7 Ways To Turn On A Woman With Words (+ Text Examples)

You probably fall into one of 3 categories:

You’re in a relationship and want to spice up your texting.

You’re dating and want to set the tone for booty calls.

You’re on Tinder or another dating app and want to be more flirty.

Great. Because you’re about to get 7 ways to turn on a woman with words.

You get:

  • 10+ Stealable phrases to turn her on
  • How to turn her on without creeping her out
  • The #1 tip to turn on a woman with just your words
  • The secret to becoming every woman’s erotic fantasy
  • How to tastefully start sexting

Women and men both get turned on by words. The major difference is, men get instantly turned on by erotic and graphic descriptions. Whereas women generally get turned on by slow and subtle escalation.

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#1 Tip to turn on a woman with just your words

The way most men try to turn on women with words is hilarious.

Hilariously BAD.

Dudes will try and paint erotic pictures, use graphic words, and send emoti penises.

Yep, that is real.

But as you can well imagine, it doesn’t work.

In fact, talking about ‘titties’ and sending aubergines only scares her off.

So what does work?

Text with confidence. And assume attraction.

Always go at 169%. No less.

Because if you’re unsure about what you’re talking about, you come across as a little bish.

And as we’ll discuss later, women don’t like weakness in men.

IMPORTANT: Just because you text with confidence does not mean that you’ll automatically get the girl.

It’s impossible to get every girl.

But if you focus on texting with confidence, your odds of turning her on grow exponentially.

What’s a quick way to text with confidence?

  • Use proper punctuation
  • Spell correctly
  • Don’t use question marks all the time (even when asking a question)
  • Sparingly use emojis and ‘hahas’

How your loving texts are turning her OFF

The majority of men try to turn on women by showering her with love and attention.

While love and attention can turn on a woman, it often does NOT.

Suppose you send her roses, do everything she wants, and pick up every of her calls even if you’re busy.

That doesn’t raise attraction.

It KILLS attraction.

So what should you do to turn her on instead?

You use one of the next 2 techniques.

Turn her on with tactful escalation

Yes, tactful.

Which doesn’t include tying a bow tie around your donger and sending her a dickpic.

Tactful precedes showing off your genitalia.

And starts with putting out feeler texts.

Brief texts that test if she’s attracted to you.

Suppose you’re having a tame back and forth and you want to spice up the convo.

Try this:

[Boring stuff that leads the convo to Snoozeville]

I bet you tell that to all the guys, player


Wow, I can tell you’re trouble

And even more over the top:

You’re so bad! Talk more thermodynamics (replace with boring topic she was on) to me, babe

‘Dat lip bite.

If she continues the flirty vibe, you’re set.

Otherwise you may have to slow it down even more. Or… crush on someone else who is more receptive.

Get her excited by being emotional

Now… before we continue we have to get rid of a terribly dangerous misconception.

Just because she’s returning your flirty vibes does NOT automatically mean that she’s ready to jump into bed with you.

Only that she’s interested in you. And slowly becoming more attracted to you.

The emphasis being ‘SLOWLY’.

So if you want to test the springs in her mattress, you need to continue escalating how?

You guessed it…


Which doesn’t necessarily mean you want to dial up the flirting.

In fact, getting her attracted even more is about shifting the vibe of the conversation away from getting her hot.

And toward getting her…



Because most guys have a one-track mind.

Almost every guy wants to do nothing more than explore her lady parts.

So if you can excite her lady parts AND just as easily ignore them, you’ll stand out from every other guy.

And she’ll be triggered to chase you.

Which is how it should be:

The girl should want the guy just as much as he wants her.

So how do you return the convo away from hot and to cold?


Switch topics.

How to turn her on without scaring her off

Women don’t get turned on by your words as much as they do by…


If your texts don’t feed her emotions, she WILL lose interest in you and eventually stop texting back.

So every girl is looking for a man who can stimulate her emotions.

Because if a man can stimulate her emotions, he can also turn her on!

Holy Tip:

Could you use some help with stimulating a girl’s emotions?

Look no further, because I’ve got just what you need.

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

An assortment of copy pastable lines that you can toss into your conversations to spark emotions, or ask her out without being needy.

Grab ‘em here.

So let’s give you some ideas on how to do exactly that, using…

Trigger words.

I often preach on going ‘over the top’.

But when you want to sexualize the conversation, going over the top is more likely to hurt your success.

And turn her off.

So if you want to turn her on, start subtle and use trigger words.

You see, some words are so powerful that if you gently whisper them into her ear, she’ll instantly pull you closer and suck your face off.


Point is, the right word can turn her on quicker than a candlelit dinner.

