Tinder in Vilnius: Best 7 Dating App Tips in Lithuania

Thinking of visiting Lithuania?

Maybe you’re already there…

Either way, you want to get the most out of Tinder and other dating apps in Lithuania.

In this article, you’ll get all the inside information you need!

You get:

  • The secret turn-on for the local girls
  • Best 4 dating apps to meet Lithuanian ladies
  • Top 3 dating sites to meet even more Lithuanian ladies
  • 5 Date ideas tested and approved by the TextGod team
  • 1 Example text that works like a charm (steal it!)
  • More…

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#1: Everything you need to know to Tinder in Lithuania

Before anything, let’s get a couple facts straight about Lithuania.

Because as you’ll learn in just a second, these facts matter if you want to be successful at dating Lithuanian women!

The country is small with a population of just 2,793,722.

Of which 54% are women.

And those women are beautiful.

Lithuanian men have the best looking women in the world.

What stood out to me is how almost every single girl has insanely gorgeous eyes. Whether they are grey, green, blue, or a mix… They always seem extra bright.

(I was hoping they’d see me as an exotic fruit with my poop brown eyes, but that didn’t happen.)

English doesn’t seem to be a problem for anyone around 18-30. Around ⅘ encounters was able to keep a conversation going in English.

The older generations seem to speak better Russian, and usually no English.

Their mother tongue is, of course, Lithuanian.

And this is where you get your first chance to shine.

Lithuanians genuinely respect if you try to pick up some Lithuanian words.

Or learn about the city you’re in, their history, culture, …

Keep reading to see how we used this knowledge to get women instantly smitten over text.

If you’re too read up on Lithuanian history for a few minutes, then remember this:

Lithuanians are not Slavs or Russians, and they never were.

The majority of people carry no warm feelings towards Russians. Be careful with the subject.

#2: Best dating apps in Lithuania

What apps are must-haves to meet lovely Lithuanian women?


As in most civilized places, Bumble can get you dates.

Expect educated women with an average age of 27.

Read my article about how to max out your luck on Bumble.


It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of the app and its users…

…but it does have a lot of users.

Try it out if you’re in the mood for the opposite of Bumble women.

Slightly younger users that focus more on parties than education.

(Which doesn’t have to be a bad thing)

I just texted TextGod Coach Dan for his opinion on the app. His reply:

Somehow I am suddenly banned from the app?

Another great Badoo experience <3


OKCupid might not be one of the most popular dating apps in Lithuania, but it has it’s use.

We instantly noticed that its users are a bit more alternative and artsy.

One thing that stood out is that the app also showed us girls from Kaunas…

…While our team was in Vilnius.

That’s 57mi or 92km away.

Which means its user base is quite small.

Either way, if you are into arty alto girls… you know where to look.


The most used dating app in Lithuania, is king Tinder.

If you could only install one app, then this would be the one.

More on Tinder and its tricks in a bit.

Holy Tip:

Traditional messaging apps like Telegram in Eastern Europe and WhatsApp in Western Europe aren’t much used here.

Lithuanians use social media for messaging, so be sure your social media profiles are on point.

That’s why you want to keep these two apps at hand:


About half of the team’s dates were set up over Facebook and Messenger.

If you’re fine using your Facebook to meet women, then make sure you’ve got a solid pair of photos uploaded.

And get rid of personal information you don’t want any random date to see.


The other half of dates were arranged through Instagram.

So definitely consider this a dating app in Lithuania.

Which is, in my humble yet always accurate opinion, the better option.

If for you Instagram isn’t synonymous to date fixing machine, then check my Guide to Instagram game: How To Get Girls On Instagram.

#3: Most used dating sites in Vilnius

Are you more of a dating site type of guy?

What are you, 75?

Anyway, here’s the three most popular dating sites in Lithuania.


Draugas is one of the most used dating sites in the country.

You can search for potential partners by profile completion, the users popularity from 1 to 5 hearts, how responsive they are, or all sorts of filters about basic profile information.

Once you find the girl you like, you can send them a kiss, send them a text message, or send them a gift.

And this is where things get creepy…

…this gift can range from virtual flowers to a virtual bottle of wine…


…an actual REAL LIFE gift.

That’s right, women can receive actual real world gift like chocolate, perfume, coffee, and so on… delivered right to their doorstep.

Holy Tip:

Never send a women gifts before meeting her.

Heck, never send a women gifts before being in a relationship with her.


DarniPora, or BalticDate in English, is another popular Lithuanian dating site.

As is popular with dating sites, DarniPora uses a compatibility test.

This way they can better tie matches together.

And even though their personality test seemed pretty good, the matching results seem a bit off.

Even though the site is one of the most used, it didn’t blow me away at all, to say the least.

If Draugas didn’t do it for you, then try out this one.

