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14 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love Over Text

You have a special lady in your life and you want her to become smitten with you.

Then you’re in the right place.

Because you’re going to get 14 ways to make her fall in love with you over text.

IMPORTANT: for these tips to work, you need to have a good amount of trust and rapport with the girl you like. If you barely know her and/or you’ve only been on a couple of dates, she’s probably not ready to develop strong feelings for you. Are you in the early stages of the dating phase and you want her to like you? Check out these articles:

This article is for when you are seriously dating and want to take it to the next level.

Anyway, time for the 14 ways to make her fall in love over text.

Louis - The TextGod
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#1: Cheer her up when she’s having a bad day

I’m a big believer that the things we do for our partners every day are the most important forms of romance.

But grand gestures do have their place.

Here’s one that can make her fall in love with you all over again.

Surprise food delivery.

Coach Dan’s girlfriend caught the flu not too long ago and wasn’t feeling too hot.

So to make her feel better, he called a delivery service to bring her a lovely meal and she LOVED it.

Here, see for yourself.

Even if you’re a student strapped for cash, you can’t help but agree that a reaction like this is worth the 15 bucks for a few sushi rolls.

#2: Watch the movie she wants you to watch

If you’re anything like me, getting movie recommendations makes you NOT want to watch them.

And that’s a shame.

Especially if your girlfriend is the one giving you the recommendation.

After all, few things are more fun than showing someone a movie you love.

So let your partner have that experience with you.

Hey babe. Remember that movie you love so much?

Let’s watch it together

Holy Tip:

If you can’t be together in person, consider watching the movie online through an app like Netflix Party.

Now for the next way to make her fall in love over text.

#3: Make her day by telling her what you like about her

On the whole, men don’t give their girlfriends enough compliments.

No, not the everyday compliments like, “You look beautiful.”

While lovely for her to receive, it’s likely not of a high enough caliber to make her fall for you.

But the next sentence is.

One of my favorite things about you is…

And make sure to make it personal.

One of my favorite things about you is how caring you are. Even when you’re tired and spent, you’ll still go out of the way to help someone you love

Bonus points if it’s something you’ve never mentioned to her before.

#4: Text her at an unexpected time

Whenever guys make an effort to be affectionate, we do it in an ordinary or played out way.

For instance, most men will only give a girl flowers and a romantic note on her birthday or Valentine.

Because it’s so expected, your romantic gesture has a small impact.

To make a large impact, you want to show affection at an unexpected time.

Even if it’s just a text.

It could be that you just got off the couch with her to grab a snack in the kitchen and before you open the cookie jar you send her, “I love you.”

Although the text itself is cliché and obvious, it’s going to blow her away because the context isn’t obvious.

Texting her ‘I love you’ on Valentine’s day is a letdown.

But texting her ‘I miss you’ once you walk out the door after spending a whole day together is incredibly romantic.

#5: Little anonymous acts of kindness

If you truly care about your crush, you don’t need to always make a big deal out of your romantic gestures.

You’re not fishing for a thank you, you just want to make her feel good.

Here are some simple acts of kindness that she’ll love:

  • Leaving a glass of water on her nightstand so she can have a sip when she makes up in the middle of the night
  • Leave her a little love note in her jacket or purse
  • Cross something off her to-do list
  • Secretly read the same book as her and discuss it when she’s finished
  • Re-stack her favorite snacks

I know these all have to be done in person, but they’re too important to leave out.

#6: The next day surprise

I’m about to ask something of you that’s incredibly difficult for most men.

Listen closely to what she says.

And pay attention to something she wants to buy.

Then Amazon that mothatrucka when you leave the room.

Don’t wait for her birthday or another big occasion.

Just order the thing she said she wanted TODAY.

Holy Tip:

To clarify, only buy her presents if you’re both serious about dating each other.

Buying a gift for someone you just met will only get you friendzoned.

Or you’ll get used by her as a cash cow.

#7: Tell her you’re grateful

If you have a girlfriend, I’m confident you’re with her because she’s an amazing person who gets a lot of things right.

Now, here comes an important question for you:

“Do you ever tell her that you appreciate the things she gets right?”

Odds are you don’t.

Most likely you only ever tell her the things that frustrate or annoy you to some degree.

But if you want to make her fall in love with you, it’s important to notice the things that are NOT a problem and thank her for being so cool.

For instance, do you have a difficult family that your girlfriend can somehow get along with without going crazy?

Tell her that she does a terrific job!

Because trust me, dealing with inlaws is a difficult job. And if she can do it well, she deserves praise.