So here come 7 trigger words that’ll get her to think about sex:

  • Wet
  • Deep
  • Come
  • Hard
  • Eat/mouth
  • Inside
  • Dripping

Now, don’t think you can turn her on by screaming:


Or tying them all together into an obscene text:

I want to shove my hard ‘oo la la’ into your wet ‘crikey dingo’ and come deep inside your ‘auf wiedersehen’ and watch my ‘ai karamba’ dripping out of your ‘tutzy frutzy’

You want to be a little more subtle and/or playful about it.

For instance, suppose she just went through a rainstorm and sent you:

omg. I just got caught in a storm and am soaked to the bone

Retort with a playful message that implies a trigger word.

Women get turned on by the weirdest shit

Are you planning the date?

Turn her on with a bit of subtlety:

That’ll be so much fun. I can’t wait for you to come

That won’t set off her alarm bells.

Another easy trigger word to slip into your conversation is ‘hard’.

Suppose she’s cramming for an upcoming school exam:

Learning for this exam is killing me 😫

Why’d you go to uni if you don’t like it hard

Drop a few sexual oriented bombs and you’ll see that women like to talk about x-rated topics as long as it’s not too on the nose.

7 Phrases to turn her on

We already have lots of theory on what turns women on.

But how do you actually turn her on?

Here come 7 copy pastable lines.

Lines that you would naturally create if you use the hidden principles behind Fifty Shades of Grey:

I’m biting my lip when I’m thinking about you.

It’s something you want to say when her last text blew you away.

Why does that line turn her on?

Because you’re taking charge and painting an image in her mind.

Women love it when they feel they turn on a man. Especially if it’s not too explicit like this text.

The next phrase is the opposite of the above, but strangely also builds attraction.

That’s it. We’re breaking up

Why does this line work?

Firstly, you’re implying that you’re already a couple. (If you actually already are a couple, I’ll give you a better line in just a moment.)

Next, you’re verbally pushing her away.

She said something you didn’t like and you’re showing her that has consequences. So if she wants to be on your good side, she has to put in some effort.

In short, she doesn’t have you yet.

And women like to do a little hunting.

Are you already boyfriend and girlfriend?

Turn her on with the next line:

9-1-1? I want to report an assault. Yep. She told me a joke that gave me third-degree cringe

Another example of a tease that raises attraction.


Because challenging men turn women on, remember?

Now, she doesn’t want a man who turns everything into a competition. But she does want a man who can stand up for himself and go against the flow.

Let’s give you a follow-up for your tease.

Some women will like your tease, but will test to see if you mean business.

Like so:

Wow. You’re quite forward aren’t you?

Yeah, being backwards got me nowhere

Haha, I love it

This is attractive for two reasons:

  • You’re witty
  • You’re doubling down

Most men who get accused of being forward would flinch and back down.

But a real man owns his (playful) challenging behavior.

Now, you don’t always have to be teasing and pushing her away.

You can also give a sincere compliment when she’s being awesome.

Okay, you just officially earned yourself a unique ringtone

Which would probably lead to something like:

Haha, I’m honored!

What’s the ringtone?

Before I give you the attraction raising answer, I want you to come up with a line.

The only hint I’ll give you is that the best line will be a tease.

Got anything?

I hope so! Or else you’re missing out on valuable text-improving skills.

Barbie Girl by Aqua

Haha, you’re such an asshole!!

As you can see, if you want to arouse a woman through text, you don’t just have to be sexual.

As long as you’re showing off attractive male traits, you’re good.

What you MUST know before you make it X-rated

When it comes to turning on women with words, men almost always make the next mistake…

They’re too visual.

And by that I mean:

Most guys paint an erotic image with words.

An image that turns them on… but not women.

You see, unlike men, most women don’t get turned on by a perfect physique.

I mean, women will get aroused a little. But a hard, chiseled male body often isn’t enough to push her over the edge.

When us men, however, see a beautiful woman, our pants instantly pitch a tent.

Which is why Pornhub has far more male than female viewers.

So what really turns on a woman?

A story that leaves a little to the imagination.

Which is precisely why the best selling book on Amazon is an erotic novel called…

Fifty Shades of Grey.

A book that’s been translated into 52 languages!

So if you want to turn on a woman with words, look no further and dive into the book that’s turned on women across the globe.

The erotic secret of 50 Shades of Grey

The fastest selling novel of all time reveals a lot about the erotic fantasies of women.

Fantasies most women will never tell you.

What is that fantasy?

A secret love for BDSM.

Sexual roleplay involving: bondage, male dominance and submission.

Which blows the mind of every man who’s tuned into the news in the last 10 years and caught a glimpse of the #metoo movement.

So when I tell most of my clients about many women’s sexual fantasy to be dominated, I’m often met with lots of resistance.

“I’m sorry, Louis. But I just don’t believe it. Just look at how much women are fighting for equality! If anything, women are sick of the male dominance schtick.”

