How To Get Verified On Tinder (3X More Matches)

Tinder verification is different from getting the blue checkmark on Twitter or Instagram.

On Twitter or Instagram only famous people are eligible to get verified.

But getting Tinder verified proves to others that you’re a real person (thus, not a catfish).

But, getting Tinder verified will get you about 3x more matches.

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By the end of this article, you’ll know how Tinder verified works, why it works, and how it’ll boost your Tinder success.

What’s Tinder verification?

By being verified on Tinder, you are showing potential matches you’re authentic.

(Or at least, it proves  that you passed Tinder’s photo verification test.)

This allows you to show other users that you’re real, not a bot or some catfish.

So that cool blue symbol represents…


Doesn’t sound very sexy. But it makes you much more swipeable!

How do you get a blue checkmark on Tinder?

It’s an easy 2-step process to get the blue checkmark.

On your phone you will send Tinder a photo of your face. Then copy a pose shown on your screen.

Usually Tinder verifies you within a few minutes.

And you’re off to reel in those matches!

Don’t worry guys, this was a Tinder April Fools Joke 😉

Need some more basic Tinder info? Start here with my How Does Tinder Work article.

Is it worth getting verified on Tinder?

Hell yeah it is! Here’s why:

With all the fake profiles and catfish out there, the blue checkmark will get you:

  • More matches
  • A better relationship with Tinder, who will reward you with a better spot in the swipe stack

Seriously. Do it when you’re done reading this article.

Detailed steps to get verified on Tinder

  1. Open Tinder
  2. Tap your profile icon
  3. Tap the grey checkmark next to your name
  4. Tap “Verify your Profile”
  5. You will see a photo with a specific pose, and be asked to replicate the pose
  6. Confirm that the poses of the Tinder photo and your selfie are similar
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 one more time
  8. Await Tinder’s verification

How does getting verified on Tinder get you more matches?

This is why you’ll get 3X more matches after verifying your Tinder:

It’s something only few men understand about female psychology.

Women are more vulnerable than men. Women are more often the victim of all kinds of creeps.

It also happens to men, but way less often.

This makes women watch out for this one element A LOT more:


That means you’re a safer choice than someone who doesn’t have the blue checkmarks. After all, they could be fake.

That said… a blue badge is no guarantee you’re exactly who you say you are.

Your name, age, profession, and so on could all be baloney.

But the verified profile has one big advantage:

You’re at least the same person as in your photos.

Back in the day, we all found our romantic partners through our work or social circles. That felt safe. Even if you didn’t know the other person, your friends did.

But today, science shows that most partners meet via online dating. Now your friends can’t vouch for your Tinder match.

You know who does the vouching now?

The verification badge!

That blue checkmark gives her the confidence to safely swipe you right.

And if you play your cards right, she’ll also feel more confident meeting up with you.

Check out this video for what to text her once you match…

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And let’s not forget Tinder Top Picks!

Does Tinder keep my selfie photo I have taken for Tinder verification?

Yes. But it won’t be shown on your profile. And you can ask Tinder to remove it.

There you have it my friends.

An easy way to triple your matches by simply sending a couple photos.

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