33 Ways to Make Her Feel Special Over Text

You’re probably dating or in a relationship.

And you want to make her feel good about herself.


You’re about to get 33 ways to make her feel special over text.

Before you get going, know that the 33 texts have been separated into three groups:

  • A girl you’re dating
  • A woman you’re in a relationship with
  • When you’ve told each other ‘I love you’

Scroll to the group that matches your situation and steal your favorite lines.

Just went on your first date? You’ll also get 5 hacks that get her hooked on you within 2 weeks.

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A girl you’re dating

  1. That’s the hardest I’ve laughed in a while
  2. My roommate just asked me for the video/meme that made me laugh so hard and it was you
  3. You made me laugh so hard that I spilled my yoghurt down my lap
  4. Hey, cutie [a text like this is always better if the pet name is personalized]
  5. I had such a good time the other day!
  6. I’m ordering Chinese later, you in?
  7. I’ve just been informed that our lips have an important business meeting next week. I think it’s best not to disappoint them
  8. I just read that kissing burns calories. Wanna workout?
  9. About to take a shower, heading out with friends soon. What are YOU doing?
  10. You, me, pizza, Harry Potter, tonight. Be there
  11. You’re such a girl

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A woman you’re in a relationship with

IMPORTANT: Only use these texts where you’re SUPER into each other.

  1. I wish you were in my arms right now
  2. You’re so hot
  3. The thought of you is keeping me from falling asleep
  4. I just realized I’m smiling like an idiot while texting you
  5. We go together better than Nutella and a spoon
  6. How’s your day going?
  7. Babe, I’m in need of a beautiful woman later. Know anyone?
  8. Your new Instagram photo is FIRE 🔥🔥
  9. Thinking of you
  10. Good luck with your (work thing). You’re going to crush it!
  11. I love it when you do (insert behavior/action)

IMPORTANT: Just because these lines are written down doesn’t mean you have to copy-paste them as a text message. You can also send them as a voice message.

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You’ve told each other ‘I love you’

  1. You’re the first person that truly gets me
  2. When I’m with you is the only time I can really be myself
  3. You still give me butterflies
  4. I love you
  5. I love that after being together for so long, you still always try to look your best for me
  6. You make me so happy
  7. Thanks for sticking with me even when I’m in a mood
  8. Being with you is the easiest choice I’ve ever made
  9. I’m so lucky to have you
  10. You still make my heart soar
  11. I feel bad for the other dudes because I got you

If you’re in a relationship, you don’t just want to overload her with romantic gestures. That gets a little cheesy. So be sure to keep it a little naughty every now and then too.

5 Hacks that get her hooked in the first two weeks

If you don’t make a good first impression in the first couple of weeks, she won’t care about who you are in month 6.

So here come 5 dating hacks that’ll make her want to keep seeing you.

  • Slow down. Most of us feel a mix of anxiety and excitement on a date. That chemical cocktail tends to make us talk faster. Which can be good sometimes. But other times it can make you look nervous or insecure. So take a few moments to slowly take a sip of your drink and look at her before you look away. That moment of silence creates a cool sexual tension and also shows you’re confident.
  • Let her finish. If someone is telling a story, it’s likely that your brain will remind you of a similar story you experienced and you’ll be motivated to interrupt her story to tell your own. Don’t! It’s not your moment to be important, but hers. So let her finish before you go next.
  • Share information about yourself. Most guys are pretty good at asking questions, but bad at talking about themselves. Although questions do help to build a connection, she’ll likely not feel fireworks until you make yourself vulnerable too.
  • Be present. Technology has trained us to always be looking for the next new thing. But please keep your phone in your pocket and avoid all distractions. There’s nothing more thoughtful than giving someone your undivided attention.
  • Stop trying to look perfect. The more you care about your looks and overall presentation, the more insecure you seem. So if you can wake up next to a woman without having to look at yourself in the mirror every 5 seconds, that’s actually really sexy. It shows you don’t need to be perfect to feel great about yourself

Onto the next tip.

How to seduce your crush, or keep your girlfriend attracted to you

One of the biggest issues that’s likely sabotaging your success with women is…

A lack of standards.

If you’re like most guys, you probably have no idea about:

  • What type of stuff a woman can and can’t do or say around you
  • What kind of person you’re looking for
  • What kind of relationship you want

And if you’re one of the rare few who does have clear standards, you likely don’t know how to communicate your expectations without looking like a nag or high maintenance.

The problem?

You can’t attract and/or keep the woman you want without showing her what you want and expect from her.

Not only do healthy boundaries show that you love yourself, but it also shows that she can’t take you for granted without risking losing you.

So how do you articulate your standards?

Well, every situation has its own unique answer.

But it largely boils down to speaking your mind in a positive way.

Here are two examples.

First, one for the dating phase.

You have such a nice smile

I bet you say that to all the guys, player

Although it’s a fun and flirty answer, another part of the rationale behind this last text is that you don’t just want to be liked for your looks.

You ultimately want to be liked for who you are as a person.

And now an example for when you’re in a relationship.

(an opinion you clearly don’t share)

Hello, police? I want to report this above text

You’re making it known you don’t care for her opinion in a playful, non-aggressive way.

Which is exactly how you want to show your standards over text.

Make her feel special by keeping it fresh

A big mistake most guys make in a relationship is that they stop putting in effort and fall into a routine.

They figure, “I’ve won her over. Let’s focus my energy and attention on other things.”

But that kind of thinking can lose you a relationship.

To keep her around and make her feel special, you need to surprise her with romantic gestures.

Many of which can be done over text and smartphone, such as:

  • Sending her a thoughtful message via email
  • Leaving sweet voice notes
  • Surprise food delivery when she’s feeling under the weather

Coach Dan ordered his girlfriend some food when she caught a bad cold and she loved it.

Awww, Coach Dan is such a SIMP.

Uh wait, such a sweetheart. I meant sweetheart.

Anyway, these were the 33 ways to make her feel special over text.

For more on how to make her laugh, check out my 10 Texts That Always Work by clicking the link.


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