How Long Should I Wait To Text Her Back? The #1 Rule

She hasn’t replied to you yet. And now you’re thinking…

“How long should I wait before I text her back?”

In this article, you’ll discover everything you need to know to grab and hold her attention. Plus, I’ll give you some tips to get her excited to see you.

In this article:More...

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How long should you wait to text her back?

When texting any woman, context is king. The timing of your messages is all about showing that you have a fun filled life.

Sometimes you want to reply fast to build momentum. Other times you want to re ply a bit more slowly to show her you can have fun without her.

As a general rule: text her when you can, but don’t change your schedule around texting her.

1. Figure out how close you are

Ask yourself this important question to understand when to text back.

How close are the two of you?

Strangers? Lovers? Something in between? Haven’t met but you’re just spamming her DMs like Peasant Paul hoping to get noticed?

If you’re still strangers, it helps to be relatively fast when replying.

A quick back and forth builds rapport and makes her emotionally invested in you.

If she’s already relatively invested and sees your value, it pays to be a little more slow when texting back.

But Louis, I don’t know WHAT to say over text!

I gotchu m’bro.

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2. Look at her last text(s)

Don’t screw this part up.

Some texts demand a quick reply. Like if she was just open and vulnerable for the first time with you.

Maybe she’s having family trouble or had a horrendous day at work. Leaving her hanging now may make her feel a little played.

Making someone wait at the wrong time can make her lose interest.

But let’s say you get a text like this:

Hey Louis how are you? 🙂

Or what I more commonly get:

Hey Louis, when are you free next so I can gobble your Belgian Waffle again? 😉

These you can take a bit more time with.

It shows you have a busy life and you’re not always on your phone. Which increases her attraction for you. Making her want to eat your waffle even more.

3. Pay attention to the texting pattern

I hear guys complain about this all the time.

“Louis, she’s not investing anything in this conversation”

My man, you just started talking. Do you want her to just throw herself you? (I mean, some of you lazy boys undoubtedly do. But where’s the fun in that?)

As a man, it’s normal to pursue a little harder than her in the beginning. So it’s also fine to text a little more than her.

EVENTUALLY things will even out.

Once she starts liking you more, your conversations should be relatively equal in level of investment and timing.

Do you sense that she’s a little into you?

Then you can match and mirror her texting style.

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4. Be consistent

Do you know what gives women a massive ick when crushing on a new guy?


You start texting rapidly and then can’t respond for days? She hates you a little right now

You were super slow to reply but now can’t stop blowing up her phone every 2 minutes? She’s moving to Miami to escape you.

You texted with a masculine edge but now every text is filled with one of these emojis? 😉😏😂 Now there’s one more lesbian in the world (thanks bro).

Keep your texting frequency relatively the same.

Consistency helps build trust and shows that you’re reliable and interested in getting to know her.

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5. Prioritize quality over speed

You’ve probably heard this cliche quote before: Quality over quantity.

The same is true when texting.

Yes, it’s important to maintain momentum. There are few things more exciting to her than a long texting rally.

But only if you’re not sending heaps of trash her way.

Are you a little down or totally uninspired? Put the phone away and get back to her when you’re feeling more energized and playful.

A slow good message almost always beats a bad fast message.

It’s kinda similar to Wendy’s and Steakhouse.

If you’re about to pass out from hunger, you just want to get some meat inside you ASAP. (That’s what she said.) But if you’re regular hungry, waiting 20 – 30 minutes for a perfectly prepared rare steak is unbeatable.

6. Give her enough room to invest

This is how you get girls to invest into your conversation: do the opposite of the average dude.

See, most guys smother her. They text too much and too often.

And I get it.

If you’re into her, it’s natural to want to put more effort into the conversation. But this just has one teensy tiny problem. Your unrelenting stream of messages make your attention seem as cheap as 2-ply toilet paper.

So if you have the tendency to smother her, try texting less and see if she fills in the gaps.

Give her enough space to add to the conversation.

She’s a grown Wahmen and knows how to ask you questions and flirt back.

Although if YOUR’E still struggling with flirting over text…..

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7. Don’t overthink

Here comes the most important tip of all.

Once you know all the secret texting tips and principles, you want to…

…not give them too much attention.

Knowing when to text back is more art than it’s science. So it’s less about rules and more about overarching principles. The most important one being:

Women don’t value what comes too easily.

That’s why you can text back quickly for 3 days straight. As long as the texting is fun and interesting.

But does she get the feeling that you’re a little too available? That you’re neglecting the other things in your life? Or, even worse, that you don’t even have a life?

Then you want to hit the breaks and focus your attention on something else than her.

Once she feels like she’s gettings lots of your attention without earning it, she’s more likely to lose interested and not respond.

Is she ignoring your texts right now?

Check out my next article to find out what to do:

8. Make her addicted to your texts

There are few things better than seeing a girl slowly get obsessed with you.

It starts with more and faster texts, some personal questions and voice notes, a couple selfies. And before you know it, she’s sending you nudes to remind you to see her again.

Awww… isn’t that sweet?

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