Tinder Algorithm: The Secret to Get the Hottest Matches in 2024

Just having a strong profile isn’t enough to get good matches anymore.

You need to know how the Tinder algorithm works. And how to game it.

In this guide, you’ll get all the secrets to the Tinder algorithm and how to use them for hotter matches.

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Tinder algorithm essentials

  • Your desirability decides who sees you. The more attractive your profile, the higher you’re placed in the swiping stacks of attractive people.
  • Fill in everything. Tinder rewards complete profiles with more views.
  • Swipe selectively. The algorithm sees you as more high-value when you swipe at least one out of four profiles to the left.

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What’s the Tinder algorithm?

The Tinder algorithm is a pretty complex matching system. One that remembers.

This matching system keeps track of all your activities on the platform.

The algorithm then adds your Tinder activity together with some other semi-unknown factors to decide what appears in your swiping stack.

In simple terms, the algorithm dictates what profiles you see and who gets to see yours.

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How does Tinder’s algorithm work?

Desirability is almost everything

If you’re not getting hot enough women on Tinder, the algorithm probably doesn’t view your profile as desirable enough.

So I did the work…

…and spent hours and hours figuring out how the algorithm determines your desirability.

This is what I found out it’s all about!

  • How many right swipes you get. The more times your profile gets swiped right, the more desirable you are.
  • Who swipes you right. It’s similar to the placement matches in video games like Hearthstone. Beat a bronze player and you gain some points. Beat a legendary player and you fly to the top of the leaderboard. So the more beautiful the ladies who like you, the higher your desirability score goes.
  • What ‘type’ you are. The algorithm analyzes your entire profile to figure out your ‘flavor’. And then your profile will be shown to people who consistently enjoy that specific taste.
  • Your swiping habits. Who you swipe right on also influences your desirability. If you only like high-value profiles, the algorithm is likely to see you as high-value too. And vice versa.
  • Tinder likes it when its users meet up. That’s why the algorithm likes to connect you with people who are physically nearby. It increases the odds of a date.

Tinder Elo is gone

You’ve probably heard about Elo-score, the static rating that Tinder used behind the scenes. Tinder Elo said how attractive your profile was.

Well, static Elo is out the door. The dating app has now adopted a new dynamic system!

But it’s unclear how the system exactly works. It’s shrouded in mystery, like the contents of the glowing Pulp Fiction briefcase.

Here’s what I do know.

The success of your Tinder profile is dictated by your profile’s desirability, activity, selectivity, and proximity compared to others.

I suspect that Tinder’s advanced AI is constantly evaluating these data points to decide who gets to see your profile.

How to boost your rank in the Tinder algorithm

1. Complete your profile

Tinder loves information. The more, the merrier.

If you’re not getting the matches you want, it helps to complete your profile.

That includes linking Spotify and Instagram.

The more information users can sink their teeth in, the more pleasant the swiping experience becomes. And there’s nothing that makes Tinder happier than happy users. Perhaps maybe a big pile of money.

Fill in more of your profile and Tinder will reward your profile with more views.

Holy Tip:

Uploading the maximum number of photos and hitting the character limit on your bio might not be the best move. Tinder might like it. But your Tinder matches might think it seems a little low value.

Wanna get high-quality matches? Then play it cool and do these 2 things:

  • Keep it real and upload 4 – 5 attractive photos.
  • Write a relatively short bio that’s original, personal, and stimulating.

If you’re unsure what attractive photos look like, check it out here.

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2. Try the new features

Tinder loves users who try its new features.

So, whenever they roll out something new, give it a spin.

The algorithm will influence your profile’s visibility for giving it a try.

3. Stay active

The more active and engaging you are, the more Tinder will show you high-quality profiles.

After all, if you have fun using the app, you’ll reply quickly. That means a good time for other users.  And happy users mean a happy Tinder!

4. Get close

The closer you are to someone, the more likely you’ll be shown to them.

Ultimately, your goal is to meet-up with your match. That’s why we all use Tinder, isn’t it? And going on a date is way easier when you’re nearby.

5. Don’t like everyone

One way Tinder identifies high-quality users is by observing swipe patterns.

