Top 10 Dating Apps in Germany To Plan 3+ Dates A Week

You’re already in Germany.

Or you’re about to go to the country of Bratwurst.

And you want to find the best local dating apps.

This is what you get:

  • The top dating apps used in Germany
  • A list of German habits to keep you from looking like a fool
  • The #1 principle to get more one-night stands
  • 5 Tips to impress your German crush
  • 10 Copy-paste texts to send to your Fräulein

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What is the German online dating demographic?

Find out if swiping in Germany is worth your time.

On the whole, the more progressive a country, the more people on dating apps.

Perhaps due to its forward thinking, roughly 11% of the German population actively swipes.

That’s high enough to land Germany a fourth place spot on the biggest online dating audience of the world. (If we talk percentages rather than numbers.)

With around 83 million inhabitants, the German online dating crowd is 9,130,000 people big.

What about the man to woman ratio?

Depending on your sexual orientation, it’s either heaven or hell.

Of the entire German online dating crowd, 68% is male and 32% is female.

(And it’s said that about 1% of Berlin is Genderfluid Pansexual Dragonkin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

And those two groups are obviously split into different age groups.

The age group with the best distribution of men and women are the people between 18 and 24 years old.

That category has 4 women for every 6 men.

The second best ratio belongs to the people aged between 25 – 34.

That category has 3 women for every 7 men.

In case I shattered your dreams of meeting sexy German singles:

Ratio ≠ actual numbers.

Even though the ratios are skewed, dating apps still have about 3 million female users.

What are the intentions of the German digital daters?

According to Statista, about 49% of people want a relationship, 36% want to hook up and 15% don’t know.

What are the best dating apps?

The next 9 tips will discuss which dating app is most likely to get you laid in Germany.

As with any country, there are lots of dating apps and websites to choose from.

What’s the app that most Germans gravitate to?

It depends on the region you visit.

But overall, there are three apps that reign supreme.

And a mix of others that may better fit your needs.

In total, we’ll discuss the 9 best dating apps.

Starting with the most obscure and interesting of the bunch.

#1: Hater

Tired of swiping pretty based? Let’s turn your hate into a date.

Hater revolves around your personal frustrations and hates.

Although the dating app started as a joke, studies show that sharing a common enemy brings people together.

Being a pessimist finally pays off.

Anyway, instead of faces you swipe topics.

And topics vary from giant beards to people who spent ten minutes in line at a Starbucks and still don’t know what they want as they reach the counter.

Swipe left to dislike a topic, right to like.

Swipe up for amazing and down for hate.

Once you vent enough hate, it’s time to match.

Hater combs its user base to find people with a similar hatred for life.

The higher the match percentage, the more hates and dislikes you share.

It’s here where Hater turns into the traditional swiping app we know and love.

You see a Hater’s name, photos, distance and hate-folio.

Do you like what you see? Take a chance and swipe right.

Does your match hate fedoras? Swipe left.

Continue until you find you find the hater of your dreams.

Do you hate coming up with a funny opener?

Hater has got your back.

The dating app helps you break the ice with a Card Against Humanity tactic.

You pick a phrase and fill in the blank.

Giving you gems like:

For 5 cents a day, you can help a child living with ART DEGREES

  • Almost everyone has a good sense of humor
  • Absolutely free
  • Available on Android and iOS
  • Easy icebreakers
  • Not very popular
  • If you swipe a Hater left, it doesn’t take long before she turns up again in your match rotation
  • Hater doesn’t take distance into consideration. It sucks to match a girl who lives 80+ KM (60+ miles) away.

Next up, a more popular dating app.

#2: Bumble

Bumble is the feminist dating app.

Bumble coined that nickname itself. So please, hang up the phone on your emergency call to the matriarchy.

The origin of its name lies in its secret sauce.

If secret means publically known and sauce means feature.

On Bumble women send the first text.

Apparently, many ladies are tired of rude and heartless pick-up lines.

And who can blame them with messages like this?

The last line had me spitting up my drink. But it IS insensitive to farts.

Besides that women start the conversation, Bumble and Tinder are almost identical.

Which is great if you like Tinder, but not the hassle of inventing a witty icebreaker.

Sadly, most women are as bad at being original as men.

Bumble’s #1 opener:


The ladies on Bumble, however, have a legitimate excuse for their lack of originality.

A time window.

If she doesn’t text you within 24 hours after matching, she loses you as a match.

And if you don’t reply within 24 hours after her opener, the match also disappears.

Bumble wants to be known as an app that successfully leads to dates.

So it has no patience for unresponsive users.

