DM Sliding: Slide Into Your Crush’s DMs In An Irresistible Way

DM sliding is an excellent way to meet new, fun, and attractive people.

But how should you approach it? Do you want to be subtle, funny, or flirty? And how do you continue after you get a response?

All these questions and more will be answered in this article. By the end, you’ll know exactly how to successfully slide into someone’s DMs and make them like you.

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What is DM sliding?

DM sliding is the act of sending a Direct Message to someone on a social media platform (usually Instagram) with flirtatious intentions.

Whether you already know the other person, or they are a stranger.

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How to slide into someone’s DMs – 3 Tips

  • Don’t make it bigger than it is. Your first message exchange is just to show interest and build excitement for a real life meet up.
  • Keep it real. Stay away from canned material and cheesy pick up lines. They don’t make the other person feel good. Plus, it doesn’t give them any idea of what you’re like. And that’s the whole point of sliding into someone’s DMs.
  • Show interest in something other than appearances. An attractive person gets complimented on their looks all the time. If you want to stand out and build a genuine connection, comment on something they actively work on.

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Best DM slides you can copy right now

Coming up with a clever way to slide into her DMs can be tough.

Although it’s best to come up with something unique and original, it helps to get an idea of what a good icebreaker looks like.

So here are a few examples on DM sliding.

  • [Responding to a story about traveling or flying on a plane] “Uhmmm excuse me, I think you forgot to take me as your carry-on luggage.”
  • “So we don’t know each other yet but I wanted to say hey and get to know you a bit. Because you know what they say: carpe DM.”
  • “I really love that book you’ve been posting about. Have you finished it yet? I won’t spoil the ending.”
  • “You always have the best music in your stories. What song are you obsessed with right now?”
  • [Responding to her story about food] “Omg, stop teasing me with those delicious morsels. Where is this place?”
  • “I’m fascinated by your baking skills, can you share an idea about making an easy dessert? I have a MEGA sweet tooth.”
  • “Your photos are so good. What camera do you use?”
  • [If you saw her Instagram from a dating app] “Figured I’d swallow my pride here and join the 5,837,380 other guys from Tinder and DM you on Instagram. I’ve heard there’s strength in numbers.”
  • [If you met briefly in person] “Hey [Her name], it was cool meeting you today. When are you free for that [date idea]?
  • “Super random, but would you mind helping me with this quick survey I’m trying to complete?

Do you like me? Choose one:

  • “You HAVE to check out [place in your city]. It has the best tacos. Criminally underrated.”

Now that the icebreaker DM is covered, how do you text her?

Easy! Rest those brain cells and watch my video on Instagram texting right here.

Go from sliding into the DMs to meeting IRL in 7 steps

Here comes a tried and tested method of getting someone from Instagram excited to meet you in real life.

The next 7 steps will take you through the entire process. Starting from the very beginning.

If you’ve already slid into the DMs, you might want to skip to the step you’re at now.

Step 1: Build an attractive Instagram profile

This is crucial to understand.

Even if your DM message is a 10/10, you can’t expect it to work if your  Instagram profile isn’t any good.

I’m not suggesting you need to have an action-packed life, look like a model, and have professional looking photos.

But you DO need to put some effort into making an attractive Instagram profile.

What does that look like?

By having a collection of photos that show off your one of a kind personality. That’s why it’s best to get away from what everyone else is doing.

Which is typically uploading overly edited and perfect-looking photos of the ‘good life’.

Instead of doing this, I recommend using candid shots and emphasizing real-life moments. Moments of your life. Doing things you enjoy.

Here are some quirky suggestions that can make you stand out from the rest:

  • Drone photos.
  • Street performers in action.
  • Close-ups of everyday objects, like a spider’s web in the rain.
  • Rooftop views.
  • Photos of abandoned buildings and structures that have a cool history.

Step 2: Follow them

Here’s how to increase the odds she’ll reply to your DMs tenfold.

Be a little bold and follow her.

Why is this so effective? Look at it from her perspective. Every non-follower who sends her a message is either a bot or weirdo.

And you don’t want to be put into either of those categories.

If you need some practice you can always follow me.

Click on this link and follow me for ‘quality content.’ You’ll get a better idea of what makes for an attractive Instagram profile.  And I’ll get more followers and have an easier time sliding into DMs myself hehe.

One last thing.

There’s a difference between public and private Instagram profiles. If her profile is public, you can just hit ‘follow’ and you’ll instantly gain access to all their posts, stories, and content.

Is her profile private? Then you won’t see what she’s up to until she accepts your follow request.

Step 3: Like their photos

Be careful, a lot of guys mess this part up.

Most dudes understand that it helps to like her photos. As she sees you explore her Instagram profile, she’ll get a bit more familiar with you.

Although it’s not much of a connection. This superficial bond already makes it much more likely that she’ll reply to your DMs. You’re not a complete stranger.

But most guys get a little too excited. Instead of liking a few photos here and there, they leave a trail of likes that go years deep into her Instagram feed.

This kind of attention makes her think you’re more of a creep than a stud.

So keep your interest subtle.

Only like 2 – 3 photos that are recent and show something that you genuinely find cool or interesting.

