Respond to a Compliment over Text: 61 Most Charming Ways

What is the best way to respond to a compliment over text?

Whether you’re aiming for a professional response, a flirty tone, a funny vibe, or anything in between…

Down below, you’ll find excellent ways to respond to a compliment text.

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Don’t accept compliments like this

Some people have a hard time taking a compliment and often downplay the very thing they got praised for. Perhaps out of fear of seeming cocky, discomfort being in the spotlight, or low self-esteem.

It’s rarely good to dismiss someone’s compliment or respond with false modesty.

By graciously accepting the other’s kind words, you not only acknowledge your talents but you also thank the other person for their generosity.

Do you choose to deflect their praise? Then you’re contradicting them and create conflict.

That’s why you almost always want to graciously accept a compliment.

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Thankful responses to a compliment

Try one of these effective replies the next time someone compliments you.

Appreciative replies are great for almost any situation. Whether it’s a formal setting, a compliment from a buddy, or even when you’re not particularly close with the person on the other side of the screen.

It’s just a kind way to show you’re grateful for the compliment. Feel free to add some appropriate emojis where you see fit.

Except this one: 🙈

No self-respecting man should ever use this emoji unless in play…

Say thank you

  • “Thank you. That means a lot.”
  • “Such kind words! I appreciate it.”
  • “That’s so sweet! I’m touched. Thank you.”

Acknowledge the effect it has on you

  • “Wow. That’s one of my favorite compliments to receive.”
  • “That’s an incredibly thoughtful thing to say. Thanks. :)”
  • “Your text made me blush haha! Thanks.”
  • “You just made my day! Thanks so much.”
  • “Reading your text was like getting a big warm hug. You’re too kind.”
  • “You just made me smile. :)”
  • “It was a rough day until this moment, but you just made it better.”
  • “I’m gushing about what you just said to me here, thank you. :)”

Don’t correct them

Sometimes someone likes something about you or your work for reasons that you never intended. Perhaps you wrote a serious article that someone found hilarious. Or maybe you made a joke that someone took as valuable life advice.

Whatever the reason for the compliment, take it in stride.

  • “Haha thanks! I’m glad you had a good laugh.”
  • “Thank you! I was not expecting that haha.”
  • “Oof, you just made my day. :)”
  • “I’m glad you found some humor in my work!”

Give them the opportunity to shine

It’s very nice to receive compliments. But it can also make you feel like you want to do something back.

Well, in some cases you definitely can. I’d go as far as to say, in most cases. After all, we all have hobbies and create stuff.

So if you can return the favor, suggest that you want to.

  • “Thank you for saying that! I really appreciate it. I’d actually love to read one of your articles too. :)”

Or they compliment your blueberry muffins:

  • “Ok, you’re my favorite person now. I need to try your cookies too, we can trade!”

Overall, keep it simple and accept the compliment with grace.

Humble responses to a compliment

Here are a few ways to humbly accept a compliment.

Return the favor if deserved

If the person complimenting you has helped you become the person you are, give them some credit.

  • “That means a lot coming from you. Thank you.”
  • “That’s so generous of you to say! Merci!”
  • “Thanks! I couldn’t have done it without you.”
  • “Your support means a lot. Really.”
  • “I’m honored to receive such praise! Wow!”
  • “Well I really did learn from the best!”
  • “I sincerely thank you for recognizing my efforts. Your compliments encourage me to do better.”

Pass the credit to others

If anything was a team effort then you absolutely should acknowledge everyone involved.

  • “Thank you for the kind words. But I couldn’t have done this without all the dozens of people who helped me.”
  • “Love that you said that. [Friends name] helped a lot too, he was a rockstar.
  • “Thanks! Working with the team really helped a lot.”
  • “I really couldn’t have done it without everyone else, they deserve all the praise. :)”

Stay grounded

If you’re constantly getting praised for things then use these if you want to come across as more grounded.

  • “Thank you! It’s not that amazing when you realize how hard I work on it every day lol.”
  • “Haha thank you. I feel like I’m on autopilot doing it so much.”
  • “Thanks for noticing that about me, I feel like I forget about it at times.”

Seems easy so far right?

Flirty responses to a compliment

The next replies are great when you get a compliment from your crush or an online dating match.

Especially if their comment suggests they find you attractive.

