5 Simple Ways To Keep A Conversation Going Over Text

You probably think that you suck at texting.

And the fact that you’re googling for help is enough to make you feel like an idiot.

Something as simple as keeping a conversation going over text shouldn’t be this hard!


Well, after reading this article keeping a conversation going over text will be easy.

You’ll discover:

  • Examples to copy-paste to your WhatsApp or text messages
  • What’s keeping you from continuing a fun and flirty conversation
  • 3 Stealable lines to inject into your conversation and get a fun reply
  • 5 Methods that will guarantee you always have something to say
  • How to be the type of man she’s looking for
  • 2 Concrete examples of flirting and how you can do it with your crush

By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations? Very frustrating... but there is a simple solution. I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work, including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Download it, it's completely free and easy to use.

#1: What you’re doing wrong

The reason you can’t keep a conversation going over text is because…

You’re doing it all wrong.

That sounds harsh.

Let me show you what I mean by copying one of your Tinder text conversations.

(I can look on your phone by opening my 3rd eye.)

Hey Sarah, I see you like to play the piano. I used to play too 🙂

Hi Paul. Nice to meet you

U too!

So what is your favorite song to play?

Probably toccata in d minor

Cool! Mine was A Little Night Music
by Mozart

Also nice

So what do you do for work?

I tend bar


Any cool bars you recommend?

Anything busy in the city center

I see

Have any siblings?


She doesn’t respond.

Sidenote: Maybe you don’t use dating apps, but you want to keep the conversation going with your crush. We’ll get to that too, my friend.

Why did Sarah the piano player leave you on read?

Because you were being superbly BORING.

I count 4 questions!

Which gives her the impression you have a job at Guantanamo Bay as a waterboarder.

Not someone she wants to be spending time with.

What type of man does she want to spend time with?

Find out in the next tip.

#2: What type of man she’s looking for

If you’re reading this article, you probably have the following effect on women:

*she sees a new text notification on her phone*

*she reads it’s you*

“Oh, no. Not him again!”

Sorry, bro. I don’t say this to offend you.

I say it, because by the end of this article she’ll lunge at her phone every time it pings…

…hoping it’s a new text from you.

Quite the turn around.

How do we get you from dud to stud?

Firstly, by forgetting all about questions.

No girl wants to get stuck in an interview.

Because even if she likes you, answering questions about her work, hobbies and family will eventually bore her to death.

And kill any attraction she feels for you.

“But Louis, what do I say if I can’t ask questions???”

Patience, my young apprentice.

Because I have something much more effective at keeping a conversation going than questions.


Let me explain with a hypothetical.

Suppose you’re texting your crush, or a girl on Tinder.

You exchanged a couple of texts and suddenly your intuition wants to ask a question:

“How close are you with your family?”

Before you type out that question into your phone, I want you to take a moment and fill in the answer yourself.

In other words, I want you to assume.

Supposing she has a photo of herself at a Chuck E Cheese with a pizza on display.

The assumption would look a little like this:

Based on how you stare at a pizza.
I can only imagine you have a small
army of siblings

Haha, what do you mean?

Even though there’s no one around
you’re staring at that pizza like Gollum
stares at the precious


Well, I do actually have 2 siblings (bla bla bla)

Do you see the power of assumptions?

Instead of leeching value by asking her a question, you’re giving value by offering your perspective.

And that’s super appreciated, because:

  • It’s unique (it’s your perspective and she’s probably never heard anything like it before)
  • It’s relevant (you’re talking about her)
  • It’s easy to reply to

Not only would she stay interested in a man who can tick those 3 boxes.

You can also keep the conversation going as long as you want, because it’s based on your own assumptions.

Assumptions that never run out.

So if you master assumptions, you’ll never be lost for words.

There’s just one problem…

#3: If you don’t master this, everything else is useless

Even if you’re Shakespeare himself, you won’t be able to keep a conversation going over text unless…

…you know how to break the ice and grab her attention.

If the first text you send her is boring, she really has no reason to answer.

And assuming she’s cute, she already has an inbox full of thirsty bois.

So if you can’t hook her in with your ice breaker, one of the thirsty bois will.

And she’ll lose interest in you.


So how do you write a text that’ll make her want to reply?

Better still, how do you write an irresistible text?

In one of a thousand ways.

