How to Be Interesting over Text: 12 Tips to Captivate Your Crush

Do you want to become more interesting over text?

In this article, I’ll reveal my top tips for crafting charming and genuine texts to send to your crush.

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1. Keep things fresh

Have you ever met someone who initially seemed very interesting, but turned out to be surprisingly boring?

This is exactly how your crush will feel when you hit her with predictable texts, such as “How are you?” or “How was your weekend?”. It sounds polite. And it is. But it’s also the same type of text that her mom might send her.

Not exactly seductive. After all, she can talk with anyone about how her day was. If you want to be interesting to her, you want to be exciting and different.

So how do you do that?

Talk about unique topics.

Here are some conversation starters that make yourself interesting over text:

  • “What is the one thing people don’t know you are secretly passionate about?”
  • “What would you do with your day if your boss gave you tomorrow off?”
  • “Suppose you won a 5-day trip to anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?”

If you want a list of topics to talk about over text, head to this article:

2. Be playful

For a lot of men, talking on dating apps or texting apps is about exchanging information. Getting to know each other.

However, even though sharing information (even interesting facts about yourself) might make you intellectually interesting… It doesn’t make you a fun and interesting person to talk to. And it for sure doesn’t attract her on a physical and emotional level.

To be more interesting isn’t about the information you share. It’s about having fun together and being playful. It’s about the emotions you create.

So how do you create fun emotions and make yourself interesting over text?

There are probably about a bajillion ways. But here are a few easy methods you can use right away:

  • [When she has a different taste in movies] “Ooffff, bad answer. I was looking for horror movies. That’s no sexy points for you.”
  • [When she makes a spelling mistake] “You’re on your way hmoe? Belgh that’s so 2019.”
  • [When she compliments you] “I bet you say that to all the guys, player. Haha j/k. Thanks.”

If you want more inspiration, check out this article:

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3. Voice what you like

Here’s one way to make a woman like you that almost no guy understands.

Let her know what you genuinely like about her.

So many guys only compliment girls on their appearance. This makes them look shallow, like they’re only focused on her looks.

Women are most interested in guys who genuinely like them. It’s cool that you like the way she looks in a crop top. But it doesn’t really make her feel appreciated.

And that’s ultimately what she wants. Heck, isn’t that what we all want?

So if you want to be interesting and build a strong connection, express the things you like about her.

Here are some examples:

  • “I really like how you get along with your family. That’s a great quality.”
  • “You’re really hard working. I like that in a woman.”
  • “You’re a nurse who does kickboxing? So you can just beat someone up, bring them back to life, repeat. Is it weird to be turned on by that? 🤣”

You might think that these compliments make you a little thirsty. As if you’re too into her. And yes, that can be a bad thing.

But, it’s all in the phrasing. If you express your interest with a genuine compliment, it shows her that you’re actually looking for something specific. You’re selective about the women you date. You don’t just like everyone.

Now she feels like she’s earned the compliment of someone worthwhile. And that makes you interesting.

4. Share about your own experiences

This is why most guys do poorly with women.

Men think they need to do stuff to get a girl interested in them.

“If I just do the Magnetic Attraction Turbo Amplifier Technique, she’ll like me.” But that’s not how seduction works. It’s more like this.

If you’re an interesting guy, she’ll be interested.

What makes you interesting? The way you live your life!

And it doesn’t even have to be epic. She’s just curious about what’s cool and fun to you. That way she can see if she’s interested in hanging out with you.

So share the highlights of your month, week, or day.

Here are some straightforward examples:

  • “Just read this amazing book about truth versus kindness. My mind is blown.”
  • “Do you ever go to the supermarket and try new things? I just got some weird fruit candies and I think I’m addicted.”
  • “Going on a little road trip through the countryside this weekend. Do you like to drive?”

Again, it doesn’t have to be spectacular. She’s just trying to figure out if your lifestyles are compatible.

5. Be curious

Most guys really struggle with asking questions over text.

Let’s face it, you probably do too. If you ever asked questions like “How was your weekend?” and “What did you have for breakfast”, it was not because you were dying to learn the answer, but rather to keep the conversation going.

If you want to be interesting when texting a girl, you have to become amazing at asking the right questions.

So what makes a great question?

You can ask anything as long as you really want to know the answer.

By having conversations you’re actually interested in, you’ll automatically get drawn closer to each other.

And don’t forget that questions are more than requests for information. They also show that you’re curious, thoughtful, and are paying attention.

  • “Did you pick psychology as a major because you want to become a therapist, or was there a different reason?”
  • “I love how close you are with your mother. What made you guys so tight?”
  • “Your family seems really important to you. Do you get along well?”

6. Switch up your messages

Here’s something a little crazy. If you only ever send text messages, you won’t be interesting to her.

At least, not as interesting as you could be.

Remember, it’s all about emotional stimulation. And doing too much of the same becomes dull. So try to surprise her with different content.

Here’s how you can make your texting more interesting so she’ll like you more and more:

Regularly change how you reach out to her. The more variety, the better.

Alongside your text messages, you also want to send voice notes, GIFs, photos, GPS location pins, phone calls, and the occasional emoji.

If you have no idea how to use emojis or if you should use them at all, check out this video:

7. Try new things

If you struggle to be interesting over text, the answer to the next question will instantly help you:

Are you doing something new at least once a week?

