Nice Guy VS Douchebag Ask 200 Girls To B*ng! (Tinder Experiment)

What happens when you ask 200 women for sex on Tinder?

In this Tinder experiment we did so. But with a twist!

We made two different type of profiles.

One Bad boy and one nice guy.

Both of them wanted the same thing: banging.

Do women want to go for the quick nightly adventure with them?

And who was more successful? The Bad boy, or the nice guy?

In this article you’re getting:

  • 15 Tinder experiment screenshot examples
  • 7 Holy Tips to steal some knowledge from this project
  • 3 Brutal Tinder profile mistakes that plummeted one profile’s likes
  • 2 free copy pastable bios
  • 1 Tinder Social Experiment that got my TextGod coach banned

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Part 1: The brilliant plot

It all started when one of my TextGod coaches and I saw a YouTube video.

A channel named “LeenaDProductions” did a video where they tested who gets more swipes on Tinder.

I wanted to recreate that whole social experiment using myself as the test subject.

Just to be sure everything is done correctly and no results are manipulated.

Besides, it looked like a lot of fun to do.

I called up my camera man / photographer and we got together to do this.

We planned exactly what type of photos we’d shoot.

We came up with two characters:

The first would be The Bad boy. He’s the type of guy that:

  • Flaunts alcohol
  • Flaunts cash money
  • Flaunts muscles

He also plays the electric guitar and never smiles.

(I love how cliché we made him haha)

The second guy would be The Nice Guy. He would swap the electric guitar for a cute ukulele. On top of that, he:

  • Smiles in the presence of his fluffy cat
  • Rides a bike
  • Reads art books

This Tinder experiment wouldn’t be complete without giving each character a fitting bio.

Let’s have a look at both bio’s and the photos.

Step 2: Creating the Douchebag’s Tinder profile

It’s not super easy to create a douche bag and gentleman profile.

My coach and I had discussions about the correct terminology for the two characters.

Is he a fuckboi, like in the original video?

Is he more like an a$$hole?

A douche bag? A Bad boy? A jock?

What are the differences between all these labels?

And how do you display them in your Tinder pictures?

We ended up naming him a ‘Bad boy’ but in fact, he is a mix of all of these labels.

He is a man that is something similar to what all these names suggest.

So, let’s have a look at his photos.

Picture #1

It’s a guy in a suit pouring whiskey from up high in a fancy glass in the middle of the street.

If this isn’t at least a bit douchey, then wat is?

Holy Tip:

Your first picture should always show just your head and torso.

The image you see here is the original file. On Tinder we cropped of the legs. I’ll show you in a bit.

One thing I really don’t like about this photo, is that you can’t see my eyes.

Holy Tip:

Always show your eyes in your first photo.

I figured this lack of eye visibility would decrease our matches. So we discussed going for this Tinder photo instead:

Bam. Direct eye contact with the lens (or the girl looking at your profile).

The problem here is that direct eye contact works better when smiling.

And although I have something on my face that looks like a poverty attempt at a smile, it’s just not gonna cut it.

So we did some quick test and opted for photo number 1 instead.

Picture #2

I wouldn’t say this is an Æssh0le photo per se.

But it does have a bad boy vibe to it.

There’s a pretty badass looking electric guitar in a dimly lit bar.

A guitar which I am pretending to tune, because I have no idea how to either play or tune an instrument.

I’m having a bit of a frown on my face to make me look all focused and critical.

And lastly we’re flashing a bit of the tattoo on my arm in hopes to have the photo look a tad rougher.

Picture #3


I just have to laugh every time I see this picture.

It’s so over the top.

It’s a naked man being showered in bank notes while flexing his bicep. Wearing flashy sunglasses INSIDE.

I advice you to never make a photo like this for your profile.

But we really wanted to include this mega obnoxious picture. Just to really cement the idea that this guy is in fact a bit of a douche.

We later found that this photo will have an strong effect on the final results of this Tinder experiment.

Picture #4

My god. I’m not sure which photo is most unsavory. The cash shower or this gym pic?

Don’t get me wrong: working out is great and I advice anyone to do so. Not only for the obvious health benefits but also for your dating life. Both offline and online.

Holy Tip:

If you have an athletic body you’re proud of, then showcase it in an artsy or “organic” setting (swimming or playing at the beach for example).

Never in an over posed gym pic like this one, or a mirror selfie.

This picture with the angry stare, the tight tank top, and the shoulder veins popping out, is a no go. It’s everything most women don’t want to see on your Tinder profile.

Phew, that’s enough braggy pictures for one day. Let’s have a look at the other guy!

