Tinder ELO Score Explained: The Secret to Success on Tinder

What if I told you…

…there’s a top secret ‘behind the scenes’ score on Tinder.

It’s not meant to be leaked, and it decides who sees you, and your number of matches…

It might even be the reason why you have little success on Tinder!

Your profile has a secret Tinder ELO score.

In this article I’ll tell you how it works, and how you can manipulate it to get more matches.

What you get:

  • What is Tinder ELO score and how to get more likes because of it
  • What League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Tinder have in common
  • The #1 reason you’re not getting good matches right now
  • The best timing to text your matches if you’re looking for quality girls
  • How and why I got BANNED from Tinder.

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What is Tinder ELO score?

If you understand Tinder ELO score, you’ll have more success on Tinder.

So let’s figure out what that three letter abbreviation means once and for all.

Well… it’s NOT an abbreviation.

ELO score is named after its creator, Arpad Elo, a Hunagarian-American physics professor

The man behind the system that decides if you get laid or not.

He devised this as an improved chess rating system to beat the then used Harkness system.

That’s right, ELO score that now decides your popularity on Tinder comes from goddamn CHESS!

Even though it was devised for chess, it is now used for a wide variety of other sports:

  • eSports (League of Legends, Hearthstone, …)
  • American footbal
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Table tennis
  • Boardgames like Scrabble and Diplomacy
  • And many more

Let me show you how this works…

Oversimplified ELO example

Imagine you’re about to play a ranked online game.

You have to face three opponents: Tim, Louis, and Marc.

You currently have a ranked score of 100.

Tim has 100 as well.

Louis has 120.

Marc has 60.

A really simple way of scoring would be this:

If you win, you get 10 points. The loser loses 10 points.

And let’s say that in case of a draw, nothing happens.

Now if you win a game against Louis, you get 10 points and he loses 10.

And if you’d win a game against Marc, you’d also gain 10 points and he’d lose 10.

But isn’t there a reason Marc has so little points? He’s probably not as good at the game.

So you’d much rather face Marc than Tim or Louis. Because Marc is easy to beat.

You can ‘farm’ him and build up your own points.

And if Marc has a really good day and for some reason manages to beat a better player…

…he still only gets 10 points. And the better player would only lose 10.

That seems like silly game with a shitty scoring system.

Now this is where ELO comes in.

ELO makes the game fair.

With ELO rating, the higher ranked player is “worth more” than the lower ranked player.

So if Marc, who ranks poorly with his 60 points, beats Tim the 100 point player…

…Then Marc should gain MORE points than if he would beat someone of his own level.

And Tim would lose MORE than 10 points for being defeated by a lower ranked player.

If Louis (120) beats Marc (60), then Louis wouldn’t gain much, because it is expected he beats the low ranked player. Should Louis for some reason lose, then he’ll lose a ton of points and Marc will gain a ton of points.

Now I’m not sure if you have a bit of a geeky side to you…

…but I hope you do.

It will make the next example more relatable.

Here’s a screenshot I took of a nerdy hobby of mine:

Have you ever heard of or played Hearthstone?

It’s an online card game based on World of Warcraft.

Players summon minions and cast spells to try and destroy their opponent.

If you play ranked and do reasonably well, you can make it to the ‘Legend’ rank.

Once you’ve obtained the legend rank, you can see your actual ranking within your region.

So in the screenshot above, you see me getting Legend rank for the first time ever.

I came in at number 1460 of Europe.

That means there were 1459 players higher ranked than me at the particular time.

And a whole lot of players were lower ranked.

Now to explain ELO a bit further:

If my next game was against the player with rank 1461, the system would see us as equally skilled. We’d both have the same amount of points to win or lose.

But if my next game would be against the guy at rank 250…

…and I would somehow win…

…I’d go up a lot of ranks. And he would go down quite some ranks.

Now if you’re interested in the actual formulas of ELO, feel free to check out the Wikipedia page.

And now, I’ll reveal how the Tinder ELO score applies to you on Tinder.

