Is Tinder Gold Worth It? – Review

But is paying for Tinder Gold really worth it?

Today’s article will tell you all you need to know about Tinder Gold so you can decide if it’s Tinder Gold is right for you.

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Is Tinder Gold worth it?

It used to be at least EVERY DAY that someone emailed me the question: “Is Tinder Gold worth it?”

And I always used to reply with an elaborate answer. Oh, how time-consuming it is to be a Gentle Sir.

But then I decided never to type a lengthy answer to this question again.

Because I made you guys this video:

And to make it more entertaining than your usual review, I am sharing my screen.

  • Give you a little sneak peek into my secret den.
  • Watch the video and you’ll know:
  • Why Tinder Gold is worth it for me
  • Why Tinder Gold is probably not worth it for you
  • Why Tinder Plus is probably better for you
  • If Tinder Gold actually gives you more matches
  • And a rundown on ‘See Who Likes You’ & ‘Top Picks’

All that comes at a price of a mere 8 minutes and 12 seconds of listening to my voice and staring at my sardonic face.

How much does Tinder Gold cost?

When it comes to pricing, Tinder is trying to pull a fast one over you.

After asking my bros and chicas around the globe, I still can’t pin down Tinder’s exact rates.

Prices vary depending on your age and location.

The fees you can expect fall roughly into three categories:

  • $22,50 for one month.
  • $11,25 per month, if you agree to a 6-month membership.
  • $11.5 per month, if you agree to a 1-year membership.

If you want to know the exact amount, open your Tinder app and hit the Tinder Gold button.

Holy tip:

If you’re upgrading from Plus to Gold, you simply pay the difference between the two.

Tinder Gold Features

Tinder Gold includes everything from Tinder Plus and adds two new exciting features.

Let’s start with the classic Tinder Plus perks:

  • Unlimited swipes.
  • Passport function (set your location wherever you want).
  • Smart photos.
  • 1 Tinder Boost per month.
  • 5 Superlikes per day.
  • Rewind (undo your last swipe).
  • Manage who sees you (only people you’ve liked or recently active people).
  • Limited visibility (hide your age and distance).
  • No ads.

The two fresh features Tinder Gold brings to the table are:

  • See who likes you.
  • Top picks.

Let’s look at each feature one by one, starting with See who likes you.

Gold Feature #1: See who likes you, flattering or saddening?

If you’re on the fence about Tinder Gold, this tip will settle it for you.

Are you a crazy control freak?

Can’t you sleep without knowing if that special girl likes you or not?

Don’t you have the time to be monkeying about with a dating app?


Tinder Gold might be exactly what you want.

The screenshot shows my ‘Matches & Messages’ screen.

As you can see, my latest three matches have something special: a little golden heart.

The heart symbolizes where I found my matches, the See-who-likes-me-list.

You can find that list by clicking on the golden-wrapped circle to the left of your screen.

Guys can swipe any woman from this magical circle to the right, and she turns into an instant match.

If I swiped every chick right at the time of the screenshot, I’d have 5.569 new matches.

But I’d never do that, because I care about my ELO score.

Your instant match Rolodex will look similar to this:

Every girl that likes you is in there.

If you don’t like her back, swipe left and she leaves the list. Or swipe right for an instant match. Just like I’m doing to the lady in pink with the raisins poking out of her dress.

The poor girl clearly has the shivers. Being the gentlemen that I am, I felt it was only right to offer her the warmth and comfort of my inbox.

This feature alone is reason enough for me to stay a member of Tinder Gold.

Not only does it help me test out new lines and texting techniques, a new match is only one swipe away, I also get instant feedback on any profile changes.

Any time I switch up my profile photos or make edits to my bio, I pay attention to whether I’m attracting MY type of woman, and if my likes go up or down.

Live feedback ensures my Tinder profile is the best it can be.

But does this feature benefit you?

It depends.

Are you drowning in likes? Then hell yes!

But if you only get a couple of likes a week, you’re fishing in an empty pond. Which means you still have to spend most of your time swiping traditionally.

The conclusion?

Knowing who likes you is only worth it if you’re swimming in likes. That’s why I give this feature three TextGod Butts.

Gold Feature #2: Tinder’s recommended Top Picks

Using top-of-the-line algorithms, Tinder hooks you up with your perfect match. Or so it tries.

You can find your alleged dream girl by clicking on the golden diamond.

(It’s obvious Tinder didn’t pay attention in chemistry class.)

Tapping the diamond will take you to your Top Picks.

