look anything like:

“Music, party, friends, food, travel, …”

Then you have to “select all” and press that sweet backspace key.

And then smash backspace a couple more times to make sure none of that garbage remains on your profile.

The golden rule of Tinder: Be DIFFERENT than the rest.

Rule #2: Save your life story for your diary or your grandchildren.

Rule #3: Keep it short.

My last three Tinder bios all outperformed most profile texts I tested throughout the years.

And all three of them are just one sentence.

Now you’re not gonna hear me claim that longer bios are costing you half your matches. Some long bios work very well. But they’re outnumbered and they’re often a clever mix of marketing and sales techniques.

Don’t forget that much of Tinder’s popularity is due to its super easy interface and swift usage. It’s almost effortless browsing through the profiles.

That’s something you want to keep in mind.

If a girl has to read a long profile text, she loses her flow. And thus she’ll gladly swipe you left.

Painful truth: Due to the abundance of males on dating apps, and the fast amount of men that are liking all girls… women tend to easily swipe you left for even the most irrelevant reason.

A short bio on the other hand, is read in the blink of an eye.

On top of that, a short text has the underlying message that says: “This Tinder thing seemed pretty sweet, I’m having a look at it, but I’m not taking it very serious”.

A long text has a subtext that says: “Look how much effort and time I invested into this. Let’s hope you’ll approve me”.

Now you know.

I hereby forbid you to ever talk about yourself in a serious manner again in your bio. Let the pictures do the talking.

When it comes to your profile text… No. Factual. Information.

There are other bio strategies that are WAY more successful:

#5: The secret to getting Superlikes

Ever had a Superlike?

Maybe one?

A couple a week? Then you’re doing something right. And you’re also part of 0.069% of the male population.

Unless she has Tinder Plus or Gold, a woman is limited to give only one Superlike every 24 hours.

And most girls don’t even hand out that one.

Superlikes are as rare as sober dudes having a good time at the club.

And if your Tinder bio even comes close to the ones we just looked at earlier in this blog post…

…Then I’m pretty sure you’re not getting Superlikes.

Except if you’re looking like Toni Mahfud:

(Toni, if you’re reading this, please stop making my girl so wet)

Much like strippers and popular models, Superlikes are hard to get, but you can get them.

How? I’m about to explain that right now.

You can even forget about Superlikes for a moment. The most important part about what I’m about to tell you, is that is also rakes in the standard likes.

Not only does it rake them in, it also makes your likes extra intense.

What you want to do is making sure you are getting liked by PRECISELY the women that YOU like.


Every woman wants the best man. And every man wants the best woman.

But tastes differ. “The best” is something else for you than it is for me.

You could see the whole dating thing as a marketplace.

(Put your dick back in your pants for a second and grab your most geeky glasses. We’re going nerdy on this sh!t)

Imagine you want to open a pasta place. Your marketing could be:

“We sell food”

That would be the worst advertisement ever.

Instead you’d want to address the diehard fans of a specific niche and lure those into your restaurant.

“We have the healthiest whole grain biological spaghetti bolognese made from fresh, hand-picked ingredients”

Everyone interested in that niche will now prefer your restaurant over the competition.

And even the average pasta fan will probably be curious to try out that top product within its niche.

Translated to dating advice:

If you portray yourself as that funny dude that loves music and travel… Then you’ll be just like John, Tim, Greg, and Mark.

Why would any girl go for you if John and Mark are better looking?

Bro Tip:

She won’t.

Now if you market yourself way more precise, then you’ll be getting the girls within that niche. You are now “The Best Man”.

This guy had the perfect niche Tinder profile.

As long as your Tinder profile text speaks to exactly the girls that YOU like, it’s fine.

All other chicks can swipe you left, unmatch you, block you, hate you, yada yada.

The ladies that ARE liking you will be right up your alley, rather than just barely liking you enough.

In other words: Every like you’re getting now is some sort of Superlike.

Bang bang!

Two birds with one stone. Because now you have less unreactive matches.

Now I can hear you thinking already: “Ok ok, Louis, interesting theory, but do you have any examples?”

For you, my little princess, I have an example.

Every once in a blue moon somebody does Tinder as good as I do Tinder. And once in 69 blue moons, that someone is a woman.

If I’d run into this cutie on Tinder, I’d swipe her profile right with full conviction.
(while many guys would swipe her left because she seems to conceited)

“Uhm so that’s what a niche bio looks like? That’s all?”