Why you’re not getting matches on Tinder anymore

Tinder seems incredibly unfair at times, doesn’t it? But did you know you are shooting yourself in the foot with every action you take on Tinder?

Did you know you are actively cøckbløcking yourself?

Allow me to explain what’s happening.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to go through a hot girl’s Tinder, you were probably baffled.

They get likes by the ton. And when they swipe right on someone, it’s almost always a Tinder match.

A while back, my girlfriend texted me in outrage. Her message was written in all caps.

She was upset…

…she had swiped a guy right and it was NOT an instant match. That was a first for her.

She wasn’t sure if the app was bugging out or not. “Right swipe equals instant match”.

That’s just how Tinder goes for her.

Unfortunately, that’s not how Tinder works for us men.

We have to fight for our matches.

And it’s not like things are getting easier…

On the contrary, guys seem to get less and less matches.

It’s like Tinder is decreasing our organic range more and more in hopes of selling more premium plans and boosts.

But it’s not just Tinder making it harder for us.

It’s guys in general… that phuck things up. Us men are c0ckbl0cking each other.

Imagine this scenario:

  1. You’re a man and you’re new to Tinder. Tinder will bless you with a Newbie boost, temporarily raising your Tinder ELO score. But this ELO boosts will quickly fizzle out. You quickly realize that getting matches is pretty hard… sometimes nearly impossible.
  2. So what do you do? You lower your standards a bit. You figure that if you are a bit less picky, you’ll gain more matches.
  3. To your surprise, your new tactic only works slightly. You temporarily get more matches by lowering your standards. So you let your frustrations get the best of you and you go all out… Swiping anyone right!  Later you can pick out the ones you actually like! Sounds like a solid plan. Right?

This is how it goes for most men. But what they don’t realize is that every time they lower their standards, they signal to the Tinder algorithm that they are happy with less popular women.

Their Tinder ELO score takes steep dives, making everything even worse.

And as a cherry on top, they risk getting shadowbanned. (a term I’ll explain later)

Now imagine you’re a girl that’s new to Tinder:

  1. Tinder boost or not, getting matches seems pretty easy. No reason to complain.
  2. Matches keep coming and it appears you’re more popular on Tinder than in real life. So you become a bit pickier and swipe more men left. You’re too popular for them anyway, look at all these matches!
  3. Most right swipes turn into matches. So you raise your standard even more. You get opened left and right. You don’t have time for all these texts flooding in. By now you only swipe right on really attractive profiles.

This is reality on Tinder for men and women.

Now, do you see how it’s an endless cycle that keeps making things worse for you?

So what do you do now?

How do you break free from this endless rotation of pain and despair?

How to find your Tinder ELO score

So you want to know your own ELO score and improve it.

I’ve got good and bad news.

The bad news is that you can’t see your exact ELO, unless you’re a high ranking programmer at a certain company called Match Group, Inc.

The good news is that you can improve your Tinder ELO score.

If you want an idea of your hidden score, then there’s only one method.

You have to go by:

  • The quality of girls you get to see while swiping
  • The amount of likes you get (if you have Tinder gold, which I don’t recommend)
  • The amount of matches you get

I know bro, it’s not ideal. But it’s our only option.

If you notice that the indicators listed above are not in your favor…

…then your Tinder ELO score is probably butched.

And that’s where we go back to the good news.

You can still crank up your score. Heal it. Regenerate it. Make it better than it ever was.

So why don’t we focus on that good news.

Let’s go over some things you can do to fix your ELO and boost your Tinder matches.

Tip 1: The only correct way to swipe

Do you know anyone that is on such a long dry spell that he would hookup with literally ANYONE?

And do you think it helps him that he’d sleep with just about anyone?

His desperation will shine through in everything he says, does, or even texts.

And it’s not very attractive. No woman wants to be affiliated with a man so desperate he would masturbate to a cloud that has some nice curves.

Guess what? It’s exactly the same on Tinder.

If you swipe everyone right, then you are the dude about to masturbate to a cloud.

It’s at this point that a guy at one of my lectures shouted:

“But… women on Tinder can’t know whether you swipe everyone right or not!”

