25 Best Texts to Send After a Second Date

You just finished your second date with a girl you like.

You had a good time and want to send the perfect text to lock in that third date. So now you’re wondering what to text her.

Rest easy. Because I’m about to give you the 25 best texts to send after a second date.

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What’s the best time to text after a second date?

The best time to text someone after the date is usually within the next few hours after saying goodbye. And no later than 24 hours.

Why? It’s polite, warm, and exciting for the other person. There are no downsides unless you send a bad text.

Keep in mind that some people may be turned off by your quick reply. These are typically emotionally immature people who can’t see the difference between kindness and desperation. That’s their loss, not yours.

Here are 5 of my best tips what to text after the date:

1. Keep your composure

If you often fall for girls after only a few dates, then this tip is for YOU.

Look, it makes no sense to treat her like she’s amazing and farts rainbows if you barely know her. She may or may not be a fit for you. You can’t tell yet.

So if you want to keep yourself from falling for the wrong person, you want to… Adopt the wait and see attitude. “She was fun. We’ll see how it goes next time.”

This wait-and-see attitude is ideal for sending her the perfect second-date text. Because it’ll be a warm, but also relatively low investment.

Which is precisely where you want to be right now. Here’s your first text:

I had a really fun time last night. If you’re lucky then next time I’ll show you my favorite coffee place 😉

2. Find out if she likes you

Unsure if she’s into you? Here’s the text for you.

I had fun tonight. I’m thinking about treating you to the best smoothie in town next week. But I’m not sure if I can trust you to keep a secret JUST yet

Now she’ll likely tell you if she’s interested in seeing you again or not. That way you don’t have to spend the next three days wondering if she’s into you.

3. Show her she’s on your mind

Here’s how to text after your second date to show her she’s on your mind.

First, find something that reminds you of her. Perhaps pancakes were her favorite breakfast food and you’re cooking some right now.

Maybe she mentioned her favorite book and you just found it in a bookshop. Maybe she said she likes a certain anime and you just binge-watched 16 hours of tentacle po… Ermmm octopi documentaries.

Share that thing with her.

Just had the most painfully delicious crepes. Have you ever been to Louis’ crepe house on 6th street?

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4. Mention something you genuinely liked about her

Send this text to make her feel special after a first date.

First, think back to the date and what you really liked about her. Perhaps she went on a long passionate rant about vegan ice cream. Perhaps she’s been into touch football for years and years. Maybe you can be your weird natural self with her.

Mention what you like about her. In a non-needy way.

You’re extra awesome when you rant about how much you love your cats. Would they get jealous if we went to a cat cafe next week without them?

5. Be funny

You’ve probably heard this before. But girls love funny guys.

So send her a text that makes her giggle.

Good form on the small talk. Decent execution of the personal stories. Excellent wine-holding posture. The judges rate the date an 8/10. You may text Louis back

6. Bring up something you talked about

Send this text to make her smile AND set up the next date.

Remember back to your date, when you were both engaged in some really cool conversation? Use that thing and send it in a text.

Maybe you talked about a new movie that you both wanted to see. A museum. A cool café. A band she mentioned she liked. Whatever it was, use that thing (and then she might just touch your ding-a-ling). This shows her that you pay attention, and that’s hot.

Sarah, are you free this Saturday? There’s a special midnight screening of The Notebook and you haven’t seen this cultural masterpiece 🌚

7. Let her in on your schedule

Did you guys hint at meeting up in the future before you said goodbye?

“We should totally do (bla bla bla) some time!”

Then don’t beat around the bush! Just let her know when you’re available (while being warm and saying you had a good time first).

Hey Sarah, that was fun. I sometimes forget how hilarious I am. Anyway, I’m free Thursday or Sunday to witness your bowling skills

8. Make the inside joke official

This 2nd date text is very situational. But it’s incredibly powerful if you can come up with one of your own. I’m talking about an inside joke.

Why is that so powerful? Because you’re highlighting a special moment that she only experienced with you.

So if you have an inside joke, you instantly have a special bond that she has with no one else.

Did something funny and memorable happen?  Then you have an inside joke with her. Now build a text around it.

Holy Tip: Finding a relevant meme is often easier than coming up with a funny line.

Saw this and thought of you after you got stuck in the rain (and your love for owls) 😘

9. Follow up on her recommendation

An incredibly useful text. Not only after the second date but something that you want to send her regularly.

Your experiences of her thing.

That sounds a little weird, so let me explain. People almost always recommend stuff to you on first dates. Usually, things they enjoy. Songs. Movies. Books. Drinks. Dealers. Whatever..

