How to Get Nudes: 10 Tips to Get Her to Send Hot Pictures

If the feelings are mutual, nudes are a fun way to flirt with someone you like.

But maybe something is stopping you from getting spicy photos. But no matter.

Because in today’s article, you’ll discover how to get her excited to send you naughty photos. Without seeming like a creep.

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1. Be patient

Use this tip to set yourself apart from other guys.

Although there are exceptions to this rule, getting nudes takes a while.

Most women don’t send naked pictures to men they don’t fully trust. And even then, they may have a personal bias against them.

Nobody wants their own “Kim K doing backshots” footage online.

Plus, what happens if the relationship turns sour? We’ve all seen the story of the crazy ex posting photos about their girl online. So most women are reluctant to send nudes too fast.

Here’s my most important tip on how to get nudes: be patient.

Almost every girl has sent someone a nude once in their life, so just be patient enough and she’ll likely send you one. If you have TextGod level game of course…

Do you need to see some big bazongas right now?

Well, the internet is full of nudie photos of strangers. So I’ve heard.

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2. Make sharing photos normal

Here’s a rule you should ALWAYS follow to get those tantalizing pictures.

Don’t. Ask. For. Nudes.

That’s dumb as hell. And one of the biggest turnoffs for a girl. Especially at the start of your blooming romance.

It’s also a little needy. And creepy.

The odds of you getting a nude photo are WAYYYY higher when you’re just a cool dude that she’s into and wants to make happy.

Here’s what you should do instead. Make sharing photos normal.

Send photos about cool stuff you’re doing, like a cool view or a cute pupper, and she’s sure to send some back.

Once she’s used to sending you everyday photos of herself, a naughty photo isn’t such a big step anymore. At least, if you also do all the right things to build attraction and tension.

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3. Build a safe connection

If you use this tip you’ll get WAY more girls sending you sexy pics.

There are largely two reasons why a girl won’t send you nudes.

  1. She’s not into you.
  2. She doesn’t trust you (even if she thinks you’re hawt).

Follow all my other TextGodly advice and content to fix point 1 and get her to like you.

But point 2’s issue of trust is giga-important.

A cute guy that she trusts has a FAR bigger chance of getting nudes than a mega hawt a-hole.

You want to make yourself someone she can trust.

How do you do that?

  • Be reliable a.k.a. do what you say you’ll do.
  • Communicate openly and honestly.
  • Share your vulnerable side instead of hiding it.

Do these things and you’re well on your way to getting nudes.

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4. Be flirty

You know what guy typically gets nudes from girls? The one who’s totally okay with his sexuality.

The dude who NEVER gets nudes, however, act like one of the girls. And then gets tossed into the friendzone.

She wants to feel your masculinity.

So if you want nudes, you need to FLIRT and make her feel like a girly girl.

How do you do that? Let me give you two easy flirting techniques.

Misinterpret what she says.

Here’s an example from my own phone.


Another great way to flirt is teasing.

God I love a good tease, so here’s an example.

That picture with the huge pink hat is super dorky, but it made me giggle so I love it.

I could go on and on and on and on and on regarding flirting.

But how about instead you just steal one of my 10 Texts That Always Work

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5. Set the mood

This increases the odds she’ll send you nudes by at least 69%.

Create the right vibe.

She’s not going to send you nudes when you’re talking about your favorite sandwich topping. (Even though I LOVVVEEEE topping hehehe).

After all, sandwiches aren’t sexy. And neither are boring and factual convos.

Try and get her in the mood for sexy things.


Sexually escalate.

It’s best if you’ve already been together sexually but not mandatory.

So if you haven’t been together in that way, you can also just bring up sex in casual conversation.

Like sending a funny but sexual or suggestive meme, reminding her of an intimate moment, saying you know someone who’s taking a pole dancing class, or a story about you skinny dipping.

This sets the mood for naughty thoughts and feelings..

If she’s into it, say you’re getting a little turned on.

If she likes THAT, she might ask you what you’re thinking about. Be specific about what’s getting you hot and bothered. Because to send naughty photos, she has to be in a naughty and adventurous mood first.

Mention something that she was wearing or doing last time you were with her. Here are three examples.

Your breasts looked so soft and firm in that summer dress last week

Sometimes I feel like I can’t control myself around you

I really want to see your cheeks flushed like that again

If she’s available (and not at her grandma’s house), she may feel enticed to send you something tasty.

Maybe even a picture of Nana’s delicious cherry pie.

6. Sext her

When you learn how to sext you’ll be drowning in spicy pictures.

Sexting is the best time to get intimate pictures. The mood’s already perfect.

But don’t rush into it! If you want to get nudes, you have to do it right.

You need to build a slow and steady picture of what you’d do if she was with you right now.

Start from walking through the door and seeing her on the couch.

Describe how you walk up to her.

Write out where you grab and touch her.

How you look at her.

Where you kiss her.

How exactly you undress her.

How her lips taste.

How rough or tender you are.

You get the idea.

IF she’s enjoying it, she will sext you right back.

The better you are at creating a slow and steady rise of tension, the more turned on she’ll get.

Here’s when you can tell her you want to see her body.

Being specific about what you want usually helps. Women like a guy who knows what he likes. If you’re not taking the lead, then she has to. And that makes her feel vile.

For inspiration on how to get her horny, check out my next article.

7. Delete the evidence

She’ll feel more comfortable sending you nudes if you remove them.

Many guys hoard nude photos like Smaug and his mountain of gold. Or hide them in the elusive “homework” folder. Don’t be that guy, unless she likes it.

If you’re both new to this, tell her you’ll delete the photo after she sends it. That’ll make her much more comfortable.

Or use something like WhatsApps ‘view once’ feature so the photo disappears after. Snapchat can obviously be used to.

But you know what’s better than expiring nude photos?

Being naked together in real life.

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8. Respond positively to get more

There is a secret to getting more nudes that most guys don’t know.

Whenever you get ANYTHING remotely sexy from her….  Be sure to let her know that you like it. It takes a lot of courage to send spicy photos.

So reward her and make her feel special for doing it.

If you don’t send her something reassuring when she’s so vulnerable, you risk doing a lot of emotional damage and pushing her away.

Make her feel sexy and desired, not like she’s doing you a favor.

Here’s some texts to inspire you when a girl sends photos of her hot tamales.

Those are intoxicating to look at.

Hnnnggg. Stop trying to distract me with those sexy curves I’m trying to work.

I would absolutely devour you if you were here right now.

Reward her for sending nudes and the pictures will keep coming and coming.

And then who knows…maybe she’ll also keep coming and coming.

9. Respect her boundaries

Don’t be the pushy guy.

If you ask for some tasteful nudes and she says no, then you gracefully accept.

It’s rare for women to send nudes before sleeping with them.

And even after sleeping together, she still might not feel comfortable sending you photos that could end up all over the internet.

Which is totally okay.

She doesn’t owe you anything.

Sharing intimate photos can be a lot of fun for both you and her, but only if you’re both comfortable doing them.

And always remember, ‘no’ means ‘no.’

10. Be the guy she wants

It’s super simple becoming that guy who she loves sending mouth-watering photos to.

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