And here what I said to him, and the solution I gave him:

I told him he was right, women on Tinder don’t know.

But Tinder does.

Tinder has a hypercomplex algorithm that remembers every swipe you ever did and when you did it.

When you swipe everyone right, Tinder knows. And it will mercilessly punish you.

The result is that your profile won’t be shown to popular girls anymore. And hence get less matches.

Your solution is to swipe selectively.

You wouldn’t approach a morbidly obese woman wearing crocs in real life. So why would you on Tinder?

(You’re on the wrong site if you want to learn photoshop)

Another benefit of swiping selectively, is this:

Whenever you get a Tinder notification telling you about a new match, you know it’s a good match! Someone you’re actually excited about.

You don’t want to end up with a bunch of matches you aren’t interested in. You will end up not texting them, which in turn decreases your ELO even more.

Holy tip:

Are you looking for a girlfriend rather than something casual? Don’t get a lot of matches?

Then try reading girl’s bios and interests. Who knows the two of you have epic commonalities and get along great. Before you know it her charisma will blow you away during the date.

Anyway, I’m not sure if you noticed but I just gave you a really helpful piece of info.

One that we’ll delve into further in the next tip.

Tip 2: Do this when you have a new match

You’ve got a new match!

It always feels good to see this sentence appear on your screen.

Your brain releases a little dopamine spike and you’re ready to get to know this girl.

So what do you do?

I don’t know you personally, so I can’t be entirely sure. But my guess is that you don’t always know exactly what to say. So what do you do? You sometimes wait a bit… until next time you open Tinder. By then you’ll hopefully feel inspired and hit up your new match. (whatever you do, DON’T text her a hi, hey, hello, or any other everyday greeting)

And when you do check Tinder again… you didn’t magically come up with something original to say… or you forgot to text her… So there she stands… silently in your matches screen. Waiting for a fun text.

Back in the day, I sometimes had my matches stand there forever.

What I wasn’t aware about back then, is that Tinder rewards you for being an active user.

This means that Tinder likes it when you text a fresh match.

Women (and men) like a bit of attention and validation. So by rewarding men who text their matches, Tinder makes sure that the girls using their app are satisfied.

So that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

Whenever you have a new match, don’t wait too long. Shoot her an opener and make something happen.

By the way, there is one opener to rule them all… and it uses the psychological principle of clickbait. This opener had the highest response rate in our tests. She just can’t resist responding. Download it here and see detailed instructions, including follow-up texts examples.

Tip 3: You snooze you lose

For the next minute, imagine you’re a girl again. It’ll give you a way to boost your ELO.

Bang, you’re a woman again. You’ve got boobs, a lovely feminine energy, and an overflowing collection of matches.

A guy just hit you with The Clickbait Opener and the conversation is off to a good start.

You’ve exchanged a couple texts.

But now he seems to be offline for a couple hours. Which can be exciting sometimes.

Fair enough. You don’t know him well yet. You haven’t decided if he’s really interesting or not.

After a wait, he shoots you a text again. Nice!

You text back and…

…he’s gone again.

It takes 1 or 2 days before he texts back.

And that’s how long he makes you wait every single time.

Not so fun anymore now, is it?

Now you’ll quickly lose interest. He’s not serious about you anyway. And he’s become a source of frustration.

Now Tinder has another woman on the app feeling displeased.

Tinder doesn’t want that. It wants happy females!

It’s the fuel the dating app runs on.

So what can Tinder do to prevent more women from being disappointed?

Damn right…

It can lower your ELO score so you get so see less popular women. And less women in general.

And what can YOU do about it?

You can learn from this mistake. By not being one of the men that takes ages to text back.

Holy Tip:

It’s better to check Tinder a couple time per day for 5 minutes, then once per day for 30 minutes.

If you would like to use this strategy, but you’re struggling with finding things to text her, then I have something for you. At the end of this article I’ll give you my TextGod Toolkit with 10 copy pastable sentences.

So remember: log in to Tinder every now and then and answer any text you’ve received. And this isn’t the only thing you should do regularly if you want to boost your Tinder ELO score…

Tip 4: Regularly do THIS with your Tinder profile

Another thing you should regularly do, is applying a deep cleansing exfoliating scrub to your anus.