Step 3: Creating the Nice Guy’s Tinder profile

Chances are you see yourself more as a nice guy than a bad boy. If this is the case, then this profile could hold some valuable lessons for you.

So let’s look at the Bad boy’s opponent.

When deciding on his name we had a couple options again:

The Nerd?

The Geek?

The Nice guy? The Good guy? The Gentleman?

We’re going to call him the nice guy but we want him to exhibit a bit of all of those labels.

Let’s have a look at his first pic.

Picture #1

Bang bang bang!

I like this photo for Tinder.

Here’s why:

  • It has a warm and trustworthy vibe
  • There’s sort of a smile
  • It genuinely looks like a nice guy

Besides there’s a coffee and an (art) book. Two things that most women like.

The crop isn’t perfect yet, but again: this is the original photo. On my Tinder profile we adjusted this.

With this photo as well, we considered an alternative:

Personally I think this one is more attractive.

But it doesn’t fit the good guy vibe as nicely.

When looking at both pictures, the coaches and I agreed that the first photo looks friendlier. And is therefor more fitting for this Tinder experiment.

Holy Tip:

The color scheme used for this photo is called ‘Teal Magenta’. It’s a filter used in many movies.

It’s popularity comes and goes on Instagram.

Picture #2

It’s not as badass as an electric guitar.

It’s the smaller, more innocent version: the ukulele.

We added this photo to give the good guy some extra character.

As long as people don’t identify this photo with annoying people singing ‘Wonderwall’ around a campfire, we’re good.

Picture #3


It’s a man on a bike.

I don’t know about you, but we associate transportation by bike with being eco friendly.

We figured our nice guy could have one photo on a bike. With a nice fountain in the back. What a cozy guy.

It’s not a picture I’d ever select myself to go on my dating profile. But you’ll soon find out if it performed well or not.

One detail I’d like to see different, is the eyes again. They’re hidden in the shadow. If they were visible, the photo would exude more trustworthiness.

Picture #4

By far my favorite nice guy photo.

Is it your favorite as well?

It’s really hard for me to smile in a photo. But somehow it really worked well here.

Maybe because Meatballs (the fluffy creature on my back) was with me. Arguably one of the best cats in the world.

Holy Tip:

If you have the option to have a photo with an animal in your profile, use it.

Research has shown over and over that your Tinder success increases if you have have a photo with a pet.

Holy Tip:

Eye contact with the camera while showing a big smile is one of your most powerful weapons.

That was the 4th and last good guy photo.

Step 3: The complete profiles + bio!

Let’s have a look both completed profiles:

The Bad boy vs The Nice guy.

Now before we make these profiles visible and have them compete for matches, we need a Tinder bio for each of them.

I gave the Bad boy this one:

“Most likely out of your league but hey, every shot you don’t take it a shot you miss.”

The nice guy went with:

“I like squirrels.”

Inspired by the legendary meme in this video:

But I don’t like turtles, we had some in primary school and one bit me.

I like squirrels. I really do.

So we went with that.

Alright. Those are both bios.

Now we’re ready to see who gets most right swipes.

Place your bets! Who do you think will collect most matches?

Type your answer in the comments and don’t you dare cheat!

Step 4: The fight + results!

The results were quite shocking. I honestly didn’t see this coming.

Here’s how we measured the popularity of both accounts.

We used two accounts.

My account and coach Daniel’s account.

We gave both Tinder Gold. Here’s why:

  • Same ELO-score
  • Passport function to test them in the same cities
  • Tinder Gold’s “Likes You” function shows you everyone that swiped you right

Especially that last function is crucial for us.

It allows us to see how many matches both profiles have received.

Coach Daniel and I sat next to each other and selected New York City as our first test city.

We activated our profiles at the same time… and then we waited.

Which profile would get liked 100 times first? (as shown by the “Likes You” function).

In New York City it was the Nice guy that got to 100 likes first.

At the same time, the Bad boy was just at 70.

That’s quite a big difference.

Did you expect the results of the social experiment?

My coaches and I were a bit surprised.

Especially since in Leena D’s video, the Fckboi performed way better than the nice guy.

To make sure these results weren’t geographically bound, we ran round two tests somewhere else.

In The United Kingdom’s gorgeous capital city: London.

(By the way, I wrote a whole guide about Tinder in London.)

We used the exact same strategy as in New York City:

Launching both profiles at the same time and then waiting until one profile got to 100 likes on Tinder.

Results were quite different here.

Not that the Bad boy suddenly trumped the Nice guy.

