11 Tips To Successfully Tinder In Hawaii

You’re about to go to the American tropics, Hawaii.

(Or perhaps you already live there.)

Besides attending luaus, catching waves, and soaking up the sun, you want to get lucky.

And to increase your odds of getting freaky or find romance, you want some tried and tested Tinder tips.


Because you’re going to get 11 tips to successfully Tinder in Hawaii.


  • 2 Alternatives to Tinder that give you higher quality matches
  • How to get away from the tourists and date a local
  • 5 Openers that’ll make you stand out from the rest and get a reply
  • A dating strategy that’ll transform your sex life for good
  • 9 Tinder date ideas that’ll guarantee a second date

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The beautiful people of Hawaii

Before we get into the details of seducing the Hawaiian people on Tinder, we need to know one crucial thing.

Who are the Hawaiians?

Does the tropical island have any women? Or is the island like a sausage factory that has one box of spoilt peaches on the work floor?

Without knowing your audience, you have no idea what you’re getting yourself into.

So let’s figure that out now.

Hawaii is an island that belongs to the state of Hawaii.

Although the state has over 137 islands spread over 1,500 miles (2,400 km), the island of Hawaii is without a doubt the crown jewel of the archipelago.

And it holds roughly 200,000 people.

Of which half are female.

Which is more than plenty… if those ladies are of the age you like.

What do the numbers say?

About 80% of the Hawaiian residents are of voting age (18+).

Does that mean the women are very old, young, or somewhere in the middle?

Well, about 22% is over 65 years old. Close to 26% is under 18 years. Which places about half the population between the ages of 18 and 65.

To be precise, the median age (the age where half the people are younger and older than this age) is around 42 years. Slightly higher than America’s median age of 38.

“So how many 20-something-year-olds are in Hawaii, Louis?”

If you trust the newspapers, not many. Lots of high school graduates are leaving the islands to study in the mainland. Which leaves roughly 20,000 students.

Which sounds few, but that’s 10% of the island’s population. One out of ten people being a student is A LOT.

And it gets even better.

We’re only discussing locals now. But the island gets LOTS of tourists.

In 2019 alone, 10 million visitors came to Hawaii.

With all the tourists that flood into Hawaii, you’ll have more than plenty of young folk to match on Tinder.

The two best Tinder alternatives

Tinder is the first app that comes to mind when we think of online dating.

But Tinder may not fit your needs.

Sure, if you’re staying in Hawaii for a week, you probably don’t want to fall in love and find yourself a girlfriend.

But if you’re going to Hawaii to study or work, you may want more than just the occasional fling.

So let’s discuss 2 different Tinder alternatives that lead to deeper levels of intimacy.

#1: Bumble

At a first glance, Bumble seems like Tinder with an updated user interface.

It’s got a place to upload photos, a bio, and the traditional swipe stack.

So what’s different?

More than you may think.

Firstly, Bumble has a better male to female ratio. On Tinder roughly 3 out of 4 users are men. But on Bumble the different sexes are close to equal. So you’ve got far less competition.

And that better ratio has a reason:

Bumble forces men to wait for a woman to text first. Without that first text, you can’t start a conversation on Bumble even if it’s a match.

Although that ‘women take the initiative’-system attracts more women, it also has its flaws.

If a woman doesn’t reach out to you within 24 hours, you lose the match. Which happens more often than you’d like.

Holy Tip:

You can double the first text window from 24 hours to 48 hours.

But only once per day.

Spend that first text ‘extender’ wisely.

An even better way to get that first text is to have an irresistible profile.

A profile that’s so good, she’s actually afraid of losing you as a match.

How do you build an irresistible profile?

By using my Profile Checklist which points out all your weaknesses. Plus, how to fix them.

Grab the Checklist here.

But when she does respond on time, all is well.

Especially when you consider that the women on Bumble are more responsive.

Thanks to its feminist nature, women take Bumble more seriously than Tinder. Although that doesn’t mean it’s just for relationships. Bumble can also lead to hookups.