That’s all.

And here is why it works so damn well:

This bio was written by yours truly during one of my travels to Germany to visit my friend, Julius.

I really didn’t feel like meeting girls that are shy, have low self-esteem, or don’t like men that love themselves (a bit too much).

I felt like seeing chicks that enjoy teasing and being teased, challenging one another, and know of themselves that they are good enough for me.

That’s why I wrote this bio.

Some women think:

“OMG arrogant asshole. Probably a player. Boy bye” 

Other are up for the challenge:

“Out of my league? Would he think he is out of my league and swipe me left?”

She can only find out by swiping me right.

Either way, this worked like a charm for my profile. The ladies I was matching, were exactly the type I was craving. They were the ones I could effortlessly vibe and date with.

Those who didn’t appreciate my narcissistic bio, never entered my matches. And that’s EXACTLY the result we want. These girls would have never laughed at my jokes and I wouldn’t have giggled at theirs.

My time saved and their time saved.

Now tell me again I’m not a gentleman…

Less matches but better matches.

Some women get stimulated enough to start the conversation themselves:


Some clever ladies understood the power of this profile text and shamelessly copied it.

Just like how I want you to shamelessly apply my whole texting system when you follow my courses.

Be original, but also just do whatever simply works.

Like the German woman you just saw with her burger.

A Belgian friend messaging me on Facebook to say Belgian girls too were using my bio

Now hold on, good sir…

Before you blindly copy this bio you have to realize this was tailored to my profile back then with its specific pictures.

Try to take a moment to find out what type of girls you’d like to meet. Once you’ve realized this, write a bio that addresses exactly these women.

What’s that I hear someone thinking?

A bonus example?

A bonus example it is.

Bonus Tinder profile example for men

There is a lot that men can learn about upgrading their Tinder profiles.

Just look at Julius…

My German homie Julius implemented my Tinder tips perfectly

First and foremost, the picture. A focused semi-angry stare away from the camera? Check.

(One thing Julius could have done better here, is having his eyes visible)

High quality picture? Check double check.

How to get a picture like that? You borrow a friend’s camera. You pose in full glory without a shred of doubt and shoot a couple 100 pics until you have a good one.


Now about the profile text.

“Laut Oma eind prächtiger Bursche”

Loosely translated it means something like “According to grandma a gorgeous boy”.

The words “prächtig” and “Bursche” are words solely used by elderly Germans. Making it really sound like grandma herself said it.

We based this bio on my classic:

“According to my friends I’m hotter in person but my mom says I’m always a beautiful boy.”

It does all sorts of things a bio should do:

  • It’s short
  • You’re not taking it too seriously
  • No factual information
  • Specifically the type of humor you (in this case me) find funny
  • It’s an easy conversation starter

It’s a very easy conversation starter:

And so on and so on. You get the picture.

Speaking about “the picture”…

…There’s one on your profile that’s cockblocking you like a muddafukka…

#6: That one picture on your profile that ruins EVERYTHING

This tip is very important.

And you can instantly increase your online attractiveness.

For some men changing this means an end of the streak of not getting any matches.

Some questions you might still have:

  • Should I add a second picture? A third? As many as Tinder allows?
  • Why do some people have extra photos at the bottom of their profile?
  • Does Louis have 500 lays yet?

They’re rather details. But they can make or break a profile.

First things first…

Not too long ago I heard another dating coach say that you should use all the space Tinder is giving you.

You can upload 9 pictures so you upload 9. His reasoning was that you should give as much info as possible.

Hey, while you’re at it, why don’t you send her a couple photo albums so she can see how cool you are?

Remember how a little earlier we talked about the length of your profile text?

Do you think a popular and cool dude will try his hardest to sell himself to others?

Fuck no.

(Honestly, a super cool/popular dude with a kick-ass life probably isn’t even on Tinder. Or he just throws on a pic or two and sporadically checks what’s up with it)

Your favorite player usually goes with 4 Tinder photos. Nice and balanced.

Below you can see my thought process nicely explained by a cutie who makes your monthly salary in two photo shoots:

“6 is a lot to swipe and feels like the guy is too involved with Tinder”
[This was when 6 was still the limit instead of 9]

A girl with killer looks AND dating knowledge.

Bro, imagine this situation:

You run into a chick on Tinder with a beautiful first photo showing her face.


