How to Text a Girl Without Being Boring: 10 Proven Ways

Do you find it difficult to have fun conversations?

I got you.

I’m about to tell you exactly how to text with a girl without being boring.

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3 Easy tips to make your texts less boring

  • Keep it fun. See the content of your conversations as an excuse to make things fun and emotionally stimulating.
  • Don’t be a kiss ass. Don’t be so concerned with being liked, focus on staying true to yourself as best you can.
  • Stop on a high note. You don’t need to text all day. Desire comes from wanting more.

Life is serious enough. Girls want a guy who can raise their spirits and make them laugh.

So use these 10 tips below to become the guy she can’t stop texting.

1. Playfully push her away

Here’s an easy technique to keep your convos from getting boring.

Playfully push her away. A ‘push’ is where you playfully express disinterest in a girl.The key word being playfully.

Here are some example texts my students have used to make their crushes giggle:

  • You’re so adorably annoying.
  • We should totally grab coffee, provided you won’t try and steal my kidneys.
  • If I was into brunettes, I’d be all over you right now.

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2. Be a little rough around the edges

You’re going to want to embrace this personality trait to get women swooning.

Almost everyone knows that being a gaping A-hole doesn’t get you anywhere. It just makes people feel bad.

But that leads to another extreme: being too nice. Which is always smiling and being overly polite.

We don’t want to give girls the ick.

So try this instead.

Embrace your dark side.

Add that little bit of edge to your texts and you’ll be way more interesting.

  • I love my dog. But he’s a fucking coward lol.
  • I just made a horrible typo, but I’m drinking some wine so IDGAF.
  • Oh HELL YES. I’m going to totally kick your ass in mini golf.

Remember, don’t go overboard with this.

Being just a little bit edgy goes a tremendously long way to make your conversations not boring.

3. Reverse the roles

Now for another way to message her without boring her. In fact, my students from the Mentoring Program use this to get laughs from girls all the time.

Reverse the roles.

*snaps fingers*

Now she’s no longer the girl. YOU are. No worries, your junk will be back to normal after you finish this tip.

Anyway, playing the part of the lady gives you an arsenal full of cliche lines that girls use on guys. Which you can now use on her to make your convos extremely fun.

  • I bet you say that to all the guys, player.
  • Such a girly girl, always thinking with your lady parts.
  • The hell??? NO I won’t sleep with you on the first date. I’m a classy lady 💅
  • Am I just a cute butt to you? I didn’t know you were so shallow.

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4. Say how you’re opposites

Girls will be magnetically drawn to you when you start doing this.

A lot of guys want to only share commonalities with a girl.

Oh you like snowboarding? Me too. You like hand crafted cocktails? Same! You like breathing air?!?! ERMMMAAAGODDDD ME TOO!

See how this commonality-seeking behavior boring for a girl?

So try this instead:

Say how you’re opposites.

  • We are NOTHING alike. Where’s that unmatch button? 🌚
  • You love (insert thing she loves). This can clearly never work.
  • You like what now? This changes EVERYTHING 🥲

Opposites attract after all. Not because she wants you to be completely different from her. But because your differences make it unclear if you’ll end up doing… stuff together.

Plus, it’s just plain funny. And according to multiple scientific studies, humor plays a big role in any romantic relationship. Both short and long-term.

Playfully pushing her away is a humorous form of flirting. And it’s anything but boring. For more easy ways to flirt, check out the next article:

5. Misinterpret her texts

Integrate this technique into your conversations to overload it with fun.

So start doing this right away: misinterpret her texts.

Simply take whatever she says, and change the meaning into something fun.

Here’s an example of one of our TextGod Mentoring Program students in action:



Need another example?

Let’s say she’s wet because it’s been raining out or from getting out of the shower.

You ladies get turned on by the weirdest shit

You can do this with almost anything.

But if you need a little bit more insight, check out this article I wrote which is chalk full of flirtatious lines.

6. Use other people’s content

You can be incredibly lazy and still NOT bore her over text.

Now, I’m all for crafting your beautiful and unique texts. But sometimes we all get a little brain-dead.

So in those cases, disregard your high school teacher’s ethics and plagiarize to your heart’s content.

Take GIFs.

Don’t really know how to respond to her last text? Open the GIF search bar and type in whatever emotion you’re feeling right now.

She said something cringe?

Something you find super lame?

Want to flirt with her? (TextGod Coach Justin’s personal favorite).

You get the idea.

7. Tease her

This is my favorite way to get her from feeling bored, to feeling like she needs to meet up with me. RIGHT. NOW.

The trick?

Teasing her.

Just like when you were back in elementary school flirting with girls on the playground.

Here are some examples.

  • One more peep out of you, freckles, and I’m telling your dad.
  • I think somebody needs a timeout.
  • You’re always tripping over things… Do I need to enroll you in ‘walking lessons’? 🌚

Simple right?

Here’s another example from one of the students in our TextGod Mentoring Program.

They’re in the midst of setting up a phone call and my student teases like this.

Hehe. And her response?


Beautiful. Chef’s kiss.

But if you really want to master teasing to get girls gushing over you like the students in the TextGod Mentoring Program, try a free call with one of our TextGod Coaches.

8. Genuinely compliment her

There are too many guys who do this incorrectly. And it bores girls to death.

Somewhere, at some time, they’ve seen “you should never compliment a girl.”

But there’s SOME truth to that.

You’ll make a girl feel un-special and unappreciated if you just comment on her looks or beauty. It’s uninspired. And makes her think that you don’t care about who she is on the inside.

So send her a genuine compliment instead.

They look like this.

  • I love how ambitious you are. Makes me feel like you’re a real boss bitch ;).
  • Oof, you always know how to turn me on when I see you being super kind to people.
  • You know what I like most about you? It’s the way you can wear absolutely anything and still look perfect.

There’s a billion more examples in my article below.

9. Go over the top

The guy that girls love does this to makehis conversations exciting.

He goes OVER. THE. TOP.

Which means they exaggerate, inflate, or text a little bit in an extreme way.

This keeps things fresh and keeps the girls excited.

Here’s an example from a student of mine who crushes it.

Most guys wouldn’t ever think of suggesting she’s remotely unattractive. But if it comes from a fun place AND you do it respectfully… it works wonders.

Need another one? Check out this over the top response when a girl asks what you do for work.


She loves it.

10. Use hypotheticals

Would you rather have girls love you for your personality or love you for just your looks?

Regardless of what you pick, hypothetical questions like this are really powerful for sparking emotion.

They make girls think.

And when girls are thinking (about you) they slowly get more into you. Until it reaches a point where you meet up and you get into h… You get the point.

Anyway,asking fun hypothetical questions makes your conversations fun

Here’s some examples.

  • If an alien offered you a 1 week trip across the universe that would make life on earth pass 15 years. Would you accept or reject the offer?
  • What’s the first thing you’d do if you suddenly became a man for a day?
  • Would you rather fight 10 baby-sized kangaroos or 1 kangaroo-sized baby?

One last hypothetical question for you.

And it’s tough.

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