10 Tinder Profile Tips For More (And Better) Matches in 2024

It seems more difficult than ever to do well on Tinder.

Men struggle to get quality matches, and women struggle to find the good guys.

But once you understand a few well-kept secrets, you will have more success than you ever imagined.

In this article, I will give you the Tinder profile tips you need to meet the type of person you’ve been craving.

In this article:More...

How to make a good Tinder profile

I’m going to give you quick, executable tips to get the best Tinder profile possible. They also work on Bumble and Hinge.

To do so we’ll look at four topics:

  • Photos
  • Bios
  • Prompts
  • Anthem

You’ll learn how to highlight your best features and leave the best first impression possible, and which turn-offs to avoid. No more accidentally scaring off potential matches!

All tips in this article come from the bundled experience of our dating experts.

We have successfully helped hundreds of people find love through Tinder and today it’s your turn!

No matter your age, ethnicity, or looks, the tips in this article will help you succeed at online dating.

To start, checkout this video I made for you with my best 13 Tinder profile tips:

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Tips for the best Tinder Photos

Forget trying to get the perfect Tinder profile. Instead, apply the FAT-method.

Everybody wants the best Tinder photo. Only very few people know what a good dating photo actually is.

Straight to the point: it doesn’t matter what each individual picture on your profile looks like. What matters is the story told by all the photos together!

We need to hit three important pillars to create the best Tinder profile:

  • Fun
  • Attraction
  • Trust

Great Online Dating profiles

There are simple ways to tick off all three of these in your profile. Let’s start with ‘Attraction’ in the next tip.

1. Make sure your first profile picture is irresistible (checklist)

An irresistible profile starts with a good Flagship Photo.

Your Flagship Photo is the first picture on your profile.

It has two goals:

  1. Show you at your most attractive
  2. Entice people to check out the rest of your profile

If you get it right, then you’ve instantly handled the Attraction part of the FAT-method.

So what does a good Flagship Photo look like?

Steal this scientifically proven checklist when creating your own:

  • Shows chest and face. So not a headshot.
  • Shows a smile and eye contact with the viewer
  • Shows a clean shirt
  • Minimal distractions in the background
  • Good contrast between you and the background
  • The image is high quality

See it this way: someone is swiping through an endless stack of profiles. Your job is to make their brain go “Wait a second, this is pretty nice”. You’re going to achieve this because our formula makes you stand out. The tight crop around your head and upper torso make sure you pop out. You also make eye contact and you’re smiling. If you’ve taken care of your haircut and you’re wearing a fitting shirt, then you’re hard to resist. Resulting in more right swipes.

In the next tip, I’ll give you an easy trick to command more attention to your profile.

2. Use a pattern-interrupt to command attention

This clever brain-hack gets you more matches changing your appearance.

This technique is already being used by good sales and media people. But in dating, it’s still underused so you will stand out like no one else.

Here’s what you do:

Find any colorful wall in your area and shoot your Flagship Photo in front of this wall.

90% of Tinder photos are bland and colorless. Your pattern-interrupt photo will stand out like nothing else!

Here’s an example I shot of my bestie when we randomly walked past a bright yellow wall during a Portugal city trip:

Ideally, my buddy would have made eye contact with us. But it’s still a great photo!

Enough talk about profile pics, let’s look at the rest of the lineup.

3. Add Vibe Photos to show how fun you are

If you get this tip right, no one can compete with you on dating apps.

I’ve coached 100’s of people over the years and there’s one concept everyone struggles with. Especially men.

It’s Vibe Photos. And the concept is simple: People care way more about how they would feel hanging out with you, than how hot you look on a scale from 1 to 10.

Think of any photo that focuses on the atmosphere or the vibe, rather than your looks.

Pictures snapped during hikes, sports, or city trips. Maybe it’s you and your friends chilling on the beach. Or maybe it’s you and a family member all cozy by a fireplace.

Do keep in mind that in every photo on your online dating profile, you want to look as good as possible.

So even when your appearance isn’t in the spotlight during a hiking shot…

…you still want to be dressed properly, have a clean haircut, good posture, etc.

Your profile is only as attractive as your least attractive photo.

4. Use 5 or 6 photos maximum on Tinder

Listen, I’ve combined the scientific research, with the findings of my team of dating experts, AND a panel of super attractive women.

The ideal number of photos to show on Tinder is 5 or 6.

On Bumble it’s 5.

And on Hinge it’s 6.

The reasoning behind these numbers? You want to give enough information about yourself to convince fellow daters. But you don’t want to sell yourself too much. Nobody likes someone who tries too hard to be liked.

5. Avoid these 5 most common profile picture mistakes

I’m going to list the most common photo mistakes so you can avoid them.

Let’s make sure you only have good photos. Avoid any of the following:

  • Selfies. Women can get away with them. Men can’t. Tough luck, fellas.
  • Group photos where the focus isn’t clearly on you. If you’re not the star and stud of the group picture, then toss it.
  • Showoff pics. Don’t flex your car, watch, or abs. Modesty is attractive.
  • Women in your photos. It easily feels like a threat to the girl swiping. The only exception is group photos where you’re not next to the girl. Personally, I won’t even use those.
  • Multiple photos from the same shoot. Even if you change outfits in between shots, people can tell two pictures were shot on the same day. By your hair for example. Think of what you’re sub-communicating when the only good photos of you come from one single shoot. Not good.