Suppose they sent you a text that said, “I can still smell you on my clothes” or “You looked really hot tonight,” consider one of the next lines as your reply:

  • “I know. ;)”
  • “I didn’t even put on perfume. That’s just my own high-octane musk.”
  • “Of course you did, I’m awesome.😘”
  • “You girls only ever think of one thing. Smh. I’m more than just a pretty face you know.”
  • “Thank you! It’s a lot of work being this pretty.”
  • “Quit trying to seduce me because it’s working.”
  • “This is the result of not taking a shower for several weeks.”
  • “So did you, can’t wait to see you again.”
  • “Stop stealing my scent, I only have a limited supply. :(“
  • “Same. Your smell is addictingly intoxicating.”
  • “Well, it is my unbound duty to spread beauty in the world.”

Playful responses to a compliment

The next lines are perfect for when you want to steer the conversation away from a serious vibe after you get a compliment.

Suppose someone told you that “You’re really funny,” then you can keep the conversation light with the next responses:

  • “Just wait until I actually put in some effort.”
  • “Say that in a voice note please. Then I can play it back to my parents.”
  • “Stop trying to turn me on. I’m in public.”
  • “Careful…I heard funny guys are dangerous. They make you laugh and laugh and laugh and then BOOM. All of a sudden you’re naked.”
  • “I’m only funny because I have an excellent audience.”
  • “Perfect. I’ll be the funny charming one and you can be the social pretty one.”
  • “You’re such a player trying to charm me with compliments. I like it.”
  • “Thanks, I am actually just really stupid. :)”
  • “I am surviving on food, water, and your compliments.”

These were all pretty playful.

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Respectful responses to an unwanted compliment

Use these responses when their compliment crosses a line.

Express your desires for friendship

If someone is trying to escape the friendzone, the following responses will respectfully make your intentions known.

  • “Thanks. You’re such a sweet friend. 🙂”
  • “Thanks bud! You’re the best.”
  • “Aww, thank you. You’re such a bestie.”

State your boundaries

Here’s where things can get tricky.

Suppose someone sends you a vulgar or sexist compliment and you don’t like it.

Stay professional, but let them know you do NOT appreciate what they just said.

  • “That’s a very inappropriate message.”
  • “I don’t find that flattering to hear at all.”
  • “I don’t tolerate being spoken to like that, and I’m going to leave. Don’t contact me again.”
  • “Maybe you’re having an off day, but I didn’t like that text at all. Please don’t send me things like that.”
  • “Thank you?”
  • “That comment made me feel uncomfortable. Is that what you meant to say?”
  • “Thanks I guess. Didn’t enjoy that message at all though.”
  • “Just curious, but was this supposed to be a compliment?”

If you want to keep things more light here then I’d also check out my article below on comebacks.

Bad ways to respond to a compliment

We’ve covered some great ways to respond to compliments.

But that’s no guarantee you’ll always say the right things Especially if it’s a scenario you’re not expecting.

Here are some important compliment DON’Ts to help you in any scenario.

Repay the compliment

Suppose someone says “I love your hair!”

It’s rarely a good idea to say “You too!” Or any variation of it. Why? Because it seems less genuine. You only complimented them because they gave you one.

So like a good joke, timing is everything.

Obviously, feel free to accept the compliment if you like it. But don’t feel compelled to return one. And if you do, don’t serve back the same compliment to them. Instead, compliment them on their generosity or kindness.

Trump their compliment

This one is even worse than the one before.

It’s called “trumping.” And no, not like Mr. Donald with the spray tan and electric hair. It’s when you trump their compliment with another of your own.

Suppose someone compliments your writing. Instead of accepting it normally, you say:

  • “Thanks, but you’re without a doubt the better writer of the two of us. I wish I could write like you.”

Not only is the timing not working in your favor, the scale of your compliment also seems disingenuous. It almost seems like an exaggeration.

Fish for more details

When we receive a compliment about something important to us, we sometimes want to know more. So we might feel like asking, “What did you like about it?” “Why did you think it was good?”

While natural, it’s also a little much.

Someone just gave you a kind gesture and rather than being satisfied, you want more.

Curb your desire to know more and fully appreciate their generous words.

How to respond to a compliment – Summary

Overall, the easiest way to respond to a compliment is to keep it simple.

Say thank you and something nice, and *Poof* you’re done. Trying anything more complex will usually make things a little weird or awkward. And since you probably plan on talking more to this person, it’s good to hold onto the good vibes.

So how do you keep the conversation going after a compliment?

That depends on the context. In an online dating environment, by keeping things light.

So when someone compliments you on a dating app, continue the chat with something playful.

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