Tinder Read Receipts: What They Are & What They Do For You

You’re talking to one of your favorite Tinder matches but she stopped replying.

So you wonder:

“Has she just not replied back or has she left me on read?”

No need to wonder anymore, my friend.

You can finally find out with Tinder Read Receipts!

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After reading this article, you’ll know the ins and outs of Tinder Read Receipts.

And whether they’re right for you…

How do you know if someone has read your message?

If you’re a free Tinder user, it’s impossible to know for certain if she’s read your text. Guessing is your only option. But this all changes if you’re willing to spend a little money. Because if you go to Tinder’s online shop, you can buy Read Receipts. Activating a read receipt lets you know if your match has seen your message, or if she’s ghosting you. So the only way to know if someone has read your message is through buying Tinder’s read receipts.

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How does Tinder Read Receipts work?

It’s time to reveal the biggest mystery of all.

How Tinder Read Receipts work!

Tinder is a business with many paid features and subscriptions. Here’s a review on Tinder Platinum.

But the feature for knowing whether your match has seen your message? Tinder Read Receipts.

More on activation later.

Essentially, if you scroll down to your last message and your match has seen it, Tinder will send a notification back to you that says ‘read’.

Then VOILA! You know whether your match has seen your epic message.

Activate Tinder Read Receipts

Want to see if your match has seen your message? This is how.

Go to the chat you’d like to use them on.

Then click the double blue check marks.

And the feature is activated!

How much does Tinder Read Receipts feature cost?

Will Tinder Read Receipts bankrupt you? Let’s find out.

Tinder Read Receipts come in packages of 5, 10, or 20.

And it costs approximately $15/$20/$30 for 5/10/20 receipts.

As always, your age, gender and location affect the price.

And activating read receipts in one chat counts as one usage.

Tinder Read Receipts for free

I know what you’re thinking.

“BuT LOUiS, yOU jUsT toLD mE THis COStS mOnEy?!?”

Let me explain.

If you really care about whether a woman has seen your message, there are alternatives.

You can move the convo over to a different messaging service. For example, Messenger, WhatsApp, or Instagram.

These apps have read receipts for free.

Is Tinder Read Receipts worth it?

If you take ANYTHING away from this article, let it be this.

What value will you be gaining with this feature?

Will knowing whether your match has seen your message make a big difference?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Some say this feature will know whether you’re being ghosted or not.

True, but overthinking this won’t do much good.

Think about it.

If a girl has seen your message and hasn’t responded. Will knowing about it make any difference?

The most important thing in your dating life is doing things which bring you success.

So rather than stressing about whether a message has been seen, focus on what truly matters.

Having good conversations. And an irresistible profile.

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This will ensure you are getting the high quality matches you deserve. And your responses from women will SKYROCKET.

Then you won’t be fretting about which matches might have seen your messages.

Tinder Read Receipts Frequently Asked Questions

Can I turn Tinder Read Receipts off?

If you would like other people who pay for the service to not see your read receipts, that’s possible. To do so,

  1. Open Tinder
  2. Tap Profile Icon
  3. Go to Settings
  4. Scroll to “Manage Read Receipts”
  5. Turn Off

What happens if your match has turned Read Receipts off and you activate it?

It will remain unused. And you can use it in another conversation.

Can I turn Tinder Read Receipts on?

You certainly can. After purchasing some, click on the double blue checkmark in your chat.

What are the double blue check marks on Tinder?

The Read Receipts.

Can matches see if I have turned Tinder Read Receipts on?

Matches cannot see if you have turned Tinder Read Receipts on.

Is there a ‘read’ notification on Tinder? / How do I know if someone has read my message?

Tinder Read Receipts now allows you to buy “read” notifications.

There you have it. A review of Tinder Read Receipts from your pal Louis.

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