To phrase it differently, Bumble is online dating for grownups.

Overall, the women are slightly older (25-ish), highly educated, and ambitious.

The ladies on Tinder, however, are… a crapshoot. You never know what you’re going to get.

To top it off, Bumble offers you another way to show off your personality with prompts. Brief sentences that set you up for some quality insights into your life, and that show up between photos.

So to summarize:

  • Close to equal male to female ratio
  • Higher quality women
  • More responsive matches
  • Has another way to show off your personality before matching: prompts
  • You will occasionally lose matches when she forgets to send a text within 24 hours

#2: Hinge

Hinge is slowly becoming my favorite dating app.

Here’s why.

Hinge offers Tinder’s two best PAID features for FREE:

Which is great for busy bees who don’t want to waste time randomly swiping. And for frequent travelers who can then plan dates in advance.

But that’s just a matter of money.

So Hinge doesn’t really add anything extra to the table. Right?


Hinge also gives you the ability to filter and influence who shows up in your swipe stack.

To be fair, Tinder also lets you influence who pops up in the stack, but only based on distance and age.

Hardly helpful when you have a specific type of person you’re attracted to.

Hinge lets you screen people based on all sorts of different criteria. Such as: height, ethnicity, religion, family plans, education, drinking and smoking habits.

Some of those criteria demand that you upgrade your Hinge membership to premium. But as of now, Hinge paid memberships are dirt cheap. And only a fraction of what you pay for a Tinder membership.

Sound good yet? I haven’t even gotten to the best part.

Just like Bumble, Hinge gives you lots of prompts that help you share a little about yourself.

Hinge demands everyone fill in a minimum of 3 prompts. Because without prompts, Hinge’s unique matching system doesn’t work.

Yes, Hinge does let you swipe a girl based on her photos. But more importantly, it lets you comment on a girl’s photos and prompts!

A comment that she’ll see even if she didn’t swipe you right.

And if your comment is fire, she’ll very likely ‘like’ it and match you.

Too good.

  • Close to equal male to female ratio
  • Very responsive matches (because it markets itself as a the relationship app that’s designed to be deleted)
  • Has another way to show off your personality before matching: prompts
  • Best free features out of any dating app
  • Comments make it WAY easier to get matches
  • Relatively small user base—only works well in large cities

How popular is Tinder in Hawaii?

Tinder’s popularity is what you can expect from the island that’s probably used most as a wedding chapel.

A lot.

At least, relatively speaking.

With a population of roughly 200,000, Tinder won’t be as popular as, say, New York.

That said, you can expect most of the 20,000 students to be swiping.

And the dating app is going to get a whole lot busier thanks to the tourists.

The big island of Hawaii has almost 120,000 foreigners visiting every month.

The most popular island, Oahu, gets no less than 450,000 visitors a month.

Considering most people come to Hawaii to party, the Tinder user numbers tend to be quite steady.

So expect a lot of tourists.

If that’s not what you’re looking for, you probably have to swipe a little longer.

Holy Tip:

If you want to date a local, travel far away from all the tourist traps and set your swiping distance to 1 mile.

That way you’re sure to come across a few locals.

Hawaiian dating etiquette

Depending on the time of year, most the women you’ll find on Tinder will be tourists.

Likely tourists from America. In which case the dating etiquette will be pretty straightforward.

But if you manage to match with a fun and attractive local, the rules change.

A lot.

So before you do something stupid and kill all the attraction she feels for you, read up on the dating in Hawaii ABCs.

Note: especially if you’re American. You guys and gals tend to have certain behaviors the Hawaiians don’t particularly like.

#1: Do not litter

Locals tend to have a close relationship with ‘Aina. Mother Earth.

And lose respect for people who hurt her by discarding plastics and other kinds of trash onto the street or beach.

If treating the planet like it’s a living and loving organism feels goofy, you may not want to date a local. Because regardless of how attracted you are to each other, you won’t mesh on a deeper level

#2: Do not start teaching English

The original inhabitants of Hawaii are of Polynesian descent. And have their own language.