If both sites disappointed you, then you’ll need to try Russian competition:


Mamba is one of the most popular in Russia and Ukraine, but Lithuanians also use the site.

Use it as a backup if the options above failed you.

With all those apps and sites supplying you with dates, you’ll need some 10/10 date locations.

And that’s just what I got for you in the next tip.

#4: Best (Tinder) date location in Vilnius

Dating in Vilnius can hardly go wrong with these locations.

Every time one of the TextGod team members came back from a first date, I didn’t even need to ask how it was.

Their facial expression spoke for them.

Allow me to list a couple simple but fun date ideas in Vilnius:

Rent a scooter

It’s impossible NOT to run into a scooter in Vilnius.

With two companies competing for the market (Bolt and Citybee), you’ll always find a free one to ride.

Rent a scooter, tell your girl to hop up on the back, and cruise through the city with her.

Unless if you’re not very confident in your scooting skills. You want to make her crush on you, not crash with you.

Small Protip: avoid driving through the fountains. Coach Dan tried this out for you and I had the pleasure of witnessing him messing up his arm for two weeks. Apparently wet tiles can be slippery… who would have thought?

Outdoor cinema

Had a good convo on a dating app in Lithuania?

Imagine sitting on pink seats under a bridge with her, watching a big screen.

Or look at the following photo:

Going to the movies for a first date is a pretty horrible idea.

But if the theater has no roof and fresh air blowing through your hair…

…that changes things.

+5 romance points.

Cocktails in Vilnius Street

The good ol’ classic works in Lithuania like it works elsewhere.

Walk through Vilnius Street which is PACKED with cozy bars.

One of my personal favorites was Drops, which served an excellent Old Fashioned.

Anyway, choose a bar, pick a table, let your girl choose her seat, and then sit down next to her.

That’s right, not in front of her. It’s not a job interview.

Holy Donut

Date in the morning or around noon?

Need to grab a bite anyway?

Invite your date to join you for breakfast or lunch at Holy Donut.

Even though the name says ‘Donut’, they have excellent bagels, bagel burgers, salads, and so on.

Upstairs you’ll find comfy couches you and your date can sink in to.

Italala Coffee

Crave a coffee?

Get a high quality take away and lead your date around the city, even though you don’t know your way.

Rather sit down while sippin’ on the black gold?

Grab one of the benches near the wall or, if they are free, sit in one of the swings.

That’s right. They have swings inside.

My most fun Vilnius date:

My favorite date activity in Vilnius, Lithuania

Ask your date to guide you to that one hippie area that wants to be independent.

I know… sounds weird, but she knows what you’re talking about.

Allow her to enlighten you about the situation, Lithuanians like to talk about their culture and history.

Then once you’re there, you’ll see metal plates attached to a wall.

One for (almost) each language in existence.

These plates are engraved with the self made constitution of this little part of town.

I don’t want to spoil too much of the surprise, but they made up some WEIRD laws.

Your cat has the right to dislike you but should comfort you in times of sadness.

I’m paraphrasing, but it was stuff like this.

Enjoy laughing your butt off, and don’t forget to mock your date with these ‘laws’.

#5: Dating culture etiquette

The do’s and don’ts of Lithuanian dating, lined up for you!

Like in most of Eastern Europe, things are a bit more conservative.

You can almost feel Christianity’s presence when walking through the streets.

This more conservative vibe also means that men often offer to pay for the date.

(And if a female accepts this offer, then the man will also see the meetup as an official date.)

It’s interesting to note that the more serious women is about dating you, the less likely she’ll want you to pay. While women who are looking for a one night stand, will gladly accept you to pay.

My coaches and cameraman agreed that sleeping with a girl on the first date, is a rarity.

(Except if you see nightclubs as first dates.)

Sometimes they made love on the second date, sometimes the fourth.

But in general you can say that things go slower than in places like London, or Amsterdam.

Typing this made me realize…

…you probably have an idea of what Amsterdam and London are like…

…but you’ve likely never seen Lithuania.

You’ll see it for the first time in the next tip!

#6: Watch this video shot in Vilnius, Lithuania

You can’t read but you’ve been pretending you can all the way up till this point?

Great news!

I’ve got a video lined up for you that has most (but not all) of the tips in this article.

Kick back and press play:

#7: Steal my Tinder lines

Use my personalized line for texting in Lithuania.

If you’re familiar with TextGod advice, then you know that personalized openers are unmatched.

They focus on a few details in a girl’s profile and reel her in that way.

And that’s exactly what this line does.

Only this time we’re not talking about a woman, but a country.

And if you’ve been a good boy and didn’t skip much of this article, then you know that Lithuanians appreciate it if you show interest in their history and culture.

So without further ado:

Texting is a whole lot easier if you know how the person you’re talking to, works.

And if you like this one line from me, and would like some more where that came from…

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Enjoy Lithuania, and I’ll see you soon!

Louis Farfields

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