10 Ways to Seduce Women Over Text (With Screenshot Examples)

Women tell me this all the time: “I can’t meet guys online!”

And it’s not because she can’t get matches.

But because she gets into endless conversations that go nowhere.

Guys are bad seducers.

This article will change that.

In a few minutes, you’ll know all you need to seduce women over text.

You get:

  • 5 Messages that create MASSIVE sexual tension
  • How to raise attraction while also leading to the date (+2 stealable texts)
  • 3 Texts that make her want to spend time with you
  • A low-effort text that will get you MANY dates
  • The 4-step formula to seducing women over text

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#1: The 3 reasons you want to be texting

Most men do this all wrong.

They text to try to get to know her.

Which leads to never-ending conversations. Conversations that tend to be very light on flirting and emotionally stimulating texts.

The problem?

Without flirting and emotionally stimulating texts, she’s likely to grow bored.


So before you even pick up your phone, you want to know WHY you’re texting her.

Are you texting her for no reason?

Then you shouldn’t be texting at all.

The only times you want to be texting is to do one of three things:

  • Making a good first impression (obviously only applies at the start of the dating phase)
  • Leading toward the date
  • Checking in on her to maintain emotional momentum

So after the introductory stage, you’ll be moving back and forth between leading toward the date and checking in on her.

Text more than that and you’ll likely bore her, or come across as slightly desperate and available.

So keep your texting purposeful.

Now it’s time to seduce women over text.

#2: Five texts that create massive sexual tension

If you don’t create sexual tension, you may as well be diving off a cliff into the friendzone.

Because without sexual tension, you will become ‘just friends’.

So how do you create that magical force that leads to attraction and a spicy evening in the bedroom?

Well, I’m a firm believer of starting tension as quickly as possible. Which I do with the next texts, depending on the situation.

If you already know each other and occasionally hangout, send her this:

I’ve decided I want to be a prostitute

Will you leave me a Yelp review?

If you’re 99,23454% sure she likes you, but you’ve never been on a date:

I feel a bit embarrassed to tell you this, but I had a dream about you last night

A text she won’t be able to resist. Expect her to say something like:

Okay… tell me more

Which you’ll answer with:

Well, let’s just say I’ve never seen that side of you before

That text walks the line between friendship and sparks.

It’s perfect.

If she gave you a really good compliment over text:

If you happen to see me right now, I’m not blushing

My cheeks are just red from ehh… exhaustion after beating up 10 bad guys

How does that create sexual tension?

Because you’re telling her how much of an impact she already has on you. That’s hot.

If you simply don’t know what to say, go with:

Hnnnngg. Just had the best burgers ever. Almost arousing

I think this text speaks for itself. You’re literally brining up the topic of sex, without making it about her or you.

It’s on the edge. But definitely safe enough that she won’t find it offensive.

If she does find it offensive, just say:

You and I clearly have a very different relationship with food

Now for the fifth and final text.

Sometimes you’ll find yourself in a back and forth with a Tinder match or real life crush. You know, moments where you’re chatting quickly rather than at a snail’s pace.

What I’d like you to do next time you find yourself in that position, tell her “one sec” as if you’re a bit busy with something else.

But instead of “one sec”, you write:

One sex

And then you follow up with:

Oops. Meant one sec

Autocorrect is clearly reading my mind

It’s a bit cheeky. But it’s accidental, so it’s all good.

Enjoy the 5 texts, my friend.

#3: Seduce her by slowly raising the stakes

Another HUGE problem that’s killing your attraction is…

Being too nice.

Although ‘being nice’ has many forms, I mean specifically:

Dishing out too many compliments.

Look, I get it. She’s beautiful, and you feel an urge to tell her..

That’s awfully gentlemanly of you. And although I believe the world would be a better place if people gave more praise…

I strongly advise against giving out lots of compliments on dating apps.


It often makes you seem too interested.

Women often read a big compliment as, “I’m super into you.”

And if that’s the case, she’s likely to LOSE interest because she feels like she already has you.

How do you keep her interested WHILE raising attraction?

  1. You hold onto your compliments until she’s shown enough interest in you
  2. You give compliments in a slightly challenging or cocky way

Suppose you’ve had a back and forth with your Tinder match. And she’s showing signs that she likes you.