Although not every local will be raised to speak their native tongue, many still talk as their forefathers did.

Which sometimes means that your match will mix English with Pidgin. Which is basically what the first natives sounded like when they first started learning English.

And leads to phrases like, “Broke da mouth.” Which means, “It tastes amazing.”

Correcting her Pidgin isn’t attractive.

It’ll just make you a douche.

#3: Do not stress and hurry

If Hawaii didn’t already have a national anthem before Bobby McFerrin sang the song that brought him to stardom…

The anthem would be, Don’t worry, be happy.”

Which totally captures the Hawaiian way of life:

Enjoy the waves, the sun, and the fruit punch. Don’t take life so seriously.

#4: Do not be a hermit

To someone who is ‘indoorsy’, the idea of having fun outside is crazy.

But to the natives, that’s literally what fun is.

Surfing, paddling, fishing, sailing, hiking.

Fun, fun, fun.

Binging Netflix, playing board games, and a trip to the movies.

Bad, bad, bad.

#4: Do not wear your dirty shoes into the house

‘Mainlanders’ as the locals lovingly call Americans have dirty habits.

Stamping the dirt off your shoes inside your house is one of those.

So leave your shoes by the door.

#5: Do not be busy with your Insta

Look, you’re in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So you want to take photos to commemorate the moment and impress your ‘Gram followers.


Just not when you’re hiking along the edge of a cliff.

Your date won’t really care, but your limbs and ribs will.

Seriously though, you will fall down and hurt yourself.

#5: Do not dress up in fancy clothes

In the West, we have the concept of overselling yourself.

Go to a first date wearing a suit with a top hat and you’ll scare off your date.

That’s why you’ll want to dress up smart but casual. Which could be something like a shirt, jeans, and a clean pair of white sneakers.

Dressing up smartly in Hawaii is different.

Although she won’t hate the Western smart and casual look, you’ll impress her by doing something a little different.

Like wearing a classic Hawaiian shirt.

Ya, seriously.

It’s what most of the locals wear.

#6: Do not tease fate

Just like many of us feel bad about breaking a mirror, or walking underneath a ladder…

Hawaiians have their own unique superstitions.

Such as:

  • Don’t whistle at night
  • Don’t bring bananas on a boat
  • Don’t leave chopsticks standing straightup in a bowl of rice
  • Don’t kill a black moth
  • Don’t point at graveyards or tombstones

Break any of these superstitions and you’ll invite bad luck and bad spirits into your life.

And your date will not be waiting to see what happens.

My highest success rate Tinder opener

In this tip, I’ll share what 95% of men on Tinder do wrong. Keep reading if you want to be part of the 5% who gets it right.

You see, most men talk to their Tinder match as if they met in person.

Hi. You look beautiful

But Tinder is nothing like a bar.

Approaching women on a dating app doesn’t make her think you’re courageous.

Women on Tinder receive compliments by the ton.

So when she reads that she’s beautiful, she doesn’t feel special.

She feels bored.

Tinder and real life are different.

And those who fail to treat Tinder differently, get ignored.

So how do you make a good impression via texting?

By being different.

Which isn’t as hard as it sounds.

Can you guess why?


Because your competition is filling up her inbox with bar talk.

So… how’s your day? 🙂

If you’re real quiet, you can actually hear her slipping into dreamland.

But with what I’m about to give you, you’re not going to bore her to death.

You’re going to excite her.

Let’s begin with the principle of clickbait.

Hey [her name], do you know what’s interesting about your photos?

Can you sense what makes this opener irresistible to her?

  1. It’s about her
  2. And what you find interesting could be good or bad

So she needs to know!

“O, no… I knew I shouldn’t have used that fourth picture. My legs look like sausages!”

You can see the line in action here:

That Clickbait Opener is one of my most effective icebreakers.

And if you want to know 2 follow-up texts that make her even more excited, watch my free video with 7 screenshot examples.