For more on getting the best photos for your Tinder profile, check out this article:

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Best Tinder Bios

A good Tinder bio swings a ‘maybe’ and makes them a ‘yes, please!’

And contrary to popular belief, the best Tinder bios are NOT:

  • Long
  • Broad and general
  • Trying to convince anyone of your worth

A good Tinder bio is short, lighthearted, and shows lots of personality.

Compare these two bios:

Sports, food, friends, travel, and architecture!


Don’t hate me if I read every plaque in a museum

It looks like the first bio gives a lot of information about the person. And the second doesn’t.

But let’s dissect it for just a second. The first person loves sports, food, friends, and travel. How many people do you know that don’t love these things?

While the second Tinder bio seems to give us almost nothing, it packs personality.

We have a better idea of what it would be like to hang around this second person.

Makes sense?

Here are two more solid profile texts to inspire you:

Warning: I talk to animals in an annoying baby voice


Tell me your first-ever email address

And one for you to get creative with:

I’d donate my kidney to (your favorite thing in the world)

Notice how specific these bios are. Detail is good. It gives your match a sneak peek into your character. And if they relate, they might even send you an opening line.

Also notice how they have no emojis in them. Leave those for the girls, fellas.

Best Tinder Prompts

Good prompts make the difference between an okay profile and a GREAT profile.

You could see them as extra bios, but easier to fill out.

Inside our TextGod community, we’ve gathered plenty of proof that prompts are worth doing right. They can:

  • Get you more matches
  • Get matches to send you the first message
  • And even set up the first date

Rules for Tinder prompts are the same as for bios. Less is more.

In our coaching, we suggest our clients have a good variety in their prompts.

For example, one prompt can share a fun fact about you and make the other person laugh. The next prompt can start telling a story about you… but ends on a cliffhanger.

Keep these prompts short, and use proper spelling and grammar.

Are you looking for a relationship?

  • I’m talking to my pet about: Finding her a good mother figure so she can have a secure attachment style.

Looking for a hookup instead?

  • I bet you can’t: Beat me at Jenga.

Best Tinder Anthems

Your Tinder Anthem is basically one song you want to display on your profile.

It’s not that important. However, you can use it to show just that little bit of extra personality.

If you want to go very niche, select a song that only people in your niche like. For example, if you’re into death-metal or reggae.

Note, however, that you’re seriously going to limit the number of matches you get, with such a specific song.

And that will work against you since the Tinder algorithm will think you’re less attractive.

Your safest bet is to go for a song that everyone likes (or at least no one dislikes), but that manages to show off your personality.

More on Tinder Anthems in this article:

The secret to getting quality matches

Time for counterintuitive tactics that can change an unsuccessful Tinder experience, into a golden one.

Alright, hear me out. Every woman wants the best man. And every man wants the best woman.

But tastes differ. “The best” is something else for you than it is for me.

You could see the whole dating thing as a marketplace. Imagine you want to open a pasta place. Your marketing could be: “We sell food”

That would be the worst advertisement ever. Instead, you’d want to address the diehard fans of a specific niche and lure those into your restaurant.

“We have the healthiest whole grain biological spaghetti bolognese made from fresh, hand-picked ingredients”

Everyone interested in that niche will now prefer your restaurant over the competition.

And even the average pasta fan will probably be curious to try out that top product within its niche.

Translated to dating advice:

If you portray yourself as that funny dude who loves music and travel… Then you’ll be just like John, Tim, and Mark.

Why would any girl go for you if John and Mark are better looking? She won’t.

Now if you market yourself way more precisely, then you’ll be attracting the girls within that niche. You are now “the best man” for them.

Now I can hear you thinking already: “Ok ok, Louis, interesting theory, but do you have any examples?”

Sure. Keep in mind that this niche-theory goes for your photos and prompts as much as your bio. But I’ll give a bio example.

Most likely out of your league. But hey… every shot you don’t take, is a shot you miss.

This was my Tinder profile text many years ago.

And here is why it worked so damn well:

At the time I really didn’t feel like meeting girls who are shy, have low self-esteem, or don’t like men who love themselves (a bit too much).

I felt like seeing women who enjoy teasing and being teased, challenging each other, and know of themselves that they are good enough for me.

That’s why I wrote this bio.

Some women think: “OMG arrogant asshole. Probably a player. It’s a swipe left for me” 

Others are up for the challenge: “Out of my league? Would he think he is out of my league and swipe me left?”

She can only find out by swiping me right.

Either way, this worked like a charm for my profile. The ladies I was matching, were exactly the type I was craving. They were the ones I could effortlessly vibe and date with.

Those who didn’t appreciate my narcissistic bio never entered my matches. And that’s EXACTLY the result we want. These girls would have never laughed at my jokes and I wouldn’t have giggled at theirs.

My time saved and their time saved. Now tell me again I’m not a gentleman.

Warning: TextGod is a powerhouse when it comes to online dating advice. This bio is not a secret anymore. I’ve had readers try the bio and then be surprised when girls asked why so they see this profile text so often.

Feel free to try it still, or let it inspire you to write your own. Or even better: click the big button below and I’ll send my TextGod Toolkit to you. It has a Profile Checklist to help you find the easiest things to improve in your own profile. It also has 10 copy-paste texts that always work, and the best conversation starter EVER. Enjoy them and have a good day.

Louis Farfields

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