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5 Tips On How To Make Double Texting A Success

You’ve been left on read by your crush.

And you want to grab her attention.

Although you think it involves double texting, you’re not sure when or what to text.

Say no more.

You’re about to get 5 tips on how to make double texting a success.

Plus, you’ll discover:

  • The 1 time double texting is ALWAYS non-needy
  • What it means when your crush doesn’t send you a reply
  • Your 3 best options after she leaves you on read
  • 2 Simple guidelines to make an effective double text
  • 3 Epic and stealable texts so you won’t have to double text in the future

Louis - The TextGod
Hey, Louis here. I know you're sometimes unsure what to text. So I've put together 10 Texts That Always Work. Copy-paste lines that instantly attract her and make her crave your attention. They work and they are free. Just a small gift to get you started. Enjoy! Click here to get them.

What is double texting?

Let me first tell you what it’s not. If someone texts you more than one message in a row without waiting, it’s not double texting.

What counts as a double text is when someone sends you a message, waits for some time to pass, and texts you again.

So how much time has to pass between messages before we can speak of double texting?

Depends on who you’re talking with. But waiting over 10 minutes between texts counts as double texting.

#1: What not to do!

Whatever you do, please do NOT make the next mistake.

Suppose you’re having a fun convo with a girl on Tinder.

You’re both texting back and forth at a fast pace: multiple exchanges per day.

And you just sent her a series of texts no different than normal.

But something is different from normal…


And it’s already been several hours since you hit ‘send’.

Here’s where most men go wrong…

…and ruin EVERYTHING.


They text again on the same day.

Why is that so bad?

Because it shows you can’t even go a few hours without hearing back from her.

Which tells her 1 of 2 things:

  • You have nothing of interest going on in your life
  • She’s all you think about

As you can probably guess, neither of those 2 assumptions make you seem attractive.

Holy Tip:

There is one time where double texting is always acceptable and won’t make you seem overly interested:

Confirming the date.

If the date is only a few hours away and she ignored your last text, double text the fuark out of her.

When it comes to figuring out plans, double texting is legit.

In fact, they make you seem like a clown.

So please, for all that is holy: don’t double text on the same day.

Because all you’re doing is scaring her away.

So what should you do if she takes a little longer to reply?

Find out in the next tip.

#2: What does it mean when you don’t get a reply

She hates your guts!

Is one possible explanation for why she’s taking so long to reply.

But it’s unlikely, or else you would have known.

Why she didn’t reply is…

…a tough question to answer.

For starters, we don’t even know if she’s read your text.

She may just be distracted and hasn’t had a chance to check her phone.

“C’mon, Louis… I’m yet to meet a person who doesn’t check their phone for longer than 24 hours.”

Good point, but…

Maybe she unlocked her screen, which got rid of your text notification, and lost your text in her bursting inbox.

Happens to me all the time. Sometimes I’ll forget about a girl for days.

“Hmm… But we’ve known each other for a while and she usually texts back quickly.”


That’s precisely how you want to think when a girl takes long to text back. And by ‘that’ I mean taking into consideration:

  • How well you know each other
  • Her texting pattern

Why a girl on Tinder doesn’t text you back is hugely different from why your girlfriend doesn’t text back.

A stranger obviously has no social obligation to keep you updated, but a girlfriend does.

What does this mean?

The time you want to wait for double texting depends on the kind of relationship you have.

Roughly speaking: the less you know her, the longer you wait.

Want to know precisely how long to wait before you double text?

Check out my detailed article on how long to wait when she doesn’t text back.

#3: What to say if you have to double text

Let’s break down a common texting exchange in the early stages of dating.

The following texts are based on an actual conversation.

Some context: the two went on a date on Friday

Had a great time 🙂

Me too 🙂

How’s your Saturday been so far?

Pretty good start.

Except that…

She didn’t reply until Tuesday!

Tuesday has been great 🙃

How’s your week been so far?

Haha, you work at granny esque texting speeds

I like how he’s verbalising his frustration about her slow reaction.

It shows her that he has boundaries that she’d better not cross if she wants to see him again.

That said, I don’t love how our bro typed ‘Haha’ to soften the blow of his valid comment. It shows he’s worried about offending her and he really shouldn’t be.

But that’s not everything our bro sent.

He also wrote:

Great. I’m in an awesome mood

Which is why I want to take out a cute girl for cocktails tomorrow at… 8 PM

*screams with rage*

Now, I don’t think his texts are particularly badly written. In fact, the way he asked her out is pretty good.

It shows confidence. Great.

Why I’m angry, is because he shouldn’t be putting in so much effort after she didn’t reply for FOUR DAYS! Plus, she took his question and bounced it right back.

Could she put in even less effort?

Turns out, yes.

How long do you think it took her to answer?

More than 3 days. And that’s not even the best of it.

Can you guess what she replied?


Grandma emoji!

Now, it may seem like I’m angry at her, but I’m not.

She can invest as little time and energy as she likes. No worries.

The reason I’m angry, is because it hurts me to see fellow text soldiers get played for fools.

After the grandma emoji, our bro sent another text that she ignored.

And a few days later he double texted, after which she…

Ghosted him.

You know what hurts the most?

He could have done so much better by using a simple but powerful strategy, called:

Matching her investment.

No, that doesn’t mean that you make her wait too. Because that’s butthurt energy, and you only want to show positive energy.

By matching her investment, I want you to:

  • Match her message count
  • Match her message length

While keeping your texts as emotionally stimulating as possible.