If not, you have another easy way to make yourself more attractive to women. That’s because experiences make you a more interesting person.

If you regularly do new things, you always have new things to share. Plus, you’ll also seem like an open-minded guy who knows how to have fun. And that’s an attractive person to be around.

Including that cute girl you are texting.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to be Evil Knievel and do something dangerous or scary. It can be as simple as reading a new book, or checking out a food truck you never tried before.

Not sure how to introduce new things into your life?

  • Ask your friends to invite you to their plans. You can even find out what kind of hobbies your friends have and ask if you can join them.
  • Look up anything you don’t know. Did a movie you’re watching have a dope soundtrack you don’t know? Find out what it is and check their album.
  • Create side quests. Are you outside chilling and do you see a random church tower or tall office building in the distance? Try to find it and watch out for anything interesting on your way there.

8. Be a little vulnerable

When men talk about dating, they usually try to one-up each other. “I have a better car.” “I have bigger muscles.” “You should always be dominant and masculine.

But if you ask girls what they find attractive, they all say the same:

Just be yourself.”

Here’s what that means: embrace who you are without exaggerating or hiding who you are. 

The last part is especially important.  Being okay with your flaws shows that you’re confident and not dependent on her approval. And in case you didn’t know, women are hugely interested in confident men.

There is however one important ‘but’ that you need to know.

Being vulnerable is great, as long as you are not behaving like a scared little boy. You’re vulnerable, but you handle it like a man.

It’s not the man without fears who is attractive. But the man who’s brave despite his vulnerabilities.

Here are some good examples of where you want to start:

  • “I always sleep with a night light haha, quirky I guess.”
  • “That was a time when I was in a pretty dark place. But it taught me so much about myself.”
  • “You ever feel like you have no clue what you’re doing but that things somehow work out? That’s like half my life ahaha.”

9. Ask fun questions

If you talk to people about themselves, they will listen for hours.

This quote comes from one of the most famous self-help books of all time. And in my experience, it’s true. Girls find it really interesting to talk about their aspirations, goals in life, and the future they want to create.

People enjoy questions that make them think about a better life. Here are some examples:

  • “If you could travel for one year, where would you go?”
  • “If you had to pick between never working again but being poor, working all the time but being rich, which one would you pick?”
  • “What is your biggest ambition?”

Be careful not to turn the conversation into a job interview, as those aren’t enjoyable for anyone. Focus on discovering her passions and future aspirations, rather than grilling her about her SAT scores.

If you want more cool questions to ask your crush, this article is for you:

10. Talk about their interests

If we meet someone new for the first time, we have no idea what they enjoy. This makes it hard to show them a good time.

Fortunately, people love to talk about what they like. So If you ask her questions about her passions, she’ll most certainly answer. This gives you clues on what to do on dates. But also how to text back, because you can always refer back to those things she enjoys.

Here are some sample questions to ask:

  • “What is the best concert you ever went to?”
  • “What is your favourite genre of books?”
  • “Which things that most people find boring do you find interesting?”

Just don’t ask about what she’s into unless you care. There are so many beautiful women to talk to that there’s no need to connect with someone you don’t find interesting.

11. Use emotional language

I want you to compare these two texts to learn how you can instantly become more interesting over text.

The first

How was your weekend?

And the second:

What kind of mischief did you get yourself into last weekend?

Both ask the same question but the second is a lot more fun to answer. It stimulates more emotion. And what makes you more interesting over text? When your messages make her feel stuff.

That’s why I recommend you always inject some emotion into the everyday.

Put a slight spin on common phrases and you can make all your texts interesting.

  • “Where did your hummus addicted ass hang out today?”
  • “Hey, troublemaker. Stir up any chaos today?”
  • “I’m going to bed. Don’t miss me too much now. ;)”

12. Own who you are

Some men think you need to have an amazing life to impress women. But seduction isn’t about impressing someone.

Almost every girl just wants an attractive man who understands her and that she can have a fun time with. She doesn’t necessarily want a guy with a Ferrari or huge muscles.

But because these are the types of men we generally look up to, we think that’s what women want too.

Except that’s not really true.

Women largely like the confidence that comes from having money and muscles.

So to be more interesting, you want to cultivate confidence. And you best do that by owning who you are. Even if you’re a little boring.

How do you express confidence over text? By mixing up playful self-love and accepting your flaws. Let me show you:

  • “I really don’t get out too much. I spend most of my free time reading lol”
  • “Boy, it’s a hard life when you’re as popular and good-looking as I am.”
  • “I skipped the party. I was tired and just owned some nerds in Hearthstone instead.”

How to be interesting over text – Summary

Being charming and captivating over text starts with being curious. And showing her what makes you interesting.

If you both like what you have to offer, you’ll almost certainly hit it off.

To speed up the seduction process, you can make yourself more interesting with certain techniques. Such as by making your messages more emotional, expressing what you like, opening up about yourself, and being playfully cocky.

This might sound difficult to you. But it doesn’t have to be. Especially if you use my 10 Texts That Always Work.

These lines all include ways to make yourself more interesting. You can copy paste them into your conversation. Or use them as inspiration for a message of your own.

You can get them for free by hitting the big button below. And if you act now, you’ll also get my most powerful texting technique of all, the Personality Slice.


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