That way you’re guaranteed to start your Tinder conversation rolling.

Read on for more openers to impress your Tinder matches from Hawaii.

The opener that will make you stand out from the rest

You’re about to get an opener that promotes you from…

“Sure, I’ll give him a chance to be fun”  to “Hahaha, no one has ever told me that before! I want to hear more.”

Which may seem like a huge leap.

And, well… it is.

But that doesn’t mean the leap is difficult to make.

You see, most guys fall into the first category. If they’re lucky.

But I don’t like to depend on luck. Neither do I want a girl to ‘just give me a chance to woo her’.

I want to blow her away right from the start.

Anyway, let me quickly break down where most guys go wrong.

Most guys are just, plain, ‘ol boring.

Which won’t trigger her to reply. Although she might.

To spark a reaction, you want to be different. Interesting. Exciting.

Which seems like a tall order.

But that’s not true. Not if you apply the advice of yours truly.

So let’s get into it.

Now preferably, I want to go personal.

Because the more personal you get, the more of her emotions you’ll spark.

But since I won’t be seeing the girls you’re matching, and you don’t have an earpiece that projects my soothing voice, we’re forced to go pre-made.

Which is difficult to make personal, right?

After all, how can you possibly write a personal Tinder opener for someone you’ve never met?

By knowing your audience!

Check out the next photo.

These are a bunch of girls standing in front of the same wall, doing the same shitty pose.

In case you’re interested, it’s the wall of a Mexican restaurant in Hawaii Kanai.

Anyway, odds are that your Tinder match has this photo on her profile too.

If so… send her the next line.

#1: Basic bish opener

(Name), you’re breaking my heart. I was
totally crushing on you until I saw that basic
angel wing photo…

What’s so good about that opener?

  • It’s personal
  • It’s unique (most guys would never dream of calling her out and risk scaring her off)
  • It’s triggering

Triggering her is especially important.

After you call her ‘basic’ she’ll 169% defend herself. Because nobody wants to be basic.

By starting the convo this way, you’re putting her on the back foot.

Now she has to prove herself to you instead of the other way round.

Hmmm… I love being lazy.

Which takes me to the next Tinder opener for Hawaii.

I found it on the internet and thought it was pretty clever. Although a bit low in terms of triggering emotions.

#2: The abbreviation opener

The entire convo had me laughing.

Well, it had me blowing some air out of my nose.

And although I don’t like the opener by itself, I think we can improve on the concept.

See, what’s likely to happen if you send:

Are you the state of Hawaii?
Because HI

Is that she’s likely to ignore you. Especially if she’s hot.

The icebreaker is just too bland and doesn’t lead the conversation anywhere.

So if I spruce it up a little, I get this:

Are you the state of Hawaii?
Because HI

Or do you hate bland openers
as much as I do?
Then you must be the state of
Oklahoma. Because you’re OK

This is better than the original because you’re acknowledging the opener is pretty weak.

And by saying you don’t like ‘bland’ openers, you show social intelligence. Which is what most guys lack.

So you’re separating yourself from the herd.

Now for the last and most powerful opener.

#3-4: The Hawaiian opener

If you TRULY want to blow her away, look no further.

The next line will do precisely that:

Hey (name). My Hawaiian sucks,
but I want you to know that ke hāʻawi
nei wau i kēia Tinder match i kaʻu āpau

Which should translate to (I typed this into google translate, so I can’t know for sure):

Hey (name). My Hawaiian sucks, but I want you to know that I’m giving this Tinder match my all.”

What makes this line so good?

  1. It’s original. I just made it up
  2. It uses her name, her favorite word in the world
  3. You’re showing effort by talking in Hawaiian as a foreigner
  4. It’s funny because you’re over-exaggerating and being playful
  5. Bla bla bla, I just think 5 bullets looks nicer than 4

Here’s another line using a similar format:

Hi (name). My Hawaiian is horrible,
but I get the feeling that even though
you’re cute, you’re also pilikia

Pilikia is Hawaiian for danger. At least, that’s what Google Translate tells me.