Your Top Picks.

Your new picks of the day, hot out of the computerized Tinder oven.

Swipe ‘em while they’re fresh. Top Picks go stale fast and are tossed in the trash within 24 hours.

If a girl whets your appetite, be sure to swipe right before the day is over.

One thing instantly stands out, Tinder is a great wingman. Because these ladies are (generally) muchos calientes.

After you’re done staring at the top lady’s titty meat, you’ll notice the lady with the cap seems to have a title: ‘Scholar’.

She didn’t choose the title, Tinder gave it to her.

The dating app seems to like handing out titles. A few others I’ve seen are:

  • Adventurer.
  • Model.
  • Yogi.
  • Athlete.
  • Fashionista.

And there’s a bunch more.

A title is supposed to save you time digging through her bio.

But experience teaches that these status stamps are 666% useless.

The only reason the cap-wearing chick is a scholar is because she told Tinder she went to college.

If her job was in any way related to fashion, she’d be labeled a fashionista.

And a girl is branded an adventurer if she uploaded a photo of herself standing on a rock.

Not exactly descriptive of her personality, right?

But here is where it gets especially interesting: Tinder is more wily than Wile E. Coyote.

Tinder (almost always) crams your Top Picks with high-quality women, baiting you into upgrading to Tinder Gold.

But do Tinder’s Top Picks actually improve your chances of matching?

Are these carefully selected women more likely to like you back than the free-for-all chicks?

No, they are not.

Your chances of matching with your alleged soul mates are even lower than matching with a random Tinder chick.

Let’s look at two screenshots from my YouTube video on Tinder Gold.

You can see me scroll through a bunch of Top Picks I just bought.

Even though only a fraction of the population is an actual scholar, I instantly bump into two of them.

Nice try, Tinder.

As I scroll down further, the pictures go grey and the details disappear.

The hazy images are potential Top Picks I can’t swipe. If I want to have a shot at matching with those ghostly ladies, I have to buy more Top Picks.

And Tinder is trying to seduce me into shelling out more money by making the greyed-out ladies even hotter than usual. Very crafty!

Something else that stood out: any time I liked a Top Pick, my phone vibrated. Which is weird because my phone has vibrations turned off.

My guess is Tinder wants to make swiping Top Picks feel extra special.

Let’s recap.

  1. Titles are 50% random and 100% useless.
  2. Match rates for Top Picks are lower than random profiles. Making you feel super frustrated, because the profiles are presented as being perfect for you.
  3. Top Picks seems to be a hoax to get you to empty your pockets

Top Picks gets the bare minimum: 1 TextGod Butt.



The final verdict: is Tinder Gold worth it?


Save your money.

Leading experts say the best Tinder tool in the world is free: tryharding.

The leading experts being me and the 5 people on my team.

Jokes aside, what probably is worth your money is Tinder Plus.

This is why we’re going to dig into its features next, but not until after we discuss rates.

Comparing Tinder Plus to Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold is simply Tinder Plus-Plus. Meaning you get all the features of Tinder Plus + the two Gold features we just discussed.

That’s why it’s important to know what Tinder Plus gets you.

Let’s get into it.

Tinder Plus Prices

How much will Tinder Plus hurt your wallet?

Like Gold, prices vary depending on your age and location.

If you’re over 30, you can expect the fees to be close to this:

  • $13,49 for one month
  • $6,75, if you agree to a 6-month membership
  • $4,50, if you agree to a 1-year membership

But a 27-year-old TextGod coach who lives in Amsterdam sees the following rates:

If you want to know what you have to pay, open your Tinder app.

And if the prices don’t come close to my estimates, please slide into my DMs to enlighten me.

Now it’s time to explore the features of Tinder Plus.

Tinder Plus Features

Feature #1: Unlimited Swipes

Probably the most worthless feature EVER…

… if you’re a hot chick.

The Doutzen Kroes’ of the world can like any guy knowing it’s going to be a match.

But for dudes, swiping is a gamble.

So the more us guys can spin the Tinder roulette wheel, the greater the chances we’re going to get a match.

(I’m oversimplifying, more swipes ≠ more matches. But for now, this is all you need to know.)

If you’re not a paying customer, Tinder gives you a generous 100 right swipes for free.

Which can be enough depending on the quality of your profile and how many matches you want.

Do you regularly think to yourself, “Shit, I’m out of swipes!”

Then Unlimited Swipes is exactly what you want.

I give this feature 2.5 TextGod Butts.

Feature #2: Passport function

Tinder can be so frustrating.

