3 Tinder Follow Up Messages For a Non-Response

You’re on Tinder and it’s been a while since you sent your last message.

Now you’re stuck wondering what happened and what to do next.

“Did she read my text? And what should I do now to fix the convo?”

No worries, my friend.

You’re about to get 3 powerful Tinder follow-up messages for a non-response.

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The one thing you must do first

When you feel a girl slipping away, your gut feeling is to hold onto her attention for dear life.

So you send her another text.


Sending her more messages when she hasn’t even answered the first one makes you seem needy and desperate.

Hardly attractive.

So when your gut tells you to send her another text, send a fist flying into your belly button to shut him up and teach him who’s boss.

If your Tinder match didn’t respond to your text, your first reaction should be to chill.

Have faith in your ability to give women a good time.

She’s probably just busy.

“But Louis, I’m not that confident in my texting ability.”

Well if that’s the case, I recommend you watch my video on 7 secrets to text and flirt with any girl over text. That way girls won’t ever knowingly ignore you again:

#1: A follow up message for when she doesn’t reply

As tough as it is to hear, sometimes the reason a girl ignores you is because of YOU.

Sure, she probably could have answered something.

But you must understand where she’s coming from: she probably has a legion of dudes talking to themselves in her inbox.

So her patience for shitty texts is incredibly low.

For some ladies it’s one strike and you’re out.

That’s not impolite, it’s common sense.

Anyway, back to you. There are lots of ways to mess up a Tinder conversation.

The most common texts that sabotage a convo are:

  • Familiar and boring
  • Confusing
  • Rude

Does your last text fall into any of these last three categories?

Then you want to own up to your mistake and move onto a new topic.

Here is a one-size-fits-all-phuck-ups text:

I should win an award for the world’s worst flirt

Anyway, I just had a mouth-watering chicken and veggie stir fry

What’s the last time you cooked a bomb ass meal for yourself?

Obviously don’t talk about stir fries and cooking if that’s not your thing. It pays to be authentic.

After all, she’s going to meet you on the date, not the guy who you steal all your Tinder lines from.

So tailor these and all other copied lines to your own life.

#2: A follow up message for when you made no mistakes

Sounds crazy, right?

Why would a girl ignore your last text if you made no mistakes?


She’s busy, gorgeous, and can make every nerd run out of his fapbunker with one command.

That said, it doesn’t have to be over.

Beautiful girls still have needs that only the coolest dudes can fulfill.

And if you made no texting mistakes, you’re up there brother. She probably just lost you in the shuffle.

So how do you follow up your last text in this case?

You playfully remind her she’s left you on read.

Like so:

You still haven’t thought of a text to wow me?

Thought you were better than that, Sarah 👵

Obviously don’t blindly copy the above line if she’s not called Sarah.

What makes this follow-up text so good?

  • It’s cocky
  • It implies that she’s the one who’s trying to seduce you
  • It’s challenging but innocent

IMPORTANT: This text does NOT work if your last text was bad or generic. Undeserved confidence feels fake, like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

Not sure if you made no mistakes? Check your convo for signs of interest. If you made no mistakes it should be loaded with positive signals.

If you can’t recognize them, check out this article:

#3: A follow up message for when she’s been unattentive

I’m going to tell you something that might shock you.

Even if you do everything right, that’s no guarantee that you’ll get the girl.

Yep. I wish it were true, but that’s not how women work.

People just aren’t that predictable.

So sometimes you’ll be sending great texts that would make most girls swoon, but do nothing for this one Tinder match..

She may reply. But as the convo goes on you notice that her attention is waning.

What do you follow up with if she eventually ignores your text?

You didn’t really make a mistake, but you didn’t do well either. Which gives you little guidance on what to do next.

That’s why I’m here.

In the cases where a woman doesn’t really ever bite, there’s only one thing you can do.

Playfully call her out for being a bad texter.

It sounds risky, but it’s the only real option you have. Because if you never show her that she has to speak up, she’ll keep sending you 3-word texts until she eventually sends you nothing.

After all, she’s not going to develop any respect or feelings for someone who she can entertain with a few conversational crumbs.

That’s why you want to call her out with the next text:


I love it when you barely talk to me

Send me more short texts, babe

Anyway, these are the 3 follow-up messages for a non-response.

These texts should get the convo going again, which means it’s time to lead her toward the date.

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  • A flirty message
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Louis Farfields

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