  • Women have the burden of coming up with a witty line
  • The ladies are quick to reply
  • No limit on your swipes (Tinder has a cap of 100 a day)
  • Most used by expats and travelers with good English
  • Thanks to the time windows, a match isn’t a guarantee you’ll eventually chat
  • Most women write boring openers, leaving you to spice up the conversation
  • Not hugely popular in Germany
  • Few locals

Next up, an American classic.

#3: OkCupid

OkCupid has 5 million active users and takes a stand against swiping apps.

Rather than swipe faces, the OkCupid algorithm connects you to likeminded people.

How does the app know who shares your ideas?

Through a series of questions you answer during registration.

Questions like:

  • Is the astrological sign at all important in a match?
  • Are you kinky?
  • Are you ready to settle down and get married right now?

Whether you skip questions is up to you, but you must fill in enough so OkCupid can match you with others.

To help find your perfect match, you can mark questions as important.

After you answer a minimum of 15 prompts, the app shows you profiles based on a compatibility rate.

Like most dating apps, OkCupid has a mutual-like system.

If you want to chat, it’s not enough for you to like her. She must also like you back.

OkCupid offers you two ways to go through your matches.

You can it simple with the Quickmatch format: judge one profile at a time.

Or, you can scroll through multiple profiles and comment on specific prompts. Although she won’t see your message until she Likes you.

  • One of the original and most known dating apps.
  • Free.
  • The compatibility rate improves the odds of chemistry.
  • Lots of expats and tourists who speak English.
  • LGBTQ friendly (13 gender identities, 22 sexual orientations).
  • Not hugely popular in Germany, except for Berlin.
  • Few locals.

Next up the most successful German dating platform.

#4: eDarling

eDarling is a highly successful German matchmaking website, which also has an app.

If you know Match, you basically know eDarling.

Although it has people of all ages, the average eDarling user is 30+ and is looking for a relationship.

Are you living in Germany and looking for a mature partner?

eDarling may be for you.

To help you find a match, the app forces a fistful of questions down your throat and calls it a personality test.

Welcome to hell.

A few hundred questions laters, you’re ready to match.

Unlike most modern dating apps, you’re not free to browse eDarling’s singles.

Instead, the algorithm sends you partner suggestions. Free users get 7 a day and subscribers get 20.

While signing up is free, texting a match is not.

You can’t reach out to a lady without going premium.

  • The best option if you’re 35+ and want a life long partner.
  • Educated and career-driven crowd.
  • Highly responsive women.
  • Freemium is useless.
  • Very few women in their 20s.
  • Most ladies live in the cities.
  • Barely any foreigners.

Now for a dating app that’s popular among the young and old.

#5: Hot or Not

Hot or Not is a dating service made by the creators of Badoo.

The idea is simple:

The app shows you a scrollable photo album and you can give one of two answers ‘Hot’ (if you want to get in touch) and ‘Not’ (if you don’t want to see them again).

Hot or Not is known across the globe and has more than 340 million users.

Besides the name, Hot or Not is almost identical to Badoo.

You sign up through Facebook (or email), state your sex and your reason for joining (chatting, dating or making new friends).

Although the app doesn’t specify a target audience, it’s clearly aimed at the young. Most members are under the age of 30.

Thanks to its casual nature, Hot or Not mainly revolves around hookups.

Are you under 25 years old and looking to date similarly aged singles?

Hot or Not is for you.

  • Young and open-minded audience.
  • Quick and easy registration.
  • You can upload videos.
  • Not everyone wants to date. Many people join to socialize.
  • Men don’t get a 3-day premium trial and go through a stricter registration process.
  • You must verify your account (by linking your social media) to get high-quality matches.

Let’s see what Hot or Not’s daddy has to offer.

#6: Badoo

As the app that invented the swiping system, Badoo has 418 million users.

Making it the most downloaded dating app in the world. Although that doesn’t mean it has the most active users.

To best describe Badoo, see it as a blend of Tinder and Happn.

You can find women your swipe stack, or you can swipe the women you physically crossed path with.

Thanks to its age, Badoo still has a loyal following in Germany.

Badoo is the weird one of today’s app collection.


It’s actually a social network site.

Some people join for dates, others to chat and make friends.

  • Highest member count of all the dating apps.
  • Easy to use.
  • Free.
  • Lots of expats and travelers.
  • Not every girl is looking to date.
  • Badoo blows up your phone with notifications (although you can turn those off).
  • You can’t see if someone read your message.

Now for Germany’s MOST praised dating app.

#7: Lovoo

Lovoo is the most successful dating app in Germany.

It’s basically the German version of Tinder. Although there are subtle differences.