These patterns tell the algorithm if you’re a high-quality profile or a less desirable one with bot-like behavior.

Without high-quality users, Tinder will probably crash and burn.  So, only swipe right on the profiles you really like.

Let me explain how much sense this all makes through an example.

Imagine you’re someone who loves fine cigars and you want to celebrate your new Tinder success with your buddy.

In your left hand, you have a Cuban masterpiece. In your right, you’re holding a run-of-the-mill stogie. Your bud barely knows the difference between a cigar and a cigarette. So do you offer him the exquisite and expensive Cuban?

Hell no! You hand him the stogie, knowing he’ll be just as happy.

The same logic applies to Tinder.

Why would Tinder show you top-notch profiles, if you seem to like the bottom-shelf options?

Be selective.

6. Message who you match

Tinder isn’t a fan of match collectors.

If you match with someone, send them a message!

Show you’re engaging with your matches and your profile will be shown to more quality users. After all, now Tinder recognizes you as someone who gives its audience a good time.

7. Optimize your profile

The more desirable your profile, the more high-quality matches you get.

Desirability probably accounts for a whopping 80% of your success on Tinder.

To maximize your desirability, check out my next article:

8. Upgrade to Premium

If you want a boatload of matches, consider one of the premium subscriptions. I don’t get a dime to say this, but Platinum is worth every penny.

Here’s why!

Tinder Platinum has 2 special perks that are PURE GOLD if you want to get more matches.

  • Messaging before matching. Done right, being able to grab her attention before she even swipes right, skyrockets your chances of her matching you.
  • Prioritized likes. When your likes take priority over non-Platinum members, your profile will show up higher in her swipe stack. Giving you a better chance of catching her eye! Unless there’s a sudden mass migration to Platinum memberships, of course.

If you want to learn more about how these features can supercharge your potential matches, check out this article:

Tinder hacks for better matches

1. Use Swipe Surge

Swipe surge is a relatively new feature that’s not available everywhere.

Using it boosts your profile, moving it up in people’s swipe stacks.  Increasing your chances of finding great matches.

2. Use Tinder Passport

This paid feature allows you to change your location. How does that help?

Any time you visit someplace new, Tinder’s algorithm pushes your profile higher up in the swipe stack to improve your odds of matching.

Tinder Passport is essentially ‘artificial’ traveling. It lets you change your location to anywhere in the world. And also gives you that tiny boost.

So give Tinder Passport a try to gain that extra boost. Just make sure you’re actually going to that area or else your new matches will be useless.

3. Use Tinder Boosts

If you want to be seen by more people, but don’t have a lot of time, use Tinder Boost.

Tinder Boost puts you at the top of every girl’s swipe stack in your area for 30 minutes. That can get you matched with the top 1% of girls that might otherwise never see you.

4. Reset your Tinder

If you have a solid profile but you’re still getting few matches, consider deleting and remaking your profile.

Just do it sparingly. Once in a while is no problem. o it too often, however, and you might get banned.

I recommend no more than once every 4 weeks.

Holy Tip:

For better results and hotter matches, try using a new number or Facebook account to make yourself unrecognizable to Tinder’s algorithm.

If Tinder recognizes you, you might get assigned the same desirability score as before.

Tinder user profiling

A skilled FBI profiler knows his subject inside and out, Tinder wants to know its users in a similar  way.

Tinder claims not to use sensitive data like race, skin color, or religion. But they do keep track of how you use the app, who you swipe right on, your profile info, and the photos you share.

All this helps Tinder figure out what you’re looking for. And once it does, the app shows you people that match your ‘tastes’. And the algorithm is also showing your profile to people who have an appetite for your taste.

Tinder algorithm – Summary

Tinder wants to make its users happy so they’ll keep using the app.

The more desirable and active you are, the more the algorithm wants to show you to other high-quality users.

You shouldn’t break the obvious algorithm rules. But you shouldn’t obsess about them either. Because no matter how well you try to please Tinder’s robots, you won’t get good results without a good profile.

The key to dating amazing women from Tinder lies in having an irresistible profile. There are no shortcuts.

Even if you do some things the Tinder algo isn’t fond of, an epic profile will still get you great matches.

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