Now is a great time to give her a compliment and reel her in a little.

But watch out. If you go overboard with your compliment, you risk losing all your hard-earned sexy points in one text.

So what do you say?

Perhaps something like this:

Diggin your vibes, Sarah

(This is a safe and generic compliment. If you can, pick something you genuinely like about her so far that’s not based on her appearance. Perhaps her sense of humor or taste in movies.)

Let’s do a phone call soon and see if you can earn yourself some more points

And see if I can hold onto mine

The beauty of the above texts?

Firstly, it’s a compliment that she probably doesn’t hear very often. Most guys will probably compliment her looks.

Secondly, you instantly follow up the compliment by suggesting a phone call and challenging her to winning ‘points’.

Women love winning imaginary points.

Thirdly, you end with ‘see if I can hold onto mine’. That bit of self deprecating humor shows that you’re not a mega cocky douchenozzle.

Here’s another series of texts you send her to reach a similar effect:

Haha, you legit made me laugh out loud

Here’s my number ___. You earned it

It’s not as challenging as the other texts.

But it shows her that you don’t just give away your number to anyone.

Which makes her feel special and makes you different from all the other guys.

#4: Be funny, not a clown

By this point all men know that being funny helps seduce women.

But few men understand how to be funny.

So instead of making her laugh, they make her cringe.

The above line is clearly over the top sexual. And odds are you don’t do that.

But when I asked my Magic 8 Ball if you made other over the top jokes, it said: “Signs point to yes.”

Which means some of your attempts at comedy are pushing women away.

For instance, a new client of mine planned on opening his latest Tinder match with:

Your Harley Quinn’s outfit needs a little work haha

It was an attempt at being funny, but it was mostly insulting.

So I told him to break the ice by talking about something else.

As we went through her Tinder profile together, I got inspiration for another opener based on her bio:

Using a little humor, we found a fun opener she loved.

Dear, Sarah. I feel like I’d be the perfect candidate for your summer fling

My grandpa was a rocketman and my dad is a human cannonball

I also have my own helmet. Looking forward to your reply, sincerely Bruce

See how silly this humor was?

That’s the level of funny you want to be at on Tinder.

Not clowney. Not stand up worthy belly laughs.

Just witty.

#5: Get her out on a date with this

If you’re anything like most men, you find it TERRIBLY difficult to steer a conversation toward the date without seeming desperate.

Or perhaps you never ask her out, because you’re terrified she may reject your date proposal.

Whatever your exact deal, you’re likely having too many long-winded conversations that fizzle out.

Here’s how you prevent long text conversations from dying out AND lead toward the date.

Suppose you’ve just had a long bout of texting. Let’s say… 10+ minutes of back and forth. (Could also be a week’s worth of texting.)

Then it’s a good time to seduce her over text with the next message:

Okay, gotta go. Hanging out with friends

Drop your numbers so I can call you sometime. Otherwise we’ll become those Tinder weirdos who endlessly text and never talk

What does that text achieve?

It carefully motivates her to give you her number.


  • It reminds her that texting forever is indeed a bit of a weird
  • If she’s familiar with dating apps, she knows that exchanging numbers is normal
  • She’s likely been waiting for you to make a move if you’ve been texting for a while and she’s been giving signs that she likes you

If she DOESN’T give you her number, however…

…she’s just not ready yet.

In that case, continue to text her using the tips from this article!

#5: Use humor as your wingman

Here’s a way to think about seduction and relationships that you probably never thought of before:

A relationship is basically a commitment to a conversation you never want to end.

Now, I know you may not want a relationship. But even a short-lived hook up starts with a titillating convo.

Now, there’s many ways to titillate. (I just love that word, doesn’t it feel naughty?)

But I want to focus on humor.

More specifically, how to make a girl laugh over text.

And seeing as how you’ve done a lot of reading, let me give you a break and just talk to you.

Yep, you guessed it, here comes a video from yours truly. Where I will teach you how to make a girl laugh over text in only a few minutes.


Onto the next tip.

The formula for seducing women over text

Many people want to be great at seducing women, but it seems vague when you think about where to start.

