16 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love Over Text

You have a special lady in your life and you want her to become smitten with you.

Then you’re in the right place.

Because you’re going to get 16 ways to make her fall in love with you over text.

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1. Cheer her up when she’s having a bad day

I’m a big believer that the things we do for the special people in our lives every day are the most important forms of affection.

But grand gestures do have their place.

Here’s one that will make her feel all warm and tingly in all the places that matter.

Surprise food delivery.

Coach Dan’s girlfriend caught the flu not too long ago and wasn’t feeling too hot.

So to make her feel better, he called a delivery service to bring her a lovely meal and she LOVED it.

Here, see for yourself.

Even if you’re a student strapped for cash, you can’t help but agree that a reaction like this is worth the 15 bucks for a few sushi rolls.

2. Don’t be clingy

Making a girl fall in love with you may have nothing to do with doing more stuff. Sometimes it’s a matter of doing less.

Especially if you’re being clingy.

What are some clingy behaviors that you definitely want to avoid?

For starters, stop double texting every time you’re desperate for her attention and she hasn’t yet answered you back.

Over-texting is a quick and easy way to kill her attraction for you.

She wants to feel that you’re an independent man who can enjoy life without her.

If you want to find out if you’re guilty of any other clingy and needy behaviors, check out my next article:

3. Know how and when to tease her

Another hugely important aspect of making her fall in love with you is…


Which is basically a flirty treat that you can give your woman.

And you can even do it from a distance with a text.

Here are a few simple teases to keep her interested.

Holy Tip:

Be sure not to tease her at times when she’s feeling hurt or bummed out.

That’ll likely go down the wrong way and have the opposite effect.

Suppose you’re talking about food and she just mentioned her favorite drink is Grape Fizz Cocktail.

Even if you like grape fizz, it’s more fun to playfully disagree with her, like so:

Pffft. Everyone knows Orange Sassy Swirl is the best! Smh

Another simple way to tease her is by giving her a silly but innocent nickname.

Say she just finished a Harry Potter marathon.

Then you can tease her like this:

You watched 3 Harry Potters in a row??

Haha, you’re such a dork

4. Watch the movie she wants you to watch

This is what will bring you closer together:

Follow up on her recommendations. And it doesn’t just have to be movies, it could be books, restaurants, and other outdoor activities too.

(Photo of cool venue she mentioned the other week)

It better be as good as you said, or you’re paying my bill 😉

This will build a stronger connection because:

  • It shows that you listen
  • It shows that you value her opinion
  • It shows that you’re interested in who she is

I’m feeling butterflies already.

5. Tell her what you like about her

On the whole, men don’t give girls enough compliments. At least, of the right kind.

Not the everyday shitty compliments like, “You look beautiful.” While lovely for her to receive, it’s likely not of a high enough caliber to make her fall for you.

But the next sentence is.

One of my favorite things about you is…

And make sure to make it personal.

One of my favorite things about you is how caring you are. Even when you’re tired and spent, you’ll still go out of the way to help a friend

Bonus points if it’s something you’ve never mentioned to her before.

6. Text her at an unexpected time

Whenever guys make an effort to be affectionate, we do it in an ordinary or predictable way.

For instance, most men will only give a girl flowers and a romantic note on special occasions like Valentine’s.

That’s a shame.

Because you can just as easily make her heart sing by showing her affection at an unexpected time.

Even if it’s just a text.

Sending her the next text two days after you last saw each other is crazy cute.

Excited to see you again x

Not convinced she likes you romantically? Go with the more subtle text in the next tip.

7. Check in on her

Haven’t you really gone on a date with her yet, but you are talking and hoping for more? This is the tip for you.

Check in on her.

Firstly, it’s a subtle way to show she’s on your mind. And who doesn’t want to feel special?

Secondly, it shows that you have the guts to be vulnerable. That’s sexy.

What kind of check in am I talking about? Let me show you.

Hey, I was just thinking about you

Good luck with your project!

It’s sweet, but not overly so. If you ask me, it’s just right.

8. Find a shared activity

This is one of the best ways to build a strong and unique connection.

Find a shared activity.

Doing something together from afar builds a strong bond and gives you something to discuss that she can’t do with anyone else but you.

In other words, you’re making yourself special to her.

Two of my favorite ‘teambuilding’ activities to do with girls I like are starting a movie or book club.

Then we watch the movie, or read a few chapters of a book and discuss the contents together.

