10 Best Tinder Locations in the World

If you’re here, your intention is clear. You want the best Tinder locations in the world and get the hottest dates possible.

Well, you’re in good hands.

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The Top 10 Tinder locations in the world

If you could only use Tinder in the next locations, you’d never have a shortage of amazing matches.

In fact, you’d have more epic matches than you could handle.

The upcoming 10 spots are the best Tinder locations in the world.

  1. New York. Without a doubt one of the best places for Tinder. It attracts thousands of job-seekers from across the globe. People who are new in town and are in dire need of friends and bed partners. This constant flow of lonely, educated people to the Big Apple makes New York an excellent choice for Tinder. Plus, if you’ve ever set foot in Lower Manhattan, you know how stupidly good-looking the people are.
  2. London. Another metropolis buzzing with gorgeous young professionals. And in my experience, also more diverse than New York. You’ll meet girls from all walks of life with all sorts of different personalities. You’ll find bohemians, go-getters, geeks, and freaks. Whatever you want, you’ll find it in London.
  3. Rio de Janeiro. The second largest city of Brazil. With its long stretches of white sandy beaches and a huge urban forest, Rio de Janeiro is something else. No wonder it’s the most visited city of South America. And that’s what makes Rio so great for Tinder: tourists. They all come here to soak up the sun, do the samba, and have a fun adventure to bring home. Perhaps that adventure could be you.
  4. Kyiv. The capital of Ukraine. A place where you won’t see many tourists and travelers at all. And you don’t need to, because the women from Kiev are absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Cali. Cali isn’t the biggest city of Colombia. It’s special for another reason: the women of Cali are jaw droppingly beautiful. Which is a known fact throughout all of Colombia. There’s just one hitch, the women are usually not very good at English. So I’d only recommend a visit if you already speak some Spanish or are willing to learn.
  6. Bangkok. The city of tuk-tuks and ping pong shows is another great place for swiping. Like the other best Tinder locations, Bangkok gets a lot of tourists. But unlike the other places, you may not even get a chance to dip into the tourist pool, because your phone will be overheating from matches with locals. Locals LOVE Westerners. In their eyes, you’re exotic.
  7. Barcelona. The second largest city in Spain and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides its cultural heritage, you want to go to Barcelona for its never-ending influx of tourists and expats. Not that there’s anything wrong with the locals, they’re stunning, but they don’t exactly like guiris (foreign tourists).
  8. Amsterdam. The city where the rest of team TextGod resides. Tinder is incredibly popular among the locals. And they’re as versatile as can be. By this point an Amsterdam local could be practically any ethnicity in the world. Which is what makes it such a wonderful place to swipe. Want an infinite pool of beautiful women? Go to Amsterdam.
  9. Moscow. The home of Kalashnikovs, vodka, and communism. What a lovely bunch. Anyway, I’m a big fan. Most women are incredibly fit and their personalities are always a surprise. You never know if you’ll get a progressive or traditional girl. Both are fun in their own ways.
  10. Oslo. Now we’re going up north to the birthplace of the Vikings. Rumor has it that the women here are the most beautiful in the world, because the Vikings only brought back the most gorgeous women to their homelands. So if blond and hot is your thing, visit Oslo.

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With the top 10 locations in the world out of the way, let’s move on to some other noteworthy places.

Places that may be perfect for you.

11 Best Tinder Passport locations for you

The top 10 Tinder locations may not be the best… for you.


Because ‘best’ is relative. For example, if a buddy from NYC would come over to Belgium, he’d instantly get a seduction bonus when talking to any Belgian girl.

Why? Because he’s different. Exotic. He has all kinds of exciting new stories to tell.

Plus, he’d tell all those stories in another language. Sure, that language would be plain ol’ English. But the act of talking English still feels more exciting to her than standard Flemish.

In other words: for that guy, New York probably is NOT the best place for him to use Tinder. If he knows the stuff we teach in the Text God Mentoring Program, he won’t do poorly in his hometown.