So although the line is pretty standard, it seems pretty unique because you’re using her name and sprinkling in a little Hawaiian.

Which should be plenty to trigger her emotions.

Holy Tip:

Your Hawaiian Tinder match will love it if you continue to speak a little Hawaiian.

So reach out to some locals and learn some nicknames that you usually call guys.

Nicknames like ‘brah’.

The fact that it’s actually meant for dudes only makes it more funny and teasy.

Best Tinder date ideas in Hawaii

Before we dive into the date ideas, I need to clarify what I mean by ‘Hawaii’.

Hawaii state is a collection of more than 100 islands.

Which makes it impossible for me to give you date ideas for everywhere in America’s island paradise.

Instead, I’m going to discuss date ideas for three islands:

  • Maui
  • The Big Island, and
  • Oahu.

And before I do, I want to give you the concept behind setting up an unforgettable date, so that you can feel confident in picking out your own venues and date activities.

Let’s get into it.

The ultimate Tinder date experience in Hawaii

Forget everything you know about dates.

We’re going back to basics.

Firstly, what is a date?

A trailer for the movie that’s you.

And if that trailer is good, she’ll want to see the movie.

Otherwise she’ll forget all about you.

What’s the secret to a good trailer?

Technically, showing off highlights and lots of cliffhangers.

But that doesn’t give you much guidance on what to do on an actual date.

So let’s make it more practical by imagining the stereotypical date.

You meet up outside a bar, enter the bar, park your butts across each other, order drinks, and talk for several hours.

If you’d film that, nobody would watch it. Unless you were naked or something.

The fact that nobody would watch two seated people talking about nothing for hours, hints that it’s probably not very exciting.

Now how could we create a date that people would like to watch?

A date where the viewer doesn’t know what’s going to happen next.

Imagine the following:

You meet your date at a town square, then take her to a café 10 minutes away. As you walk, you go by the most beautiful sights (especially in Hawaii). Perhaps you enter a clothes shop and put on silly outfits together. Then you head to the bar, do one drink, and head toward the beach. On your way there, you cross a bridge where you stare deeply into her eyes and press your lips against hers. Next, you watch the sun sunk into the ocean while you hold hands with a beautiful girl, not knowing what else the evening may bring.

Much more interesting, right?

What’s the secret?


You’re constantly on the move. Going from one venue and/or activity to the next.

One moment you’re trying on silly hats in a shop, the other moment you’re walking down the beach as the ocean waves caress your feet.

The viewer of our imaginary movie doesn’t know what’s about to happen next.

And your date won’t either.

That mystery is what makes a date exciting.

So whatever you eventually do on your date, make sure it consists of lots of different activities and venues.

Because then you’ll give her an unforgettable date and will definitely want to see you again.

Holy Tip:

Also make sure to kiss her on the date.

Yes, I understand that may seem pushy. But it really isn’t.

If she’s decided to meet you in person, she’s open to the idea of kissing you.

Your job is simply to make it happen naturally.

Which is NOT at the end of the date!

Preferably somewhere in the middle.

And you make it happen ‘naturally’ by setting the right expectations.

Meaning: you come across as an open and touchy guy.

A good place to start is giving her a big, warm, and inviting hug when you meet.

Now for more specific date ideas, to give you a better idea of what to do…

On your SECOND date.

Like we said earlier, the first date is the trailer. A taste of what’s to come.

So you keep the date simple. Like so:

  • Meet up 10 minutes from a bar
  • Walk while shooting the shit (perhaps briefly watching a street performer)
  • Do one drink inside the bar
  • Walk to an ice cream parlor a few minutes away
  • Kiss her in a slightly more secluded and romantic spot
  • Eat ice cream on a bench
  • End date or take her home

Is the first date a success?

Then you can invest a little more in your next date.

Here come some ideas.

Second Tinder date ideas Maui

Reminder: if you’re looking for good first date ideas, scroll up and read what I wrote earlier.