Quite the opposite…

This time the Nice guy went to 100 likes while the Bad boy was still only at 44(!) likes.

That means the Nice guy had more than DOUBLE the bad boy’s matches.


A rough K.O. for the douche bag.

Now of course we can’t say exactly why one profile outperformed the other so badly.

But we can make a few calculated assumptions.

One is that the Āssh0le never makes eye contact. Not in a single photo.

Another one is that the cash shower and the gym photo are TOO much.

Going over the top can often be beneficial.

But only to a certain extent.

If you scroll up a bit and look at the comparison of both profiles, it’s hard to feel sympathy for the left guy. Whereas the right guy seems more fun to be around.

This experiment also shows that money and muscles aren’t always a good thing online. And they’re not needed to get some matches.

Now let’s go to the final part of this Tinder social experiment.

Step 5: You’re cute. Let’s bang.

How did girls react when we blatantly asked them for sex?

The experiment was over and we wanted to go back to our own profiles.

But what about all these matches we collected and didn’t speak to?

We figured we could do SOMETHING interesting with them in the name of science.

Something that didn’t consume 69 hours of time investment.

That’s when we got curious…

…which profile would get the best reactions when blatantly asking to BANG.

As in literally sending the opener:

You’re cute. Let’s bang.

The results were quite interesting.

(Even though there are much better ways to getting laid on Tinder.)

Let’s look at some screenshots of the replies:

So I continued:

Most women weren’t amused with this line.

Not that I expected anything else from tasteless, uncalibrated, sexual opener.

Needles to say, many girls didn’t bother responding.

But showing you 100 screenshots of “You’re cute, let’s bang”, would be über boring.

A facepalm is a pretty good summary of most replies.

This lady wasn’t the banging type.

The next lady on the other hand, does like some sort of banging:

Hey, at least this woman generates fun out of a miserable situation!

Hahaha “Work a little for this pussy”. Genius.

Now some women seemed a little more adventurous, but, just like this last screenshot said, needed a bit more wooing.

Just one hundred”, on each account.

That was one of my favorite replies in this whole Tinder experiment.

Hey at least we didn’t get ignored here.

Even the girls that opened with a compliment weren’t going to instantly agree to some “banging”.

(This girl calls me Daan (Dan) because she was talking to the Nice guy profile on my friend Dan’s phone.)

Oh, guess who’s back?

Apparently her friend did find the offer appealing.

Now just because someone says they are interested doesn’t mean it’s actually happening. There’s still plenty of time and space to fuck up before you actually get to bangerang.

Ah, finally someone that does appreciate our romantic offer.

Did this happen just once?

Nope, here’s a second lady ready for a spontaneous adventure.

You go girl, you do whatever you like!

And last but not least:

Apparently New York City isn’t big enough for 2 Louis.

Now it’s time for a beautiful, deep, and philosophical conclusion.

Holy Tip:

If you like some lines that will actually help you get laid, without creeping her out…

…then check my 10 Text That Always Work. It’s a small eBook giving you many texting examples.

I don’t charge for it, get it for free here.

Step 6: The Conclusion

To be honest I don’t really know what you’re thinking about this.

You just saw some screenshots of girls saying no.

But you also saw some girls doubting.

Some even blatantly said “let’s do this”.

So you might feel an urge to go spam this stuff as well. If you send out enough texts, you’ll find someone to join you for a round of sweaty bedroom acrobatics.

Or maybe you’re looking at this experiment, thinking: “Lol, nice experiment bro. I’d bang at the snap of my fingers if I had your looks.

In case you do feel tempted to try this…


First of all, one of the accounts did get banned from Tinder because of this social experiment.

RIP Nice Guy Louis. May he rest in peace.


The percentage of girls agreeing to this proposal was ridiculously low. And if you’re thinking:

“I don’t care if it’s ridiculously low. A few were down to bong, and I like bonging”

Fair enough. But let’s say they weren’t the most attractive women out there.

And I’m wording this the nice way.

The women I really liked didn’t bother texting back. They have plenty of better options. Guys that text more interesting stuff than this experiment.

And if you’re the guy blaming the success of the opener to my appearance…

Fair enough. At least to some extent.

You wont hear me complaining about my face.

But as I said, my face didn’t magically turn this opener into an efficient way of finding one night stands.

As for conversations I use in my other articles and videos… those are conversations with women just my type. Popular girls with options. It’s not like they’re the easiest to attract and convince to go out on a date.

Anyway, that’s a topic for another day.

I hope you found this Tinder experiment entertaining or interesting.

I’ll see you in the next one!

Louis Farfields


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