Here’s that start. And like anything good, it starts with a revelation:

Every seduction follows a set formula.

In other words, every seduction has the same components.

Although there are many components, we’re going to focus on the parts that create long-term attraction.

Holy Tip:

Are you more interested in intense shallow attraction that lasts a night?

Fair enough. I don’t judge.

In that case, I have just what you need.

The 10 Texts That Always Work.

It’s just as it sounds. Stuck not knowing what to say?

You take a glance at the 10 Texts, find what’s most appropriate, paste it into your chat window, and hit send.

Easy peasy.

You can find the 10 Texts here.

Get ‘em while they’re hot.

For the first component of seducing women over text, see the next tip.

#6: The first step in seducing women over text

Most people think that online dating is all about looks.

And if you don’t have the right looks, you may as well delete your Tinder account right now.

Sound familiar?

But it’s not that straight forward.

Yes, you need to look attractive. But that’s not completely decided by your genetics and style.

Your success on online dating apps starts with visual chemistry. You know, that jean-raising attraction you feel when meeting someone you like.

What is visual chemistry made of? Two things (broadly speaking):

  • Your looks
  • Your vibe

While looks definitely play a role, it’s the SMALLER part of what makes your dating profile attractive.

The bigger part is the ‘vibe’ of your profile.

“Louis, I’ll be honest. I think looks are ultimately what gets you matches.”

Fair enough. And it’s tough to argue… if I didn’t have PROOF of the opposite.

Several male friends and clients of mine have been blessed with ruggedly good looks. So you’d think they do really well on Tinder and other dating apps, right?


These particular stunning-fellows had profiles that ONLY showed off their stupidly, attractive features. And nothing else.

So their results were pretty mediocre.

Contrast that with some of my other more average-looking clients who focused on capturing their coolest moments on camera…

And the differences were staggering.

My normal, but life-loving friends had zillions of matches. Some even happened to match an underwear model.

It turns out that women prefer to be with people who look like they’re enjoying life.

In sum, dating profiles that focus on ‘vibe’ do best.

If you want a better idea what ‘vibe’ means. Click THIS LINK to another of my articles, scroll down to tip #4, and you’ll find the secret sauce to any amazing dating profile.

One of the best things about vibe?

If your dating profile is oozing with it, texting your matches will be 69% easier.

And, as always, make sure your dating photos are bullet-proof. Use my free Dating Profile Checklist and I guarantee you’ll look better than 90% of guys out there.

#7: The importance of value when seducing women over text

You’ve probably heard all this feel-good jazz before:

Deep down we’re all equals and valuable.

Yes, I do believe human beings are miraculous creatures worth a billion unicorn points. But that’s not the value I’m talking about.

The value that will help you seduce women over text is…

Knowing how to sell the valuable product called you.

Look, you are the greatest asset you’ll ever own.

And your company and attention ought to be highly desired.

But if you’re like most people, your company and attention probably isn’t wanted by many.

You know why?

Because you most likely don’t know how to sell yourself.

If you want to seduce women over text, you NEED to know how to:

  • Show what you’re worth
  • Show you have a great lifestyle
  • Show you have a lot to bring to the table

IMPORTANT: You can’t boast about yourself. Or else you’ll come off as a douche.

Your value should come across naturally.

While the ways to show off your value naturally are endless, here’s an example to push you into the right direction.

Imagine you just asked her a question that she barely acknowledged. Then you can show your worth like so:

(After some talk about your epic weekend.)

So what did you do last weekend?

I hung out with my friends

You can do better than that,   ✨✨

How is this showing your worth?

You’re playfully showing that you want her to try harder, or else you’ll lose interest.

Now for the THIRD component of long-term attraction.

#8: Win her over her by being a challenge

I already know what some of you are thinking:

“C’mon, Louis. I just want to be myself. Do I really need to play games and be challenging?”

No, you don’t need to play games. But you do have to be challenging.


For the simple reason that people value what they earn.

For instance, if I just gave you a trophy for no reason, you’d probably not care for it. But if I made you run a grueling obstacle course and reward you with a trophy at the end? I bet you’d like your prize much more.

So make her work a little to earn your attention, your stories, your company.