Have you ever found yourself abroad wishing you had more time to find matches and set up dates before you fly back home?

Tinder’s Passport Function can make Tinder while traveling fun again.

Tinder Plus allows you to manually change your location.

Set your location to Brazil and you can match with hot chicas from your comfy couch.

Even if you’re a hermit who never leaves his home, this feature is crazy good.

Some of my students convinced their foreign matches to fly over for an adventurous citytrip. If you want to know how they did it, check out my course.

If you’re a nomad who travels the world, the Passport Function becomes even better.

Imagine you’re flying to Barcelona.

As soon as you book your flight, you set your Tinder location to Barcelona. You swipe, match, and text with the local cuties or other sexy travelers.

Now you have two options.

If you shared your current location, your matches know you’re far away and are wondering when you’ll be back. Say when your flight arrives and set up a date.

If your distance is hidden (a feature we’ll talk about later) it’s easier to tell girls you’re already in their hometown but too busy to meet up right now. Plan a date for when you return.

Once your dates are locked in, you simply wait until your plane leaves.

After a short trip, you dump your luggage at your hotel and meet up with your Tinder date.

If you did your Tinder homework, you can have a holiday filled with dates.

I hope you brought plenty of rubbers.

This feature gets 5 out of 5 TextGod Butts.

Holy Tip:

If you want to know what to text her after the first date, then read my guide about this topic!

Feature #3: Smart Photos

Tinder’s most controversial feature.

Some love it, others hate it: Smart Photos.

Before I give you my opinion, let’s start with Tinder’s description of its most debated feature:

Smart Photos […] reorders your photos to show your best ones first. In testing, users saw up to a 12% increase in matches.”

What’s not to like? The more matches, the better.

So why are people complaining?

Because there’s a catch:

Unless you have a boss Tinder setup, Tinder Photos doesn’t help. In fact, if you have an average Tinder profile, the photo arranging gimmick actually hurts you.

Let me explain.

More often than not, the average Joe gets swiped left. But left swipes aren’t registered by the Smart Photo algorithm.

Now one of two things can happen:

  1. Without lots of girls swiping you right, the feature can’t collect enough data to pick the best photo.
  2. The algorithm keeps rearranging your photos, scaring off potential matches.

Smart Photos decided that this dude’s cat was the best starting photo.

When searching for your best picture, Tinder shows women different versions of your profile. Each starting with a different photo.

If the algorithm leads with your least attractive photo, you’re probably going to be swiped left. Even though she may have swiped you right if she saw your best picture.

The verdict?

Don’t use Smart Photos.

You’re better off testing your pictures by using Photofeeler.

Smart Photos gets 1 TextGod Butt.


Feature #4: Tinder Plus Boost

If you’re still wondering if Tinder Gold is worth it, this feature will cement your decision.

Tinder Boost is Tinder Plus’ flagship and here’s how it works:

If you imagine all Tinder profiles as a deck of cards, your profile will be somewhere in the top of the deck for the next 30 minutes. Any woman swiping in your area will definitely see your profile.

Tinder claims you’ll be seen up to 10 times. If you have a strong profile, that’s A LOT of chances to get matched.

Being a Tinder Gold user, I can see how many women swipe me right. And after I use a Tinder Boost, my likes go through the roof. Proving its effectiveness in my case.

If you have Tinder Plus, you get 1 Boost every month. Non-paying users have to pay for Boosts.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

If you didn’t already know, you have an ELO score that decides what caliber of women Tinder shows you.

Tinder Gold’s See-who-likes-me-list gives me a good idea of the level of women Tinder hooks me up with.

And when I activate Tinder Boost, I notice something odd.

The quality of women that like me drops. They’re less educated, not as well dressed, not as fit, etc.

That implies that during a Tinder Boost, Tinder alters the margins of my ELO.

But that’s not as bad as it might sound.

If my ELO is altered, it should also work the other way around.

If the Angelina Jolie’s of Tinder are swiping during my Boost, they could see my handsome face too.

Want to know another secret?

People have run experiments to test the effects of Boosts on your ELO.

The word around the campfire is, Tinder decreases the amount of matches you get once the Boost is over.

Which makes sense from a money-making perspective.

When Tinder showers you in matches, and effectively stabs your brain with a dopamine shot, only to turn off the tap right after…

Your body is going to be screaming for another dopamine shot.

And when you don’t get more… even after waiting like a good little boy…

You’ll be very tempted to buy another Boost.