Look, I get the confusion.

Women are fighting to close the gap between men and women.

But most of that egalitarianism is limited to the professional work environment.

NOT the bedroom.

The bedroom is where men and women are allowed to be different.

In fact, most women want men to be different in the bedroom.

After all, the horizontal mambo has no room for two people with the exact same role. One person has to be submissive and the other has to be dominant.

You can take turns in taking the lead in sex, but it can’t be another way.

And although exceptions exist, most women are naturally submissive in bed and most men are naturally dominant while playing a game of hide the salami.

Only once that realization clicks in your head, can we move onto turning on a woman with words over text.

The magic formula behind turning on a woman with words

The success of 50 Shades of Grey reveals a lot about women’s sexual fantasies.

But not everything.

If we want to know even more about what turns on a woman, we need to dive into…

Google’s pornographic search queries.

Simply put, what women type into Google when they want to flick the bean.

Two neuroscientists studied a year’s worth of pornographic search queries (about 55 million) and analyzed the results.

And published their findings in their book.

Which revealed two key insights:

  1. Men like pornography, because we’re mostly concerned about how well she can produce children, and that’s somewhat visible to the naked eye. Think of visual indicators as youthfulness, fitness and her reproductive organs.
  2. Women like romance novels, because women are for a large part driven by the desire to find the ultimate mate to start a family with. A quality that’s impossible to see with the naked eye since a long-term relationship is determined by character, not looks.

You’re probably thinking, “So what is the ‘ultimate mate’ to a woman?”

Good question, mister big brain.

Well, every good romantic novel has roughly the following plot:

An innocent, well-meaning, and attractive young woman crosses paths with a man who is a bit of a monster.

Such as a vampire, werewolf, or some other type of man-beast.

Which should INSTANTLY give you an AHA-moment.

“Ahh… that explains the success of those silly Twilight Movies and that ghey True Blood series.”


Women see this handsome and aggressive man-beast and want to tame him.


Because he’s obviously enormously strong (or powerful in terms of money and/or valuable skills) and is at the top of the food chain.

The ultimate mate.

So she seduces him with her beauty and tames him, so that he can take care of her kids.

What’s the takeaway?

Women unconsciously fall for dangerous but civilized men. And have no sexual interest in weak men.

The takeaway?

If you want to turn her on, you must be dangerous and have a backbone.

Without a backbone, your attempts to turn her on will end with a sizzle.

If you want to end in a bang, you’re in luck.

Because we’re about to get into sexting.

But first a word of caution.

Why sexting may be the worst thing you can do

You may be thinking, “Finally! The good stuff!”

But I warn you…

Unless you’re already dating, I advise against sexting.

Although the methods you’re about to get work, and will likely get her to participate.

The results are often disappointing.

Yes, you’ll be texting naughty things to each other.

Yes, you may even see her nudes.


You’ll probably ruin your chances of seeing her.


Because now she feels pressured to get sexual with you in real life. Even if she’s not ready.

So to repeat myself: I only advise texting for nudes when you’ve already been sleeping with her, or when you don’t care about meeting her in person.

How to sext without being a creeper

Where many guys go wrong, is that they not only cross the naughty line.

But they leap over the line with a rocket pack and shoot into Creeperville.

That’s because when guys see an opening for erotic texting, we tend to dash toward the explicit.

And instantly talk about jiggly and gooey lady parts.

That kind of dirty talk may work for us. But turns women off.

So how do you introduce sexting in a way she enjoys?

  • You make sure she’s available and has time for herself (think evening or weekend)
  • You’re already chatting with her and she’s in a good mood

Once those requirements are met, the sexting can begin.

Here comes an example of how you can use sexting to motivate a girl to come over.

I’m going to hit the gym and then chill at home. You should come over

Oooh. Very tempted

But I’ve had a long week and need to catch up on my sleep

You can sleep here

After I slowly… kiss you

From your neck… all the way down to your belly button

While your hands are tied to my bedpost

See how I slowly build up the tension? And how I start by simply bringing up what I want to do to her?

It’s pretty straight forward.

Note: be sure to stop after sending a couple of sexts.

That way you can gauge how she’s feeling.

If she’s enjoying it, she’ll usually reply with:

Go on

Or a blushing emoji:


Continue as you see fit.

If you do decide to keep sexting, be very descriptive.

And occasionally ask her if she wants more.

Anyway, bro.

That’s almost all you need to know on how to turn on a woman with words.

To make sure you’re ready to give a girl all the emotions she needs, I have one last gift.

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

A mix of copy pastable texts that you can use to:

  • Give fun answers to boring questions
  • Teases to raise attraction
  • How to turn the conversation toward fun
  • Ask her out in a non-needy way
  • And more

Grab the 10 Texts Here for FREE.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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