But the one we’ll discuss now is the easiest:


Just like on YouTube.

  • ‘From bucket of bolts to race-car’
  • ‘Pro footballers teach you a trick in 1 MINUTE’
  • ‘I bought the world’s largest firework and then this happened…’

It’s possible these titles didn’t pique your curiosity.

So here’s a video title I know you can’t resist:

  • ‘How an average looking guy dated 6 models in one month using only Tinder’

The takeaway is simple:

No matter how well written, a text will never be irresistible unless it ties into the interests of the girl you’re texting.

How do you invent an irresistible text for every girl you want to seduce?

You stop inventing and steal my clickbait invention.

I already did all the heavy lifting and came up with the highest response rate opener on earth.

It doesn’t matter who she is, my clickbait opener is irresistible to every girl on the planet.

Grab it here for free and try it out.

And also get a video of me explaining how to continue the conversation with real examples.

#4: The best icebreaker of all time

Armed with my irresistible clickbait opener, you shouldn’t need another icebreaker, right?.

“Exactly! Now I want to know how to keep the conversation going over text.”

I totally get it.

But here’s the thing.

Just because my clickbait opener will reel her in and get you a response…

…doesn’t mean your conversation will have the BEST start.

You see, not all replies are equal.

Although my clickbait opener will get you a good response, I also want to give you a technique that will give you a GREAT response.

After all, the better her response, the easier it is to continue the conversation.

So what would be the absolute best opener imaginable?

An opener that is:

  • Unique (she’s not seen it before)
  • Relevant (it’s about the subject she cares about most in life)
  • Emotional (it instantly triggers a whirlwind of emotions)

How would you do that?

With the crème de la crème of all openers…

The personalized opener.

The steps of which are actually surprisingly simple.

  1. You look at her bio and photos
  2. You observe what stands out most
  3. You wrap that observation into an icebreaker

Let me show you how it’s done, using an example from an online dating warrior.

Before I give you the opener, know that our online dating warrior chose her name as the most noticeable quality of her profile.

Okay, here we go.

First, he sets her up:

How many pickup lines do you get with the name Destiny

She answers, “TOO fucking many”. (As our Tinder bro 169% already knew.)

Next he goes for the coup de grâce. (The killing blow. Don’t hate me for being fancy.)

Lmao I can imagine. Well I hope you’re into normal dudes because my D es tiny


“Louis, I get what you’re saying. But I don’t think I could write such a witty line without lots of thinking.”

That’s fine.

Being witty takes practice.

My advice to you is:

Try out the personalized opener to develop your text muscles and if you can’t come up with anything good, use my clickbait opener.

#5: How to keep the conversation going after you break the ice

We’ve finally arrived at the good stuff.

Whether it’s a girl from Tinder, or a crush from real life…

…you’re about to get 5 ways to keep the conversation going over text.

And set up the date.

Starting with…

What to do when you don’t know what to say.

Sometimes a girl will shoot you a text and you just don’t know how to reply.

Which is fine.

That happens to all of us.

Especially if she’s not giving you much to work with.


The issue is, once you don’t know what to say, you’ll probably say something bad.

Probably something in the shape of a question.

Which makes sense.

The current subject seems mined out so you want to dig into a new untapped topic.

Which leads to Yes/No questions and a conversation that looks like this:


So here’s an easy way to keep the conversation going without asking questions.

Which I’ll show using the next screenshot from one of my clients from the TextGod Mentoring Program.

Where he used the personalized opener, using her bio:

I just came out a terrible relationship, so please bear with me.

A witty pun that already got him some attraction.

But now my student had a problem, he didn’t know how to continue the conversation.

So I told him exactly how I keep the conversation going with my most-used method:

Tugging on the conversational thread.

Basically, staying on topic while keeping it fun.

To keep it fun, I use free association.

And after brainfarting all over the place, I use my most favorite brain baby.

Now let’s look at the above conversation.

She basically added nothing to the convo, so we have to go with my student’s line.

For me, the word that seems the most fun is monkey.

So I’m going to riff on that.

*Riff, riff, riffing*

I have an idea for a text.

How about you?

If not, continue to riff on ‘monkey’ until you have a fun and light-hearted text.

Otherwise you’ll miss out on strengthening your texting muscle.

Anyway, here’s my text:

You can find me at the monkey bars with a bag of bananas

Which, although crazy, is almost like planning a date.

