What is Tinder Vibes & How to Use It Best

You may have recently stumbled onto a new Tinder feature.

And you’re not really sure what it is or how to use it to get more matches.

That’s why I’m about to tell you the best way to use Tinder Vibes.

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What is Tinder Vibes?

Tinder Vibes lets you see if you ‘Vibe’ with a person before liking their profile.

So instead of swiping her based on her looks, you can potentially match with someone based on something more personal.

How does Tinder know anything personal about its users?

Well, the dating app doesn’t. Unless you play the Vibes game.

And in that game you’ll be asked a multiple choice question such as this one:

Anyone who plays the Vibes games at the same time will see the same question.

After you pick an answer and start swiping, you’ll see other people who picked the same answer as you.

Now you have ‘mutual vibes’.

Although mutual vibes won’t guarantee you hit it off, the new feature does give you another reason to match each other. And it also gives you an easy subject to talk about after matching (more on that later).

How does Tinder Vibes work?

This feature works similarly to Swipe Night.

A 2020 Tinder game where your choices were recorded and shown on your profile.

Like Swipe Night, Tinder Vibes isn’t always available.

And when the mini-game does show up, it shows up for everyone in your region.

In that way, Tinder Vibes is a live experience.

How do I know there is a Tinder Vibes event?

Although it could be region dependent, it seems like every Tinder Vibes event is announced.

Multiple students of my TextGod Mentoring Program have been alerted of new Vibe events through push notifications. And those that had notifications turned off got notified right after booting up the app.

If you’ve been swiping for days or even weeks and you haven’t once seen a Tinder Vibes screen, that means one of two things:

  • Your country or area doesn’t yet have access to Vibes. As of now (16th of June 2021), Tinder Vibes isn’t available across the world. It’s still being tested by audiences in numerous specific countries.
  • You haven’t opted in for the test. See the details on how to do that in the next tip.

How do I enable Vibes on your profile?

Open up Tinder and go to your profile screen.

Then go into settings.

Lastly, go to Manage Vibes and click Participate in Vibes.

This is obviously also the same place where you can deactivate vibes if you don’t want to participate.

How do you play Tinder Vibes?

If you’ve seen the Vibes notification, all you have to do is go to your swiping screen.

Once there, you’ll instantly be taken to the Vibes game.

Which is impossible to miss.

What happens after I play Tinder Vibes?

After you finish the Vibes multiple choice, your answers will be shown beneath your profile for 72 hours.

But that’s not all.

Once you match, you can see each other’s Vibes (see bottom of the next screenshot).

As you can see, we’ve got two ‘mutual vibes’ in common, but we are different when it comes to feeling the most energized.

She’s a night owl and I’m a morning person.

If I’d like, I could pick one of her vibe answers and comment on it as a way to break the ice.

This is how Vibes makes it easier to start and maintain a convo.

Here’s a screenie of how I used Vibes to send the first text to a Tinder match:

The traditional ways to break the ice obviously still apply:

Moving onto the next tip.

What are the best Vibe answers?

I won’t bullshit you.

The best Vibe answers are authentic answers.

What answer do you genuinely feel represents you most as a person?

Pick that one.

The reason the genuine answer is the best is because you want to be liked for who you are.

Suppose you pick all the answers that some dating guru told you to pick.

Maybe you’ll get better matches than usual (highly doubtful), but once you go out on a date she’ll quickly realize that you’re not the person who you said you were.

Now she doesn’t want to see you again and you’re back to square one.

So forget about choosing the ‘best’ answers and just be yourself.

If she does the same, there’s a far bigger chance you’ll hit it off on the date.

This is all you need to know about Tinder Vibes, but before I wrap it up I want to help you get the most out of the new feature.

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Although the Vibe answers will help you build rapport and a stronger connection, it does nothing to help you plan the date.

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