You don’t have to challenge her like it’s a game. Your challenge doesn’t have to look like a hoop that she has to jump through.

Sometimes it’s as simple as:

Hey, something came up and I can’t go to the movies with you tonight

But I am available for an hour of drinks and jenga at my place. Otherwise we’ll reschedule

HINT: No need to cancel if you’re actually available. We’re not playing games. This is just an example straight out of TextGod coach Jay’s phone when he had to cancel a date for unforeseeable circumstances.

Up next is the fourth and final component of long-lasting attraction.

#9: How to seduce your crush

You can be a great person with crazy levels of attraction, but if you don’t have a connection with your crush…

Your “relationship” is doomed to end.

If you want to get into a long-lasting relationship with your crush, you need connection.

You need to know what gets her up in the morning. And what she’s really about.

How do you figure out all that?

By asking her the right questions.

As it so happens, I’ve written an article with 70+ questions to ask your crush over text, HERE.

But be careful.. If she’s already attracted to you, those questions may get her to fall in love with you.

So don’t abuse your new powers of seduction.

#10: This text will have her chasing you

A large part where it goes wrong with seducing women over text is…


Men tend to take dating apps way too seriously.

The problem?

Guys spend outrageous amounts of time swiping, texting, and effort into meeting women online.

Man measuring the efficacy of his new opener.

Which leads to the beginning of the end…


Put differently, making beautiful strangers you met on the internet your priority.

Why is that an issue?

Because you lose all the qualities that lie at the heart of seducing women over text.

Qualities such as ease, playfulness, and cool, to name a few.

Qualities that make seduction over text, much, much, easier.

What’s an easy way to STOP tryharding and become better at seduction?

By sending texts similar to this:

An amazing coffee place just opened near (PLACE WHERE YOU LIVE). I’m going to swing by in a few hours after I finish work

If you’d like to join, text me here (YOUR NUMBER)

No pressure

The beauty of this text sequence?

It shows that you’re a really chill guy who doesn’t take online dating all that seriously.

But at the same time you’re showing her that you’re confident enough to be direct and tell a girl what you want.

Look, I know the above text can seem a little scary if you’re not used to it.

But you must know that it’s silly to sink hours into dating apps without creating opportunities for your real life.

Stop wasting hours of your precious life and start treating your dating apps a bit more casually.

Take a chance and send women more low-effort date proposals like this.

I’ll guarantee you’ll get some delightful responses.

Bonus: The irresistible mindset that attracts women

Now, I don’t know about you, but I recently discovered something embarrassing about myself.

I have a bad mindset for seducing women.

And I bet you do too.

Let me explain.

Ever noticed how you meet far cooler and attractive people when you’re on vacation abroad?

I have. My explanation was that my hometown was just boring.

But it had nothing to do with my hometown at all. The reason I always met cool people abroad had everything to do with how I behaved abroad.

If you’re not on home turf, you’re far more courageous. You take risks you normally wouldn’t make.

Plus, you loosen up. You probably wear colorful clothes, you have a drink in the afternoon, you strike up conversations with strangers. Heck, you even talk differently.

Don’t believe me?

Think back to the last time you spoke to a tourist. I bet you he or she raved on about how your hometown is GREAT. And about how the people are so much more friendly.

Why do they say that?

Because tourists strike up conversations with locals. And a local is usually more than happy to talk back, because she’s thinking, “F*ck me. Someone’s talking to me with a smile! I’m not used to this, how fun.”

Ever thought about why you or tourists become so outgoing and chummy on holidays?

The time limit. You want to experience as much cool stuff as possible before you go back home.

What’s the takeaway that will get you more success with women over text?

Pretend your love life has a time limit.

Met someone you like?

Act like you’re a tourist and leaving in 4 – 6 weeks.

Make no mistake, this is no excuse to act desperate and rush the date.

It means I’d like you to be more curious and carefree (while still paying attention to all the signs of attraction.)

To make sure you don’t miss the signals, check out this article:

To help you on your journey of seduction, I have one last gift for you.

The most irresistible opener of the cosmos.

Yup, almost no women can’t resist replying. And when she does, I also have a couple of follow-ups that reel her in even more.

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Enjoy, m’bro.

Louis Farfields

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