Now, I don’t stop here. Because that text alone is not enough to help her find a reply of her own.

So I add another little text:

Also, there was a time where I ate 18 kgs of bananas a month

(That’s not actually true. Unless your name is TextGod Coach Jay, who actually ate 18kg of bananas each month. True story..)

I add that last line, because it’ll definitely get a response out of her.

And if she replied, I’d continue tugging on the conversational thread and probably say something like:

Nah, j/k. But I do seriously have a friend who is half human/half orangutan

By now the ‘monkey’ topic is pretty much mined out.

So I’d use my second technique to keep the conversation going.

#5: The 2nd trick to continue the conversation

The next tool in my big back of tricks is…

Asking questions.

No, just kidding. That was a ruse of mine to see if you were paying attention.

If you internally screamed, “But you just said we shouldn’t ask questions!! @#%$!”

I’m very proud of you.

Anyway, my second trick to continue the conversation is the opposite of asking questions.

I say opposite, because questions are often used as a last resort to keep the conversation alive.

Which screams neediness.

You’re basically going, “Uhh… uh… Here’s a quick question so I can hold your attention for a few more seconds!”

And that type of behavior is more repulsive than stepping inside a Chipotle bathroom.

So what type of text is the opposite of needy?

A simple value giving text.

That description obviously gives you no direction.

So let me give you some extra guidelines.

Tell something exciting that you experienced in the past week.

My go-to value-giving text of today is:

Just woke up after I had my first jiu jitsu lesson

Still shaped like a pretzel

(I obviously wouldn’t send that text at any other time than in the morning.)

Put simply, it’s a change in the conversational direction that also offers enough info for her to come up with a reply.

Probably something on sports and/or working out.

The key point I want you to remember is:

Whatever experience you share, make sure to write it in a way that triggers emotions.

Looking back at my jiu jitsu text, I ended on the punchline:

“Still shaped like a pretzel.”

Depending on your text, your emotion triggering device could be:

  • A joke
  • A funny word
  • A funny/noteworthy experience

As long as your conversational change of direction stimulates emotions, she’ll answer and you’ll keep the conversation going.

#6: How to keep the conversation going over text pt. 3

To add a little perspective, about 9/10 dudes find it difficult to continue a text conversation.

After enough conversations die out, most dudes realize it’s time for a change of tactics.

Funnily enough, most men switch to the same tactic.

Which also happens to be extremely…


Needy behavior makes you as attractive as that half eaten Mars bar that’s been lying in the folds of your couch for 3 years.

What does the needy behavior actually look like?



Basically, when guys can’t keep a conversation going, the mindset becomes:

“The best way to catch flies is with honey.”

“So let’s transform into the sweetest dude on earth.”

Now, I don’t support being an a-hole.

But being overly sweet is almost just as bad. Because you turn into a spineless glob of putty that slimed its way into her hands.

  • You never rock the boat, so you hold back your true feelings and opinions
  • ‘No’ isn’t part of your vocabulary
  • You apologize at the smallest sign of a trouble
  • You shower her in compliments to remind her just how beautiful you think she is

The list goes on…

A woman doesn’t want to date a dude who lets her walk all over him. At best you’ll end up in the friend zone.

So when you don’t know what to say, being overly nice is the LAST thing you want to do.

What is the non-needy way to keep the conversation going?

Going against the flow by…

Voicing your opinion!

Here’s an example from Tinder:

Thanks to today’s PC culture, she’s doing some serious explaining in her bio to prove that she’s not a Trump supporter.

Fair enough. Because to some people, her flag swinging will feel like a roundhouse to the face.

Anyway, I think it’s a shame that we live in a time where we have to coddle these crybabies.

So that’s what I told her:

And she loved it, but I didn’t love her answer:

So what did I do? I went against the flow some more:

How do you think she replied?

If you answered anything else besides: AWESOMELY.

You’re… wrong.

See for yourself:

  • She laughed
  • She sent THREE messages
  • She tried to convince me she was ‘pretty far from generic’


That said, you don’t always have to be as harsh as I was. I took a gamble and it paid off.

Although most women do appreciate it when a man voices his opinion, most women don’t appreciate being insulted.

And calling someone ‘generic’ will quickly fall into the ‘insult’-category.

So if you do speak your opinion and go against the flow, try and be respectful.

