Looking for a Tinder Photographer? 7 Crucial Caveats

You want to get better photos for your Tinder profile.


But after you saw hundreds of photographers to choose from, you’re not sure who to pick.

No problem. In this article, I’m going to tell you exactly what to look for when picking a Tinder photographer.

In this article:More...

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With the next tips, you’ll easily be able to pick the best Tinder photographer for you.

1. Look for dating photo experience

This is the difference between some OK matches and an endless supply of good matches.

Many people have decent photography skills. But there’s a difference between wedding photos and dating photos.

One is about memorializing an important moment and the other is about making you look fun and sexy.

Rather different.

Make the mistake of hiring a wedding photographer for Tinder? The you’ll get something like this.

The photo looks professional. And he’s well-groomed, well-dressed and definitely not bad looking.

But this is a pretty bummy photo for a dating profile. And it’s not just because he’s wearing sunglasses.

So what’s up?

Firstly, it looks like a stock photo. Which it is.

Even though he looks attractive, what does it say about him other than he had a photoshoot? It says close to nothing about who he is.

And women want to get a sense of what you’re like. She doesn’t give a hoot that you like to hire photographers, she wants to know if you’re the type of person she’d like to hang out with.

Contrast this to the photo below. (Yes, I can humble brag, it’s my article.)

Doesn’t exactly look professional. You may even think it has no place on a dating profile, right?


Despite that I’m not wearing shoes, that my hair is a mess, and that I’m not smiling, it’s GREAT.

Better said, it’s real. And it’s also mysterious.

What’s the story behind it? Why am I walking barefoot along a swimming pool in the middle of the desert?

It has so many great elements to it that all say a little something about who I am and what I like to do.

That’s the hallmark of a good Tinder photo. Women love photos like this.

Get yourself a photographer who can capture a slice of your personality on camera.

2. Searching for a Tinder photographer

How do you find photographers with dating photo experience?

Some good searches to start out with:

  • Tinder photographer + [your city]
  • Tinder photoshoot
  • Tinder photography
  • Photographer for Tinder
  • Online dating photographer

What if you can’t find a specialist dating photographer?

Another way you can find a good professional Tinder photographer is on Instagram.

Below is a photo of yours truly, and I’ve tagged the photographer so viewers can see who captured the shot. Many people do this when they post their photos.

If you’ve seen some photos on Instagram that you’d like to replicate, see if the photographer is tagged.

Does the photographer you’ve found work in another city?

Then it might be well worth the investment to take the trip. Perhaps you can even make a little holiday out of it.

3. Know what you need

Here’s how to figure out what you need for a successful dating photoshoot.

Firstly, download my Dating Profile Checklist so you’ll know get an idea of what kind of photos you’ll need!


Know what story you want to tell about yourself..

Having the best photographer in the world doesn’t mean you’ll get the photos you want. Why?

They don’t know you!

If they think you just want to look good, they’ll make you look like a model. Great if you’re advertising perfume. Not ideal to get more Tinder matches.

After all, models exist to sell products. But the only thing she’s looking to ‘buy’ is a cool dude who makes her heart soar.

So what do you do?

Figure out what you want to communicate to your potential Tinder matches. Then turn that into a photo.

Sound difficult?

It helps to look at photos from others that tell a similar story as yours.

Send potential photographers images like those you’re hoping to achieve. Then both of you understand what the end products should look like.

Make sure to watch this video for more tips on how to get the best profile photos!

4. Check for lively photos

The reason so many dudes fail at Tinder is this.

They don’t know what women are looking for.

And although every woman has her own idea of the perfect guy, this imagined stud almost always has these traits:

He’s friendly, warm, excited by the things he does, and most importantly, ALIVE.

So many dudes have photos of themselves looking like statues and figurines. It’s horrific. Quite literally, because you just don’t look human!

And, for whatever reason, many photographers are happy to give you photos that make you look like these lifeless Ken dolls.

Avoid all of these so-called professionals. They have no clue what they’re doing. At least, not when it comes to Tinder.

How do you know whether your photographer can shoot lively photos?

Check their portfolio and look for hand-in-the-cookie-jar moments.

These are the types of photos women want, because it makes you seem more authentic, real, human, trustworthy. Just like this:

This is authentic, real, and who doesn’t love a cute pupper? The lighting is great (golden hour is amazing for photos). And it doesn’t seem like a clearly posed photo!

If you look like a statue in every photo, you get the opposite effect. It seems artificial, plastic, untrustworthy.


For more info on creating an irresistible profile, check out this article:

5. Be wary of filters

This might come as a bit of a surprise because it’s so popular. But you need to be careful about filters.

Don’t get me wrong. Everyone uses filters and editing software nowadays. That’s not a problem. The problems start when it gets out of hand.

If the photos look particularly touched up, as if it’s a Disney movie.

Move along. Here’s an example of how filters make me look like a clown.

Don’t be like this guy

6. Run away from the mannequin effect

Don’t forget this to make sure your photos are hot as phuck.

Some photographers go a little bit crazy with airbrushing. Removing every wrinkle and freckle to turn you into a mannequin. Hot as phuck? Absolutely not.

Scary. Not attractive. Makes it seem like you have a lot to hide. Don’t make this your vibe.

7. Getting ready for the photoshoot

Just showing up to the photoshoot isn’t good enough. Follow these tips to have the best experience possible, and for you to showcase your sexiest self:

  • Pump yourself up beforehand. Think positively, do a little workout before. Go into the photoshoot as an unstoppable force of masculinity.
  • Bring accessories. A couple rings, perhaps. A guitar if you play. Just make sure the accessories are true to who you are!
  • Build rapport with the photographer. This will make things less uncomfortable.
  • Think about all the sexy women your photos will attract. This will keep you focussed on putting your best foot (also body and face) forward.
  • Have fun. Enjoy yourself and the new you you’re helping to create.

After reading this article, I hope you understand the importance of getting an outstanding photographer to take your profile photos. I have a final example which I hope will further drive it home.

Remember that guy above with the cute dog photo? This is the comparison between now, and what his photos used to look like.

The guy on the left gets hella matches. The guy on the right, most women will give zero chance. That’s how important photos are.

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Louis Farfields

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