The trick is to keep it dynamic with basic date activities and venues.

Sure, you could make the activities more special.

But why put in the extra effort if you don’t know you’re going to get along?

That’s why I advise you to save the extra effort for the second date, when you know there’s a click.

As far as second dates go, I recommend the following:

Maui date idea #1:

Awapuhi Adventures.

This organisation offers customized tours of Maui with local guides.

Which sounds bland.

But it’s much more fun than you think, because the tour is much more than a hike while a stuffy historian puts you to sleep with his stories.

Instead, you’ll also go for a swim, maybe do a kayaking trip along the coast, or scale down a cliff.

It all depends on what you want, because the tours are tailor-made.

Maui date idea #2:

Hawaii Tasting Tour.

Yep, it’s exactly as it sounds.

A guide walks you through different regions of the island and takes you to the best restaurants and eateries.

Not quite a romantic candle lit dinner.

So after the guide effs off, I recommend you walk her down to the beach for a bit of intimacy.

Maui date idea #3:

Piiholo Ranch.

Once a cattle and horse ranch, now a zip line, treetop, hiking extravaganza.

Pretty gosh darn fun.

And surely a day to remember.

Holy Tip:

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

Listing three date ideas does not do Hawaii any justice.

So please don’t skip out on any of the island’s beauty by blindly sticking to my above date ideas.

Yes, my ideas make for good dates.

But a place like Hawaii has almost endless good date ideas.

Moving onto the Big Island.

Second Tinder date ideas Big Island Hawaii

Big Island Hawaii date idea #1:

Saddle up, bucko.

Because you’re about to go horse riding.

If you’ve seen Lost, you know how beautiful the scenic landscapes of Hawaii can be.

Passing through them on horseback is a wet dream.

Highly recommended.

Big Island Hawaii date idea #2:

Maybe not enough to fill an entire date, but I invite you to take a soak in a hot spring.

A hot bath warmed by volcanic energy.

Why do I recommend a hotspring if it’s not enough to make up a date?

Because it’s a lovely excuse to see your date in a bikini.

Which makes the odds of doing the horizontal mambo much more likely.

Plus, these hotsprings are surrounded by gorgeous forests.

So you can go hiking too.

Big Island Hawaii date idea #3:

Another fun date is a classic bike ride.

It’s something tourists never do, which will make you stand out.

And it’s a great way to find hidden gems in the Hawaiian rainforests.

If you want to step up your game, bring along a blanket and picnic basket.

Second Tinder date ideas Oahu

Oahu date idea #1:

You know how I just implied that you don’t want to act like a tourist by riding a bike?

Well, now I want you to act like a tourist and take your date with you.

Especially if she’s a local.


Locals rarely visit tourist attractions. Which can make it extra fun if you take her there.

Although there’s many tourist activities, I recommend you hike Chinaman’s Hat.

That’s a small island near Kualoa Ranch, accessible by kayak or a short swim.

A brief hike to the top will give you an amazing view of the shore and the Kualoa Mountains.

Not in the neighborhood of where you’re staying?

Visit another small island. Like The Mokes.

Oahu date idea #2:

Hop on board a 53-foot yaught and get wasted on cocktails, while you watch the sun set.

Several businesses offer these booze cruises.

So take your pick.

Oahu date idea #3:

If you’re on the North Shore of Oahu, you cannot skip the famous Garlic Shrimp.

There’s lots of food trucks who claim to be the best and the first.

But that’s a lie…

I recommend you check yelp, or simply ask your date.

Who won’t mind answering touristy questions now that you’ve already taken her on an amazing first date.

Okay, my dear reader. That pretty much wraps up the Tinder in Hawaii article.

But before I put the bow on this article, one more thing.

To ensure you match the most beautiful women possible, I have a gift for you.

The Dating Profile Checklist.

A list that’ll show you the weaknesses in your profile and how to fix them.

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Enjoy, bro.


Louis Farfields

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