But if he’d travel to someplace else like London, he’d instantly do much better! Sure, he’d speak the same language. But he’d speak it with a sexy New York accent. At least, sexy to most girls in London whose ears are used to hearing British English.

So if you’re thinking of swiping in the best locations of the world, always think:

In what place on earth would I be seen as exotic?

Hint: It’s not as difficult a question as you may think. Just being from another town in your own country already makes you more interesting. After all, to the girls you meet on Tinder, you have new perspectives to share.

That said, not all countries and cultures appreciate foreigners. So here’s a list of locations that are most welcoming to people from different places:

  1. Canada. Turns out that it’s not just a stereotype, Canadians are actually one of the friendliest people in the world. A poll done by Expat Insider shows that Canadians are 20% more welcoming to foreigners than the global average. I recommend going to Toronto.
  2. Vietnam. If the hottest Tinder matches is what you’re after, go to Ho Chi Minh City. The commercial hub of the city where the streets are clogged up with motorbikes and cars. Quite a sight.
  3. Colombia. As said earlier, Cali has the most beautiful women of Colombia. But if you want to know of another city that’ll make you love the locals, visit Medellín.
  4. Costa Rica. Want to go to South America but don’t want to visit Colombia? Check out Costa rica. Particularly its capital San José.
  5. Cambodia. It’s not just the home to Angkor Wats (thank you Angelina Jolie), it’s also a forward-thinking country open to foreigners. If you want to swing by, start with Phnom Penh.
  6. Taiwan. A small island off the coast of China. Which, despite its size, has pretty large cities. To get the hottest dates, visit New Taipei City. Before you book a flight, do know that the air quality isn’t great. There’s quite a bit of pollution when compared to American and Western-European cities.
  7. Argentina. The country that invented the Steakhouse. To meet your fair share of Latin beauties, go to Buenos Aires or Córdoba. But be careful, crime in both these cities is pretty high.
  8. Uganda. Probably not on the top of your travel list, which is all the more reason to go. Start with the capital, Kampala. Which is a much safer travel destination than Argentina.
  9. Mexico. You no doubt know of it, but maybe you haven’t yet set foot in gorgeous Mexico. For an unending mix of tourists and locals, go to Mexico City. If you like it a little more chill, go to Guadalajara or Puebla City.
  10. Philippines. A collection of thousands of islands in the pacific. To get the most out of Tinder, visit its largest cities. I’m fond of Cebu and Davao City (incredibly safe and beautiful). If you decide to go someplace else, please check the crime rates first.
  11. Portugal. Back to Europe, we have Portugal and its lovely capital, Lisbon. An especially good city if you like to Tinder and surf.

The same Expat Insider poll shows that the next countries are the least friendly:

  • Kuwait
  • Norway
  • Germany
  • Switzerland
  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Finland
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Denmark
  • Hungary
  • Qatar
  • Sweden

The above is obviously a generalization. Not every girl you meet from an ‘unfriendly’ country will be rude to you and vice versa.

But it does give you a good idea of where you’ll easily make new friends.

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10 Best Tinder locations in the USA

If you want to Tinder in the States, there’s plenty of action in New York and San Francisco.

But unless you’re rocking watches encrusted with diamonds the size of your fist, you probably can’t afford the rent.

So if you want to live in America without selling your kidneys AND meet gorgeous, single women, I’ve got something for you.

A list of American cities having the most Tinder activity, based on Google trends over the past 12 months.

Anyway, here are the top 10 Best Tinder locations in the USA:

  1. Madison, Wisconsin
  2. Blacksburg, Virginia
  3. Bessemer, Alabama
  4. Flagstaff, Arizona
  5. Burlington, Massachusetts
  6. Ames, Iowa
  7. Rapid City, South Dakota
  8. Morgantown, West Virginia
  9. Stillwater, Oklahoma
  10. Union Park, Florida

Now for some tips on how to get the best Tinder experience possible.

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