Plus, she’ll love it if you notice the effort she’s putting in.

#8: Make her laugh

Women are more attracted to men who make them laugh.

That’s not my opinion, that’s science.

So it’s in your interest to develop your funny bone.

Or at the very least make her laugh over text by using someone else’s funny content.

A favorite of mine is the next video.

It’s short and hilarious for almost all tastes

I’d introduce it to your girlfriend like so:

Hey (her name), I need to ask you something important

Sure what’s up?

Even if it doesn’t have you rolling on the floor, it will certainly brighten her day and make her like you just a little bit more.

#9: Know how and when to tease her

Another hugely important aspect of making her fall in love with you is…


Which is basically a flirty treat that you can give your woman.

And you can even do it from a distance with a text.

Here are a few simple teases to keep her interested.

Holy Tip:

Be sure not to tease her at times when she’s feeling hurt or bummed out.

That’ll likely go down the wrong way and have the opposite effect.

Suppose she’s coming over to watch a movie and she just said she’s bringing her favorite drink, Grape Fizz Cocktail.

Even if you like grape fizz, it’s more fun to playfully disagree with her, like so:

Pffft. Everyone knows Orange Sassy Swirl is the best! Smh

Another simple way to tease her is by giving her a silly but innocent nickname.

Say she just finished a Harry Potter marathon.

Then you can tease her like this:

You watched 3 Harry Potters in a row??

Haha, you’re such a dork

#10: Know when to be supportive

When a girl comes to us with what looks like a problem, us guys tend to want to try and fix that problem.

HUGE mistake.

When a woman reaches out to you when she’s feeling blue, she’s likely looking for empathy not advice.

And if advice is what you give her, she’ll likely get really frustrated with you.

So here’s the thing:

If you want to connect on a deep level with a woman, you must be able to mirror her feelings in a way that lets her know her feelings are understood.

One of the best ways to do that is to focus on her feelings and feed that back to her.


I feel all this pressure, you know, and I don’t know if it’s going to stop

All you say to that is:

That sounds really hard

No solutions, just understanding.

#11: Send her on a scavenger hunt

Here’s a fun romantic gesture for when you occasionally visit her place.

Next time you’re in her house or apartment, hide a present in her house.

Then text her the next day that you have a surprise for her.

She’ll obviously be super curious, so lead her to her present with an easy riddle.

Something like:

Give me a tap and I’ll give you some suds, I come in handy when you’re covered in mud

She’ll probably put two and two together and make a dash for her soap dispenser. (Don’t worry, you can find these riddles online.)

From here you can give her more clues and slowly lead her to where you hid your present.

IMPORTANT: Don’t go over the top with your gift. Do something simple but romantic, like writing her a small note to go with her favorite chocolate bar.

#12: Wish her a good morning

Mornings can be rough. If you want to make her first hours of the day a little easier, send her a good morning text.

That way she’ll be smiling before she even steps out of bed.

Who wouldn’t like that?

Just keep in mind that there are different levels of good morning texts.

Some texts suited for girlfriends will scare off a girl you just started dating.

So be careful not to send her something that will make you seem too interested or needy.

Not sure what the difference is between a text for your girlfriend or a girl you just started dating?

No worries.

Just follow the instructions of the next article and you’ll be safe:

#13: Don’t be clingy

Making a girl fall in love with you may have nothing to do with doing more stuff.

Sometimes it’s a matter of doing less.

Especially if you’re being clingy.

What are some clingy behaviors that you definitely want to avoid?

For starters, stop double texting every time you’re desperate for her attention and she hasn’t yet answered you back.

Over-texting is a quick and easy way to kill her attraction for you.

If you want to find out if you’re guilty of any other clingy and needy behaviors, check out my next article:

#14: Share something of your own life

One of the worst things is sinking a lot of time into your love life and NOT getting the results you deserve.

If this is you, sit tight.

Because this tip holds the secret to everything clicking into place.

The majority of your success can be determined by a small shift in your mindset.

And here’s the one that will likely get you the change in your love life that you want.

Stop making her the goal.

If she’s your goal, what does she have to look forward to by being with you?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

If you want to make her fall in love with you, you must lead a life that she’d love to live. Or at the very least gladly be a part of.

So create a cool life for yourself.

Make lots of friends, have a fun fulfilling career, enrich your mind with books, deepen the relationship with your family, and spend time doing what you love.

If that’s all in place, sharing your awesome life online can help you attract women.

Here’s how you can use Instagram to get the girl you want:


Louis Farfields

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