It might sound a little platonic, but it doesn’t have to be if you stay flirty.

9. Listen for the gift

I’m about to ask something of you that’s incredibly difficult for most men.

Listen closely to what she says.

And pay attention to the things she likes. Especially the small things that give her a lot of joy, like a favorite drink or snack.

Then buy and gift wrap that sucker when you have a reason to celebrate or cheer her up. Like if it’s some kind of holiday or if she’s caught a bad cold.

The gift is small and cheap enough that it doesn’t scream you love her. But it’s attentive and thoughtful enough that it shows you care and listen.

Best of both worlds.

10. Place a bet

Play a game with her where you can only win.

I realize that may sound a little scummy. So let me explain.

Suppose you’re talking about a subject you’re both really into and you have a clash of opinions.

She says Ross from Friends got divorced two times and you (as the baws you are) say that Ross got divorced THREE times.

Then place a bet on it!

Whoever is right has to buy the other person their favorite snack, or buy drinks the next time you go out.

It doesn’t exactly matter what you get. As long as it gives you an excuse to see each other and exchange gifts.

11. Show her what you like about her

If you like this girl, you probably think she’s an amazing person.

Now, here comes an important question for you:

“Have you ever hinted that you think she’s amazing?”

Odds are you probably didn’t. And that’s kinda dumb, because she’d no doubt love to hear it.

Obviously don’t literally say the words “I think you’re amazing.” But do reveal the things you appreciate about her.

Suppose she just mentioned how she likes to make herself feel better on a bad day. Then you can reply:

I love how well you know yourself!

Or how she has her own well-thought-out opinions on things:

I think it’s great how you have your own twist on things

This is the type of stuff that makes her day.

12. Make her laugh

Women are more attracted to men who make them laugh.

That’s not my opinion, that’s science.

So it’s in your interest to develop your funny bone.

Or at the very least make her laugh over text by using someone else’s funny content.

A favorite of mine is the next video. It’s short and hilarious for almost all tastes.

I’d introduce it to her like so:

Hey (her name), I need to ask you something important

Sure what’s up?

Even if it doesn’t have you rolling on the floor, it will certainly brighten her day and make her like you just a little bit more.

13. Know when to be supportive

When a girl comes to us with what looks like a problem, us guys tend to want to try and fix that problem.

HUGE mistake.

When a woman reaches out to you when she’s feeling blue, she’s likely looking for empathy not advice.

And if advice is what you give her, she’ll likely get really frustrated with you.

So here’s the thing:

If you want to connect on a deep level with a woman, you must be able to mirror her feelings in a way that lets her know her feelings are understood.

One of the best ways to do that is to focus on her feelings and feed that back to her.


I feel all this pressure, you know, and I don’t know if it’s going to stop

All you say to that is:

That sounds really hard

No solutions, just understanding.

14. Use voice notes

Here’s a secret that will make it much easier for her to fall in love with you.

Use voice notes.

Women love the sound of a man’s voice. Even if it’s average, women will still think it sounds sexy.

I regularly send girls voice messages and I get compliments on my voice all the time. And I really don’t sound that special. Women just seem to be biologically wired to find our voices attractive.

Sucks to be them, but great for you.

So next time you’re about to send her a text, consider sending her a voice note.

15. Wish her a good morning

Mornings can be rough. If you want to make her first hours of the day a little easier, send her a good morning text.

That way she’ll be smiling before she even steps out of bed.

Just keep in mind that there are different levels of good morning texts. Some texts suited for girlfriends will scare off a girl you just started dating.

So be careful not to send her something that will make you seem too interested or needy.

Not sure what the difference is between a text for your girlfriend or a girl you just started dating?

No worries.

Just follow the instructions of the next article and you’ll be safe:

16. Share something of your own life

One of the worst things is sinking a lot of time into your love life and NOT getting the results you deserve.

If this is you, sit tight.

Because this tip holds the secret to everything clicking into place.

The majority of your success can be determined by a small shift in your mindset.

And here’s the one that will likely get you the change in your love life that you want.

Stop making her the goal.

If she’s your goal, what does she have to look forward to by being with you?

Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

If you want to make her fall in love with you, you must lead a life that she’d love to live. Or at the very least gladly be a part of.

So create a cool life for yourself.

Make lots of friends, have a fun fulfilling career, enrich your mind with books, deepen the relationship with your family, and spend time doing what you love.

If you’re excited by the life you lead, she’ll probably want to be a part of it.

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