Do the thing she talked about. And then share your experiences. Remember, you don’t have to like the thing she recommended. Just be honest.

She doesn’t need you to like it. She likes the fact that you tried.

Just listened to the song you recommended. Shit is pretty fire. Reminds me of ABC, do you know them?

10. Send her this if things got naughty

If things got a bit hot and heavy then send this type of text.

Maybe you two had an intense make-out session.

Maybe she chained you up, had her way with you, and continually whispered wicked things in your ear. Stuff like, “Good boy Louis, good boy.”

Regardless if it was mild or wild, you can send the following and she’ll love it.

Had a good time. Also, thanks to you I won’t be able to sleep without a cold shower

11. Address any awkward moments

If there was an awkward moment on the date, use something like this to address it.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you show off some confidence though, so it doesn’t come across as a huge apology.

That was really fun. Thanks for keeping up with me being all over the place. Long week. And I also just rescued 7 orphans from a burning building so…

12. Use an event she would enjoy

People mention what they like all the fuggin’ time.

Did you find out about a special event that’s totally made for her? Let her know you want to take her.

So I know you love Nickleback and they’re playing in town this weekend. Let’s go see them! Just let me puncture my eardrums with an icepick first. J/k xxxx

13. Raise her curiosity

This text easily spikes curiosity in your girl.

Yoooo Sarah. I have a really fun idea for our next date. Are you in for a surprise next Friday?

14. Drop a voice note

I’m cheating here a bit with this text. Because it’s actually about sending a voice note.

All the above texts, and below, apply to the voice note.

What’s nice about this is that you can get a little bit more intimate without it feeling unnatural.

Like, “Sleep well. MWAHH”

(Done the masculine way, to the extent possible.)

15. Let her into your life a little more

Did she show interest in stuff that you were sharing?

Your Brazilian jiu-jitsu hobby. Your taste in music or movies? Give her a little taste. Send her a youtube clip or Spotify link of things you like.

Check out this clip of this bullet train. I get so hyped watching these things (I’m a nerd, I know)

16. Call her

We talked about voice notes already, BUT a phone call is also effective.

Especially if she had to take the last bus or train home and you weren’t done talking. Just call her as you go home. Very nice.

17. A challenge to do better

This one’s pretty simple. You just say that the two of you need to do better on your next date.

I don’t know how we’re going to top that second date, but I’m excited to see us try!

Obviously, this one is reserved for dates that were a giga success.

18. Remind her of your lack of sleep

This text is great if neither of you gets enough shut-eye. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Just keep it classy.

I’m definitely falling asleep at my desk right now after yesterday but I have no regrets. *yawn

19. Sexualize just a little bit

If things REALLY got hot and heavy on your last date then remind her of it.

But as with the last tip, keep it classy.

I’m having flashbacks from the other day when you were in that one position. I am blaming you for my lack of productivity at work today

20. Tease her

This wouldn’t be a TextGod article if we didn’t bring up teasing somewhere. It’s just so damn effective.

And a nice way to tease her is to bring up something she’s not good at.

Let’s say that during the date she told you she’s not the best cook:

Hey, since you’re absolutely ass at cooking, I’ve decided to teach you my secret lasagna recipe, just because I am a gentleman and I don’t want you to die from starvation. Free this Saturday?

21. Rate the date

Everyone uses a rating scale. Whether it’s girls, guys, or fun factor, we all do it.

So use it here too.

Thought about it, and I’d give our last date a solid 8.9. Almost an A but not quite

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22. Clickbait her

Spike her curiosity with this text.

Although it is a bit evil because she will always respond.

So you better have a good follow-up.

I have some bad news…

Uh-oh…what is it?

I only have 1 more week to live…so we should probably get together this Friday before I croak

23. Use self-depreciation

Be careful with this next text. Done wrong and you’ll look like Simpy Sam.

But done correctly and you’ll be the Hunky Hank she’s always wanted.

So mock yourself, but not too much.

Me after last night

24. Keep it simple

Not every text you send has to be over-the-top amazing.

Sometimes, something simple and average is good enough.

Just like TextGod coach Jay’s spicy pickle.

Hey Sarah, are you free Saturday? Let’s grab dinner

25. Go over-the-top

The previous text kept things simple.

But now let’s go over-the-top.

There are many ways to do this, but for this example, I’m going to use a formal letter format.

Dear Sarah,

You are formally invited to dinner and dancing this Saturday evening. Attire will be an evening gown, high heels, and optionally, a fancy broach.

Please respond with your own letter marked with a lipstick kissed seal.

I look forward to your prompt response.

Sir King Louis XII of Gentsburg

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