How to Message Someone on Tinder — The Ultimate Guide

How to Message Someone on Tinder — The Ultimate Guide

Want to know how to message someone on Tinder and actually set up dates with someone cute?

Read this how-to guide and find out how to get her hooked from the first text.

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By the end of this article, you’ll know how to successfully message women on Tinder. And turn those messages into real dates.

How do you message someone on Tinder without matching?

  1. Buy a Tinder Platinum membership.
  2. Super Like the profile of the person you want to message by hitting the star
  3. Write a message in the screen that shows up.
  4. Click send.

How to message someone on Tinder that you know?

Don’t respond right away. Wait about a day to see if they message you first. This way you’ll get a better idea of what they want. Because depending on your history, they may not have matched you for reasons of romance.

Once one day passes, you want to break the ice yourself by playfully acknowledging your history and hinting that you have romantic interests. Like so.

Well, at least when we get married, we don’t have to say we met on Tinder.

1. Keep away from clichés

Here’s how you’ll put a smile on her face and get her attention.

Stay away from everyday questions that she’s seen a bazillion times. Like this…

Hey, how are you?

What’s the problem?

It’s too bland and familiar. And doesn’t remotely get her emotional juices flowing.

And that’s precisely what online dating is all about: showing someone a fun time and getting them excited to meet you.

How do you do that?

  • Be original (a great start is to stop filtering your initial ideas!).
  • Keep it relevant yet simple.
  • Have fun.

That might seem like a tall order for sending someone a message on Tinder. But it’s actually pretty low effort.

Let me give you an example.

Suppose her photos show she has a cat, a bookcase stacked with books, and you want to know how she spent her weekend.

We’re not going the predictable route. Leave that to Peasant Paul and Mediocre Marc. We’re going to be original and have fun.

So what kind of mischief did you get yourself into last weekend?

I bet it involved lots of reading and cat petting, you minx

It doesn’t need to get more complicated than that.

2. Flirt!

Most people know flirting is important. But many don’t know where to begin.

Here’s a simple technique that you can put to use right now.

Give her a nickname!

Some favourites of mine are “silly goose”, “goofball” and “brah.” You could also come up with a name based on something in her profile.

How could calling someone a silly goose make you more attractive to her?

Because it’s challenging! You’re showing you’re playful.

And perhaps more important, you’re treating her like a normal human being rather than some angelic creature you want to worship.

There are countless ways to seduce the ladies, Romeo. Check out the next article for more.

3. Express yourself

Do the following to instantly become more attractive to her.

Share about yourself in full 4K HD colour mode.

Most people on Tinder have roughly the same conversations with all their matches.

Exhibit A…

These are the types of emotionless conversations most men are having. Which is great!

Because their dry convos makes it incredibly easy for you to stand out and be awesome.

Don’t worry.

Being awesome is easy when everyone else on Tinder is about as cool as Crocs with socks.

(Fashion is a funny thing though, as at the time of writing this, I know a fair amount of popular girls that rock the Croc look. Sometimes with pins, sometimes with socks.)

Here’s how you do it:

Talk about what makes you excited about life.

First, think about what you are passionate about. How do you spend your days? What’s going on in your life?

Next, tell her.

Just came back from jiu jitsu training and got a new stripe on my belt! ✨✨

Now I can finally defend myself against old ladies

Just sharing this is probably enough to get her investing back.

Not confident she will and not ballsy enough to try? Then add the next line:

What kind of sports do you do?

By sharing about what gets you excited, you feel like an actual person.

Plus, if she feels like you have a fun life, she’ll want to be a part of it.

The things you talk about don’t have to be omega awesome.

You can talk about really mundane things. As long as it gets you excited.

Like a book you read, a fun series you’re watching, a new snack that changed your life, or this amazing guy you met online who’s helping you get better with women.

4. Create moments of sexual tension

Here’s how you become the flirty guy that she wants to meet up with…

Take a little risk.

Simping Sam keeps it safe because they don’t want to risk rejection… So they play the supportive friend and eventually end up being ignored or friendzoned.

Other dudes take a metric ton of risk and scare her off. “Send me bobs and vegana.”

How do you become the sexy and fun-loving guy that she wants to meet?

By creating small moments of sexual tension.

Because I can’t peer over your shoulder and see your Tinder conversations, I’ll give you a generic way to insert a little sexual spice.

Study her photos for something potentially naughty.

Suppose she’s holding a baguette in one of her photos. Then you can go.

The baguette from your photo is so big. Why do I suddenly feel so inadequate?

Perhaps she visited Amsterdam and she’s standing in giant sized clogs.

Wow those clogs. You know what they say about women with big feet, right?

5. Be excited

Do this to make her excited to meet you.

Many guys think it’s a good strategy to be mysterious and hard-to-get.

And there’s some truth to that…

…But being distant and aloof can also make her hesitant to show interest in you.

“Guess he doesn’t like me very much. Let me give my attention to someone who is.”


Here’s how you become the guy she wants to invest in.

Be excited about the things you like about her.

When a woman feels you’re excited about her, she feels much more comfortable flirting with you and revealing her feelings about you.

Suppose you find out she’s into Mario Kart and you’re an avid gamer.

I can’t wait to crush you at Mario Kart

Maybe she said something absolutely hilarious.

AHAHAHA. Boy, it’s been a while since a girl made me laugh that hard over text

Perhaps she’s into the same niche music band that you are.

You like (BAND) too? Put a ring on my finger already, Rose!!

Get this right and women won’t be able to wait to meet up with you.

6. Keep the conversation going

After this tip you’ll never struggle to keep a conversation going again.

Go back and forth between questions and assumptions.

Let’s say you want to know about what she does for fun. And she has 3 photos of herself sipping coffee in a café..

Here’s how you can find your answer, the fun way.

Based on your profile, it looks like you’re a caffeine dependent life form

What else keeps you going in life? 😉

Now you’re giving value before you ask for it.

Because you just made her feel a little better with your assumption, she’ll likely answer your question.

7. Plant seeds for the future

This is the quickest way to meet up with someone from Tinder.

Always lead towards the date.

No, this doesn’t mean asking her out with your second text. It means that you’re always subtly leading the conversation towards meeting up.

Here’s a great way to do exactly that.

Look for activities related to her interests.

If she enjoys endurance running, you could say

I love walks on the beach, but I’m afraid you will turn it into a marathon haha.

If she likes history, you could say

Maybe I should hire you to give me a museum tour one day. Do you accept hugs and awkward conversation as payment?

These lines are so playful and light-hearted that it doesn’t seem like you’re asking her out.

But if she seems in for it, you totally can. And probably should.

If you made it this far, you clearly take your dating life very seriously. That means you’re someone with persistence.

And that’s something I respect.

That’s why I want to give you a special opener that gets such good responses that messaging her afterwards becomes child’s play!.

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