Tinder ELO Score Explained: The Secret to Success on Tinder

Tinder seems incredibly simple and straightforward.

But have you ever thought about why you see the profiles that are presented to you? And why certain people do or don’t see your profile?

It’s all tied to Tinder’s algorithm and the role of something known as your Tinder ELO score.

This article explains what the Tinder ELO score is, how it’s measured, and why it influences the quality of your matches.

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What is Tinder ELO score?

ELO score is a desirability rating that’s attached to every Tinder profile. And it largely decides who you see, and who sees you.

Although Tinder says its current algorithm uses other benchmarks than ‘hotness’ to match its users, your profile’s desirability still plays a big role.

How does Tinder ELO work?

Tinder’s algorithm pays close attention to what you do. And it goes far beyond remembering who you swipe left or right.

Tinder pays close attention to your preferences, like age, distance, profession, education, and even things like hair color.

So if you consistently dislike people with blond hair, the dating app will put the fair-haired profiles at the bottom of your swipe stack.

In other words, Tinder’s algorithm is constantly reevaluating what you like most.

But that’s not all.

Tinder also pays attention to the preferences of users that are similar to your own. And what’s trending.

Is a new profile getting liked by thousands of people in your area? Then Tinder will give that profile priority.

And if the algorithm sees that Bob has a similar taste in women as you, then Tinder will bring Bob’s liked profiles to the top of your Tinder swipe stack.

Lastly, Tinder also keeps track of who likes you. It’s a two-way street, after all.

Long story short, the profiles that you see are decided by:

  • Your preferences. Like gender, age, and distance.
  • Your profile. Think of your bio, passions, and job title.
  • Your swiping patterns. That also includes your peers who have similar swiping habits.
  • Who swipes you. The more desirable they are, the higher Tinder rates your ELO score.
  • Who’s popular.

How is your Tinder ELO score calculated?

It’s never been revealed how Tinder precisely calculates your ELO score, but the smartest people have agreed on the next educated guess.

Your Tinder ELO score is decided by:

  • The percentage of users that like and dislike your profile.
  • The ELO score of the people that judge your profile.
  • The match-to-like ratio.
  • The total amount of likes and matches.

Tldr; the most popular profiles get the highest score.

This system basically guarantees that you match with people of roughly equal ‘hotness’.

How important is Tinder ELO?

According to an official statement by Tinder, ELO is no longer the only thing dictating who you see and who sees you.

Tinder’s latest system revolves around how you interact with others and how they interact with you.

Despite Tinder’s claim that ELO has been eliminated from their algorithm, everyone knows that’s a lie.

Sure, it’s not as important as it once was.

But if incredibly hot people are forced to swipe through thousands of, ahem, aesthetically challenged people to find someone they find attractive, there’d be no hot people on Tinder.

So clearly, ELO score still matters. Just not as much as before.

How do you find out what your ELO score is?

You can’t. The number is hidden away somewhere in your profile that Tinder’s tech team likely can’t even reach.

But you can still get a sense of what your ELO score is.

If you’re seeing lots of matches that you deem unattractive, and matching with few attractive matches, then it’s likely that your ELO score is so low that you’re at the bottom of the Tinder barrel.

How do you increase your ELO score?

You can improve your score in six ways:

  1. Increase the desirability of your profile.
  2. Be fussier with who you like to increase your match-to-like ratio. Swiping girls that you really like also makes matching much more exciting.
  3. Use Tinder every day. Tinder likes to prioritize people who are likely to chat and give their matches a good time.
  4. Update your profile. The algorithm rewards users who consistently put effort into their profiles.
  5. Start fresh. By deleting your profile and starting over, Tinder’s algorithm has to assign you a new ELO score. Just be sure to use your best photos and reset your account sparingly.
  6. Stay respectful. Being overly playful with your jokes and teases is incredibly fun, but can easily backfire if your match takes it the wrong way and reports you.

Holy Tip:

Being respectful doesn’t mean you should avoid all kinds of teasing and playful remarks.

Feel free to throw out a casual “FUCK” when telling a frustrating story.

As long as your language isn’t intended to hurt anyone, I’d advise you to speak to your matches like you’d speak to your friends over a beer.

Make yourself popular on Tinder

The best way to increase your ELO score is to apply a deep cleansing exfoliating scrub to your anus.

Wait no wrong, stop. That’s for my beauty blog.

What I meant to tell you is…

improve your Tinder profile.

Tinder wants your profile to be active and up to date.

Whenever you get a new photo that is better than an older one, replace it!

Found a fun idea for your bio? Upgrade it!

Got a new favorite song on Spotify that you think will attract your type of woman? Select it already!

The most difficult thing about creating a desirable profile is knowing WHAT is desirable.

The answer is pretty complex.

But here’s a quick breakdown of how you can increase your likes and ELO score.

1. Tell Stories

The purpose of your profile is to give your matches an idea of what you’re like.

After all, once they decide you’re attractive, their next thought will be:

“Will it be fun to meet up and hang out with him?”

And if your Tinder profile is nothing but bathroom selfies, she has zero clue about who she’s talking with.

That’s why you want to choose photos that tell stories.

And not just any story.

Stories that reveal who you are!

  • Are you adventurous? Upload photos of you skiing down a mountain, paragliding, motorboating, or rock climbing.
  • Are you social and outgoingl? Use photos of you hanging out and doing fun stuff with your friends.
  • Are you chill and introspective? Find photos of yourself chilling on the beach with a book.

Do you see the pattern here?

Show women what you’re like and I guarantee you’ll get far more matches.

2. Have vibrant photos

Our eyes don’t just like beautiful people, they like beautiful things.

You want to use that to your advantage.

Use photos that are rich with color, excitement, and beautiful views.

Not only are vibrant photos appealing to look at, but they also make you more appealing too!

Thinking of introducing a full body shot to your profile? Take the shot on top of a tall roof where you can see the skyline of the city, or at the beach with the sun going down on the horizon.

Looking for a better portrait photo? Don’t do it in front of a bland white wall.

Make the photo somewhere where there are palm trees, an old European city center with lots of ornate architecture, or at the very least in front of a wall covered in cool graffiti.

3. Write an emotionally stimulating bio

Photos give people a general sense of what you’re like, but a bio gives people a good idea of how you think.

That’s why I think a bio is often much more personal than a photo.

After all, we all know what ‘high status’ stuff looks like. Champagne, purebred dogs, exotic plants,  expensive cars, Raybans, faraway places, etc.

Just put some of these things in your photos and you’ll probably look pretty cool and attractive.

But writing an attractive and personal Tinder bio?

That’s pretty tough to fake.

And that’s great!

Because that means that if you write a dynamite bio, you’ll be miles ahead of your Tinder rivals.

How do you write a personal bio that blows her away?

  • Keep it short. About 2 sentences or 140 characters.
  • Be different.
  • (Emotionally) challenge her.

Here come two examples.

Pineapple goes on pizza like tongues go in assholes. It’s not for everybody but whose who enjoy it are a little more sophisticated.


Olives taste like garbage. Change my mind.

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