Tinder Rizz: 7 Tips To Seduce Anyone

So you want to improve your Tinder rizz. Congratulations, you came to the right place.

I’ve got 7 tips for you to boost your rizz and give your conversations maximum charm.

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What is Tinder rizz?

Rizz is slang for charisma or seduction skills. If you’re good at seducing women, then you’ve got rizz. So obviously, Tinder rizz refers to spitting game and wooing the ladies on Tinder.

In this article, I share some of my best tips to improve your Tinder rizz.

1. Spark emotion

Listen, I don’t want to offend anyone here, but…

99% of people on Tinder are so boring, it should be illegal.

Studies have shown that women don’t last long on dating apps. Many even delete the app after just ONE day.

Why? Because men bore women with the same openers and questions in every conversation.

The first key to your dating app success is to stand out. Your match has just been bombarded with all sorts of sleep-inducing texts. If you can be the guy to stand out, you’re halfway there.

As a general rule, avoid exchanging factual information at the start of a conversation. Instead, go for texts that spark emotion.

  • Do you have any siblings?
  • You’re giving solid ‘only child’ vibes right now

For openers, never start with what’s expected.

  • Hey, how are you doing?

Instead, make her so curious about your next move that she can’t help but text back

  • Know what I like about your photos?

This line right here is the infamous TextGod ClickBait Opener. There is no first text that gets more responses. Go ahead and try it out yourself. I made a secret video that shows you exactly what to text when she inevitably responds. I’ll email it to you for free along with some other goodies right here.

2. Tease her

You will never seduce her if you can’t tease her. If you should take away anything from this article, then let it be this:

Teasing is the essence of flirting. It’s the #1 skill for you to master if you want good rizz.

Here are three things that automatically happen when you tease her:

  • You show that you don’t put her on a big shiny pedestal
  • You show that you are not afraid to take risks
  • You create tension. If the teasing is done right, this tension is worth gold.

Those are three things that are inherent to any attractive man.

Now let’s see what happens when you DON’T tease:

  • Your conversation will lack healthy tension
  • You will feel like a family member or a friend
  • The conversation will quickly feel flat and predictable

Teasing is often the difference between friendzone and burning 100 kcal. (At least, according to some nerds in a lab, that’s how many calories men burn on average during sex. Personally, I am averaging 666.)

For my full, in-depth guide on how to tease, with copy-paste examples, go here:

3. Lead like a gentleman

A true man leads. But only some men lead the right way.

Here’s the difference between leading like a gentleman, and leading like a mindless wannabe alpha male:

“Alpha male”:

  • Forcefully make every decision.
  • Feels threatened when not 100% in control.
  • “I am taking you out. At this time and this day. Wear something sexy.”

Proper leading:

  • Steer the conversation in the ideal direction.
  • Push things forward, but only if she is comfortable.
  • “I like our conversation. Let’s continue it over a coffee or cocktail sometime. Arre you free X or Y?”

That second point is crucial.

At TextGod we say: “She sets the pace, but you lead the race.”

You are the gas. She is the brake.

Got it? Not entirely clear?

Together with one of my coaches, we explain this concept in the video below. Alongside 4 other ways to conquer your date’s heart:

4. Sexualize indirectly

There’s nothing like feeling hot, exciting tension between you and the girl you like. Sexualizing the conversation is the shortcut to getting there.

But it’s a dangerous road. Slip up and you’ll be a creep.

That’s why I always teach my clients to sexualize indirectly.

This way not only do you create healthy tension, you also create a safety net, AND you show creativity. Here are three techniques you can use:

Ambiguous texts

A confused tourist asked for my help. I gave her my tip. She looked so pleased.

Suggestive wording

Favorite food?

I love eating lassagna.

Silliness as a defuser

You coming?


I mean on my way.

5. Use The Best Tinder Rizz Lines

True rizz is acquired when you don’t need to rely on lines anymore.

But I’m not here to diss you. I’m here to help you.

And that’s why I’m going to give you some lines that never disappoint:

  1. I noticed some green flags in your profile but also one red flag.
  2. Hey we’ve exchanged a few texts here now so I guess we’re married. Let’s adopt a dog?
  3. You like to eat raw broccoli? How long have you hated life?
  4. [If she uses ‘hard’ language] Hey, no cursing! My mom reads all my texts.
  5. Is this what it looks like when you fall in love with someone?
  6. I don’t want to go too hard too fast, but I’m using the last 2% of my battery to answer your texts. So….
  7. [When the conversation petered out] Here’s a random message so you have a good excuse to send me a text 😉
  8. [When she wants to meet up] I’m available for drinks tomorrow night. You sure you can handle seeing me IRL? 😉
  9. You like white chocolate the most? Ielgh. You’re making me question if I want to be seen with you.
  10. When you’re going to tattoo my name on your butt, will you get it on your left or right cheek?

Wait, what am I writing a bunch of lines here when I already compiled ten texts that always work? You can get them sent to you right away for free. And as a bonus, I’ll also send my best Tinder opener + some of my own conversations.

6. Be radically authentic

If there is one mistake that makes girls lose respect for you, it’s inauthenticity. And this is when guys go “Yeah, obviously. I know this”. But I have proof that they don’t.

Aren’t people already ‘just being themselves’ and isn’t it failing?

Before we get too philosophical, let me tell you what I learned from coaching men for close to 10 years.

When guys like a girl… and they want to make it work… Their true thoughts, opinions, and feelings suddenly vanish.

And they get replaced by thoughts, opinions, and feelings of which they THINK the girl would approve of.

If a beautiful woman disagrees with me, I will immediately change my views. I have no principles

And this automatic process is nearly impossible to stop.

You think you’re being yourself because it’s your automatic go-to behavior. But compare it to how you are around your best friends… My guess is you’ll act quite differently.

Hence even the most popular guys tend to mess up once they really crush on someone.

The long-term solution is to get enough dating experience so that your crushes don’t faze you anymore.

A more instantly applicable solution is this:

Whenever you catch yourself having the urge to say anything other than what you truly believe, STOP yourself.

You’re people-pleasing.

Where that comes from and why you’re doing it, that’s a discussion for another time.

But for now, being aware of the behavior and stopping it is a great start.

7. Keep it lighthearted

Last but not least, do NOT underestimate the power of keeping it light.

Where other men are boring, complaining, sharing facts about work, and double-text prematurely…

…you will bring FUN to her dating app.

You can do that by

  • Steering clear of small talk.
  • Avoiding factual conversations (the game is played with emotions, not facts).
  • Focusing on jokes, made-up scenarios that involve you and your match, and teasing her just like you learned in tip 2.

If your creative juices aren’t flowing at the moment, then don’t worry.

I gathered 43 examples of how to make any girl laugh over text.

Look at them, find the ones that resonate with your style, and then steal them.

BOOM! Apply all 7 tips from this article to multiply your rizz by at least 69%. Now go out there and try them out.

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