Her second photo shows a bit of cleavage and now you’re getting curious.

In her third picture she’s strolling the beach in a bikini and her body is just your type.

Picture number 4 shows her face again but this photo is uhm… totally different.

And not in a good way.

Were the first three pics her lucky shots but does she actually look like number 4?

If she would have just stuck with the first 3 photos, you’d have gladly swiped her left. But now she’s just as likely to get nexted.

So if we apply this to your online dating profile, then…

Your Tinder Profile Is Only As Attractive As Your Ugliest Picture

You never want to try too hard. That simply turns you into a silly little man that invests too much.

A stinky tryhard.

A tryhard is someone that tries too hard to be liked. Women don’t just find this unattractive. It makes them nauseous.

People that have been to one of my ‘Over the Top Game’ lectures, already know there’s a better way to show you’re an awesome m#therf#cker.

Without going out of your way, uploading 9 pictures like lil’ mister tryhard.

My current profile shows 4 pictures that tell just enough about myself, but not too much. Below I have a profile text of just one sentence that makes her heart beat faster.

And underneath that spicy bio, they see this:

Fuck Facebook. Fuck Snapchat. Instagram is where it’s at.


One place with 162 pictures where she can sniff around like a sleuth on amphetamines.

“But Louis, 9 pictures was way too much and now you’re doing 162?”

Good question.

The big difference is that someone uploading 9 pictures to his profile directly, carefully selected those pictures and uploaded them one by one.

It takes a bit of effort.

Connecting your Instagram account to your Tinder account takes 5 seconds and that’s it.

“Here’s my Instagram, have a look for yourself”

You’re showing a lot by investing little effort.

Nice and nonchalant. Like it should be.

On top of that she’s investing a lot of time by going to your Instagram account and nosing around.

Have no Instagram account? No problem. You can manage without. Just select the right 4 pictures, combine them with a killer bio and all will be well.

(why not start an Instagram account?)

#7: Three Hacks to Make Your Tinder Profile Extra Desirable

Ok playa-playa, you get it.

You know which photos work and what kind of bio sharpens your profile.

You’re almost ready to Tinder hardcore.

But before you jet off to pussyland, I have a couple sneaky tips for you.

They change nothing about your profile yet they make your profile more attractive.

Everyone knows chicks will be judging your profile. But everyone forgets…

…that Tinder too will be judging your profile. And that happens 100% automatically.

Tinder claims to have worked on their top-notch algorithm for two months. It monitors your profile and behavior and decides how desirable you are.

Whenever you swipe someone left or right, Tinder knows if you were interested in that profile.

Imagine you have a first picture with a cute puppy. You’ll probably get a ton of likes by women that love dogs. People who dislike your little friend (AKA monsters) will be quicker to swipe you left.

The total amount of likes and dislikes gives your profile a score. Tinder will show you more profiles within your league.

It’s pretty well known that if you are swiping EVERYONE right, you’re losing a ton of points because you’re behaving like an annoying fake account. Or someone with absolutely no standards.

Holy Tip:

Don’t like everyone. Selective swiping boosts your ELO score.

This chick understands how the Tinder algorithm works:

Oh, and there’s good news for the Tinder hustlers:

Regularly using Tinder also raises your score.

More good news?

If you open conversations, you get even more points.

Tinder wants women (especially the really popular ones) to like the app. They’re happy if they get a lot of quality attention. So Tinder wants to bring them in contact with guys that actively use the app. So the guys with good profiles that are also frequently using the app, get shown to the popular women.

Guys that are swiping everyone right but aren’t shooting texts, they get labeled as shitty accounts. They don’t even get to see the cute chicks.


  • Swipe selectively
  • Check your Tinder daily (or more)
  • Send texts and open conversations

Alright bro, armed with this knowledge you’re 69 steps ahead of your competition.

Let me know in the comments if the changes to your profile deliver some extra matches.

Shoo, go Tinder now, I wouldn’t want your score to go down.

Good luck.

Louis Farfields

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  • BEERGUT BONK says:

    For a girl’s account, I think it’s very effective to first put a picture of them with a less-attractive friend. I usually see that and say, oh yay, bait me with your cute friend, but when I see the next picture I’m like shit, the nice one is up for grabs? I’m swipin!

  • Jasvinder says:

    Please help me with writing the profile in my tinder page…..i cannot find where to do a bio specification…..

  • Henrick says:

    Thank the Tinder gods 😉

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