#7: The easiest technique to keep the conversation going

Now for the easiest technique of all.

Which for some insane-o reason is almost always overlooked.

Probably because men are so afraid of losing their shot at hiding the salami:

“Oh, no… She barely replied and now we’re losing momentum… I really want to get her on a date, but how am I supposed to keep this going?!”

Amidst all the stress and chaos, they forget the easiest technique.

Borrowing content.

With the right content, you don’t even need to type a single word.

Before I show you what I mean, an essential rule:

  • If your content is longer than 20 seconds, it’s too long! Scrap it

If she’s like the rest of us, she spends most of her time studying and/or working.

So if she clicks on her Tinder notification and sees a video that’s too big of a time investment, she likely won’t watch it, let alone reply to it.

But if you keep it brief, she’ll quickly consume your video like an M&M, text back and continue her day with a smile on her face.

Now you know how to get her to watch your borrowed content, onto some videos you can share.

This is us in 10 years

Another stealable series of texts to keep the conversation going:

Before we dial up the romance, there’s something you need to know about me

Haha, ok. What?

Some friends of mine say I eat McFlurry’s in a slutty way. Here’s actual footage

Because I’m in a good mood, I’ll give you another joke to keep up the momentum:

omg. Just found one of my childhood drawings

Superrrrrrrrr easy.

And it almost always moves the conversation forward, because it’s so enjoyable.

Who wouldn’t love to get bite-sized chunks of fun?

So my advice to you is this:

Whenever you find a meme or video that makes you laugh, send it to the girl you’re texting.

Holy Tip:

Do you want to do more than just make her laugh with a cute cat video or meme?

Like becoming more attractive to your crush?

Grab my 10 Texts That Always Work and use my pre-made teases.

How does teasing make you more attractive?

Because you’re playfully pushing her away and making her work for your affection.

Something most guys don’t do.

Enjoy your new sexy powers, bro.

#8: The final method to continue the conversation

Now for one more method to keep the conversation flowing.

Probably the best method of all.

Not just because it moves the convo forward, but because this method gets you closer to your goal:

Setting up the date.

What is this textgame sorcery?

The one thing we’ve been circling around this entire article:


Which goes far beyond showing interest in someone.

For those who don’t have the definition at the ready, Google says:

“Behaving as though sexually attracted to someone, but playfully rather than with serious intentions.”

That’s quite a mouthful.

So here’s a simplification:

Flirting = showing interest + being a challenge

And if you flirt right, you create attraction right off the bat.

Here’s the difference between being normal (read: BORING!):

Hey, how are you?

Hey! Super good!


And flirting:

Hey, how are you?

Who is this?

This is Emily! 😡

Hmmm. I don’t recall…

Unless you’re that cute girl who takes her cat for walks

Haha you’re such an a-hole!

I love it

Why does she love it?

Because attraction is about keeping someone a little off balance.

Here comes another example.

Suppose she didn’t give you an answer that you could really work with and you just finished a meeting or a class.

I just finished a meeting and I definitely wasn’t thinking about your crazy obsession with cats in hats

The boring way of phrasing that would be:

I was thinking of you

*grabs puke bucket*

Look, flirting is not enough to base a 30-page text conversation on.

But it keeps her glued to her phone and reminds her of why you’re chatting:

To meet up.

What does that mean?

Sprinkle in some flirts so she doesn’t lose interest in the conversation.

By playfully showing interest every now and then, she’ll also be more likely to invest more in the conversation.

Making it far easier for you to reply.

Holy Tip:

Do NOT make the mistake of flirting when the conversation is dying down

I understand the urge:

Flirting triggers lots of emotions and USUALLY makes a woman more likely to reply.

But flirting is also a gift.

And if she’s acting in a way that isn’t worthy of a gift, like replying with very short texts, you shouldn’t flirt with her.

That’ll just make her think, “He’s so desperate for my attention… Can’t he take a hint?”

So if she’s not putting a whole lot of effort into her texts, you’re best off…


Find out how here.

That’s pretty much all you need to know on how to keep a conversation going over text.

There’s just one thing I left out.

How to get more girls to talk to!

And the answer is simple:

Download my Profile Checklist and build a bullet-proof dating profile that’ll attract more lades than you can handle.

Get the formula for the ultimate dating profile here.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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