Hinge Profile Examples: 13 Tips for an Attractive Profile

Creating a great Hinge profile doesn’t have to be a mystery. Using the tips from this article, you’ll know how to be amongst the most desirable users.

Scroll down to find the best Hinge profile examples (for guys) so you can attract your perfect match.

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1. Start with a bang

Most people underestimate the importance of their first photo and don’t give it much thought.

But that’s a mistake.

Your first photo is your first impression and should be the best it can be. Why? Because that’s what convinces them to look at the rest of your photos.

With so many people to discover, most swipers have no issue moving on to the next profile if your first photo is mediocre.

To captivate your potential matches, you want to blow them away with your leading shot. Generally speaking, that means you want to show off your features while standing out from the background.

Here are a few guidelines:

  • No obscuring your face with sunglasses or hats.
  • The photo should be head on.
  • Look approachable and friendly by wearing a top with warmer colors.
  • Smile or smirk.
  • Focus the picture from the chest up.
  • Separate yourself from the background using blur.

Here’s an example:

And another:

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2. Show off your personality

Most Hinge users don’t even know this is something they should care about. But it’s all the difference between some matches and a truck load of high quality matches.

Your personality!

Most people solely focus on their looks. And, yes, your appearance is important. But after someone has a good idea of what you look like, they want to know if you’re fun to hang out with.

So if you only have a dating profile that shows off your looks, you’re going to have a bad time.

To get success, you want to give people an idea of who you are and what you like to do for fun.

Want to show you’re kind? A picture with you cuddling a cute animal does wonders. Do you love traveling? A picture of you hiking or surfing or with monuments can work. Trying to show off your funny side? Try a picture of you wearing a girls tiara, dressed up in a goofy costume, or failing at cooking something.

Ask yourself, “What are my best personality traits and how do I show that to my potential Hinge matches?”

Then start snapping some pictures showing off those particular personality traits for your hinge profile.

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3. Be honest about who you are

Would you ever date someone who lies? Preferably not, right?

Then why do so many men lie on their dating profiles?

5’8 turns into 6’1. High school dropout becomes PhD in Harvard Mathematics. Unemployed becomes Entrepreneur.

It’s a little sad.

Don’t even get me started on trying to be funny with the job description. Like, a baker saying he’s a ‘flour alchemist’ or ‘dough enthusiast’. It’s a worthy attempt at being funny. But it just makes people confused and gets in the way of your online dating success.

Besides shirtless gym pics, a lack of honesty is a girl’s largest red flag on Hinge.

If she can’t trust you from the beginning, then there’s no hope for any sort of relationship, whether it’s something long-term or more casual.

So be honest and own your life. Imperfections and all. Confidence is the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Want to know some other ways to turn her on? Check out my other article on exactly that.

4. Keep your prompt answers fun

Learn this skill and girls will ALWAYS want to match with you.

Make your Hinge prompt answers fun.

Bitterness isn’t sexy. So it has no place in seduction. That’s why you want to focus on positive prompts: “I take pride in…” And preferably stay away from prompts like: “My biggest turn offs are…”

Here are some fun and simple examples of good Hinge prompts:

Fun, light, positive.

EXCEPTION TO THE RULE: A prompt like ‘Biggest turns off’ can totally work, as long as you don’t do it in earnest. For example, you could say: “My biggest turn offs are… people who chill at home in jeans. #psychos.”

This still keeps it fun and playful.

And if you want 122 more examples of great hinge prompts, just clicky-click on my next article:

5. Add personality to your prompts

Many guys are sabotaging their Hinge success by underselling who they are.

I’m not suggesting you want to boast about your achievements. But when you’re describing yourself in a way that makes you the same as everyone else, that’s not good.

And don’t get it twisted, most people make themselves out to be about as exciting as Wonder Bread.

They’ll genuinely answer prompts like, “We’ll get along if… you like exercise, good coffee and travel.”

That describes about anyone living in a major city. And that makes you unoriginal and uninteresting!

And that’s a shame, because you undoubtedly are original in many ways.

Be specific about what makes you unique when you answer your Hinge prompts.

If we add a little spice and personality to our previous prompt, we get this.

We’ll get along if… The rainbow roll is your favorite sushi and you think plane rides are the funnest part about traveling.

Wowzers. So much better. So much more personality. I want to hang out with this person.

6. Don’t copy paste jokes from the internet

I see a lot of men and women make this heinous mistake.

They don’t know what to write on their Hinge prompt so they copy something from the internet.

There are two problems with this. Firstly, if you got your line anywhere but from TextGod, it’s probably quite lame. Secondly, the line isn’t yours and probably doesn’t really fit your personality.

Sure, the imitation might get you a few more matches and dates. But once your dates recognize that you never make those kinds of jokes, you seem like a phony.

The goal is to get your Hinge persona as close to your actual personality.

So use Hinge content from the internet as inspiration to create your own material. 

These are GREAT Hinge prompt answers that will give you an idea of what to create.

  • My typical Sunday: Blue raspberry slushies, getting sand in my shorts from surfing, and drawing iconic movie scenes using charcoal.
  • Dating me is like: Watching all the Harry Potter movies for the very first time again.
  • My most irrational fear: Having all my teeth suddenly fall out while I’m eating spaghetti.

7. Be a little vulnerable

If you want to stand out on Hinge you need to follow this tip.

