Waiting for Her to Text Back? 5 Steps To Get Her Attention Back

Are you anxiously checking your phone over and over again because you’re waiting for her to text back?

In this article, I’ll teach you how to best deal with this situation so you can get her attention again.

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Why didn’t she text me back?

Did you get no reply and are you waiting for her to text you back? These are the most common explanations for why her response is taking so long:

  • She read your text and got distracted.
  • She’s focused on other priorities.
  • She’s not sure what to reply.
  • She’s not in the mood to reply.
  • She’s not that interested in dating you.

For more details, read the rest of the article.

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When should you text back?

If you’re left on read, you typically want to wait 72 hours before reaching out again. That gives someone enough time to text back.

The main exception to this rule of thumb is when you’re supposed to meet up soon. Like when you’re supposed to see each other for coffee in three hours. In this situation, you want to text her again right away.

Step 1: Give her space to text you back

She isn’t texting you back. Instead of thinking the issue is on her side, we tend to take the silence personally. We assume it’s our fault.

And that’s when bad things start to happen. The worst thing?

You start to get a little insecure and needy for her approval. If these needy emotions are clouding your judgment, your texts will almost certainly be drenched in your insecurities.

What happens when she sees you’re doubting yourself? She loses attraction.

And there’s no need to worry. After all, you don’t know the reason for her slow reply.

She might be lost in a work project. She might be going through some personal issues. Or she got invited out for coffee just as she was about to reply to your text.

Tldr; Is she slow to text back? Assume she’s into you but distracted. That’ll calm your nerves and keep you from sending goofy texts that push her away.

If she likes you, she’ll almost certainly text you back soon.

Step 2: Figure out if this is a change in behavior

Before you reach out and send her another text, figure out this first.

Is her radio silence a new behavior? Or has she made you wait on her texts like this before?

Everyone has a texting style that involves certain habits. What time they reach out, how many messages they send, how quickly they reply to your texts, and so on.

Is what’s happening now a one-off? Then don’t pay it too much attention. It’s probably just a fluke.

Is she consistently pulling away and making you wait? Then something is probably up. A shift in behavior is usually a sign something important has changed.

Perhaps in her personal life.

Depending on how well you know her, it might be thoughtful to check in and see how she’s doing. If you just met on a dating app like Tinder, it’s better to keep things more light. Showing too much empathy to a stranger is a bit weird.

Whatever your history, I’d recommend texting her again after 72 hours.

  • If you share a past: “It’s so unlike you to be quiet for so long. Are you OK or did a crocodile swallow up your hopes and dreams?”
  • If you just met: “Are we having our first big fight?? Let me get my lawyer on the phone.”

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Step 3: Determine if it’s urgent or not

It’s not always a big deal if she keeps you waiting for a bit. Especially if you’ve been having fun exchanging cat videos and dank memes.

But in some situations, it’s crucial that you reach out ASAP.

When it is a problem when she doesn’t reply?

When you’re supposed to meet up for a date in 2 hours, but she’s left you on read since yesterday.

  • “Hey [name], are we still on for tonight or did something come up? I hope you’re okay”
  • “We’re supposed to meet up in a few hours. I know you’re probably trying to find the perfect outfit, but please confirm so I know it’s still on. ;)”

The most important thing is to be clear and respectful. Although it’s fine to be playful if that’s the mood you’re in.

As you can see, timing is everything. For more on when to text back, check out my next video.

Step 4: Occupy your mind with something else

Are you anxious because she’s making you wait for her text message? Here’s my best remedy.

Distract yourself.

Exercise, meet a friend, read a book, play a video game, or watch another TextGod video.

There are lots of fun things to do in life, women are just one of many fun distractions. What else do you enjoy to do?

When you’re doing something that’s important to you, getting a text from her won’t seem as important.

Step 5: Adopt good texting habits

Although it’s possible that her silence has nothing to do with you, sometimes you are the problem.

To make sure you don’t kill a girl’s interest in you, it’s important to adopt good texting habits. Habits that’ll make you more attractive than 90% of other guys.

Here they come.

Keep your texts unpredictable and emotionally stimulating

A big reason why women lose interest is because your texts are boring. Perhaps you ask too many predictable questions or keep things too serious.

That’s anti seductive.

If you want to hold her interest, you want to keep things fresh.

So be sure to keep it playful and send a healthy mix of GIFs, images, and voice notes. That way she’ll never know what to expect. And novelty is one of the best ways to keep things fun.

Once your texts make her feel good, she’ll look forward to receiving them.

And what happens when your messages never come? She’ll reach out to you so she can get more of your good vibes!

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Always make it easy for her to reply

Another common reason women stop replying.

She doesn’t know what to say!

Maybe your last text was too creative or gave her too little direction.

And that’s an issue because women struggle to keep things fun as much as we do. Plus, women prefer it when we guys take the lead.

So whenever you send a text, think to yourself, “Is it easy for her to send me a text back?” If not, be sure to make it a little easier. Perhaps by asking a question.

Act as the prize

The last big reason women pull away? She thinks you’re not good enough.

That sounds harsh, I know! But if she gets the impression that you think she’s way cooler than you, why would she like you?

She wants to be with a man that’s on her level or better. Just like you, she wants to date someone awesome.

To be the awesome guy women want to date, you want to have healthy standards.

That means you don’t put women on a pedestal. Instead of treating them like royalty, you just treat them like a regular person.

And if that’s still not enough to get them interested in you? Then you take your fun and cool vibes and give them to a girl who does like them.

Waiting for her to text back – Conclusion

If she doesn’t get back to you, you want to give her space to text you back. She’s probably just busy or distracted. A good rule of thumb is to wait 3 days.

The majority of the time, she’ll get back to you.

And if she doesn’t? Then you want to figure out if you did something that upset her or if she’s just being a little rude.

If you blundered, then it’s important to own your mistake. I recommend sending something like this, “Oops, that sounded better in my head” and then moving the conversation forward.

Did you do nothing wrong? Then it’s usually best to send her something fun and playful.

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