Lovoo has a whopping 70 million users. Of which 1.9 million are active on the daily.

What sets it apart from its American rival?

A LIVE radar that lets you see where and how many girls from Lovoo are in your area.

Big Lovoo is watching you.

If you have the stones, you can actually walk up to a girl from Lovoo and approach her in person. Amazingly powerful tool for meeting women at festivals and big live events.

Holy Tip:

Meeting online is wonderful, if you can hold her attention.

Which is pretty hard, unless you know what you’re doing.

What makes online conversations easier, is starting off strong.

And one of the strongest ways to start is with the most effective opener in the galaxy…

The Clickbait Opener.

Grab it here and get two lines to reel her in.

Lovoo separates itself from Tinder in three other ways.

The first is with extra profile options. Yawn.

Another unique feature is the hashtag. Like Instagram, you can add a hashtag to every one of your photos.

Thanks to the hashtag, you can also find matches with the search function. Rather than swiping through a pile of random profiles.

Simply go to search and enter a topic like ‘#partyanimal’ or ‘#waffles’. You may find the raving, waffle-eating girl of your dreams.

The last one-of-a-kind feature is called Icebreaker.

What does it do?

It lets you send a text to a woman you are NOT matched with.

Put simply, the Icebreaker is a way to win her over if your profile didn’t do the trick.

Free users get one a day, and premium members get three a day.

Another feature that rocks is verification.

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful that she looks like she was chiseled out of marble?

Maybe her beauty is too good to be true.

Lovoo’s verification feature lets you find out.

If she sends in a photo of herself holding a piece of paper with her username to customer support, she gets the seal of approval.

She’s officially not a catfish.

Does she not have the verification symbol? Chances are she’s not who she claims she is.

Swipe left.

  • Most popular dating app for Germans.
  • Live radar to meet women in person.
  • Icebreaker to win over girls you haven’t matched with.
  • Hashtag to find new matches.
  • Verified users aren’t catfish.
  • Free is ass cheeks.
  • Not many tourists or expats.

It’s now time for the absolute top dating app.

#8: Tinder

Tinder needs no introduction.

Although it wasn’t the first dating app, Tinder made sure it was the most known.

Create a profile in under 60 seconds, swipe and get matches.

Tinder truly is that simple.

But how popular is Tinder amongst German women?

Old surveys say Tinder is second to Lovoo.

But two datingcoaches in Germany claim Tinder kicked Lovoo off the throne.

And seeing Tinder’s popularity steadily rise over the years, I believe them.

  • Equally popular, if not more, than Lovoo.
  • Free is enough to get dates.
  • Has locals, expats and tourists.
  • All age groups and backgrounds.
  • The algorithm is tough for people who don’t know what they’re doing.

With the apps out of the way, we get into some must-know facts for foreigners.

Must knows for foreigners in Germany

If you don’t want to insult the locals, or look like a fool, read on.

Germans have specific habits that many foreigners struggle with.

Here’s a list of German customs that may make you uncomfortable.

1. Germans don’t beat around the bush

Some cultures wrap every rejection or dislike in a blanket of kindness.

For instance.

Telling “No” to a Chinaman is like slapping him across the face.

The Germans don’t share the same opinion.

“Hold the door” won’t rustle any German’s feathers.

Candor is not limited to the everyday either.

If you meet locals as an American, don’t be surprised to hear introduce yourself and instantly dive into politics.

Did you vote for Trump?”

Rude to some, but not if you’re German.

2. Germans play by the rules

If you break the rules, expect an intense tongue-lashing.

Whether you litter, or loudly chew your gum, it’s common for a German to correct you.

Public scolding is especially popular in the countryside.

City culture is more forward-thinking and less about fitting in.

But don’t be fooled. Cross a red light in Berlin and an elderly lady may throw you some expletives.

3. Germans are surprisingly traditional

Although Germany belongs to the top five high-tech nations of the world, it’s surprisingly backward.

Although Germans have the technology, many shops and restaurants are cash only.

Few locals use debit or credit cards.

Although big cities like Berlin are finally making the transition to cash-free.

So before you sit your date down at a café, ask the staff if they accept cards.

Needing directions from the waiter to the nearest ATM puts a damper on the date.

4. Germans are not service-minded

The phrase “Customer is King” never made its way into Germany.

While there are exceptions to the rule, German waiters are never in a hurry to help you.

And if the staff gets your order wrong, don’t expect an apology.

Another German restaurant taboo is ordering tap water. Even in Berlin.

Waiters will tell you to order something else, or pretend they don’t have it.

5. Germans like to smoke

Although Germany banned indoor smoking like most modern nations, many Germans light up where they please.