Holy Tip:

Don’t know what an emotionally stimulating text looks like?

Or how to write them yourself?

No problem.

Just check out my 10 Texts That Always Work.

Why do they always work?

Because they do a great job of stimulating her emotions.

Grab ‘em here for ZERO dollars.

No idea how to be emotionally stimulating?

You will after the next tip.

#4: Three EPIC texts so you won’t have to double text

This tip may get me some hate mail from triggered women, but I don’t care.

I’m about to show you 3 annoying text messages women consistently send.

And what you, as a man, should reply in those moments.

The fishing for validation compliment

Whether it’s on Tinder or during the early dating stage, women LOVE to fish for validation by ‘giving’ you a compliment.

Your Tinder match may say:

You have a fantastic smile

Which will make most guys think, “OMG. I’m in! Now I can say all those thirsty thoughts I had.”

And you have a gorgeous body 😍


Thx. So when are we gonna meet up for mojitos? 😉


You just lost major attraction points.

Look, fellas. If a girl says you have a fantastic smile, she genuinely means it.

But she’s not saying it to brighten your day, she’s giving you a compliment because she’s fishing for one herself.

What answer makes you more attractive?

A humble acknowledgment combined with a change of conversation.

That way you’ll seem super confident and slightly hard to get. Which triggers all the right emotions.

The entertain me text

She doesn’t reply for days, doesn’t bother to come up with a good reply to your text and goes:

How are you?

The audacity.

She decided to go off the radar and then thinks she can control the narrative?

Not if I can help it, missy.

Look, I understand if you think this is a positive sign of interest. But if she’s waited days to text back and ignored your previous message?

Then she’s just being lazy and is probably looking for entertainment.

What do you do?

Well, you don’t give her a genuine answer. Instead hit her with some over the top sarcasm.

OMG FINALLY! I’ve been staring at my screen and waiting for your message this whole time!!

She’ll obviously know you’re joking and have a laugh.

Emotions successfully triggered.

The flake text

Okay, so you’ve set up a date for 8 PM tonight. An hour from now.

And the last time you spoke over text was a few hours ago.

So you think everything is good to go, but then you receive the next text:

Something came up and I can’t make it tonight. I’m so sorry!

Most guys will generally respond in 1 of 2 ways:

  • Be totally understanding pussywhipped and make plans for another time
  • Go apeshit

Both are equally bad.

The first shows that she can do whatever she wants and still have you.

The second shows that you’re an untrustworthy a-hole.

So what should you do?

Be cool while subtly showing she crossed a line.

No stress. I’ll fire up my PS4 and be the most overdressed videogamer of all time

Where’s the emotion in the above text?


If she knows you got ready for the date, she’ll feel bad for flaking and probably give you a better explanation or apology.

If she doesn’t give a more detailed explanation about why she flaked, dial down your investment.

Because if she doesn’t feel shitty about her actions, she’s not emotionally invested in you.

So, don’t even think about setting up a new date for a while.

#5: Three things you can do if you’ve waited long enough

Okay, you’ve waited long enough and you know that she’s read your text.

What do you do once the pain of rejection subsides?

Firstly, don’t panic or automatically assume she’s lost interest.

She could have ignored your text for several reasons:

  • She didn’t know what to reply
  • She didn’t read your text until much, much later and is afraid you may have lost interest in her, so she doesn’t want to risk being left on read by you
  • She didn’t like what you said and didn’t want to reward you with an answer

Without seeing your phone, I can impossibly tell why she didn’t text back.

So I’m going to give you 3 powerful ways to get a reply. Each for a different scenario.

Let’s get started.

Option #1: Call her

Sounds super desperate, right?

Doesn’t have to be.

If you’ve already gone on a date or are both mature, a telephone call shows confidence.

It basically says, “You ignoring me is not going to work. Step it up.”

That said, she probably won’t pick up the call. But it’ll prompt her to reply to the message.

I also recommend you leave a brief voice message. Hearing your voice makes you seem more real.

Option #2: Double text

A drawback from double texting is that it shows effort:

She didn’t put in any work and still got you to text her.

So double texting can make you seem a little desperate.

That said, if you don’t try to grab her attention, you more than likely won’t hear from her again.

So you have little to lose.

Now what do you text?

Nothing lame, like:

Have you been abducted by aliens?


Are you stuck in a well?

Instead keep it low investment while emotionally stimulating. Like:

This is a generic meme which has a surprisingly good response rate.

Better would be a song, meme, or short clip that ties into your conversation.

Option #3: Contact her on another platform

If she’s truly worth double texting, you should already have other contact info of hers such as:

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, or Whatsapp.

Reach out to her there.

Commenting on her latest Facebook post or Instagram story is an especially powerful way to get her to reply because it seems unplanned.

Making you look less needy.

That’s pretty much all you need to know on double texting.

I say ‘pretty much’, because there’s 1 thing you want to keep in mind:

Double texting is making the best of a bad situation.

A situation you shouldn’t have got yourself into in the first place.

Unless she legitimately forgot, she didn’t reply because you messed up.

A mess that you can prevent with good text game.

Which you can get by watching this video:

And grabbing my 10 Texts That Always Work.

A series of texts that’ll tell you what to do when:

  • You don’t know what to say
  • When she asked you a boring question
  • When you want to spike the conversation with a good tease
  • When you want to ask her on the date in a non-awkward way

So be sure to check that out.

Enjoy, bro.

Louis Farfields

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