Be a little vulnerable.

For many people, dating feels like interviewing for a job. So they’ll do everything they can to look good. To impress. They sell themselves. But that actually makes you less likable. A little fake. And let’s be honest, everyone wants the real Prada bag as opposed to the Chinese knockoff.

So be sure to add a few things about yourself that are a little embarrassing. It’ll make you seem more human and approachable.

Check these examples:

  • My most irrational fear: Dark basements. I KNOW that the second I turn off the light a murderer will appear behind me.
  • My simple pleasures: Watching White Lotus while drinking wine in a bubble bath. Currently in my princess era.

Both of these show a bit of a softer side which actually makes you more confident and relatable.

And if a girl sees that, she’s more likely to hop on a date with you.

8. Mention what you’re obsessed with

This Hinge prompt idea really makes you stand out.

Share what you’re obsessed with.

It’s pretty important to know what someone likes to spend a bajillion hours on. Whether you’re into nerdy hobbies, certain sports, or reality TV dating shows (which I may or may not adore).

By sharing what you like, girls can see if your lifestyles align. And that’s ultimately what you’re trying to do, right?

So be sure to mention what you’re about. Here are some examples.

  • Fact about me that surprises some people: I used to sing in an Acapella band as a tenor.
  • I spend most of my money on: White chocolate raspberry gelato. I’m convinced my body is 10% gelato now.
  • I geek out on: painting miniatures. It’s like meditation for nerds.

Remember to keep these authentic and true to what you’re into.

9. Say what you’re looking for

Want to know a major turn off for most women?

Tell them you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Why? Because this says you don’t know who you are. And that makes you look like a leaf in the wind. At the mercy of almost everything else.

And that makes you an unattractive potential teammate.

That’s why you want to give everyone a taste of what you’re after. You don’t have to go into absurd detail. In fact, it’s better if you don’t. A little mystery is more exciting.

Here’s some fun examples from our TextGod Mentoring Program Students:

  • Green flags I look for: I think kindness, honesty and candor are sexy AF.
  • I’m looking for: a girl who likes her veggies and has too many Lululemon pants for sunset cuddles.

Both of these Hinge prompts describe qualities or attributes you want in someone. Which is a great way to filter for just the women you want.

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10. Casually show off your muscles

Be careful when trying to show off your muscles.

It can easily make you look arrogant and someone who only cares about getting laid. And this can give girls major red flags.

Even if she wants something casual or a hookup, it says that you’re willing to give your medieval spear to anything that walks. Annnddddd that you think you’re the cream of the crop, which is gross.

Women prefer to sleep with guys who are boyfriend material, even if you’re not looking for a serious relationship.

So only show off your bulging biceps when it makes sense, like in a:

  • Picture of you rock climbing.
  • Picture of you in a well tailored outfit.
  • Picture of you shirtless at the beach playing volleyball.

Keep the shirtless selfies for your private collection.

11. Don’t give too much information

Dating apps are not the place to tell your whole life story.

Save that for when you’re married (or at least the first date).

Displaying too much information often comes across as being a tryhard. Plus, no one enjoys reading a novel on a dating app.

So keep it light, playful, and brief.

Like this:

  • The way to win me over is: pomegranate hazelnut chocolate. 🤤
  • My love language is: head pats and back scratches for me and my dog.

Notice that these hinge answers are short but still contain specific information. It gives women a sneak peek into who you are as a person.

A little bit goes a long way.

Which is why you should also check out my YouTube video for even more Hinge profile tips.

But only if you want better matches.

12. Add captions to photos to provide context

There’s one EASY thing you can do to get more comments on your Hinge photos.

And that’s adding prompts/captions to them.

You probably do this all the time. And that’s the issue. You want to add prompts to your pics sparingly. That way it triggers a stronger response.

Let me give you an example.

This photo is kinda fun, but the guy (colleague and fellow coach, Justin) doesn’t look super great in it. BUT, adding the right caption can take this photo from a 6 to a 9.

Like this:

Now the whole scenario is mega funny. Girls are much more likely to comment or send a like on this photo.

Try it out on your own photos and you’ll immediately notice the difference.

13. Double-check your grammar

Some girls won’t even notice these mistakes.

Some girls WILL notice them, and won’t care too much. So you’ll just barely get a pass.

But some girls… some girls will see grammar or spelling mistakes and think you once took a high dive in a low well.

Grammar mistakes can easily make you look like a dumb-dumb.

Obama is one of those girls.

And in my experience, the girls who get annoyed by spelling and grammar mistakes are often the higher-value ones.

The ones with solid diplomas and nice jobs. The ones that have ambitious goals and next-level oral communication skills. In other words: the ones you REALLY want to date.

Grammar and spelling matters.

A guy who takes care of small things like spelling and grammar probably takes care of more serious things too. Because how you do anything is how you do everything.

It doesn’t take much effort to write correct texts but the negative consequences of mistakes are huge.

Even when they aren’t always directly visible.

Hinge Profile Examples – Conclusion

A little conscious effort can take your Hinge profile from mediocre with few matches to great with many matches.

Just keep in mind that it’s better not to blindly copy-paste my lines. You want to personalize them to your tastes. That way your online persona matches your real-life persona. And now your matches will feel like you’re the same person when they go on a date with you.

Of course, there is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before you go on a date with your Hinge match.

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