For some unexplained reason, certain regions in Germany take the ban lightly.

So if you find yourself in a smoke-filled club, there’s little you can do except leave.

6. Germans may seem racist

Americans are very sensitive to topics related to race.

If you’re a US citizen, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Germans, however, are not as delicate.

For instance, Germany is known to have a lot of people of Turkish descent. And although they’ve lived here for generations, Germans still call them Turks.

And hardly anyone seems to mind.

Another issue that may upset you is the German party shop.

Along Micheal Jackson and Trump masks, you’ll also find gear to change you into a wigwam-using Indian or black person.





7. German English skills

Although not the best English speakers in Europe, the Germans can express themselves.

Thanks to Netflix, most Germans are better at listening than speaking.

So you won’t need a German dictionary.

Although a few words of German definitely help in stealing her heart.

On the topic of seduction, let’s finish today’s article with German dating etiquette.

#11: How to seduce your German crush

Learn how to impress and win over your German crush.

Cultural misunderstandings can be the difference between taking your date home or opening incognito mode.

Sidestep any cultural landmines with German dating etiquette.

1. Keep your word

A wise man once said, “All I have in this world is my balls and my word.”

I think it was Pinocchio.

Doesn’t matter.

What matters is that women like a man who is trustworthy.

If you met her online with the idea of hooking up, don’t tell her you want romance.

That’s a lie.

Look, here’s an insight about women that may surprise you:

Women are open to casual sex. Including the Germans ladies.

Why many girls keep their love for one-night stands a secret is because it sends the wrong message:

“I’ll sleep with any guy who shows interest.”

And that’s obviously not true.

Women only hook up with men when it FEELS right.

The problem?

Most dudes fail to make an erotic adventure feel right for her.

So let me transform you into a man who women want to hook up with.

  1. Be honest about your intentions. Lay your cards out on the table and let her decide if she likes you.
  2. Don’t exaggerate or overpromise. Don’t try to be her knight in shining armor. You’re just an honest, laid-back dude who doesn’t think sex is a big deal.
  3. Keep your word. A man who contradicts himself is a major turn off.

Especially to Germans who value honesty above all else.

Lastly, don’t make it about sex.

Even if she knows you don’t want a relationship, she wants to feel some kind of spark before sleeping with you.

While there is more to seduction, these four steps will 100,69% lead Fräuleins to your bedroom.

2. Don’t be scared

German girls are a bit reserved.

Even if she likes you, you may not get the signals you expect.

When you go on a date, it may take a while before she warms up to you.

So don’t worry if the breaking of the ice takes longer than usual.

It’s simply part of the German culture.

3. Don’t be macho

German women don’t want to smash the patriarchy.

Since the war, the European countries have almost closed the equality gap between the genders.

So when you date a German girl, don’t expect a defenseless little girl who needs you to carry her bag and hold open the door.

She doesn’t even mind to pay the bill.

Holy Tip:

I don’t have a fixed rule for paying the drinks.

It all depends on the vibe.

If I sense she doesn’t want to pay, I pick up the tab in an instant.

Does she reach into her purse for her wallet?

Then I’ll say I’ll pay for the next round.

“You get the cocktails. When we visit the ice cream parlor, I’ll pay for the frozen yogurts.”

If you consider yourself a nice guy or a people pleaser, I definitely recommend taking turns with the bill.

Firstly, it’s what friends do. So you’ll seem less like a stranger.

Two, it’s more masculine, because you’re not putting her on a pedestal.

The above doesn’t mean chivalry is dead.

Just that it’s a choice, not a must.

4. Don’t keep it superficial

German women like real conversations.

She can chit-chat with the cashier from the supermarket.

Sharing your past, values and family stories is definitely a must if you want to leave a good impression.

5. Don’t make bad jokes

Germans are funnier than you may think, but some subjects are not joked about.

So… onay okesjay aboutway Adolfway Itlerhay.

For our non-Americans who don’t know Pig Latin:

No jokes about Adolf Hitler.

Or Nazis and all other pewpew-related subjects.

We almost reached the end of Dating Apps In Germany.

Before we part ways, I have two more things to say.

Firstly, if you go to Germany, visit Berlin.

Thanks to the large LGBTQ community, the capital has a crazy open-minded culture.

Including, but not limited to, speed dating events, swinger clubs and fetish parties.

Lastly, check out The 10 Texts That Always Work.

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The 10 Texts have the answers you want.

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  • Funny answers to boring questions.
  • How to ask her out on a date without seeming desperate.
  • Lines to tease her with.
  • And more.

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Enjoy, my friend.

Louis Farfields

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