Before you tear off your clothes and run out the front door shouting, “MY WHOLE LIFE HAS BEEN A LIE!” …

… This hasn’t been proven yet.

So until it is, I’m giving Tinder Boost a well deserved 5 TextGod Butts.

Feature #5: Super Likes

“Increase your odds of matching three-fold and have conversations that last 70% longer than normal.”

Says Tinder peddling its benefits.

At least, that’s what the dating app was voicing when Super Likes were brand new.

Back when Super Likes made its entrance, chicks lost their minds when they saw the blue  notifications:

“John Super Likes you.”

And as they excitedly started swiping to look for their secret admirer, they’d quickly bump into John’s magical blue profile.

With dopamine rushing through their brains, women usually swiped their groupie right.

But the Super Like magic has worn off. It no longer amplifies the chances of a match like it once did.

Although it can increase your chances of matching compared to a regular like, depending on the woman.

Super Like a woman and she may actually take the time to look at your Tinder bio and photos. Perhaps even your Instagram.

As usual, having a good profile pays off.

Tinder Plus gives you 5 Super Likes per day. Usually, you only get 1.

Because the effectiveness of Super Likes depend on the quality of your profile, I give this feature 3.5 TextGodButts.

Feature #6: Rewind

“Nooo! I accidentally swiped the hot chick left!”

Sound familiar?

If so, Tinder Rewind might become your favorite tool.

Next time your butter fingers swipe the sex kitten left, just hit rewind and her profile will instantly re-enter your screen.

You can also rewind swipes to the right.

The only thing you can’t undo is a match. But you can unmatch her in the messages screen.

Despite its simplicity, I’m giving Tinder Rewind 3.5 TextGodButts.

Feature #7: Control who sees you: Only People I’ve Liked

If you’re a public figure, a movie star, or a secret agent with a license to kill, this feature is for you.

Check the Only People I’ve Liked box and only they can see your profile.

Your identity should be safe, unless they hang posters all over town of your screenshotted profile.

Holy Tip:

With this feature turned on, women can never like you first.

Meaning that if you get a match, she literally just swiped you right.

If you’re available to chat, open your Tinder and shoot her a message.

Normal Tinder users won’t make any use of this feature. I give it 1 TextGodButt.

Feature #8: Control who sees you: Recently Active

Did you know you might be wasting your time swiping inactive profiles?

Some women create a profile, start dating and forget all about Tinder. Meanwhile, you’ve just swiped 30 dead accounts and are waiting for your matches to arrive.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see people who were active less a moment ago?

Tinder thinks so.

Sadly, there’s some bad news.

I’ve extensively tested this feature and there’s a problem:

I keep seeing the same profiles over, and over, and over.

That’s why the Recently Active feature gets 1 TextGod Butt.



Feature #9: No Ads

Would you rather throw your head against a wall than watch an ad?

Then you should pay for Tinder Plus (or Gold).

But if swiping ads away isn’t a big deal, this feature provides little to no benefit.

But let’s be honest…

Do you have a premium pr0nhub subscription to get rid of ads?

I doubt you do, you horny devil.

No Ads is worth 1 TextGod Butt.

Feature #10: Limited Visibility

Do you get uncomfortable if people know your age and general location?

Check out Tinder Plus’ Limited Visibility features.

We already discussed how hiding your distance helps set up matches with women abroad via the Passport Function.

(Some of these features are also helpful when you want to use Tinder anonymously.)

But we haven’t talked about hiding your age.

I think keeping your age a secret makes you seem sketchy, or even fake.

Who do you trust more?

A profile of a 22-year-old who is 5 miles away?

Or a profile of blank-years-old who is located blank miles away?

In doubt, most people will rather ignore you than figure out whether you’re a catfish.

The hiding your distance + Tinder Passport combo is why this feature gets 2.5 TextGod Butts.

Is Tinder Plus worth it?

Drum roll!

My final verdict:

  • Unlimited swipes is useful if you frequently run out of likes.
  • Tinder Passport is amazing if you travel a lot
  • Anyone who needs to stay on the down low will love the extra privacy settings
  • One Boost a month and 5 super likes a day is nothing to scoff at
  • If you don’t travel much, Tinder Plus’ best feature is largely wasted on you
  • Being a paying member doesn’t increase ELO
  • There isn’t a feature which improves your profile or increases your matches

Weigh up the pros and cons to figure out if you want to spend your hard-earned cash on Tinder. If you have any more questions about Tinder, dump them in the comments below / YouTube and I’ll get back to you.

Louis Farfields

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