Do you like to snowboard and see a photo of her on a mountain? Perfect, there’s your opportunity.

See a gorgeous pupper on her IG and you ferociously pet every dog you meet? Hit that like button.

Cute picture with her mom? And you’re the type of guy that has ‘Family First’ tattooed across his forehead? Heart that photo, no ragrets.

Step 4: Slide into the DMs when opportunity strikes

This is the best moment to slide into your crush’s DMs.

Right after she posts a non-sexual Instagram story.

Let me explain why.

Firstly, when she just uploaded a thirst trap, every dude pitching a tent in their pants will be flooding her inbox. Reach out now and you’ll likely get lost in a sea of spam.

That’s no good.

Secondly, if a story of her looking sexy triggered you to slide into her DMs, it doesn’t say much good about you. Only that her body makes your nether regions all tingly and excited.

And that’s not exactly a turn-on for her.

If you want to make a good first impression, it’s best to say send her a DM in response to a more casual Instagram story. Preferably about something that you find fun, know a lot about, or can relate to.

Now you’ll have a unique first text that shows genuine interest. Plus, her inbox probably won’t be blowing up now either, making it easy for her to find your message.

And a few that are terrible.

Need a little help coming up with that first line? Check out my next article for all the inspiration you need (I know the link says Tinder, but it’ll work just fine for Instagram, you can take my word for that):

Step 5: Create desire

Once you’ve slid into her Instagram messages, here’s how you can get her interested in you.

Create desire.

Sounds a bit like a cheap answer, doesn’t it? Don’t worry. I’ll give you more guidance on how to do this.

To get a woman excited about chatting with you, she has to see your value. She’ll find some of that in your Instagram profile. So be sure to get that sorted!

But a large chunk of what she thinks of you has to do with what you say over text.

That’s why you don’t just want to say anything that pops into your mind.

You want to say the things that make you more attractive while staying true to yourself.

How do you do that?

By largely doing three things:

  • Be playful and witty. This makes you fun to talk to.
  • Jokingly express self-love. This shows that you’re confident and that’s sexy.
  • Being curious without being sold on them. This makes you a bit of a challenge.

If you tick all three boxes, most girls will get very excited about seeing you.

Here’s a quick DM slide followed up with some flirting from one of our TextGod Coaches, who actually used to be a student.

“BUT LOUIS, I don’t know how to text like that!!!”

That’s okay. I’ll tell you all about being a great flirt over text in my next article:

Step 6: Earn their trust

It doesn’t matter how attractive and hot you are, if you don’t get this right, she won’t meet up with you. What do I mean?

You need to build trust and comfort.

No woman in her right mind will go on a date with you if she doesn’t trust you. It’s just too dangerous. And I don’t necessarily mean in the physical sense.

Sure, you could be a chainsaw wielding psycho. But that’s not what women usually worry about because that’s not the type of guy they typically meet.

But women do meet plenty of guys who are emotionally and socially challenged.

And those types of people are no fun to be around. It’s just too awkward. And also a bit scary since they can’t read social cues.

That’s why you want to show you’re a healthy, socially intelligent person.

How do you do that?

By showing that you live a life that suggests you’ve got it together.

What do I recommend you do?

Share about your everyday things. Talk about what you have in common so she can tell you’re similar enough. And perhaps poke a little fun at yourself to make yourself more relatable.

Only once you make yourself more of a real person will she feel comfortable meeting you.

Step 7: Ask them out

There’s one thing you need to look for before asking her out.

Signs of interest.

Finding the right moment to plan the date or exchange numbers doesn’t have to be a mystery. In fact, it rarely is. Most women will give you CLEAR signs of interest when she’s ready.

See enough of those and she’s giving you the green light to ask her out.

Perhaps you don’t know what to look for. So here are some of the most important signals to look for:

  • She laughs a lot at the things you say.
  • She’s asking you questions.
  • She’s investing by sending you lots of texts.
  • She’s sharing about her life and her interests.

Here’s an example of a conversation where a girl is showing clear signs of interest. Can you recognize them?

Pretty obvious she likes him, yeah?

Once a girl is having a good time chatting with you, then BOOM, she’s probably ready for you to ask her out. And if you need a quick hand on great ways to ask your crush out, steal some of my lines from my article on exactly that.

DM Sliding – Closing Words

To effectively slide into someone’s DMs, you want to follow a handful of steps.

First, you want to build an attractive profile. Without it, no one will be really motivated to reply to your DMs.

Once you have a strong Instagram profile, it’s time to make yourself known to your crush by following them and liking some of their content. Just be careful not to show too much interest. You don’t want to seem desperate for attention.

Next, it’s time to wait for the right opportunity to slide into your crush’s DMs. If they’re active content creators, it’s best to react to a story that resonates with you.

That announces the moment you want to send your first text and break the ice.

From here, you want to playfully go back and forth between building and breaking the connection, until you see they’re excited to talk to you. That’s when you ask the other person out.

Going from Hi to the date can feel like quite a big distance. And things can definitely go wrong quite easily.

Say the wrong thing and you might destroy all the attraction she feels for you.

To keep that from happening, I have a gift for you. My 10 Texts that always work (my coaches and I still use them) and a texting technique that gets her addicted to your texts.

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