Wait no wrong, stop. That’s for my beauty blog.

What I meant to tell you is another trick to boost your matches.

Here’s what most men do wrong:

They have a shitty profile. Tinder isn’t working for them.

They start reading my blogs or get started with my free texting course. This way, Tinder success is inevitable.

My readers after fixing their profile and the matching start piling up

So what do they do next?

They lean back and enjoy their newfound tinder.

And little by little…

…their ELO score crumbles apart.

They start slacking in different areas that affect their Tinder ELO score.

Their profile is working, so why change anything?

Good question.

And here’s a good answer:

Because Tinder wants your profile to be active and up to date.

Whenever you get a new photo that is better than an older one, replace it!

Found something to tweak your bio with? Upgrade it!

Got a new favorite song on Spotify and you think many women will like as well?

Delete your old anthem and place the new one!

Got a new fancy title at work? Update your job title!

Keep improving and updating your profile to let Tinder, and all the ladies on the app, know that you’re active and improving.

It’s one of the ingredients to improving your quality of matches.

Holy Tip:

I often get the question “what’s the secret to great Tinder profile?”.

The answer is: “quite a lot”.

So I created a checklist, containing over 35+ questions to fill in.

It takes about 5 minutes, and you’ll get a score for your profile.

It’s the closest you can get to finding out your actual ELO ranking.

The Tinder Profile Checklist is a free download here.

Tip 5: This is where nice guys are on the ELO ranking.

Do you want to make girls fall for you and respect you?

Then stay away from these two things:

  • Don’t use degenerate language (secret ELO score)
  • Don’t use overly nice language

Both will ruin your chances on Tinder.

Let’s start with the guys that are always overly polite and nice. They generally fail to build attraction.

Here’s why:

To build attraction you need a good kind of tension.

Nice guys avoid any sort of conflict and chances at disagreement.

So there’s never any tension.

Because tension makes them feel uncomfortable.

While it is in fact a mandatory ingredient to generate attraction.

Remember this, we’ll come back to it in a second.

But first we’ll have a look at the other side of the spectrum. People using degenerate language.

A lot of insulting, racism, flaming, name calling, and any other form of inappropriate behavior you can imagine.

The sort of language typically used by not-very-smart-people.

Tinder is aware of this. And there’s a conjecture that it would give you some sort of penalty points for using this sort of language.

It just doesn’t do good to the Tinder biotope.

Besides, women can report you.

Which results in Tinder giving you a warning and forcing you to PROMISE you won’t do it again.

I have personally been there.

Quite a couple times.

Let’s agree that it wasn’t because of free willed misbehavior, but in the name of science.

Anyway, I promised Tinder it wouldn’t happen again.

In fact, I promised them that a couple times.

Until I got banned.

Right in the middle of a Tinder experiment.

So yeah, mind your language and be respectful to people on Tinder.

Holy Tip:

This doesn’t mean you should avoid all sorts of tension.

Feel free to throw out a casual “FUCK” when telling a frustrating story.

As long as your language isn’t intended to hurt anyone, I’d advise you to speak like you’d speak to your friends over a beer.

ANYHOW… back to the Nice Guys!

Nice guys avoided all tension because it makes them uncomfortable as hell.

Funny enough, these super nice guys usually aren’t actually that nice. And once they notice that their pleasing behavior doesn’t get them the girl, they turn into category 1: The Degenerate.

Woopsie, the cat’s out of the bag.

“I’m so tired of being rejected I’m just going to kill myself”

And that’s exactly what he did to his Tinder account.

You can bet his profile won’t be shown to many girls anymore, if he didn’t get banned already.

So, my dearest reader and best friend ever…

…use these Tinder ELO score tips wisely.

And let them guide you to some better and hotter women.

I have plenty of other ELO tips sprinkled across other articles. But be careful. Tinder’s algorithm is ever changing. They keep updating and improving their beautiful system. And I will do my best to keep up to date and inform you.

I’ll see you soon.

Louis Farfields


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