10 Ways to Seduce Women Over Text (With Screenshot Examples)

A lot of women complain that they can’t find a good man. Even though there are about 4 billion of them.

What does that mean?

That most men are clueless when it comes to seducing women.

This article is my attempt to change all that. At least, when it comes to the digital realm.

If you read from beginning to end, you’ll find out what women are looking for and how to seduce women over text.

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1. Make every text count

Most men do this all wrong. They text to try to get to know her.

But that leads to friendly chit-chat that goes nowhere. And more importantly, conversations that are very low on fun.

Here’s what I want you to hammer into your skull:

Without emotionally stimulating texts, she’s likely to grow bored of you.


So before you even pick up your phone, you want to know WHY you’re texting her.

Are you texting her for no reason? Then put your phone away.

The only times you want to be texting is to do one of three things:

  • Making a good first impression (obviously only applies at the start of the dating phase).
  • Leading toward the date.
  • Checking in on her to maintain emotional momentum.

So after the introductory stage, you’ll be moving back and forth between leading toward the date and checking in on her.

Text more than that and you’ll likely bore her, or come across as slightly desperate and overly available.

So keep your texting purposeful.

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2. Create sexual tension

To seduce women over text, you need to create sexual tension. If you don’t, you may as well be diving off a cliff into the friendzone.

Because if she doesn’t associate you with anything sexy, you will become ‘just friends’. And that’s a fact.

So what should you text if you want to seduce her?

Anything that strengthens the sexual connection.

HINT: That almost never includes cheesy pick up lines. To build a sexual connection, you want to focus on suggestive texts that trigger her imagination.

Let me give you some examples.

  • Hnnngg. Just had the most orgasmic burgers.
  • One sex. [Wait a moment] Oops, meant to say one sec. Autocorrect reading my mind.
  • Are you flirting with me? 😉
  • You’re totally falling in love with me.
  • Have you ever been skinny dipping?
  • I’ve decided to become a prostitute. Will you leave me a Yelp review?

Can you see what all these messages have in common? They all put the idea of sex and romance in her mind.

That’s key to seducing women over text.

3. Be authentic in your praise

Another HUGE problem that keeps men from effectively seducing women over text is…

…being too nice.

The average guy is so busy trying to be liked by her, that he accidentally turns himself into a puppy.

Yeh, women love puppies. But they don’t want to have sex with them. They want to jump into bed with strong men.

So if you want to charm her with your texts, you want to avoid all texts that make you look like a brown-nosing wimp.

Where’s a good way to start?

Make her earn your praise and affection.

Only hand out compliments when she actually impresses you. IMPORTANT: Just because she likes to travel or exercises 3 times a week shouldn’t bowl you over. That’s pretty standard stuff.

And if you’re impressed by everyday things, it shows that your bar for quality is pretty low.

Here are some texts that express you have healthy standards:

  • Hahah if you keep up these jokes, I won’t be able to stop myself from asking you out.
  • You’ve got some guts teasing me like that, lady. I like it 😉
  • Bruhhhhh. Here’s my number____. You earned it!

4. Be funny, not a clown

By this point, all men know that being funny helps seduce women. But few men understand how to be funny.

And when I asked my Magic 8 Ball if YOU sometimes make bad jokes, it said: “Signs point to yes.”

That’s okay, we’re here to learn.

So let’s learn together from a mistake a client of mine was about to make the other day. He just matched with a girl on Tinder with a Halloween costume. She dressed up as Harley Quinn.

He wanted to break the ice by saying:

Your Harley Quinn’s outfit needs a little work haha

It was an attempt at being funny, but I hope you recognize that it was mostly insulting.

So I told him to start off the conversation in another way.

As we checked out her Tinder profile, I got inspiration for another opener based on her bio:

Using a little humor, we found an opener she loved.

Dear, Sarah. I feel like I’d be the perfect candidate for your summer fling

My grandpa was a rocketman and my dad is a human cannonball

I also have my own helmet. Looking forward to your reply, sincerely Bruce

See how silly this humor was? That’s the level of funny you want to be on Tinder.

Not clowny. Not stand-up worthy belly laughs. Just playful.

5. Get her on another platform

Here’s a great seduction tip for over text that gets you closer to a date.

Invite her to chat on a more personal platform.

You probably chat most with women that you meet on online dating apps. The trouble with sticking to that environment?

It gets in the way of building a strong connection. After all, that’s where you’re just Tinder Dude 3036.

That’s why it’s in your benefit to talk to her somewhere else. Like on her WhatsApp where she talks to all her friends and family.

Now you’re part of the in-group. A much better place for seduction.

So once you feel that she’s into you, suggest chatting somewhere a little more personal.

Okay, gotta go. Hanging out with friends

Drop your numbers so I can call you sometime. Otherwise we’ll become those Tinder weirdos who endlessly text and never talk

What does that text achieve?

It carefully motivates her to give you her number.

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6. Look the part

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking on a dating app or if you know her from real life.

If you want to seduce her over text, you need to look attractive. That means you need a strong dating profile, Instagram, or WhatsApp photo. Preferably all three.

But at the very least, you want a good headshot for your online avatars.

If you want a better idea of what that might look like, see my next article for tips and inspiration.

7. Show you’re the prize

You’ve probably heard all this feel-good jazz before: Deep down we’re all equals and valuable.

Yes, I do believe human beings are miraculous creatures worth a billion unicorn points. But if we’re all super-duper amazeballs, it cancels each other out and we’re all equal again. Right?

So you have to make yourself stand out. Or else she won’t care about you.

So what’s the number one indicator of value in seduction? Confidence.

Here are a few texts that demonstrate that you feel yourself.

  • [If she texts you late at night] Awww… am I the last thing on your mind before you go to bed? 😉
  • [If she says something you dislike] You don’t eat peanut butter? Wow. That changes everything.
  • [If she compliments you] It’s cute to see how hard you’re trying.

8. Be a challenge

Here’s a seduction tip that’ll change everything for you.

People value what they earn. So if she has to work a little to earn your attention, your interest, and your compliments, she’ll like you 69x more.


This doesn’t mean that you have to play games. If you have a life with friends and hobbies that you care about, you just won’t care as much about some girl you barely know.

Don’t have a life that pulls you away from your phone? Then just put your phone away every now and then.

9. Be interested

It doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s hugely important when seducing women.

Showing interest.

Now, it can obviously go too far. You don’t need to know what gets her up in the morning or what her childhood dreams were.

Save that for date four.

But you do want to ask questions that you genuinely care about. Not just because it shows you’re attentive and respect their opinions and views. That’s just gravy.

You want to be curious about her because it builds trust. Almost no girl is going to meet up with a hot dude she doesn’t feel safe with.

Be careful not to go to serious though. Deep conversations feel a little awkward over text.

So keep it light. Check my next article for ideas.

10. Flirt with her

There’s no better way to seduce women over text than to flirt with her.

That’s nothing new. That’s why I’m going to give you some great lines that’ll make her like you.

Just browse through my next messages and pick out the ones that fit your situation best.

  • You look so dorky in that photo with your cat. Made me giggle a little.
  • I didn’t want to bring it up, but ever since we got married you never take me to the movies anymore ;(.
  • So when are you going to get my name tattooed on your butt?
  • I’m not sure if I can forgive you for this. Maybe if you buy me some chocolates.
  • I bet you say that to all the guys, player ;).

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